Meet Jessica Alba’s Daughter Haven Garner

10/05/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Justin Coit/AUGUST

When Jessica Alba and Cash Warren welcomed their second daughterΒ Haven Garner on Aug. 13, the couple thought they had a pretty good idea of what was to come.

“I really only expected my child to look like Honor,” Alba, referring to her and Warren’s 3-year-old daughter, tells PEOPLE.

“When the two of us made such a different-looking kid it was, like, ‘Okay, I guess we can do this too!’ It was a nice little surprise.”

Also unexpected — Haven’s arrival in the caul, meaning she was delivered inside her amniotic sac.

“Cash said, ‘She was born in her safe haven,'” Alba recalls of choosing her daughter’s name. “And so there we had it.”

As the family adjusts to life as a foursome, Haven — now 7 weeks old — has given her approval in the form of her latest milestone.

“She just started smiling,” says Alba, 30, who appears in the ONE campaign’s newest PSA.

“[The other] morning Cash was talking in her ear, whispering and kissing her and she was smiling the whole time. It’s an amazing connection.”

For Alba’s at-home family album and more on her life as a mom, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Jennifer Garcia

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klutzy_girl on

Haven is adorable! I love the Alba-Warrens.

Traci on

I love this family.

Amanda on

she is gorgeous. I am so glad to finally see her πŸ™‚ congrats

Anonymous on

She’s precious!

Cynthia on

What a beautiful family! Reading about them always makes me smile. Congrats to them! πŸ™‚

Jessica on

She’s SO cute!!! Honor is beautiful too. Congrats to them. Such a beautiful family

Jessica on

She’s SO cute!! Two beautiful daughters–how lucky. Such a great family. Glad we get to see her finally…thanks for sharing!

Jennifer on

What a beautiful little girl!

kendrajoi on


Maggie on

What a beauty! And LOVE the story of how she got her name. How cool. And I believe Garner is Cash’s own middle name.

I had the same reaction with my boys. My first son is a complete copy of my husband. I just assumed our second son would be the same, but he came out looking exactly like me! Now that he’s 3 though we see that he does have my husband’s smile.

Olivia on

Awww, I love how they chose her name. It seemed an odd choice to me, but the explanation makes it really sweet.

Bancie1031 on

Awe she’s beautiful …. I think she’s going to look more like Jessica than Honor ….. Honor looks just like Cash ….. beautiful family πŸ™‚

Jesse on

Not a fan of Ms. Alba’s but the baby is adorable… It’s funny how light she is hair, skin and all. Just shows that you can have your genes come from all over because I believe Jessica is of Mexican decent and her husband is caucasian and african american… Everyone assumes that the darker colors are the dominant ones, but totally not so. Congrats to the happy little family…

Brooke on

She is a teeny little doll!! And I think she looks just like Honor.

Erika on

Aww she’s a beautiful baby! They are so blessed to have 2 beautiful little girls!

Lady on

Awww she’s adorable, love her name too!!

Kristin on

I love how they came up with her name. I liked it to begin with, but hearing the story behind it, makes me love it more. She is just adorable. Can’t wait to see more pictures.

Ladybug on

Beautiful mom, beautiful daughter. Congratulations!

Mary Beth on

I admit I didn’t like the name at all, but reading how it came to be it’s pretty awesome.

I know Jessica gets a lot of flack for always seeming annoyed, the tabs get on her about it, but I think she seems like a cool, low key person and a good mom.

Her daughters are beautiful, I wish them all the best.

Big Fan on

She’s adorable! And I love the name!

KM on


Darker skin IS dominant, however it is possible to portray a homozygous RECESSIVE trait if you receive a RECESSIVE gene from each parent. Skin color, however, does not work by complete dominance/recessiveness, as it is dictated by more than a single gene. Please don’t throw around words you don’t understand.

Jules on

OMG!! All her life shes gonna get asked if she is a Shaven Haven!! Why dont people think before they name their kids?

Tara on

Beautiful family!

Allyson on

Congrats Jessica and family!!! Can’t wait too see more pics of your beautiful children!!! πŸ™‚ They are so adorable! ps. Love the names:)

Dazzle on

OMG so cute.She looks like honor πŸ™‚

Lauren on

what a beautiful baby! so happy for jessica and cash πŸ™‚ they have 2 gorgeous little girls to love.

Diane on

Wow, beautiful baby, I wish I could have one like her!

Gina on

I like how she waited to introduce her daughter. Unlike other celebs that do it the within a week!

mmmm on

beautiful mom, beautiful daughter!!!!

Margaux on

It’s interesting how Jessica chooses her children’s names. I believe she chose Honor, after hearing a girlfriend of hers suggest or mention it. To each his own! Beautiful baby, and congrats!

kjc on

What are you talking about Jules? Why on earth would anyone ask her that?!? I liked the name Haven when I heard that was her name, now I like it even more!

lac's mom on

I had the same reaction when my son was born. I expected him to look exactly like my daughter when she was born. When they handed him to me, my first thought was “This isn’t my baby.” It took a few minutes to remember that he is his own self.

