BumpWatch: Beyoncé’s a Leggy Lady!

10/04/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Jae Donnelly/INF

Gorgeous gams!

Beyoncé Knowles covers up her baby bump — and not much else! — in a patterned babydoll dress Friday while stepping out in New York.

Currently expecting her first child with husband Jay-Z, the singer, 30, is glad her surprise announcement elicited such a positive reaction.

“I’m happy that people were happy and I actually didn’t announce it in a statement,” she tells PEOPLE.

“I said it’s better to just show everyone.”

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Mira on

She’s going to look pretty darn ridiculous if she continues wearing these dresses a few months from now. She already looks like a blob.

Cami on

Beyonce looks great!

Krissy on

SHe is not going to make a fashionable pregnant lady like the other Hollywood moms to be….

nadya on

I think she looks silly and tacky. Never liked her sense of sytle.

Soco on

Who cares about the dress, what’s wrong with her face? Not trying to be mean but something seems off

RKF on

Don’t like her “style” at all, and I particularly don’t care for her constant arrogance. Does she really think the majority of us really care she’s pregnant, or how she announces it? Get over yourself, Beyonce.

Vanessa on

She forget her pants again?

lala on

WOW…..JEALOUS, ARE WE? LOL….She looks BEAUTIFUL as always…..You women are SO TACKY! MIRA, you always got something STUPID to say!

kjc on

I don’t what you people are talking about, she looks great and her dress is super cute!

Amanda on

Sorry lala, I have to agree. She normally looks so much better, she just seems to be trying almost too hard now. And the reason the trend is towards tighter fitting maternity clothes now is so you don’t look like a blob, it’s just how baggy stuff makes you look if you are pregnant. I’d rather look pregnant than chubby any day!

mama bear on

That’s a super cute shirt she has on! Oh, wait- that’s a dress.

Couple more months and we’ll be able to wave at the baby from inside her ridiculously short dresses. Tacky.

nettrice on

A lot of jealousy in this comment thread. Get over yourselves, hateful ladies!

loren on

I think Beyonce is lovely. I have noticed her dresses are much shorter than before. Perhaps she is trying to start a new trend for her pregnancy style. This dress is cute and I think as she gets bigger the dresses will probably get longer.

Amanda K on

That dress is horrible and paired with the bright red lips and bag she looks like a psychotic mannequin. I agree with whomever said something about her face being off, the bottom half looks frozen to me.

AllisonJ on

Beyonce looks lovely! I hope and pray for healthy and happy pregnancy for her and her husband.

Maria on

she doesn’t look very far along- she could have kept it hiiden a lot longer but I guess she was excited to share the news. For some reason it makes me really happy that Beyonce is pregnant! I obviously don’t know her but it just feels like she and Jay Z have a good solid loving relationship and will bring their child up with a lot of love and goodness.

Margaux on

I don’t think ladies are jealous of Beyonce, Nettrice. I’m glad to see her not looking her overly glam self. I would like to see this woman her natural self, sometime. Maybe now that she’s preggers we will be able to see her true “beauty.”

Jillian on

Why does disliking something equal jealousy? So because I dont like the Packers, I am jealous? Or because I don’t like Nancy Grace on DWTS, I must be jealous of her? How about Casey Anthony….am I jealous of her? The word jealousy gets thrown out and misused constantly on here.

I am not a fan of Beyonce’s. I don’t like her style for the most part or most of her music. I Hope she has a healthy pregnancy. She has nothing that would make me jealous. Nothing!


Jillian please!

Beyonce has a lot to be jealous of…she is a millionaire ten times over..platinum hits…empowering female anthems…millionare famous HUSBAND…clothing line…men worhip her curvy body and the groud she walks on…fragrance line…beautiful…Loreal spokesperson…philathropist…talented- acting, songwriter, singing, dances her ass off…exudes confident…lives a rock star lifestyle vacations all over the world…has legions of fans…sold out concerts…she is the life of the party when she walks in and you are miserable nobody that sits behind your computer that no one would give a second look…honey you are jealous and you have GREAT reason to be!

You may not like her but there are millions of fans worldwide that do…you on the other hand not so much. You would be hard pressed to name a pregnant celebrity that outshines MRS. Carter. This is her time to embrace motherhood in the most glamorous of ways please get over it!

RKF on

Thank you Jillian! There is absolutely NOTHING about Beyonce I would be “jealous” of. I just dislike her, and what she portrays. I am financially very secure, have a good education, job, wonderful family, friends, etc… I have everything in life I could possibly need, and am content with just that. So no, I’m not jealous of a fame-whoring, uneducated moron with no talent.

I certainly hope she has a safe, healthy pregnancy, as I would anyone, but those who scream “jealousy” and “hater!” are clearly obsessed with celebrities, and seemingly have no clue what “jealousy” means.

Fab on

Some of you women (if you are women ) are RIDICULOUS!!!!! If you dont like her then why comment. YES it appears you are jealous and tacky because your words come accross that way. If this was another Celeb you would be saying “Super Cute” or “wow she looks great at 5months pregnant” …. Get over your selves!!!! Other celebs wear short dresses during pregnancy ….. Kate Hudson’s beautiful white dress with blue accents and 5 inch heals, but she was “gorgeous” in hers at 8months pregnant!!! Just STFU!!!!! Beyonce is beautiful… Wealthy… Stylish.. And talented…. The ones on here with the “negative” comments…. Check your own lives…. SMDH!!!! Go Bey GO!!!!!

Fab on

And RFK!!! You left off one thing about you….. Arrrrooooogant!!!! Miss I have everything in life I need… Yeah Right!!!!.. ***obviously NOT**** LMAO!!!!!!

ChloeRAWR! on

I like Honey B and all, but she doesn’t look her normal best here.
Everything is really clashy and she looks a hot mess..
I kinda was thinking she would be a totally fashionable mum-to-be but so far she is proving me wrong.

Anyone else think it would be funny if she has a boy cos two of her biggest songs have been ‘Single Ladies’ and “Run The World (Girls)’hahaha 🙂

Vanessa on

I admit I’m jealous of all the money she has…but not of her fashion style! Hopefully she’ll learn how to dress her pregnant body as her belly grows…otherwise…yikes! 😉