1 Trend, 3 Ways: Mini Doll Strollers

10/05/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

Veteran mini mommy Suri Cruise (with Corolle‘s Mon Premier Stroller on Aug. 6) is still going strong when it comes to her baby doll duties, but the trendsetter has been joined by two new little ladies — Billie Dane (with Lil TotsDoll Stroller on Sept. 13) and Tabitha Broderick (with Graco‘s Umbrella Stroller on Sept. 30) — who were recently spotted pushing their own sets of wheels around town.

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Adorable and pint-size, baby doll strollers are sure to keep your princess busy role playing for hours on end. Ready to shop? We’ve rounded up our faves — for every budget — below.

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Sirch‘s Troll Doll Stroller ($290) isn’t your conventional play stroller — it’s way cooler!

Not only is it handmade stroller with strong birch wood, but it features well-crafted plastic wheels for a smooth and quiet ride.

Courtesy Pottery Barn Kids


From the realistic three-point strap that keeps her doll secure to the convenient collapsible fold, Pottery Barn KidsPink Umbrella Stroller ($39) is almost as good as the real deal!

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Bargain Buy

Lightweight and easy to maneuver, Castle Toy‘s Umbrella Doll Stroller ($20) is the perfect present for a first-time mini mama (and her baby!).

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Anon on

Tabitha is so precious!

Erika on

All 3 little girls are adorable and I think doll strollers are so sweet.

I wouldn’t spend $290 on a doll stroller though, and personally I don’t really like that stroller. It isn’t very feminine (most little girls like pink and frilly doll strollers, I know that I did as a child) and is very modern looking. No doubt it is well made though, so I’m sure it’s great for people who like it. The other options are both nice. I love Suri’s doll and stroller- they are adorable!

Alyssa on

My 23 month old daughter has the pink and black Graco stroller that Tabitha is pushing….she loves it. Only about $15 at Toys r Us.

coco on

When my daughter was a toddler we bought the whole Graco doll set that included the stroller and connecting carrier, the playpen, and some other accessories. It was so life-like an adorable. At nine she still plays with it. I can’t imagine it costing that much though.

Tee on

Tabitha is so stinking adorable! She is such a little doll baby!

Mira on

Tabitha is the cutest baby I’ve seen on these pages. My son loved pushing a doll stroller too and he would’ve loved the splurge model.

CAF on

Could Tabitha be any cuter? She’s precious!

Nicole on

Oh great. Another thing for little kids to trip me with when I’m trying to shop or walk on public sidewalks.

ang on

suri is too young for most things she likes,now for a doll stroller, she seems too old. maybe it’s just me

Taylor on

Ang-Suri’s like 5 or 6, what should she be playing with now? Video games, iPods, what? I had dolls until I was 10, as did all my friends and cousins. Granted I didn’t take them outside in a stroller after I was about 7, but still.

Mira on

Nice trolling, Nicole.

Sarah on

Since when is a child playing with a doll considered to be a “trend?” This website is starting to creep me out a little bit. At first it was the ridiculous comments that are allowed about several kids’ looks, but now this turning innocent children into trendsetters thing is kind of weird, too.

I don’t visit here as much as I used to and I do think I’ll cut back even more. Make of the parents and follow their trends all you want – they asked for it – but turning babies into a sideshow is not my cup of tea.

Grace2 on

Sarah, that was my thought too. A doll stroller as a trend?? Really? I had one back in the early 80s, along with a lot of other children in the last 30 years…

Sarah S. on

Tabitha is sooo adorably cute! Matthew’s eyes for sure…

Ashley on

Awwwwwww love little Tabitha, soooo cute 🙂

Holiday on

Its just you ang. Suri is 5 years old, that is in no way too old to push a doll stroller! She is so young, what do you think 5 year old girls play with?

smiavs on

Do “trends” generally last for over a century? Victorian little girls had prams for their dolls. This is hardly new.