Ali on

She is so precious! She looks so much lighter then Honor! How cool that is to have such different looking kids. Mine are often confused as being twins and they are two years apart! They look just like me with my husband’s dimples and smile though.

Shannon on

She looks like Honor to me!

Tia on

Yes, the darker skin is usually the more dominant trait in children of mixed race. I recently got into a message board smack-down over the biological parentage of Michael Jackson’s children. I will never accept the fact that he had stated in various interviews that they were HIS biological children. No way, no how. I don’t care what people say. Not true. The genetics around the situation are just too improbable. Those children are caucasian with the exception of Blanket-who looks to be of hispanic or latino decent.

madison on

Interesting about the name! I had been thinking it was a connection to his alma mater Yale, which is in New HAVEN, CT.


Jules, never heard that expression before, what are you 10 yrs old, and a bully?

What a unique and special name she has, just like her sister.

This family is beautiful and has 2 adoreable girl’s to make it so very special.

LisaS on

Congrats to the Alba-Warrens on their precious new little bundle. She’s gorgeous!

Nhzinga on

Congrats to the Alba-Warrens! Haven is an interesting name, but it’s not too off the wall. The name could have been MUCH worse-see Audio Science, Rumor, Scout, Apple, Seven, Puma, Mars, Camera, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily, Saffron, Reignbeau, Freedom–the list just goes on and on

Tee on

She was born in the caul? That is so cool! Now her name really does make sense! What a beautiful baby!

michael on

Wow she is so adorable

Nhzinga on

Haven is an unusual name, but for a celebrity, it’s pretty tame. It could be SO much worse: Audio Science, Dweezil, Moon Unit, Diva Muffin, Rocket, Racer, Rebel, Rogue, Reignbeau, Freedom, Tu, Hud, Spec..need I go on πŸ˜‰

Janice Pielert on

What a precious, beautiful little girl. God Bless!

Brooklyn on

Hearing why they named her Haven makes me like the name much more! She’s a cutie!

canada girl on

They seem like such a sweet family

Havensmama on

I cannot stand Jessica Alba and it drives me crazy that her daughter has the same name [Haven] as my now 10 1/2 yr old daughter.

No name on

Hey it could be worse, they could have named her “Caul”!! I guess Haven is ok after all.

Rehema on


Stacey on

My son’s name is Havin Warren and I had a similar situation when he was born, that is how he got his first name. The similarity is kind of funny! πŸ™‚

kendrajoi on

Maybe I’m uncool, but WTH is a Shaven Haven? Sounds made up by Jules.

sheila on

why didn’t they name her “Amniotic”? Or Caul? As it is, no one will be the name right (I think that Lisa Welchel girl has a daughter with that name, or was it the other Christian with all the kids….wait, don’t tell me…Chris O’Donnell)…

I feel bad for Honor, she will be the homely older sister. maybe. And her “H” doesn’t even get pronounced! Haven will have trouble; she will be called Heaven and Eva and Even and Shavin…and try saying “Haven Warren” fast. It’s a mess. A haven is a place you hide; a warren is a rabbit’s burrow or den! Honor Warren already sounds like a military movement: “Honor warrin’ time, sir!”

I wish Jessica wouldn’t lighten her hair. Now everyone in her little family has an atypical name, except for her.

Mira on

I don’t see where you see the “much lighter” color on Haven. The pic is heavily photoshopped and the color on either Jessica or Haven looks unnatural. Cool story about the name, though. I thought it came from New Haven too.

Anonymous on

I am Latin and my husband is of Latin/Black decent. Our daughter is pale with blond hair and our son is pale with blond hair light brown eyes. My mother is Latin/Italian so there you have why my children are caucasian looking…

sheila on

She thought all her children would look the same? Has she lived in the world? Has she looked at siblings? jeez.

Emry on

Awe, shes soo precious! She looks just like her daddy πŸ™‚

Lolis on

Interesting! how she deliver two beautiful babies that are blond?? Her husband is brown and Jessica is ligth brown. Any explanation or trick??? she is gorgeous any way!.


Statistics show there are more divorces when all the offspring are female. I hope she will plan date nights, get a babysitter often and spend a lot of quality time with her husband. Men can quickly feel left out or not needed, when the whole house is female. Babies are great, but if she is wise, she will let Mr. Warren know that he is still #1.


Take care of your husband. Everyone screams over a new baby but a house full of females can be tough for men. Statistics tell us there are more divorces when all the offspring are female. Due to over-bonding of the females. Remember your husband……he came first.

mg on

wow KM…superior much??

Bree Gallagher on

She was born on my birthday!!!!

Nicole on

I was beginning to think there was something wrong with her, since you NEVER see them out with her (even in a covered stroller) and always out solo with Honor.

And I thought Jessica was part Danish and part Latina?

a carr on

Some of you have no idea what you are talking about, when it comes to skin color. There a mixed race kids of all hues. There are some black and white kids that come out with blonde hair and blue eyes, and some who have dark hair and dark eyes.

