Miranda Kerr ‘Couldn’t Ask for a Better Dad’ for Flynn

10/03/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Miranda Kerr was all smiles as she left the Stella McCartney show at the Opera Garnier in Paris on Monday morning, but despite her cheery disposition, she says juggling mommyhood and modeling is no easy task.

“I’m still breastfeeding so I have to express milk and send it back to [9-month-old son Flynn Christopher], and then try and see him on my breaks,” the Australian model, 28, tells PEOPLE as she left the show, one of many she has walked in during Paris Fashion Week.

But luckily husband Orlando Bloom is usually on hand to help out, especially when it comes to diaper-changing duties. “He loves it! But seriously, he’s very hands on. I really couldn’t ask for a better dad.”

Having recently left Paris for London where Bloom is promoting his new film The Three Musketeers, Kerr admits she’s already looking forward to being reunited after the shows and getting some much-needed sleep.

“I was up for hours last night as he’s teething. And when he’s crying, he just wants Mommy! It’s such hard work.”

With McCartney’s four children backstage, the model spotted a possible future daughter-in-law.

“It’s funny because Stella’s little girl Reiley is almost the same age as Flynn so watch out — Flynn might start dating her,” she says with a giggle.

Might their own family might be expanding anytime soon? “Not yet but let’s see,” she says with another big smile.

— Monique Jessen

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Shelly on

Love her, and I always want to squeeze Flynn’s delicious cheeks.

Jen on

Is this not the most beautiful family ever!

Anon on

Ooh she looks a bit too emaciated in this pic – normally she looks great so hopefully this is just a bad photo!

Good for her! on

What a beautiful family. They are so hands on, it’s nice to see. She is very willowy, but she is very tall and a model, she looks healthy so that’s what matters.

Kristen on

I just love this woman. I’d never heard of her till she started dating Orlando, who I was in love with as a teenager. It’s so nice to hear of a celebrity advocating breastfeeding and natural childbirth.

Kate on

Aww! I love Flynn! So cuutee! ^_^

heather on

they all are so gorgeous!

Kate on

Flynn is such a beautiful baby! They are a cute family.

donaa on

Miss the days when models had thin faces like Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista! this chick looks like a 12 year old chipmunk alien child! gross.

Chrissy on

They made one adorable little boy!

Traci on

I love this family. They’re so adorable.

Traci on

Donaa why are you hating on Miranda Kerr? She’s beautiful. Why in the world would you say such a mean thing about her.

I think you’re “JEALOUS”. Can you say jealous?


Whatever on

Such hard work..please try doing it when you have to report to a 9 to 5 job and there is no nanny there to do the job for you. These celebrities who complain about how hard motherhood is make me want to hurl.

Lisa on

I hate it when people like ‘whatever’ whine about how hard their life is. Miranda’s job is demanding, although not set into a 9 to 5 schedule. Although ‘whatever’ would probably complain, too, if they had to fly from shoot to shoot, catch sleep when they can, meet deadlines outside of 9 to 5, etc.

heather on

i can’t imagine she wears nursing pads under her runway attire!

heather on

so “whatever” you’re saying motherhood isn’t hard? is that what what you’re getting at? because you come off very bitter.

Whatever on

No I’m saying she has it easy because she has the $$$ to afford childcare and it’s not like her job keeps her from being with her kid. She is rich enough that she doesn’t have to work, she chooses to work. The rest of us who are struggling with kids and having enough money for daycare we get to complain. I hate when celebrities complain about how hard they have it when really they have it easy compared to the rest of us. Not bitter, just realistic. If this chick had to drop her baby off at 7:30 am in cold weather, go work at a job that actually requires skill and do it all on 4 hours of sleep I would give her her props. But now her complaining is what sounds bitter when she has it so easy.

Holiday on

I must be the odd one here because I truly do not find her to be beautiful or even pretty. She has such a round big head and huge cheeks. Adrianna Lima is a million times prettier.