Meet Tia Mowry’s Son Cree Taylor!

10/03/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Ray Tamarra/Getty

Meet Cree Taylor Hardrict!

Tia Mowry brings her 3-month-old son along with her as she and twin sister Tamera tape The Wendy Williams Showย on Tuesday in New York City.

“I was devastated,” The Game star, 33, said on Tia & Tameraย after finding out that her son was breech and would need to be delivered via cesearan.

“I’m going to have a c-section. Not only that, I have to go back to work six weeks after giving birth!”

However, all ended well, and the sister’s reality show has been renewed for a second season.

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Jessica Brown on

Aww, so cute!!

pandamoma on

AWWW he looks just like his father!

Carrie Jo on

I remember feeling the same way when I learned I was going to need a c-section. But in the end it doesn’t matter how our bundles of joy arrive, as long as they are healthy. He is beautiful!

Sus on

Worst reality show ever. Totally staged and fake. The girls are very sweet but the show is just horrible.

Sus on

p.s. But….congrats on a very cute baby. ๐Ÿ™‚

mimi on

He looks just like Cory to me. He is a cutie. Glad everything worked out though because on her show, she was worrying herself sick about him being breech. She looks happy and he looks healthy. Glad for mom and baby!!!!

tiafan1 on

he’s so adorable! i love their show!! and the game! can’t wait for it to come back!

Sarah Beth on

He looks like a little old man! Aw!

Anonymous on

he is so cute and tia looks amazing too ๐Ÿ™‚

bernice on

he is super cute and he looks just like his daddy!!!!!!!!!!!

mimi on

That is one UGLY baby!

tdt on

what a cutie! Congrats

krista on

hes not an ugly baby hes cute thats rude to say that

michelle on

Why would you be devastated? Your baby is healthy, happy, and here. Doesn’t matter how we deliver…as it stands only we can do it, so it’s no less ‘womanly’. Doesn’t matter whether it’s via the v…or the c.

You aren’t less of a woman because you had a section…and believe me, from what I”ve heard of episiotomies and the quality of uhm, relations after a v birth…a section isn’t such a bad way to go.

Michelle on

He is so cute. I loved their show, and also love The Game. Can’t wait for it to return.

Steph on

The baby is cute, but she looks like a drag queen. Lay off the makeup and highlights, dear.

Tasha on

He’s a cutie pie….and to mimi heifer let’s see ur ugly a** kids.

K on

I think she looks great! Pink is a great color for her. Cute baby!

librababe on

I think he has an aristocratic look to him! Aww, he’s cute.

Savannah on

just shut the freak up mimi and sus im just happy that he is here…..P.S tia and tamerea I LOVE YOUR SHOW! i watch it everytime its on! i think tamera will get into the acty thingy and be the best…i used to always watch sister sister!as long as he is happy and healthy everything goes smoothly….and how would u guys mini and sus liked it if someone called ur show dumb and horrible? or YOUR baby is UGLY? like really be nice your just being mean!!!!! god

kelly on

That baby is not cute are you guys blind

Trish on

Watched their show but couldn’t take all their whining. The baby is also not that cute, why can’t we be honest?

SP on

He is a cutie!!! I love babies!!!

P.S. Mimi, what an idiot! Lets see your ugly ass baby pictures!! Thank God you don’t have to post your pictures!

Lissa on


loubize on

I’m sorry but the last time I checked, this was a comment board where we can post our own opinions! Not every baby born out there is cute and I for one would rather read an honest comment about how this baby is butt ugly than just another cookie cutter ‘So cute’ when clearly he isn’t. If you find the baby fine but if someone else find him extremely ugly, that’s their right too!!!

lourdes santa on

Ohh My God is so cute,God bless him!!

Latrice White on

He’s such a sweetheart Tia. He’s handsome!!

Jens Thiessen on

That IS an ugly baby. Ew.