How do you know that Michael Jackson’s kids aren’t his, with a white or hispanic mom? A child is a child no matter what the skin color.

Seriously on

Can you say air brush??? I prefer “real” celebrity moms like Pink who aren’t afraid to show you what the reality is after having a baby!!!

Anonymous on

Babay is adorable, gets the coloring from Jessica’s mom who is of Danish & French Canadian descent.

T on

1. Sometimes babies have to “grow into” their color. Give her some time.

2. I am mixed black and white, with pale skin, green/ grey eyes and dark hair. You can’t judge always judge a kids make-up by it’s color!

Hea on

Cute and so tiny!

am on

Sheila you are just rude.

Carolyn on

It’s good to see that Jessica actually showered and washed her hair for this photo. What a relief, I got so tired of seeing her greasy hair in all the magazines.

Tia on

Yeah, I don’t care about all that stuff…I do believe that the kids can turn out lighter if one parent is caucasian…however, the darker skin is more dominant and in most cases comes through strongest.

In the case of MJ’s children, I don’t doubt that they are his BIOLOGICAL children on the fact that they are obviously white kids but also because they bear no resemblance to Michael Jackson during his youth…at all. None. Zero. Zilch. There is not an ounce of African American in the oldest two. I am from a bi-racial family. My mother is African American and my father is caucasian and I am darker in skin tone then Janet Jackson. My 4 siblings are ALL darker in skin tone and even my youngest sister, who is the lightest of us and had blonde hair as an infant and light eyes grew darker as she aged. She now has a Halle Berry type skintone and still has the African American features of our mother’s side of the family. I, as a person of mixed race, believe that the black side will show through in some aspect. The facial features should at least resemble Michael in some way from his CHILDHOOD. Not from his altered face-work. There is nothing there in the two eldest kids.

That said, they were HIS children. He loved them. He was their father and that is what mattered to them. I am just saying that I will always be confused about why people think those are children from his sperm. I bet my life on it that they are not his biologically.

Ikea on

Jessica is half Danish so it looks as though Haven took after her. Did she name her Garner after Ben Affleck’s wife I hear they are good friends.

mamafromohio on

why is everyone so concerned over her name oh my geez….my nephews name is sayben and nobody says a world about it an i love his name cause its unique like him as is haven’s if we all named our kids regular names they wouldnt shine like they do so i dont see a problem with haven’s name i think she is beautiful like her mom and older sister

Ikea on

Both Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren are mixed race so it is possible for their offspring to come out lighter or darker than either parent. Haven Garner Warren is a very unique name.

MRJ on

OMG she is adorable!

KH on

@Havensmama- some people will have the same names as other people in life. Get over it!

Emden on

Haven is adorable. Congrats

A. on

What a doll baby! She’s beautiful! πŸ™‚

VelvS on

Both her babies are beautiful, no matter their “skin colour”. What is it with Americans that they are so caught up on trifling little things like that. The Warrens are a beautiful family and it’s an injustice to them to dwell on the “race” of their children rather than the happiness they are experiencing right now. And, Jules, what the heck is a shaven haven and why would anyone care? Grow up, already!

anon on

jules, i have no idea why anyone would refer to haven as shaven haven but really, you wouldn’t give a child a name out of fear of bullies? Because frankly, any name can be changed into a term to tease children, as you so pointed out with shaven haven, are people going to call a child named Kate, hate Kate? i really don’t think bullying should play a role in one naming his/her own child. One should teach their children not to bully others and how to handle bullying in a way that gets no one hurt.

Mina on

Tia, not entirely true. My friend is 100 percent african american and his wife is white with huge blue eyes. Their daughter came out with silky black hair (not the afro or “brillo” hair) huge blue eyes like her mama, and skin that isnt peach or caramel, but a very milky color. Others who just met her have been shocked when they find out her father is black. She is now 5 years old and her complexion has not changed any over the years. Not even in the sun. She doesnt tan or get darker…she gets pink and burns. And it IS his kid because she has his face…nose, lips, and ears. Even her hair hasnt changed. She reminds me of Paris Jackson but Paris is actually a darker skin tone than this little girl. Its not impossible.

Tia on

Mina, I just don’t see it. Even my own kids are obviously ethnic despite their father being caucasain with green eyes and light brown hair. The dominant features that MJ naturally had would have been noticeable in these kids. I’m only saying it because I think there has been some strange cover up in that family to make it APPEAR that the kids were his biological kids. His whole marriage to Debbie Rowe was just strange. It didn’t make sense. She was like a surrogate that he decided to use as some sort of “wife-shield” to make himself seem more normal. I don’t buy it.

firewalker on

Pretty baby; gorgeous mother.

Carrie Jo on

Wow, what a neat story to her name! There are some really cool myths about being born in caul. Some, not so much but most are cool.

Tara on

beautiful pic of Jessica & Haven. but i gotta say, poor Honor really ran out of luck in the looks department 😦

SAR on

Sweet picture! There’s an old wives’ tale that a baby born in/with a caul will have second sight. Could Haven turn out to be clairvoyant?

