John Rich Welcomes Son Colt Daniel

10/03/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Neilson Barnard/Getty

It’s a second son for John Rich!

The Big & Rich crooner, 37, and wife Joan, 41, welcomed Colt Daniel on Thursday, Sept. 29, he announced via Twitter.

“He’s a real “Son of a Gun!,” the Celebrity Apprentice winner wrote of his 7 lbs., 14 oz. baby boy. “VERY proud!!”

The Riches, who wed in 2008, are also parents to 20-month-old son Cash.

— Sarah Michaud

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Big Fan on

I fell in love with this guy watching Celebrity Apprentice! He is a real class act and got a new fan out of it! Congrats on the new arrival!

Diane on

Ive never heard of this guy. Why is this news that he has a baby?? WHY does anyone care??? I have 2 boys and that didnt make the news OR people magazine. PRINT REAL NEWS FOR ONCE WILLYA??

carlavs on

Love John Rich! What a class act. Congrats to his family. I also became a fan because of Celebrity Apprentice

Why? on

Cash Rich? Really

Jillian on

Congrats!!!! I am a huge fan!!! He is a great guy and cares so much about the children of St Judes. My friends son is a patient and got to meet him while during one of his visits. He is amazing and spends time and money to help the children.

Diane, the story is featured bc he is a very successful country singer. Millions of albums have been sold which conclude that millions of people care about him. He is a celebrity that has babies which is why hes featured here. Oh and he raised millions in one day for St Judes.

Jenny on

Geez, chill out, isn’t that why you read People Magazine in the first place, for celebrity fluff? I know that is why I do. Go to if you want more important news.

Sarah S. on

I like the name Colt way better than Cash. Congrats to the Rich Family on the new addition!

Country Fan on

Congrats!!! Always been a fan of his and love his music…Diane, get a clue!! You read “Baby Blog” and it is about celebrities and their new additions to the family. He is a country singer, they are consider celebrities in their own right just as much as any other movie, music, actor or actress. If you don’t care then don’t read and comment!!!!!

PFT on

@Diane… Because YOU’VE never heard of someone, doesn’t mean he’s not a celebrity. He’s a country music singer. There’s a reason this site is titled “Celebrity Baby Blog.” You twit.

Country Fan on

Congrads to the new addition! Love your music and loved you on Celebrity Apprentice. (Diane…get a clue. You are reading a story on the “Baby Blog” this is where you will find all kinds of news on baby births from singer, actors, actress etc. He has a huge fan base, is a country singer/songwriter and does wonderful work for St.Judes as well as other charities. If you don’t care than don’t read the baby blog stories and comment on them)

Sue on

Diane,. Your are NOT a star, you are NOT a Country Music Singer, you did NOT win Celebrity Apprentice. If you did, then your children’s birth would A), be IN the CELEBRITY NEWS, and B) WE would care. John Rich is the better 1/2 of the Duo Big & Rich. I have been a fan long before they saved horses and rode cowboys!!!!

J on

Seems to me Diane is popular on THIS people page now…lol!

Carla on

I liked John Rich before Celebrity apprentice but LOVE him after Celebrity Apprentice. Real Class guy, wish there were more of him in this world! For Diane..know your facts before you start drama.

karen on

John Rich~A class act and my favorite country singer/song writer!! Lucky Joan to have J.R for a hubby!

Tia on

Sort of off-topic but I just noticed that the last 7 baby birth announcements on the page have been ALL boys! How funny! Where the girls at?!?!

Tia on

Woops, I meant the last 9 not 7. Forgot to count Mike Myers and Danny McBride’s sons into that count. Makes it even more interesting!

JillS on

Congrats to the cliche country names. The next son with be Levi or Colorado.

Cat on

Diane, if you want hard hitting news why are you on the People website? Stop embarrassing yourself.

Cinder Lou on

Cash and Colt … sounds real western! Congrats!

Allison on

Congrats the the Rich family! Anyone notice the ‘boy’ baby boom going on?? Look to the right and it’s boy after boy that has been born lately.

K on

Class act! Congratulations. I just love him!

webbchick on

@Diane…He’s the Rich in Big and Rich AND the winner of Celebrity Apprentice. He IS newsworthy!!


Lila on

Totally OT, but that picture makes him looks like he is made of Lego’s. Everything is so square!

Congrats to the family! And yes, I believe there is a ‘boy boom’ going on. Every single person I know who is PG is having a boy.

Kate on

Diane, you are a total moron.

