Spotted: Jennifer Connelly and Agnes’ Sunshine Day

10/06/2011 at 04:00 PM ET

Bundled up babe!

Agnes Lark Bettany cuddles close to mom Jennifer Connelly as she totes the 4-month-old through Tribeca on Wednesday in New York City.

“I have a very small baby. They’re great, great – the first three years they just scare the s— out of you,” the actress’s husband Paul Bettany recently told The Guardian.

Connelly, 40, is also mom to sons Stellan, 8, and Kai, 14.

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The Author on

Anyone else getting sick of the same headlines over and over again?

“So and so’s Sunshine Day!”
“Whatshername Totes Her Tot!”
“Thingamebob’s Tiny Dancer!”

Booooring. Let’s have some enthusiasm for our work, People, and come up with a few original ones instead of trotting out the same old cliches all the time!

Re: article – Agnes looks like a fairly ordinary-sized 4-month-old to me. Nice to see Jennifer using a sensible carrier.

Lisa on

Three cheers for babywearing!

Romy on

I don’t think he meant she was small in size, just that he has a young baby

cn tower on

LOL The Author…This is a celebrity gossip site, not the Wall Street Journal – if you want quality journalism, I suggest you look there. High calibre journalists are not working at People.

Jessica on

Yay for appropriate babywearing!!

martina on

Lol, Jennifer obviously means she has a young baby – not an unusually small baby.

Lena on

I agree with Author on both points. The cheesy headlines are annoying. And when I read Jennifer’s quote I thought the same thing at first. “A very small baby” is a bit of an oxymoron.

AshleyB on

Agnes is a cutie! Still not a fan of the name but to each their own.

And Martina and Lena, the quote is Paul’s, not Jennifer’s.

Obviously the readers here don’t work in digital media and know what makes for clickable headlines. As a consumer marketing professional, I will tell you their headlines and links are just fine.

Jenny on

She looks pretty… I love the casual jeans look.

Kat on

Love the name Agnes, reminds me of the American Girl books. Nice to see some classic names come back around, especially since my husband vetoed them for our kids!

Author, I agree. And why must almost every child be refered to by their first and middle names? Unless it is a double name, just stick with the first.

Catca on

AshleyB, I don’t think they meant that there is anything wrong in the headlines themselves, but rather that they need more variety in the headlines as they supposedly keep trotting out the same headlines over and over again. Personally, I haven’t noticed the repetition in the headlines so for me, there is enough variety for me.

With respect to Jennifer Connelly, I’ll admit it – I’m jealous. She looks fantastic for having had a baby just 4 months ago. She’s 40 and even if you’re breastfeeding, it gets harder to get back in shape after a baby at her age.

Jorp on

Lena, very small baby is in no way an oxymoron. It’s a bit redundant, unless you want to emphasize that the baby is smaller than usual.

Sarah K. on

Lena, how is “very small baby” an oxymoron? Babies are small, so if anything she’s being redundant. Saying something like a “grown baby” would be an oxymoron since the two words cannot be reconciled.

Anyways, cute picture!

Heather on

Kat: I agree… I’ve never understood why EVERY celebrity baby is referred to by their first and last name… It’s kind of annoying!

Jillian on

I think the headings and some articles have been bad lately. Cheesy, redundant, and even errors! Not sure what is going on. My biggest pet peeve is when the use the same quote from 3months previous. It makes no sense.

Heather, they only seem to use the last names when they are not the same as the mother.

Stacey on

They are too cute!