She definitely looks different from her big sister, but both girls are gorgeous. The Alba-Warrens are a lovely family.

Mira on

I agree with Tia about MJ’s kids. It’s not just about colors. Features are racially defined too.

EJ on

What a cute little girl! Hopefully she will look more like a girl than Honor did!

Kat on

I love the name Garner it’s so strong. If I were her I’d go by Garner Haven. Beautiful baby but Jessica Alba is not my cup of tea.

Jules on

A haven is another word for vagina. Therefore that is my point about her being asked if she has a shaven haven later in life. Are you all so naive you didnt know that? Oh yeah, we are way more advanced here in England.

maggie on

@ Tia “In the case of MJ’s children, I don’t doubt that they are his BIOLOGICAL children”
so what your saying is that you do believe they are his kids?

Tia on

Mira, I’m glad you agree. Most of my family is full of Michael Jackson fans and they defend him to no end! I always seem to be the only one in my group of friends and fam. that think those kids aren’t biologically his! It’s so weird to me! I actually had my friend tell me a week or so ago that Paris looked “JUST LIKE MICHAEL” and i thought I had stepped into some sort of alternate universe. I don’t get how anyone could see that!! Especially considering no one really knows WHAT MJ’s REAL face would look like.

Allie on

oh my goodness, jules. seriously? like a previous poster said, any name can be made into a joke – jules drools. do you wish you weren’t named that? I was called all sorts of things growing up, and I came out just fine. it appears that not one poster, aside from you, even thought of “shaven haven” when they read this little girl’s name. highly doubtful she’ll live in the shadows for the rest of her life as a result.

Faith on


Phionna on

Shiela – You’re WEIRD and RUDE.

chelsea on

I think Haven looks more like Jessica and Honor looks more like Cash. Both are very beautiful

noam on

jules-haven isn’t another name for vagina in america…it’s the same way we are different about the word “fanny.” so if they continue to live in america, she shouldn’t have a problem with that particular nickname…

Aimee on

Uh, hey Jules? Newsflash: they don’t live in England. They live in Los Angeles. And we don’t call it that here in the US, as evidenced by the fact that nobody knew what you were talking about. So it’s highly doubtful that she’ll get teased about that unless they decide to move to England.

Ratty on

I worked with a girl who’s mother was white and father was Maori (and therefore black). She was born dark (she had the photos to prove it), but by the time I knew her (as a 15 year old) she was very fair (pink undertones to her skin), had blue eyes and brown hair.

Alternatively, my mother is Australian with Welsh, English, Irish, Scottish, German, Russian and French ancestry. She’s so dark skinned, children in the park used to tell her their mothers wouldn’t let them play with her because she was black (this was in Australia in the 1960s – they presumed she was aboriginal). To this day, she’s still very dark (I thank her every day for the lovely dose of olive skin tonings she passed on to me!) and goes black if she spends a little time in the sun. Not a drop of african (or any other dark skinned race) blood in her. It’s just the luck of the draw!

Sarah K. on

Actually Jules, haven is sometimes used as slang (which is very cultural) – it is not the dictionary definition. Considering Haven doesn’t live in England, I’m sure she’ll survive.

Ikea on

Haven looks like her Danish grandmother. This is how JLO wanted her daughter to look like but unfortunately she wasn’t so lucky.

mrk on

I wonder if she’s related to the Duchess of Alba in that other story?

Shawna on

Watch this video through to the part where they compare the pictures. Those kids ARE Michael’s!

sara on

Jules, Haven doesn’t have that meaning in the US, which is where there live, which is the only thing that matters. Having different slang in England doesn’t mean you are more advanced, it just means you have different slang. And people in the US (where this site is based) aren’t naive for not being familiar with English slang. Why would be we be? What relevance does it have here.

You really need to get over yourself and accept the fact that you’re just not that clever, that Haven doesn’t mean anything inappropriate in the US, and that no one is going to call her that ridiculous insult you made up.

Alicia on

Tia, you seem to be very angry about. The skin color issue. You may need to figure out why? Have you seen Quincy jones biological daughter. She is just as white as prince Michael. My husband is bi racial and I know a lot of bi racial people and they come in all colors including blond hair and blue eyes. Yes. Blond hair with a Nigerian father who is darker than Michael Jackson. If you knew anything about genetics you won’t be stating these ignorant statements. Prince Michael has the same genetic disease as his FATHER. He is losing his pigmentation. Yes! Have you seen earths kit’s BIOLOGICAL DAUGHTER. She is blond. Victoria rowell’s daughter. BLOND.

When you are mixed anything can happen.

Reese on

Children make fun of other children for a variety of reasons. Even if she had a name that was listed in the top ten most popular the year she was born, someone would still tease her about her hair, the color of her eyes, having braces, glasses, etc.

Karen on

Congrats to the family!

sara on

And Jules, it should also be added that “shaven” is not a word that even exists in American English (the word used in that context would be “shaved” not “shaven”), so there’s yet another reason why no would ever call her your ridiculous made-up insult. For someone who thinks she’s so much more “advanced” than all us American rubes, you sure are ignorant of the language we speak over here.