Teresa on

Wow! U know it does not take that much courage to sit behind ur computer and be a bully. My guess is ur a coward! Grow up and go trash someone to their face! Loubize, Trish, Kelly and Mimi if you live your life trashing innocent and poor little babies you have more problems than just being a COWARD!!!

C.B. on

I’m glad it went well and she has a beautiful healthy baby.
Many blessings to her and her family.

However, I wish women would stop being so afraid of c-sections. I have 2 woderful girls. First one was vaginal birth. Traumatic, painful beyond words, near death horrible child birth experience and complications. it took ONE year to heal. Second one comes along, and it’s a c-section. A month later, I kept waiting for the pain to arrive. It was extremly easy. Quick recovery. Just awesome. There are wonderful birthing experience vaginally and by c-section, and horrible ones vaginally and by c-section. You just never know. It’s best to go in open to the possibilities and be serene about it. I wish I knew this then and I would definetly not have insisted on a vaginal birth that almost killed me and my wonderful daughter.
To healthy babies and moms,


Sarah S. on

My 11 yr. old daughter and I love the Twitches and Twitches Too movies!! It’s Halloween time again, so I expect seeing them this month on Disney.

I like the reality show because it’s nice to see them all grown up and experiencing their careers, marriage, motherhood, etc.

Lena on

I doubt Tia even reads this, so say what you want. And the baby is not cute at all. I didn’t say he was ugly, just he doesn’t even look like a baby. He looks like an old man. And its not bullying, its being honest.

You need to stop faking it cause you think Tia reads this, and will be your BFF or something.

J on

Oh my goodness, breathtaking baby.

Oh Teresa please, you’re just as bad sitting behind your computer scolding people when all these other people made simple comments. Get over yourself.

Stacey on

I loved that show! I am so sad it’s over for the season!! That little boy is so cute!!

BiggMaMa on

He is absolutely beautiful !!!! Love your reality show w/ Tamera !!!

Spanish Fly on

I think it is too funny how people react to an ugly baby. SO WHAT! i said it get over it. Rather people lie than be honest? just silly. NOT ALL BABIES ARE CUTE. go ahead and jump all over this comment, i think it is hilarious!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Must admit initially I thought he slightly resembled a mini Jay-Z!, looks older than he is IMO, but every baby’s special to their parents, and extended family. She looks like a happy mum & she suits the colour pink.

Heather Lynn on

Cree is so precious! Absolutely adorable.

ann on

Imagine being Tia and coming on here to read all these nasty comments about her beautiful son. It would break my heart! He is a cutie Tia…don’t believe what all the other dummies say:)

Mel on

That poor baby has a shallow mom who circumcised his penis bc SHE doesn’t like intact as nature intended genitals. How very very sad! She obviously doesn’t realize that the 14th and FGM amendments make circumcision illegal for all genders including intersex children.

Cheryl on

Adorable…just like his mamma.

Anya on

Oh man ^ Did she really circumcise? I had hoped she wouldn’t. I hope Jewel didn’t do it to her son.

Laa on

It is not about whether or not you THINK the baby is ugly– it is about the fact that you take the time out of your day to put down a baby in a comment section. A FREAKING BABY. Furthermore, opinion or not, I find that people who are put others down do it just to make themselves feel better. 9 times out of 10, none of you would tell someone their baby is ugly to their face. Must feel great to be a thug on the keyboard. Reminds me of that SNL skit on Saturday…real losers.

kjc on

Haha… He does look like a mini Jay-Z, good call.

Carmen Aviles on

@Teresa…girl they are HATERS! Ladies (and I am being polite), please STOP talking about your own babies that way….its not very nice! BUYA!!! hehehe Tia’s baby Cree is precious and gorgeous! Obviously, you hood rats were absent from class when they were teaching the lesson “if you don’t have anything nice to say SHUT-UP!” Yeah that’s right I said it! muah

Navy12 on

This is a baby we talkin’ about who the fuck gets on here and talks about a baby…ya’ll some low life motherfuckers…really who da fuck does dat???…damn i hope when u have some babies them bitches be fuck’d all the way up…dats stupid…and her experience is different then ur experience so u can expect her to be a little upset about havin’ a c section….im pretty sure ya’ll was a little worried also when u found out you was goin’ to have a c section…stupid ass bloggers ….ugh!

