Lindsay Price Celebrates Her Baby Shower!

10/04/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

Gather round!

Lindsay Price celebrates her baby shower with friends on Sunday at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel.

Joined by All My Children costar Sarah Michelle Gellar, 90210 costar Tiffani Thiessen and Eastwick costars Rebecca Romijn, Jaime Ray Newman and Sara Rue, as well as her mother, the mom-to-be showed off her bump and opened her gifts.

Guests — who received invites designed by Tiny Prints — enjoyed treats such as truffle and artichoke risotto, banana crème brûlée, Nutella crêpes with burnt-bourbon caramel drizzle and a chocolate fountain.

Courtesy Tiny Prints

Dolce Designs Studio handled the décor and the floral arrangements, which featured California-grown tulips, white garden roses and hydrangea.

Price, 34, and Top Chef Masters host Curtis Stone expect their first child in late November. They are keeping the sex of the baby under wraps until delivery.

Albert Michael/Startraks

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kendal on

I love her, I really miss Lipstick Jungle, where were her costars from the show, Brook Shields and Kim Raver? I wonder what she is having?

Tia on

I’m guessing she is having a boy.

Guest on

Good for her! She looks beautiful. However, what is with the picture of her with all the celebrities – more than half of them have this strange open-mouth-smile thing going on – looks fake. They should just smile normally, like Tiffany Thiessen – much more natural!!

Karen on

Maybe they were laughing! 🙂 She looks beautiful!

Maggie on

Guest, it looks like most of them are in the middle of laughing about something.

I love that she’s still friends with all her old costars! She must be a lovely person to have people from such different times in her life still keeping in touch.

Kendal I believe Brooke and Kim are both based in NYC and this was in LA.

Patricia on

I’m guessing she is having a girl!

Ali on

She is SO having a boy!

Janet on

Cute invite! Gosh I remember when she was Janet on 90210. Funny cuz my name is Janet and I married a Steve! Remember it was Steve & Janet on 90210? I also remember when she was a teen on that soap opera (I forget the name). Well, anyway, 12-2pm? 2 hours? hehe I guess my family likes to party longer cuz we’d at least make it 4 hours.

Heather Lynn on

That is an adorable invitation! Sounds like it was a great party

Rebecca on

I was fortunate to meet Lindsay’s better half, Curtis Stone this summer and ask him about his upcoming Daddy-hood – which he is SO smitten about. I am so happy for Curtis & Lindsay and wish them all the happiness in the world with their new bundle of joy – whether it be a girl or boy – I know they will be happy with either. I sure can’t wait to hear what it is (and hope he/she looks like his/her Daddy!!!). 🙂

Sarah K. on

Janet, it was All My Children with Sarah Michelle Gellar (that’s when they became friends). That seems so long ago now!

Amanda K on

What a cute invitation! She looks amazing and I can’t wait to see her baby. Her and Curtis are both gorgeous and I’m sure baby will be too!

Rose on

What a beautiful belly ❤

Susan Albert on

I wish both of them the best. I first saw Lindsay on Beverly Hills 90210 as Janet. Loved her then, and saw Cutis on a tv show, darn, I can’t remember the name. I thought to my self who is that handsome person.

Romy on

it’s always funny when a shower is sponsored by a company and the hosts are all celebs and the picture is all celebs like those are there best and closest friends forever. I mean they can’t ALL be each other’s closest friends over family and sisters and old friends etc. Anyway, cute picture, I really like Lindsay Price

J on

So now readers here know who celebs closest pals are. Good Lord.

Cheryl on

Oh, this picture makes me really miss Eastwick. That was such a cute show. I really wish it has lasted at least one more season!

Love on

Love her!

a two hour shower….this that the norm in LA??

Dave Herrington on

The reason their mouths are agape is because they’re hungry and are hoping someone will drop food in their mouths, is my guess

Jesse on

Hey “guest” it looks like the photo was snapped while they were laughing and having a good time which in fact is natural… If it were posed it would be “perfect”… Why can’t people just come and comment positivly? There is enough negative in the world. Congrats to Lindsay and Curtis Stone on the pending arrival of their baby.

Anna on

Her kid will wanna be a Toys-R-Us kid!

ruby on

what did she do to her nose?

stephanie on

I always thought her man was Gay because of his mannerism guess not.

Moi on

When I first saw Curtis Stone on TV, I thought, DAMN! How long until some woman snaps him up?! LOL…Now I got my answer! hehe. I also wonder, did Curtis prepare all of the food? lol

T on

Romy – the only ‘celebrity’ name that I see on the invitation is Sarah Michelle Prinze. And why would it be a stretch to imagine that two actresses who grew up together on television are in fact very close friends. To me, it’s no different than two non-celebrities who grew up together at school remaining best of friends.

Andrea on

Her eyes are so squinty!

Megan on

^ ?? Well she’s half Korean. What an odd comment.

Gorgeous group of ladies!

heather on

enough with the gender predictions. every woman carries differently.

Sarah K. on

Andrea…what?? Lindsay is half Korean, so yeah her eyes are “squinty.” Please educate yourself.

tori on

Marry the girl Curtis, no respect for a man who doesn’t marry the mother of his child but continues to shack up with her and place house. Not cool so before any haters out there who don’t respect marriage say anything, it’s gods plan not your own!!!

Allyson on

Hope she has a beautiful and healthy baby!!

KRS on

tori, how about those of us who don’t believe in any god(s)? Is it OK with you if we’re not married when we have kids? By the way, I’m married and totally respect my marriage (and my kids), I just don’t respect religion. Sheesh, they seem happy and they’re starting a family…that’s a good thing. Why bring your judgements into it?

Dawn on

Two of the most gorgeous people on the planet, Curtis and Lindsay. I enjoy seeing both of them on whatever shows they do. Wish them many blessed times with their baby!

lika on

what makes you think he’s not gay? gay men have babies all the time. i have a friend who has 2 children with a woman and yes, he had real old fashioned sex with her to have them. he wanted kids but not a relationship, he wanted kids but not a relationship, they make a great couple of parents so good for them. i DO think he is gay.

Liza on

Lindsey attended both of my cousins weddings she is a beautiful and sweet lady, it was pleasure to meet her. Congratulations and all the best to her!