Scarlet on

Congratulations to the Alba-Warrens on your new baby girl. You’re a beautiful family and thanks for putting yourselves out there. Don’t pay attention to nay sayers (Sheila) unhappy people with nothing better to do than to spread their misery on to others.

Glad to hear so many nice and positive comments. Wish you the best!!

Ashley on

Yay! Cute baby, finally ;—)

anon on

seriously jules, your “more advanced” because you use haven as slang for a female body part? last i checked more advanced people weren’t afraid to use the scientific terms to define things.

Shea on

My mother is Mexican and my father is Jew and Irish.

I have very light skin and green eyes. My children (who’s father is English/Irish) look very Hispanic. In fact my younger daughter has deep Olive skin and eyes so brown they are black. Her father has blue eyes and reddish-brown hair and is the whitest white boy I have ever known.

So, my heritage skipped a whole generation.

court on

She looks just like Honor! I guess since the Alba’s see Honor everyday, their two kids’ resemblance is a little more subtle to them than it is to me.

Li-Li on

I think that both of her daughters are just adorable and on the skin color issue, my mom is the color of caramels and my dad was the color of dark chocolate. I’m pasty pale with hazel green eyes and I burn in the sun like a redhead! I swear if I didn’t look like my dad; my mom would have a LOT of explaining to do! Genes are crazy and when you mix them, you never know what you’re gonna get!

soph on

We get it, Nhzinga.

Baurwin on

I am SO glad I am the only one that didnt get the “shaven Haven” thing! Really?? Why would a kid know anything about that. Beautiful name, I had a friend name her daughter that 10 years ago so it isnt new. I think Honor is pretty too!

Amber on

What kind of people make remarks about children being ugly? Shallow, insensitive, jagweeds. Who makes fun of kids? Bullies. WOW! All the people who posted about Honor not being pretty, you are unbelievable. What are you teaching your children by saying those things??

biddie on

i think jessica’s story of how haven was named is BS!!! really, its soo matchy matchy with honor! starting with an H and having five letters! it seems very planned and very jessica alba… i cant stand fame-mongrel alba though so maybe its just me.

J-Nelle on

Thanks, that pretty much summed up what my comment was going to say.

VP on

Sara, have you ever heard of a man being “clean-shaven”? That’s American English, just saying.

Natasha on

What an adorable baby, congrats to them.

XB on

I love this family. I do want to say that Honor does seem to resemble her father more at this point, but why should that make her ugly? She’s an adorable child. Plus, she is just 3 years old. I looked EXACTLY like my father when I was young, but now at 40 I look more like a combination of both parents. Plus, Cash is a good looking guy.

Mina on

Tia, Paris looks alot like her mother…she got her features. She has her nose and chin and obviously her pale color and light eyes. Debbie has blonde hair and blue eyes and milky white. Paris is tan with brown hair. Even if MJ wasnt her father, someone very dark is! Prince is dark too..tan, brown hair and dark eyes. If his mom is Debbie, then someone very dark fathered him too. I dont doubt its Michael.

pookiewookie on

I think she looks like her older sister. You can definitely see the resemblence even at this young age.

Paula on

Beautiful baby! Honor is also so pretty!

I don’t understand why people feel the need to make rude comments about kids. Really, even if you don’t like their parents, why would you say bad things about small children? Sometimes the best thing is to shut up…

Mia on

She does have a lot lighter features than her sister (if you look-@ pix of Honor as a newborn)–but her features can get darker as she gets a little older..

She looks like she almost has reddish hair in this pic-genetics are amazing.

Haivenofmyown on

Great picture of Jessica & Haven. Love the name…as my oldest is named Haiven as well (I threw in the ‘i’ to change it up–lol) I love unique names that aren’t wacky or uber weird & Haven is a beautiful fit with Honor. Very sweet–Congrats to the family ❀

guest1 on

Jules..I really do not think you are more advanced I just think you are stupid!!

sara on

VP, it still doesn’t exist in the context of the invented insult, with the adjective coming before the noun. And even if it’s not grammatically incorrect, it just isn’t a construction people here use (and certainly not children, who would presumably be the ones making the purported taunt).

Tia on

Maggie – No, I didn’t mean that. I meant that I didn’t think they were his biological children. Sorry for that mistake.

Alicia – I am not angry about anything at all. I am simply stating what I know as a person of color. I have a large family and an abundance of mixed race nieces, nephews, cousins and friends and none of us are as light as the Jackson children.

Despite the color of the skin I still do not see a resemblance to MJ and these kids. I watched the little video linked above and I think it was grasping at straws. Something is odd with the situation with MJ and Debbie Rowe. I think those kids are actually Michael’s old doctor Arnold Klein who Debbie was known to have been around. Prince Michael looks just like him. Again, these are just MY feelings. I am not judging in any way. I just think something sketchy is up and Debbie Rowe was paid off to have these children and everything about the relationship was a scam. I really truly believe that.