Taylor on

stfu to all you people saying hes ugly! You have no life calling an innocent baby ugly, just wow . how would you like it if someone called your baby ugly? Smh.


Tia, your baby is adorable and I wish you nothing but wonderful blessings in motherhood. I look forward to Season 2! ๐Ÿ™‚

However, ignorant, ignorant, ignorant comments by a select few here. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but saying mean and hurtful things about a defenseless 3 month old baby is pretty sad and making those comments shows you lack any type of substance. And there is nothing wrong with a baby being circumcised, at least they will not grow up with a funny looking penis covered in foreskin and bacteria and spend years in therapy because they can’t get a woman!

Helen on

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! Sheesh. I happen to think Cree is precious and that Tia is already a fabulous mom! I love watching Tia and Tamera; they remind me so much of me and my sister. They have their differences, but they love each other and support each other through everything, and they share the same quirky humor. Best wishes, Tia! Can’t wait ’til Tamera has a baby too ๐Ÿ™‚

KMC on

@loubize – it may be someones right to say that a baby is “ugly” but lets face it, is it really appropriate to call a baby horrible names? it is a baby and no baby, no matter what, deserves to be called “ugly”.

Lillian on

Little Cree looks just like his dad. I wish this board would moderate comments and ban Mimi and all her alter-egos.

luvmylife on

I’ve experienced a scheduled c section due to a breech baby as well followed by a vaginal birth without any pain medication and I would definitely choose a vaginal birth again. I think I got lucky. No tearing. No episiotomy.

With the c section I basically had to stay drugged up on tylenol to function because of the pain.

Erin on

Wow people really??? Say what you want yes but why waste your time if you only have negitive comments. I find the show interesting and think the little man is cute. Every blessing of God’s is prefect in their own way.

Amber on

I felt like I was letting myself and everyone down by having a c-section. I felt like I was truly defeated. But my other two deliveries I gave the old college try and did great.

Erin on

Wow we went from calling the baby ugly to discussing his penis. And btw if its so illegal Mel then how is it still being done in hospitals. Love the show and think little man is cute. Peace Love & Positivity

Lakesha on

What?? She did genital cutting on her boy? I thought she was black, doesn’t she know the brothers don’t cut their sons, that is not natural, what a dumb b*tch…

Lakesha on

Genital cutting?? What was she thinking?

tm on

Not so attractive babies make beautiful adults! Have you seen some of the kid stars grown up ? Would rather be ok baby than ok adult. You will be an adult much more longer!

Kayla on

I have been watching the Tia & Tamera show, and I love it! Loved the show Sister, Sister and I love this one too! Tia, your baby is absolutely adorable! What a great show! =]

AW on

@ Mel, sit down! i swear you women (i guess you’re a woman) will find sometyhing bad in cotton candy and rainbows! how about you let your boy children have anteater-looking genitalia and dont concern yourself with the choices that other parents make for their children.

AW on

oh, and you obviously do not watch the show because her HUSBAND…a MAN, with an actual penis, made sure to emphasize his desire for him to be circumcised.

leftty23 on

That baby is not cute. Hopefully as he gets older, he’ll grow out of it. I know a lot of people think all babies are cute. That is not always the case. I’m Jus Sayin!!

lildiple on

Oh my goodness, he’s too beautiful. Let me babysit him!!! I love babies.

Hilary Duff on

Wow people! People can be so cruel these days. The best thing to do is be quiet if you don’t have anything nice to say. Thank you for being honest, but we don’t need ignorant people to criticize a 3 month old baby. Once again, WOW!

