Emily Procter: Pippa Is Sneaking Snacks

10/07/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Lisette M. Azar/CBS

Emily Procter‘s secret stash of goodies for Philippa Frances has been found! The sweet treats were discovered by none other than the 10-month-old herself.

“[Pippa] had her first sort of fiendish behavior the other day,” the actress, 42, shares during a Wednesday appearance on The Talk. “We started giving her these things called Puffs.”

While the CSI: Miami star knew Pippa was a fan, she wasn’t aware of the measures her daughter was willing to take in order to receive her snack.

“I [was] in the kitchen [doing] the dishes and I thought, ‘She’s really quiet. I wonder what’s going on in there,'” she says. “I looked and she had gotten under the table, stolen the Puffs, knocked the lid off and was just sitting there eating.”

And while Procter thought the incident was a one-time occurrence, Pippa clearly had other plans. “The next night I thought, ‘Let me try this again and just see if that was some mistake,’ and she did it again!” she laughs.

Enjoying motherhood — calling it “the best job I’ve ever had” — Procter reveals boyfriend Paul Bryan is completely hands-on when it comes to raising their daughter. So much so, in fact, that the new dad is happy to handle even the dirtiest of diapers.

“He didn’t really get the concept that [babies] start to go and they just need a minute,” Procter explains. “There was one time, in the middle of the night, and [Paul and Pippa] had been gone for awhile and I thought, ‘I should go check.'”

However, the scene Procter encountered in the nursery was one that even she wasn’t prepared for!

“At the end of her changing table is a bookcase and she had pooped into the bookcase. I look at Paul … and he’s like, ‘Oh, no, I got it!’ and he’s got a dry paper towel and he’s just rubbing it in,” she recalls.

“I looked at him and I said, ‘That’s not cleaning. That’s actually antiquing!”

— Anya Leon

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Nella on

Pippa is such a little cutie! Those chubby legs are adorable! She seems like such a fun little girl! Great article 🙂

anna on

Lol my neice does the same. She saw her mom using her mouth to open the puffs container and ever since, she’s making a meal of them when her mom’s asleep

Tee on

Pippa is absolutely adorable! Is this the first picture we’ve seen of her?

ana on

No, there were some pictures of the family walking on the street a couple of months ago if I remember correctly.

Holiday on

Adorable baby girl. I love red headed babies. My daughter has red hair too but not as red as Pippas.

torgster on

Awww her comment is so cute – I worked hard for this baby and I luuuuuuv her!

Purelica on

Haha that is just too cute!

jurby on

Cute baby but too bad mom and dad stole the name instead of being original.

Sophia on

Congratulation, she is a cutie,. Wishing you and your momy all the best~

sara on

the most interesting part of the story was that the baby that was was left alone in another room! anything could have happened – and she is bragging about it!

jennrae on

That doesn’t even look like Emily Procter anymore.

tlc on

How can someone “steal a name”???? Last time I checked, there are no copywrite on names…this comment makes me shake my head….WTF? How can she STEAL a name?

Pippa is ADORABLE. My son is a red head and I love redheads. 🙂

Courtney on

Stole the name? Really? No one can catch a break when it comes to naming their children anymore…If they go with very unique, people bash them constantly and if they go with old school names people are accusing them of stealing it?? WTH??

Anne on

Philippa was my grandmothers name and she always hated it. I wonder how she would feel if she knew her name was making a comeback with such a cute nickname?

Tara on

that is an ugly child. must look like the father.

Cinder Lou on

They’re so cute! LOL! Typical male.

mks on

If you are saying they stole the name from Pippa Middleton, Pippa (Emily’s daughter) was born last December and Pippa Middleton didn’t really become a household name until William and Kate’s wedding in April so they had already named her before that. Also, you can’t really steal a name, you can reuse a name that you like but that’s not stealing.

Pippa is so cute. I might be biased since I’m a red head myself, but I love seeing little red head babies because red hair is rare compared to the other hair colors.

emily on

I’ve loved the name Pippa for about 5 years now, and I didnt know anyone named that…but then Pippa Middleton became popular and I thought it was a shame. People would think I was stealing it if I ever used it!

They could have loved the name for years. There is no such thing as an original name. If one named thier daughter Jessica, would they be “stealing” that as well? There are billions of people in the world, everyone shares a name with someone else.

cc on

Tara if you cannot say something nice dont say anything at all there was not ned for you to call this child ugly. I would like to see what you kids if you have any, YOU ARE THE UGLY ONE FOR MAKING A STATEMENT LIKE THAT.