I look at a picture like this and can’t see any similarities to MJ and them.:

anita on

she is beautiful like her mother!

Bewitch on

I think it is a beautiful pic of mother and daughter. I also think some of you could use a crash course on genetics and how they form a persons looks……geez two brunettes can make a blond and two blonds can make a brunette it is that simple one single little gene that has been hiding in a family line for centuries can all of a sudden come out to give a caucasian couple a dark skinned child………..or blue eyes on a child with two dark eyed parents as for me all 3 of my sons looked alike and my youngest had blonde hair and blue eyes while the other two have dark hair and eyes, but all 3 have their fathers features…….its all in the gene pool lol

Co on

Pretty baby.

Chi on

Honestly, once again on some people have REALLY showed their ignorance. I have seen so many ignorant comments from the skin color comments, to, “Jessica better not neglect her man in a house of females,” (where did THAT come from?) to the bullying and name calling…it’s disgusting. I’m calling on People to shut down the comment feature once and for all. If people want to spew their ignorant filth let them do it on a message board separate from the stories about the most beautiful thing in the world…the birth of a child.

Some sick people commenting on this story should be downright ASHAMED.

Jane on

If the child was born in the amniotic sac it is en-caul. Close enough but “caul” is no the proper term.

Daisy on

Haven is beautiful like her mother. I love how the girls names match so well, Haven and Honor. It appears she is going to be a ginger gene. Ginger is a recessive than can pop up if both parents carry it, and lighter skin goes hand in hand with the reddish hair. As both parents have Caucasian genes, that is likely what happened. I know a family where the father is Caucasian and the mother African-American, but she is light-skinned, likely a significant amount of Caucasian heritage in her lineage. Both children are white-skinned, the son blonde and the daughter a ginger. From a distance, you can’t tell they have any African-American in them at all, but they do have super-curly hair and they both got their mothers nose.

Niki on

Haven has been my #1 name for a girl for years. And this little Haven is beautiful! Good job, Jess.

And Jules, you are an idiot. Your stupid lingo is not “advanced”. Stay off the internet and go back to school.

Courtney on

I’m with Jules. “Shaven haven” is actually a common albeit crude term to describe a hairless nether-region and the first thing most people I know would have thought of if they heard of someone with the name Haven. It doesn’t even compare to “Hate Kate” because they are just random rhyming words, and not a well known euphemism at all.

Dee on

Congrats Jessica, your kids are beautiful and I love Haven’s name!!!

Romy on

She’s cute. She does resemble Honor, but she has her own look. She seems to take after Jessica more right now.

My girls look completely different, and I was shocked at first too.

I don’t care for either name, and especially not together, but it works for celebrity kids in Hollywood!

Indira on

The kid looks like honor to me. She’s a ginger now but, it will probably change, most childrens especially white children’s hair darkens over time. Plus the picture is so bleached out who know what color the kid really is. Not a good photo.

Jaime on

My daughter’s name is Haven and I have to say I have never heard the term “Shaven Haven” and positive my daughter has never been called that. Although there is nothing wrong with a shaven haven..better shaven than not!

sara on

Courtney, as has be stated many times already, it might be common in Britain, but it’s not in America, as evidenced by the fact that no one here as ever heard it. They live in America, so that’s what matters. No one here is ever going to call her that.

Gossip on

I so agree with the comment entered by “Chi” Please may we only have photos and not the comments!

anon1 on

courtney, when i made that comment about hate Kate i did not know what shaven haven was because while it may be common in other countries it is not a common phrase in the US. so frankly, i don’t see a problem with jessica alba calling her daughter haven because no one in the US knows what that phrase is.

Anonymous on

Honor looks so much like her dad. Maybe Haven will end up looking like herself! LOL

We’ll see who the beauty will be. I think Honor is cute but I wouldn’t call her adorable.

It is unusual for the coloring/features of a certain race not to be dominant but it happens.

Alan Thicke’s son married a black woman and if you see pictures of their child, he’s blonde and I can’t see any black features at all. Of course, he may look different in RL. But his mother keeps complaining he doesn’t look like her.

KarenB on

Aww – how cute. I love how they got the name. And I know how she feels about her second child being so different from her first. My two kids are nothing alike, and it’s hard to imagine how the same two people could create such different children. (I mean, I get it – different genes passed on, yada yada. But I still expected them to be more similar.)

Jerri on

They say children born in caul are gifted with The Sight. I wonder what kind of extraordinary insights she will have. Hopefully having an actress for a mother will allow her to explore this gift should it manifest.

Cindy on

I actually think Haven looks alot like Honor. They are all beautiful and Jessica Alba seems like such a relaxed mom.

overseas on

I think she’s going to be even more beautiful than her little sis.

Jude on

Well I must admit I never thought Jessica was THAT gorgeous. She’s plain pretty, nothing more. I think the same about Honor. Not the prettiest kid (Uni-brow anyone? Almost, I’d say.). Hope she grows out of it. Haven on the other hand looks much prettier already!