Rachel on

I agree with you Mel. That woman should be ashamed of herself for mutilating the genitalia of her child. I will officially be boycotting this show.

Pamela on

Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, but just because you have one does not mean that you have to voice it. Ever heard of the expression “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything.” Well, there is also the expression “It is better to remain quiet and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” I am just saying!

Besides, I really don’t think that Tia cares at all that anyone thinks her baby is not cute or that she looks like a drag queen. She is gorgeous, the baby is gorgeous and they are laughing at your opinion all the way to the bank!!!

Tee on

AWWW…Look at that cutie pie..He looks her husband and her brother Taj.

E on

Tia, do not listen to what these monkeys are saying, U HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!! don’t listen to what these turds have to say because we don’t know what they look like behind the screen. Probably a bunch of FUGLIES!!!!!!

MB on

Can I say WAAAH! That’s how most babies are born. My 2 were born by c-section, because my pelvis was too small. Life goes on…

maryse on

The baby is absolutely georgeous,he is just perfect.
just enjoy your baby Tia,they grow up quickly.

Mrs. Banks on

Congradulations! God bless Tia and her family.

Tracy on

Mel..are you crazy? Why the heck would you care what she does to the penis of her child? I think it’s perverted and very weird that you made that comment. I hope you don’t have kids. If you do, someone might want to call children’s services.

Franki B on

Cree is soooo cute! and i love tia shes awesome on the game!

Hahhahhaaa on

That Baby is Ugly!!

Hahhahhaaa on

Tis Baby iz Uglys, in my countrys We would not have such things.

porsha on

he is so cute congratulation on the baby sorry about the birth wish you luck

Anonymous on

From what I have observed, a majority of newborns are NOT cute. I’m not saying this baby is ugly but he does look a little wierd. I remember when my eldest was born and I thought, this is one wierd looking kid, lol. It passed, by the time he was 6 months old he was very cute, I mean girlishly so and he is one very handsome young man right now! So, don’t be surprised that someone doesn’t think he is the cutest thing around but if you don’t have anything nice to say…

rose on

You see they ain’t paying a dime to see the beautiful black baby….

Kishonda on

@CB its nice that you have had healthy children and felt no fear of a c-section, but thats ridiculous to think other women who have never had a baby wouldnt be fearful!??! This is her FIRST child. Give her a break!

Bobbie on

Tia your Cree is a (big)3 month cutie pie. Haven’t seen your reality show with Tamara. It’s beautiful to see how ya’ll are all grown up experiencing, mommy hood, careers & marriage. I’ll have to check it out.

To the “B****ES” who don’t have anything nice to say are idiots. Negative comments should remain to yourself. No one want to read that **ish. So what if he looks a like a little old man “he’s the cutiest old man I’ve ever seen”.

Many Blessing to you and your family…..Kisses for me

Shannon on

Aw he is so cute! Tia looks great too!

Nadia on

Cree is a beautiful baby! Tia looks great! What a beautiful family!

Gaby on

Wow i cannot believe how adults can sit behind a computer and say that a precious baby is ugly…ever heard of if you aint got nothing good to say dont say it at all?? What makes you people think that anyone gives a rats ass about your nasty opinions??? All babies are little miracles and you nasty miserable biaatches are sitting there calling a tiny helpless baby ugly. Despite all these hateful whores, this baby is so gorgeous his cheeks are so chunky and i love his stripe onesie…i dunno why but i love stripes on babies they look soo cute. god bless him.

shirl on

What a cutie!!!! Congrats to Tia & Corey




genes are amazing…the baby came out looking half white. I know Tia is half white but im not sure about her husband. He must be a crop back because he looks nothing like his dad. I guess he will look like them later on.

hjkl098 on

This baby is NOT ugly!

Beth on

What ever happened to if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. *sigh* the age we live in.

Mallory on

I’m not that old (29) but I remember a time when if a baby was breech you just sucked it up and pushed even harder.

