Family Photo: The Ambrósio-Mazurs Wheel Around

10/04/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Splash News Online

Full speed ahead!

Alessandra Ambrósio, fiancé Jamie Mazur and daughter Anja Louise roll with it during a sunny Saturday in Santa Monica, Calif.

After a summer of fun at the beach and the addition of a puppy (but not a pet seal!), 3-year-old Anja is back to loving her ballet class.

“She’s been dancing a lot,” the model, 30, tells PEOPLE of her little girl’s latest accomplishments.

“She wants to go to ballet every day!”

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Whatever on

Anja truly id butt-ugly

Steph on

Love this beautiful family 🙂

Siana on

I miss the old times when this site had nothing to do with People and comments like #1 weren’t even allowed…

Julia on

Seriously,Whatever?! What a sad person you are…

Andrea on

I agree, Siana and Julia! Comments like the first one should not be allowed at all. Some opinions should be kept to oneself, Whatever!

sushi on

It’s nice to see a child wearing a helmet for once. Good to see them getting their little girl out and about and not letting her sit and rot in front of the TV.

sushi on

Oh by the way, “Whatever”. Your comment is disgusting, rude, and childish. Your grammar is even worse.

Maggie on

Well, I came in here to comment on what a fun picture this is and how I love that Jamie is wearing Anja’s sunglasses hooked on his t-shirt … very cute.

Some of you disgust me, saying such awful things about a small child. Same thing on the Tia Mowry post earlier. It’s terrible. Grow up.

Heather Lynn on

Anja is such a little cutie! I love her bike 🙂 I also have to say that I am envious of Alessandra’s mile-long legs.

Mermaid on

Alessandra is anorexic, and Anja is ugly. It’s the child’s eyebrows that make her ugly.

drea on

Love to see a family out in the sun enjoying a healthy activity and their little one is too cute!

Whatever on

Even if Whatever’s comment was quite unfortunate, there’s no point in denying Anja looks homely at best. They look like a lovely family, but I sure hope Anja grows into her looks!

Mia on

Are they ever going to get married?–They’ve been engaged forever…either make it official-or call it what it is…

Sarah K. on

I love when this happens lol. Whatever…and Whatever, it’s apparently harder than you think to post under another name. The fact that you attempted not once, but twice, to insult a toddler’s physical appearance is really sad.

Jillian on

Haha!! Hilarious!! Whatever got busted!

Jillian on

They will get married when THEY want to. You get so worked up over peoples long engagements. “either make it official or call it what it is.” Huh? What? Why?

sara on

Mia – And why is that any of your concern?

Ellen Smith on

@Mia – I agree with you. So many celebrities have these so-called “engagements” to make it seem more mainstream to have a child before they are married, when in fact they have no intention of getting married. As for the other posters, it’s not a question of caring or whether it is one’s business, but just an observation that this is a growing trend with celebrities.

Stella Bella on

Alessandra is SMOKIN’. Dang!

Mira on

Whatever’s comment was certainly rude. However, I think it may be triggered by the mega-annoying cooing that happens on posts like these, even when the kid is quite average. I find it annoying too.

missy on

Mira, first of all beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because you may not find certain kids cute doesn’t mean others are not allowed to.

Secondly, when people gush about how “cute” a child looks, they may not be referring to the child’s facial features. A child may have average facial features, but there are other factors that can make them look cute. For instance, in this case, Anja looks adorable riding her little bike with training wheels and her pink helmut.

Ashley on

I’m with you Mira!

Sarah K. on

Mira, Whatever’s original comment was the very first comment. How was it triggered by anyone else? I agree that I don’t find all children cute. BUT, I do also realize that other people do find those same children cute. I also don’t see the purpose behind expressing an opinion like that.

Mia on

Exactly-it’s my personal opinion + observation…not just because I believe you should be married if you have kids/are in a committed relationship anyway–but even if no kids are involved…I can’t stand it when people are engaged for 6 or 7+ years–I feel like..if you’re ready to be engaged-then you’re ready to be married.

And on the topic of this-A lot of people get “engaged” just to be “engaged” + have no plan to marry…that says something + maybe they question the level of commitment..”do they really want to be married to that person?” + just for a technicality-when you’re “engaged”…you’re “engaged to be married”

–If they really want to be together + get married….then get married..don’t just stay “engaged” to make it seem like a “safety bumper/trendy”

Jennifer Redgrave on

Alessandra once said that she is engaged, but they consider themselves married!

My 2cents on

For those who says this little girl is not cute, check out other pictures on Google and Facebook. In fact, this girl is VERY cute. This photo is not very descriptive of her beauty but you will find others that clearly show how cute this little girl is. Also, if Alessandra and Mazur want to remain engaged, this is their business nobody else’s. If they marry, people will say that celebrities get married quick. If they don’t, people say they are engaged too long. It’s hard to please you people! But you know what, they don’t need to please you. They will do whatever they feel is good for them. I congratulate them for that!