Silby on

It is depressing reading some of these comments. It’s a newborn baby, and all people can talk about is how light- or dark-skinned she is? It’s utterly inane. And which child is more beautiful? Jeez, get a life.

sara on

“But his mother keeps complaining he doesn’t look like her.”

Why do people continue to say this? She doesn’t KEEP doing anything. She JOKED around about it (didn’t complain – there is a difference) ONCE. In ONE interview on a very non-serious talk show. This site repeats the same comments every time there is a post about her. (And incidentally, Paula Patton is half white, not the daughter of two black parents, so it’s not surprising at at all that her son is blond and fair.)

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

What else are people supposed to talk about Silby? hahaha

Maggie on

Totally with you on the MJ thing, Tia.

Do love the story about Haven’s name.

Jane on

Tia blanket looks hispanic/Latino I do not get what your trying to say at all. Because Hispanic people many many are and have african ancestry in them. I have a Cubian friend she is light skin does not look like she has african ancestry at all. But she told me do not let skin color fool you. She said she has light skin in her family and people that are honey carmel skin tone all are related having black in your gene does not mean you have to look black. I am latino because I am from Haiti my culture is latin (French) and west africa. Hispanic and Latinos do not have one look honey do not let the media fool you.

Jane on

“Alternatively, my mother is Australian with Welsh, English, Irish, Scottish, German, Russian and French ancestry. She’s so dark skinned, children in the park used to tell her their mothers wouldn’t let them play with her because she was black (this was in Australia in the 1960s – they presumed she was aboriginal). To this day, she’s still very dark (I thank her every day for the lovely dose of olive skin tonings she passed on to me!) and goes black if she spends a little time in the sun. Not a drop of african (or any other dark skinned race) blood in her. It’s just the luck of the draw!”

– Ratty

How do you know your mother doesn’t have African ancestry? did you do research? look at North Africa you know those people are mixed right and there come in all different shades. My point did you know that Europe Southern part had perople of african ancestry there for very long time call the moors. Many people who are mixed and that are black were sent to Europe during slavery there mixed in with the white population. Many Many Haitian metis went back to France to live so there would not get killed and Majority of those people married white people so there ancestors would have been black. Same goes for England of its colonies many many British people have african Ancestry. Have you wondered why some Irish people are called black Irish because the Roman Empire had people from africa in there armys and those people made there way to Ireland.Did you know that European Royal familys have African Ancestry? most people do not know. Look at the Queen does she look black? nope she does not but she has negro ancestry in her. 1/3 white AMericans have african ancestry do there look black? come on you can not tell many times what are in a person gene pool.

On the other hand my son is black(me) white father he looks nothing like me except his carmel skin tone. His features are very European and his hair also is. But he is my son genes are funny that way you never know where there will appear or pop up. I have meant many white people of that have african ancestry people seem to let looks fool them. The world is mixed always was from the start of time.

kamila on

This child looks cuter than the first one. Sorry but Honor is not a cute child.

Courtney on

Sara and Anon1, I should have clarified that I am not in Britain; I’m in Australia. I don’t know what is common in Britain but if it has crossed two continents it may be common in many other places too. Of course, if Jessica has never heard the term then there’s no reason for her to think anything other than it being a special name. I just hope she hasn’t heard it and chosen to overlook it.

She is a beautiful baby nonetheless.

AshleyM on

What’s with all this MJ talk on a baby blog posted for Jessica Alba’s new baby? Ok We get it, MJ was dark, a pigmentation disorder changed his skin tone, he has 3 children that are “light” in colour, they have a caucasian Mother….what’s the big deal?? My Father and Mother are both caucasian, my Father like MJ has the same pigmentation youngest sister has the complete opposite. Instead of her skin turning really white, it is turning a dark brown colour.

Not to mention I have 3 children, I have dark hair and brown eyes and am a fair skin colour, my ex husband has the same complexion as I do, dark hair and dark eyes. my oldest daughter has olive skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, my son has olive skin, blonde hair and brown eyes and my youngest daughter has a rich olive skin colour, blonde hair and brown eyes. My decents are English, Irish and Scottish, my Ex’s are Dutch and French.

Just because you might think your kids will look one way doesn’t mean they will!!

PS, I think baby Haven is adorable, and I can see alot of her father in her! Congrats to the family on the newset addition!! I wish them all the best

Shannon on

Honor will be stunning when she grows up. Just you watch. Haven looks just like Honor anyway, only her coloring is ighter.

Justme on

Jules Haven means safe harbor. It nothing close what you said it would be. For everyone else my sister ex husband is full mexican. My sister is white with blond hair brown eyes. Both parents have brown eyes. Her ex husband is dark skin. The oldest is tan with dark brown hair and brown eyes. The youngest has light skin with blond hair and green eyes. I am his aunt and I have reddish brown hair with hazel eyes. Our dad was blond hair with blue eyes. My mom was reddish brown eyes with green eyes. We are full blooded sisters and we have a lot of features of our father. I didn’t look nothing like my sis when I was little. When I got older I started to look like my sister. Blue over power green but not always. I know someone else he has blue eyes but his wife has brown eyes with dark brown hair. His oldest children got his blue eyes with blond hair. His youngest has brown eyes with brownish blond hair. You never know. They say brown over power green. My sister and her ex husband both has brown eyes. Her children look different and its flip of the coin. I think the name fit prefect for Jessica and Cash.