Bobbie on

Cree is a beautiful little boy!! He looks like daddy. Haven’t seen your reality show but will have to check it out.

Brooke on

People can be so disgustingly mean and tactless. EVERY baby is beautiful, and a blessing. Seriously, stop being such douche bags people.

soph on

Posts about Tia always bring out the posters who can’t spell or write complete sentences and who quickly resort to foul language. Wonder why that is…

And yeah, not cute. If you haven’t figured that out 91 comments later, well…

Kate on

Mel, you are an idiot. Yeah, don’t circ your son and set him up for a life of ridicule and torment…

lovetia;) on

omg would everone who has made such rude comments shut up? how rude of you to make the judgement and call the baby ugly…humm i wounder why you all would say thatt, maybe because the baby has more african features,,SHUT UP. All of you are lucky that the enternet exisist because if it didnt more than half of you wouldnt have anything to say. The baby is gourgous, congrats beautiful african american child and tia looks pretty as always. GOd bless

Anonymous on

Grew up watching Tia and Tamera! Loved their new show (especially the last, LMAO when Tamera drank Tia’s breast milk)!!! Our 1st son looked like a little old man, and is now a handsome 12 yr old. Every parent has the right to believe their baby is the most handsome/beautiful baby there is… that is what gives an individual self esteem and self love. All 3 of our boys were circumsized (and my husband is African American). We researched the pros/cons of both and decided that is what we believed was best for them in life. I had a friend who did not circumsize her son, and due to infection and the foreskin not folding back he had to be circumsized at the age of 8 (very tramautic for both of them). BUT that is what being a parent is making decisions, loving your child unconditionally, and praying you do a good job. God bless them and their beautiful son!!!

Anonymous on

God Bless that little boy. God forgive those who are unaware that what comes out of your mouth or fingertips comes from the heart and we will be accountable. Innocent, precious little baby.

Lily on

You sucked it up and pushed even harder? Seriously?! Do you even know what a breech baby is? Yes, you push a baby out butt first and see how well that works. Oh, wait, it doesn’t, which is why the default is c-section!

Angie on

The show may not be all that exciting and you will not see fighting on this show, however, it is a great wholesome show. Most of the reality shows are staged so who cares. I am glad that with all the stupid reality shows out there, that this wholesome show will continue also.

MollyB on

Mallory, you are an idiot. I’m 31 and was born by c-section because my older brother was breech (this was in the days before VBAC). “Pushing harder” will do nothing to help deliver a breech baby. Moron.

Angie on

Oh my goodness I just read some of the comments. I can’t believe some of you were raised to think that it is ok to be so disrespectful!!! Really people how could some of you be so mean? Whether she sees this or not it does not matter. The mean girls or guys on here need the love of Jesus in them. That is their only hope!

Marky on

Mallory, as an OB nurse, I’ve known some multips (women who have had more than one baby) have a breech vaginally, but usually not without tearing, and some danger to the baby. If you get the baby part-way out and the head can’t pass, you may end up with a c-section anyway, and trauma you can hardly imagine.

Those of you who are incessantly commenting that everyone’s babies are ugly, take a look in the mirror! The ugly is all over you, and defending your right to say someone’s baby is ugly just makes you look stupid, period, end of discussion.

Crystal on

I cannot believe how people can openly say (well not openly because they wouldn’t dare say that to her face) that Cree is ugly! He is adorable! He does look like his daddy but that’s what makes him so cute! He isn’t the most beautiful baby on earth but I think he will definitely grow into his little looks! As far as the circumcision comments………….NO COMMENT!! You guys are completely MAD! UGH!

alexia on

Cree is going to b a knock-out! He is gorgeous!

