David Chokachi Welcomes Daughter Brit Madison

10/07/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Donato Sardella/WireImage

Actor David Chokachi is a dad!

The former Baywatch star and his wife Susan welcomed their first child at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City on Sunday, Oct. 2, PEOPLE confirms.

Daughter Brit Madison arrived at 3:24 p.m. and weighed in at 6 lbs., 14 oz.

“I thought surfing the perfect wave was the coolest feeling in the world, until my baby daughter Brit was born,” Chokachi, 43, tells PEOPLE. “She’s a total game changer.”

Following his recent role in Soul Surfer, Chokachi will next star in Rage of the Yeti, premiering Nov. 12 on SyFy.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Julie Jordan

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AshleyB on

Congrats! He’s still so hot. And he broke the string of boy babies. 🙂

Its me margaret on

sick and tired of the phrase “game changer”. really. it should be retired. its a stupid phrase that means nothing.

JJ on

Oohh, he’s a perfect D list actor for Dancing With The Stars!!

haileyscomet on

Hey Margaret…. your comment was a real game changer on this thread 🙂

the internet is filled with people who want to bit*ch about things they cant control… its like all of the losers who complain about the kardashian asticles on Eonline.. umm if u dont like them then dont read it… and get over yourself lol

tori on

He’s actually married to the woman who gave birth to his child, what a breath of fresh air. Congrats!!!

Tara on

he is looking fine!!! yummy 🙂

Nichele on

Margaret: You understood what he was saying, right? Then it clearly means something. Just saying. Also, of all that was said in the article, THAT is what you focus on? Kinda sad.

That said, congrats to David and his wife! I was too young to watch Baywatch when it was on, but I’ve seen him in a couple of other things, and he’s definitely not unattractive. Still looks like he’s in his early 30s too.

Nella on

He’s still got it! What a hotness of a man he is! Anyways,congrats to his family, I like the name Madison, very cute.

Kristin on

JJ – Great comment! I’d watch him on DWTS for sure. Congrats to he and his wife. I’m sure that little girl is darling.

tillie on


Allyson on


Alivia on

He is so handsome. I’m sure his daughter is beautiful. Glad it’s not a boy

meme on

what an unnattractive man…(complete sarcasm)

gimma a break on

Congrats on the new addtional. Children should be a game changer.

He’s a youthful looking 43 unlike that Danny McBride at 34.

funkytown on

wow, imagine a MARRIED celebrity couple having a baby!!!! good for them…all the best to them and their beautiful new daughter.

Siera on

@funkytown, Please get off your high horse and stop beating that dead one. As long as two people are in a loving committed relationship their is nothing wrong with them starting a family. With the U.S. divorce rate, it’s not surprising that not everyone believes in marriage.

Gigs on

wow that guy is hot, smokeykaboozle, whew. His wife isn’t pretty though (except for her hair). Hm, and um she has no b**bs. So, I guess it’s not about looks or b**bs for him? Kinda mean, I know, sorry.

Holiday on

I agree he is very good looking and looks at least 5 years younger than his actual age. Congrats to him, I remember watching him on Baywatch when I was young and thinking he was hot then too!

Mia on

A committed relationship + family is what makes a marriage–so why is marriage not for some people if they still live in a committed relationship + have a family?

People fail marriage-not the institution itself.

Marky on

Gigs, how rude are you? “She’s not pretty and she doesn’t have boobs”? Wow, you are so classy….

True, she doesn’t have 2 silicone watermelons stuck to her chest, and she may look like a normal woman instead of a plastic, “my face is paralyzed” freak, but it’s entirely possible that David fell in love with a real woman who has a great personality and he likes his woman to be a “real” woman.

Congratulations to this nice couple on their new daughter!!

Lauren on

Does anyone else find the name “Brit Madison” sounds a little like a stripper name? I loved Baywatch and am happy for everyone, but that name seems like it’s going to come back to bite them when she’s 16. Sorry!

River on

What are you talking about Mia? They are married. However, even if they weren’t married, there would be no problem with that. Not everybody believes in marriage. Marriage is a religious institution, and some people are atheists, agnostics, or generally secular. Other people simply do not believe that they need to involve the law in their relationship. Why do you have a problem with that? Is it your business what others families do? I personally am an atheist, and I don’t think I need to turn my relationship into a legal contract. Does that mean I love my partner any less? No it doesn’t! Also, things would be much easier in case we split up. No legal fights over money, property, etc. What was mine before the relationship is mine, what was his before the relationship was his.

Sam & Freya's mum on

Lauren, ITA and was about to post the exact same thing. So glad I’m not the only one!! Poor kid, think it’s the ‘Brit’ part to me that has that ring to it!! He’s a fine looking man for 43, looks 10 years younger here!

Louise on

Congratulations David and Susan!!! Our whole family is so happy for you!!!

Lizzielui on

Brit is an old Celtic name that was very popular for girls (Brit or Brittany) in the Celtic nations, especially Wales and Scotland. My 79 year old grandmother is Brit Karin and trust me, she’s definitely not a stripper and suffered no hardships because of her name.

Judi on

How rude can people be This is a very nice looking couple who just became parents. He is very handsome and she is attractive….there is nothing ugly about her.

Congrats on your new addition to your family. I am very happy for them.

Barbie on

River, it is because of that type of mentality that this world is the way it is. The institution of marriage does not mean anything for this generation. People nowawadays are so open minded about anything and everything that their brains just spill right out. I guess it’s true. Atheists do not believe in God; therefore God doesn’t exist. Then again, God doesn’t believe in Atheists…does that mean they don’t exist either? It’s truly pathetic. I’m glad to see a married couple doing the marriage first, and baby second which is rarely seen in Hollywood.

Kelli on

Yeah, because Christians NEVER contribute to the divorce rate. The Barna Group did a study which found atheists and agnostics had a divorce rate about six percentage points lower than non-denominational (which includes evangelicals) Christians, but the fundies would sooner skip an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast than admit that.

Ali on

Jeez, this guy hasn’t aged! He is still hot! So happy for the new family!

soph on

Brit Chokachi…quite an unpleasant sound.

Joanne on

oh my goodness….that man is beautiful!!! Congrats to he + his wife on the birth of their baby.

Georgia on

Brit’s a Libra. Her parents are both wonderful–of course, she will be just as beautiful! Best wishes to the family! Sooo adorable!