Havensmama on

@KH– Wow you seem a little hostile. Sounds like you have something you need to get over.

Terri on

When I first saw Haven I thought she looked so different from Honor as well. Both girls are beautiful. I love the name Haven. My co-worker has a daughter named Haven.

soph on

KH was merely speaking the truth…you’re not the only “havensmama” out there, sweetie, and it’s ridiculous that you “can’t stand” someone you’ve never met.

annachestnut on


Italian on

Haven looks cuter than Honor (actualy I don’t know why, but I don’t like her face) Anyhow, expect of this mean comment about the big sister. Congrats, hope the family will have a wonderful life.

Anon on

Get over it people saying negative stuff about MJ.

Article is about the Cash Warrens and a nice family they are.

Holly on

Can’t believe how rude some people are. Both girls are beautiful & while I don’t love Honor or Haven, I love the meaning behind Haven. Also I’m English & have never heard that phrase and Jules you make us all look stupid, not advanced. How childish! Beautiful family, and to the poster who said something mean about Honor – I think her & Matthew McConahey (sp?) son Levi are 2 of the most gorgeous celeb kids out there.

christina on

nevr mind races; good looking is enough! i see jessica alba as pretty but then she isn’t what i’d see as special; i’d have to be a guy to see it! since you like talking about races, jessica alba white mainly her husband half black half white she’s whiter then both of them ! common sense!

anen on

LOL looks EXACTLY like Honor xP

BlueBirdsMommy on

Please give MJ’s kids a rest! Those poor children will eventually read all of these comments in the future. He is NOT their biological father and this has already been established in court documents during the Debbie Rowe custody case. Regardless of blood or genetics, he was their father…end of story. As for little Haven (absolutely adorable), she favors her maternal grandmother. Genetics is who we are and we should embrace them no matter how far down in the lineage they re-appear and make us look completely different than our parents. As for the names, why should anyone care what she names her children? Allow her and Cash to deal with any type of backlash the children may endure with their names in the future. However, with all the unique first names that I hear at my daughter’s school, I believe their girls shouldn’t have a problem. LOL!

Mia on

I am full mexican (very pale blue eyes)my husband is black & mexican(dark curly hair/honey light eyes),both our kids Daniella and Ray have light brown hair and blue\green eyes! Its all in the genes:)! And Jessica’s girls are beautiful!

Havensmama on

@soph – I cannot stand what a horrible actress she is; guess I should clarify for you, sweetie.

soph on

Sounds like it’s “something you need to get over” then, right dear?

Amy on

I must say Averagemom, as a married mother of 2 daughters and in the healthiest and happiest marriage of anyone I know I take offense at that and I find that study ridiculous! The % of divorce was still lower than childless couples, but even so I find it stupid. I feel the highest risk of divorce is not wanting to work at your marriage!

Anyway, my point is to say that ALL families with daughters-only have a higher risk of divorce is incorrect. What do you say to families with 3 daughters that have been married for 50 years?

To pick on a name is easy. If someone wants to they can do that with EVERY name!

mermaids614 on

Jessica and Cash both have white mothers. I believe Cash’s mother is a blonde and Jessica’s mom is a “strawberry blonde” (redhead). Jessica’s father is Mexican and Cash’s father is Black.

Leah on

@mermaids614 I saw another picture of the baby and she is a red-head!
So she takes after her grandma πŸ™‚

Mia on

Is she a Redhead?–Cute! πŸ™‚

Autumn on

@ Tia: LOL! That old pic of MJ and his kids, the kids look more like plastic surgery!MJ than what Jackson looked like as a child, ITA. πŸ˜€

As far as Jessica Alba and her daughter Haven, they’re so cute! πŸ˜€

MJ's biggest Fan. on

LMAO at this ignorance of Genetics. Michael Jackson was a multigenerationally mixed race man who just looked more black. His father Joe was a Multigenerationally mixed man of African/European/Native American with Green Eyes, and his mother was another Multigenrationally mixed woman with looked visibly Native American mixed. Shoot, Latoya practically looks Biracial.

He is genetically no more more 60% African. Of course his kids are going to look Whiter than alot of biracials because Michael Jackson is practically biracial himself. And both Paris and Prince look mixed race to me, thier headshapes are clearly African influenced if you pay attention to small details, and they are both darker than their pale White mother Debbie Rowe and thier noses are broader than her thin shaped nose.And don’t get me started with Blanket. He looks like a lighter skinned version of Michael Jackson.

Go to 11:43. This is his brother Marlon’s grandchild who is half white and is the same skintone and features as Prince and Paris Jackson.

elmlaw on

I don’t agree.