Cheryl on

What a beautiful baby.I know it was a wonderful experience being pregnant. Good luck with the marriage and motherhood. You are going to be a fantastic mom.

rafiki on

is he really only 3 months old? Wow. He’s a big babba! Congratulations and blessings.

arlene on

The baby is sooooooo handsome! C-section well I had 3 but I have 4 wonderful children, my last 1 4 years ago I had a set of twins GIRL’S. Happy to know you both are doing fine!!! Big fan and My girl’s are 2.

Catina Smith on

Hi there Tia mowry, Your son Cree Taylor is so very cute little angel’s baby to be. I wish I was up there were you and your sister at, cause I want your baby to be my godson. I will giving anything He wants. I wish I have the address to send him some nice gifts. Tell Temera, I said Hello there.

sahara on

he not a ugly baby bitches just hateing stupid bitch he is so adorable bitches quit hating cause you bitches picka ugly baby father and had a ugly baby

Sara on

My baby was breech until 36 weeks. I was told the baby “would never turn and I would have to have a c section”. I started acupuncture thinking it was a waste of money. After the fourth session I went swimming. After one length I felt huge movement in my belly and the baby turned head down. She was delivered naturally 5 weeks later. Give it a shot future mammas!

rdavis on

Lots of jealous Beckys on here; that baby is beautiful…..

Tack Coach on

It truly amazes me the morals, class & responses of others and that is allowing such slander. For the Verbal Haters.. Stop acting intimidated or simply “Hating”. Making foolish comments. Acting like a jealous non productive person. Get a Hobby and a Life. You have Shown the WORLD your worth “your pathetic”. She is attractive and her baby is cute..SMH. Use your time wisley and productively…

Felice on

So cute!!!!!

Anonymous on

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and who gives a rats butt what others think. A baby is a precious gift of life for parents to love and raise in a world where diversity is the spice of life. As far as the circumcision goes….. “REALLY!” your talkin about a babys penis??

Angel on

What a cute baby!!!!! God bless you. All black people makes the most beautiful children in the world. he is adorable! Tia you look Great!!

mimi on

I know not all babies are cute, I would just think that other fully grown women would have more class than to be so brutal to an infant. Everyone has a right to say what they want, but at the cost of being anonymously cruel? I guess it takes all kind.

Nicole-Lynn on

I was skeptical of their show at first, but once I started watching it I was hooked! I am a newlywed and it was nice to see Tamera in that stage of life. The struggles they had with Tia pregnant, and Tamera getting married really hit close to home for me. Thanks for putting out a good show. Very happy for both girls and all their acomplishments over the years.

Bonnie on

How adorable he is! Just like his Mom and Aunt Tamera….Awww

Kelz on

ok so im not jumping down anyone’s throat becuz everyone is entitled to thier own opinion.. however those of you who are saying nasty and mean things regardless if Tia reads this or not… if you cant say anything nice then dont say it at all… personally i think that cree is an handsome baby… and besides it’s ONE pic… Like we’ve never taken a bad pic before

Kee on

He is soooo cute and adorable…I enjoy watching Tia and Tamara reality show.

cc on

I understand this is a place to voice your opinions but have you ever heard the saying “iF YOU CANT SAY SOMETHING NICE YOU SHOULD NOT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL”. I really hope you people that post those ugly comments about the baby dont have any children or have some that are not cute and you dont hear what people will say about your ugly babies because that will hurt. What goes around comes around.

Adri on

Kate, you are the idiot here. Please educate yourself before you spew your nonsense. Infant mutilation is not the norm in the world and the rates are going down in the USA so in the near future it’s those circumcised (mutilated)boys who will be “set up for a life of ridicule and torment”. Intact, natural boys will be the norm. Get a clue and a brain idiot.

J on

The “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” scoldings are getting old. If you don’t like the comment either then just don’t pay attention to them. Isn’t that what you people say to others when you chew them out over their comments you don’t like?

CC get over it. The baby looks like dad who isn’t all that great looking either. The most recent photo People put up of this baby isn’t all that great either. Maye he’ll grow out of the ugly duckling phase, but he’s just not a cute kid.