Spotted: Denise Richards Poses with Her Pumpkins

10/06/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

It’s fall!

Denise Richards poses with her little ladiesSam, 7½, Lola Rose, 6, and Eloise Joni, 4 months — as they spend Tuesday afternoon at an X Factor viewing party, held at the Pepsi House in Los Angeles.

”Sami and Lola help so much and pick out her clothes and feed her,” the author of The Real Girl Next Door40, says of her newest baby.

And she’ll need the extra hands — Richards is set to appear on 30 Rock this season.

“So excited!! I’m going to be doing an episode of #30Rock!” she Tweeted. “One of my favorite shows!!!!!”

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Jenn Engle on

Beautiful picture! Those girls adore their mom and baby sister.

Kaylie on

Eloise is so pretty and I love her name!

Mandy on

Those poor girls have that Sheen gene. Nothing against this family at all though, they are all very pretty.

guest on

Lola Rose looks just like Charlie! What beautiful girls

Calais on

All these girls are beautiful.

Sami looks a lot like Denise & Lola is very much like her dad. I don’t see much Denise in Lola at all. Eloise is a cutie.

Sarah K. on

Very sweet picture!

Tee on

What a sweet picture!

Ashley on

Lola is so cute 🙂

Mariana on

Forgive me for this may seem like a dumb question, but has Denise changed Sam’s name to Sami? I mean, they don’t normally use nicknames in the articles here, do they?

Those girls are princesses. Such a sweet family.

Anonymous on

Does Denise bleach her girls hair, because it looks really dark at the roots?

Shannon on

Who is Sami? 0_o


Not that it matters, but I wonder what is baby Elouise’s ethnicity? Elouise has a beautiful complexion, dark hair, and ethnic features that stands out in the pic with Denise, Sam, and Lola. I saw another pic posted earilier on People and she appeared to be of mixed-ancestory. I am glad that Denise had an open heart and adpoted her regardless of her ethnic background! On a side note, there is no denying that Charlie played a role in making Sam and Lola 🙂

me on

“Sami’ is used in a quote from Denise, so I assume it’s a nickname she uses.

AshleyB on

Denise calls her Sami. When she was born there were some quotes about how Charlie picked her name (I think she’s named after a childhood cat of his?) and Denise wasn’t really a fan because she likes very girly names. I remember because I was surprised they didn’t name her Samantha to cover both bases.

Marky on

Guess your kids’ hair never changed color as they got older, soooooo, of course you assume she is “bleaching her kids hair”!? At times, my daughter looked as if she had dark roots because she went from very blond to med. ash brown over time. That made her hair darker at the roots. Her hair finished changing color when she was about 17, so all the time she was growing up, we went through these stages.

As much as we wonder why someone would stay with Charlie Sheen for more than 20 minutes, and fail to congratulate her for having the guts to leave that twit when she was pregnant, she should hardly be accused of bleaching her children’s hair.

Helen on

Yes, Sami is just her nickname. And no, Lola’s hair is not dyed! Her hair may just be darkening like Denise’s did (she was blonde as a young child).

Pandabear on

Erica2- I was wondering the baby’s ethnicity as well, of course not that it matters, just a curiosity.

Looking at her features, she looks alot like my mom’s side of the family and me as a baby. I am half caucasian Hispanic and American of Irish/German ancestry. My mom is very Hispanic looking, and my dad could NOT be any more gringo, lol. (it’s a joke in our family). Or I guess Hispanic of caucasian or blended ancestry. Now I have reddish dark brown hair, very very pale skin, green eyes, and freckle easily, but that baby looks as I did as an infant. Funny how my color changed over time! I was darker and got lighter,lol, while my brother looks completely Hispanic, is moderately olive/tan, doesn’t freckle, and has brown eyes.

ANYHOO, beautiful family!!!!

Amanda K on

Aw, her girls are so cute! Denise is looking gorgeous too.

Silly Silly on

Cute picture! I love odd numbers too, we just had baby #3 too!!