Spotted: Katie Holmes’s Little Ladybug

10/06/2011 at 09:00 AM ET

Seeing spots!

Suri Cruise, 5, casts a spell while out and about in Pittsburgh, Pa. with mom Katie Holmes on Tuesday.

As for her daughter’s interesting ensemble, the actress, 32, says it’s all Suri.

“Obviously, I buy her clothes, but she is the one who puts her outfits together,” Holmes tells InStyle.

“In fact, she helps me. If she likes something of mine, I know it’s good.”

Suri is the only child for her and husband Tom Cruise, who’s currently filming One Shot in town.

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Romy on

I get so tired of hearing Katie say that Suri dresses her. Katie wears very odd and unflattering things more often than not.

missy on

Suri looks so cute!

Romy, I get what you’re saying, but the media reprints the same quotes over and over again.

torgster on

Romy if you’re so tired of it, why do you keep reading it? In any case, I think they both always look great. When you look like Katie, you’d have to TRY to look bad!

Em on

I’m sorry for saying this, but Katie really needs to hire a stylist…..

J on

I love how when women brag about playing with clothes and makeup with own their girls it’s cute, but when Katie does it people complain nonstop. Why aren’t Katie and Suri allowed to play with clothes and makeup like other moms and daughters?

Lau on

Refreshing to see Suri in pants instead of a dress! Not that she doesn’t look cute in dresses anyway.

So much pink, by the way! This very much looks like an outfit a five year old would put together.

ecl on

I actually have no problem with Katie and Suri so I say this without any of the weird hatred that they attract, but… I really don’t like to see a grown woman act like she needs the guidance of a 5 year old when she dresses. She’s a little kid, but she’s treated like some kind of fashion guru. I apply this equally to all the celebrity parents who describe their children as wise buddhas. They are little kids!!

missy on

If Suri were really dressing Katie, I think Katie would be walking around in frilly pink princess dresses, not jeans and t-shirts. I tend to think Katie is joking or at least exaggerating when she says Suri picks out her clothes, but that’s just my interpretation.

Mia on

Does she go to school-or is she home-schooled?

Mia on

Does she actually go to school?–or do they home-school her?

CCT0303 on

Why make a big deal whether Suri dresses her mom or not, why does it really matter?!? They obviously have a GREAT relationship and spend a great amount of quality time with each other. Does it really matter if she wears dresses everyday or not?!? Geez it seems like it’s a lose lose situation on this website with all the “perfect” moms we have on here.

Denise on

Looks like a typical 5 yr old girl’s outfit, nice to see instead of little high heels and expensive purses she usually sports. I was wondering too, now that she is obviously old enough for school, is she homeschooled?

cn tower on

Right on, CCT0303. Unless she’s working, Katie seems to be with Suri “one on one” all the time and seems to be a devoted mom. There’s nothing wrong with letting a little girl pick her own clothes and experiment with clothes and make up (within reason), yet Katie is continually criticized. Bleaching a child’s hair and treating them like fashion accessories is more worthy of criticism IMHO.

Emma on

Shouldn’t she be in school at this point?

tara on

Alot of the kindergarten programs in my town and surrounding are half day and children attend either in the morning or the afternoon. However, considering how much traveling she seems to do with her parents, she is probably home schooled like her older brother and sister are.

Brandi on

Suri’s boots are ADORABLE. Unfortunately my “little girl” is now a pre-teen or I would be online ordering them right now.
I also do not understand why so many hate them. Suri is a beautiful little girl who obviously loves fashion and has a mother who supports her interests. Not sure why that is bad, and OBVIOUSLY she is either home schooled or goes part time, do you really think they’d just not make her go (or do it at home?) Isn’t that against the law? The judgement here is so extreme.

Amanda on

I’m sorry but there is just something very sad about this child. To live in a world where you are the center of the universe and don’t appear to ever be told “no” is just sad. We’ll have another Paris Hilton in 15 years. She never looks happy. You never see her smiling like other celeb kids her age.

soph on

“She never looks happy. You never see her smiling like other celeb kids her age.”

Because random snapshots tell you all you need to know about a child you’ve never met…