MW on

Ugly? The baby’s features are perfect and her hair is a gorgeous color. We only have one picture here, and someone taking the time just to say something so mean is just unreal to me.

ktanne on

Look at those cheeks and chubby legs! I wanna eat her up!!! Soooooo cute. And whoever said she was a bad mom for leaving the baby “alone” in the same room obviously doesn’t have children. I’ve got 4 (1/2) and you can’t physically “watch” them every second of the day. Sometimes you have to make dinner or pee!!!

Kathy C on

Ugly Baby…..get your eyes checked Tara she is absolutely gorgeous. You must be a very sad, unhappy, jealous person to say something so mean. She is a beautiful baby just like her Mom is a beautiful woman. Very Happy for Emily and her boyfriend.

lturkel on

Ever get the impression that a lot of the frustrated posters on here just need a really, really good shagging. Really . . . would help you relax more.

Guest on

It can be difficult to be “original” when naming a child. Unless you go with something old fashioned that you don’t hear as much anymore or go the celebrity route and name them something like Pilot Inspektor or Audio Science then it’s very likely someone else is going to have the same name. Just because someone famous (for lack of a better word) has that name doesn’t mean they are copying it. It’s possible they just liked the name Pippa.

Sam & Freya's mum on

Love her little outfit & Emily’s story, what a cheeky cutie! To me she resembles Alyson Hannigan’s daughter Satyana (probably just due to their colouring of course!!).

Zoe on


I was thinking the same thing. Cute baby, cute story but leaving her unattended in another room, isn’t a smart move.

ecl on

Argh! I hate the way this site writes up stuff about hands-on fathers. As though they deserve a medal for doing their share!! Oh my god, what a hero! He changes poopy diapers.

Jeni on

Cute baby, love that red hair.

I’m confused, nowhere did it state that she left the baby in another room by herself. The article said she was in the kitchen and the baby was under the table. Don’t know about you, but I have a table in MY kitchen.

I love the fact that they do write about hands on fathers. There are a lot of men who could have walked away or just not think that is something they NEED to do. Her partner sounds like a great father, helping out with diaper changes. My husband will not change a diaper to save his soul. Kudos to her and her partner!

Anna on

How can anyone say that the baby is ugly??? OMG, she’s a beautiful, adorable baby. She looks like a doll and that red hair, is so pretty. I can’t believe anyone would say that. And as far as her leaving her unattended, I doubt she was in any danger of hurting herself otherwise she wouldn’t have left her. She seems like a loving and doting mother and you can tell how much she loves that beautiful baby.

Names4Real on

I read on another site that Pippa was named after Emily’s grandmother Philippa. That’s honoring, not stealing.

Linda on

I have been a fan of Emily’s since West Wing. I didn’t watch CSI Miami for a long time, and when I did I was surprised at how Emily had aged. Don’t get me wrong, she still looks fantastic, but on West Wing she was very young. She is a very good actress and I am happy she has a child now. So many actresses wait a little to long to start a family and find it is to late. I wish Emily well and hope she is very happy.

Lucy on

Nowhere did it say she left the baby in another room; it said she was doing dishes in the kitchen and the baby was under the table. My impression is that the baby was under the KITCHEN table, in the same room…pretty sure most people have tables in their kitchen.

And Pippa was born in December; no one knew the name “Pippa Middleton” until around the royal wedding in April. At the time her daughter was born, I recall Emily Procter saying that she was named after her grandmother, Phillipa. I know a girl named Pippa, she is 22…pretty sure not everyone who named their child that “stole” it, even if it’s not a super common name.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I know a Pippa who’s 36, also a redhead, so while not that common there are people who’ve used the name in past, long before Emily P’s bub of course!

Zoe on

“I [was] in the kitchen [doing] the dishes and I thought, ‘She’s really quiet. I wonder what’s going on IN THERE ”

That’s what made me think she was in another room. The “in there” reference. That’s not something you usually say when someone is with you in the same room.. that’s just the impression I got.

Jillian on

Zoe, that still doesn’t mean she was unattended. I highly doubt she was in another room and out of sight. Our kitchen connects to our dining room and living room. I make comments about my daughter saying, what are you doing in there……when she is. Few feet in front of me.

sarah on

Im sorry but, how rude & mean can u be tara emily’s little girl pippa looked so cute & adorable. Little was the one who basically stole tie show. Emily procter looked just as beautiful. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!!!!

Carol on

I’m so HAPPY for Emily as she is LOVELY and such a lady. I just wish that ALL mothers were so hands on even with their full careers.

Jules on

My toddler’s name is Pippa and she is a redhead!!