Family Photo: The Richie-Maddens Run Into Rapunzel

10/03/2011 at 05:00 PM ET

Talk about a royal welcome!

Nicole Richie, Joel Madden and children Harlow Winter Kate, 3½, and Sparrow James Midnight, 2, attend the Disney Princess Parade on Sunday at Kensington Palace in London.

Over 25,000 fans lined up along the parade route to watch horse-drawn carriages bring the princesses in for the ceremony, where Rapunzel was introduced as the 10th princess.

“Um, I don’t know who enjoyed the princesses more: my daughter, or my husband,” Richie, 30, jokingly Tweeted.

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Marky on

This family seems surprisingly “normal” and very caring toward each other. The kids are adorable, and Nicole and Joel seem to be really nice parents.

Before everyone jumps on the “nanny” comments, I don’t see what’s wrong with having help if you can afford it. When my children were growing up, I had no help (not even grandparents), nor did my mother while raising her family. I see no reason why it’s so awful to have someone helping with the house, so you can spend more time with your children, especially if you work.

Today, most of the generation having children have sooo much help from grandparents who are exhausted at every turn from having raised their family, and now they are raising the next generation. It isn’t any better or less help to mothers who have grandparents helping with house and children, than it is to have a nanny or cleaning help.

AnnieG on

Gosh look how beautiful little Harlow is growing up to be! And Sparrow just looks like the ultimate little dude. Stunning family, so happy that Nicole was able to beat her demons and stand where she is today.

elizabetholwigphotography on

I love this family. Ditto about Nicole AnnieG!

Megan on

Marky am I missing something…where does it say anything about nannies in this article? Having said, the Ritchie-Maddens are absolutely precious…I mean those kids are gorgeous! Harlow has always reminded me of Olivia (Raven Simone) from the Cosby Show…ADORE this family!

JustMe on

Harlow is gorgeous!

Crystal on

MY ABSOULTE FAVORITE HOLLYWOOD FAMILY (the Kerr/Blooms are a close second :)!! They are such an adorable family!! Harlow is a doll and little man is super handsome! ♥ this family!

Lady on

Looove this family. Nicole looks great…Harlow is gorgeous & Row is too cute with daddy!

alicejane on

What a beautiful family! Nicole looks gorgeous. I had no idea Sparrow had the same curly hair as Harlow, not that it should come as a shock, but it is so cute!

neža on

everything about this picture is so cute 🙂 well, except for Nicole’s shoes

Iris on

I’m not seeing the connection with Harlow and Raven. Maybe, I see it a little bit with Madonna’s oldest daughter and Raven. Lourdes is so beautiful. I do think Harlow invokes memories of a young Nicole Kidman.

Kris on

Cute photo, but what on earth are those ugly blocks on Nicole’s feet? Ugh – clunkiest shoes ever, especially when paired with such a busy dress. She should have gone with something strappy.

kobelvr on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS FAMILY…such a beautiful bunch and I love nicole and joel banter on twitter they seem like they would be so fun to hang out with

Bancie1031 on

Look how big Harlow and Sparrow have gotten …. Beautiful family especially beautiful children!

meghan on

what nanny comments?

nicole richie has said numerous times before that she doesn’t have a nanny. apparently she grew up having one and always just wanted to see her parents more often.

Sarah S. on

Nicole and Joel have the most adorable children!

kendrajoi on

I still cannot stomach this woman, even YEARS after seeing an episode of “The Simple Life”. Almost to stupid to live. But her kids are cute.

Maria on

cute kids- Nicole definately seemed to turn herself aroun from her druggy anorexic days and the two of them seem like good loving parents, cute kids. But- weren’t they not together very long before becoming parents together?? Parenting is hard work and takes a strain on a marriage- I can start to see tension between them but also tension comes and goes in a marriage, there are ups and downs so maybe they are just going through something.

Brooklyn on

Harlow is very cute! Look at those curls on her and Sparrow too. Very adorable family.

Jillian on

“almost to stupid to live?”

Everyday I am more shocked by the stupid and ignorant things ppl say.

sat on

Super cute family! I hope they just ignore the nutty comments.

purplepooch on

THE SHOES, WOMAN!! WHAT’S UP WITH ‘EM PLATFORM CLOGETTOS??? Donkey hooves look classier than that. Don’t ruin your good fashion style with this kind of cartoon footware.

kendrajoi on

Well I see there are also commenters on here who are definitely too stupid to live. No doubt.

Devon on

Those shoes are amazing, so I don’t know what you are all talking about. They are a beautiful family.

Holiday on

I think Harlow is hands down the cutest celebrity child.

angie on

in response to “Almost to stupid to live.” (btw, the correct spelling for the word before stupid is t-o-o)

god forbid we are ever judged years later by how we behaved or presented ourselves as teenagers and young adults. Nicole has matured into a lovely woman and has beautiful children. Why so negative about people you have never met?

JackieM on

Oh my goodness Harlow is absolutely one gorgeous little girl !!!Sparrow is also a cutie too !!!

KRS on

Thanks for the laughs, kendrajoi! I get such a kick out of people who make spelling/grammar mistakes while they’re insulting other people’s intelligence. Unfortunately for you, your comment loses all credibility when you deliver it as though you never learned to read or write.