Family Photo: The Watts-Schreiber’s Birthday Boy

10/05/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Kate-Justin/Eagle Press

Happy birthday Liev Schreiber!

The actor celebrates turning 44 with a stroll in the East Village with fiancée Naomi Watts and sons Sasha, 4, and Kai, 2½, on Tuesday.

We wonder what Watts and the boys got for Schreiber’s big day — the actress has said before that he “sets the bar high” when it comes to gift-giving!

We also spotted the actor and his sons out last week in Tribeca.

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AmandaC on

I wish these two would get married already, I love them together. Oh, and have some more beautiful babies! I can’t believe Liev is 44, I remember him from the Scream movies.

Sarah S. on

Looks like the boys take turns being strolled–LOL! And…I didn’t realize Naomi was that much shorter than Liev!!

Lau on

Sarah S. I believe Naomi is not as close to the camera as Liev is… There’s still a major height difference, though, which I find very cute =)

Also, AmandaC, what’s the big deal if they don’t get married? Their love won’t be any more real if they do, nor will their children be more “legitimate”. Some people get married, some people don’t. It’s a matter of beliefs and of what is good or not for each person. To me, marriage is a stupid notion and a way to institutionalize (is this even a word?) something that has no business being an institution (love), but to some people it means the world and I can respect that. If Naomi and Liev haven’t gotten married it’s clearly not important to them and that is what should matter.

torgster on

I really enjoy reading about this family. They always seem so genuine and grounded. And they are so gorgeous to look at!

polina on

I love this couple but I can’t stand the entertainment industy’s use of the word “fiance”. Fiance or Fiancee means you are to be married. But many of these couples have no intention of getting married. They just want something that sounds better than “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”.

AmandaC on

Lou – wow, I was only commenting that I love them together, don’t make something out of nothing please

Lau on

First, it’s Lau, not Lou.

And second, I didn’t mean anything of what I said in a bad way, and I certainly never meant to bother you! The truth is that if all you meant was that you love them together you could have simply said that. But you didn’t, which is also fine. You said this other thing and I only answered with my thoughts.

I don’t think *I* was the one here making something out of nothing!

AndreaRL on

I’m pretty sure they’re already married. They made a video together for some organization while they were in Israel (I think) and Liev referred to Naomi as his wife. This was a couple of years ago..

Ashley on

Polina… I agree but I don’t think it’s just the industry. I know TONS of regular couples that just throw around that word as well with no plans or intentions to marry anytime soon, a lot of times no ring either. That bothers the heck out of me too!

Ashley on

Oh and by “regular couples” I only mean not famous. I am a firm believer famous people are “regular” people so I wanted to clarify lol

Mia on

Agreed + there is speculation that they have been married for about 2 years now.

Love them together too!