Annabelle on

Diane he’s a huge star. You must not get out much. It’s funny his child is Cash Rich and I have a nephew named Rich Cash.

lindy on

Dianne,oviously you don’t listen to country music. BIG AND RICH!!!

In addition to singing solo or with Big. He’s written songs for half of the country stars in Nashville. He wouldn’t have been on hence it’s called Celebrity Apprentice. If he wasn’t a celebrity!!!!!

Anonymous on

@Diane, this is a CELEBRITY NEWS/GOSSIP MAGAZINE. Where have you been. You want real news? Watch CNN or ABC News, duh

gottabelieve on

I really admire this guy. He was such a fighter for his cause on Celebrity Apprentice, and Big and Rich just did a show in our area at an arena and all proceeds went to the family of a fallen Police Officer. They were on camera and said they took no money for the show. He’s a real class act! He deserves great success! God bless!

tarheelbookworm on

Congratulations to a wonderful musician who proved himself to be a real class act on Celebrity Apprentice last season. He deserves good things in his life.

ClaireSamsmom on

Love him! He was awesome on Celebrity Apprentice! Congrats to him, his wife and family!


@DIANE….so WHY BOTHER to comment if you’ve never heard of him.

John Rich was GREAT and so deserved to win on Celebrity Apprentice.

Tune in next time when the new season starts….THEN you’ll be with the “in crowd” and know what’s going on as well. ; )

Taylor on

I love Big and Rich so much! The name Colt is one of my top names for a future son. Congrats John, Joan, and Cash!

Lola123 on

@Diane…you seem like a sour puss! Why in the world are you on if you are looking for REAL news. Silly goose, this is an entertainment site!

Ali on

LOL CASH RICH???? You might as well name him Monoply.. Maybe his middle name can be Goverment Tax.. haha

Ali on

Now.. Colt I like. That a good ol country name.

Shannon on

Colt Rich? Cash Rich? LOL!

sally on

Well, Diane, sour..bitter Diane…you are having your fifteen minutes f fame now…Happy?

lynn on

Loved him on apprentice. Class act-treated everyone with respect. Would make a great boss.

Diane-do u normally click/post about people you do not know? Hope you enjoy your attention. Bitter much? You should work on that, not very becoming.

Carrie Jo on

I had to do a double take when I saw his son’s name because my son’s name Cole Daniel. Congrats to him and his family!

Tee on

Congrats! John and Joan…Cash and Colt if they have a girl wonder if she’s gonna be a C name. I think perhaps he named Cash after Johnny and Colt for his love of horses maybe, just guessing. I like the names but I agree Cash doesn’t quite sound good with Rich.

martina on

John Rich is a country music powerhouse. He wrote a bunch of crossover hits (in addition to having a great singing career). I am a New York City girl, and I know who he is… By the way, lets give this guy a round of applause for marrying somebody his own age!

soph on

“I have 2 boys and that didnt make the news OR people magazine.”

Could it be because you’re not, you know, a celeb?

Colt is a hideous name.

LisaS on

Congrats to the Rich family on their new baby boy! Not a huge fan of the name but I like the western feel and sound of it, and I think it’s great that he seems to have so much pride and love for country. Have been a fan of Big & Rich since “Holy Water.”

Mira on

Now they need a girl named Missy.

Erica on

Congrats. It’s nice to here that John and his wife Joan have had another child. Hope everything is going well.

ALice on

Dude, whatever… he annouced on Sunday that his kid was born thursday? with Cash he was all over the place, with Colt mum’s the word? it took him three days to tell us? With Cash it was right away, hell Joan was still pregnant and plus he even bragged before that time he was trying for a little country superstar. What the hell did he ask for a paternity test? 40 wks pregnancy duration, 40 wks ago was in December, wasn’t he in New York Doing Celebrity Apprentice?? Things that make you go…HMMMMM

ALice on

all i know is he made a bigger show about having Cash than he did Colt.

ALice on

Oh shit youre right, I mean I didn’t even use the calendar. I thought it was odd the 3 day thing, but your right Alice that is true. 40 wks? Plus on the tour on fb he would write he had a day off and he was going to Vegas or hang out with Nickelback guy, why didn’t he just go home and be with the wifey? Oh snap, well 3 days or not, 40 wks or not… He’s a Daddy again. Congrats on the new baby and Good Luck with all that comes with. I don’t have any kids so whew, I’ve dogded my bullets. But Congrats Johnny, Joannie, and Crew.

AmyJ on

Love the name Colt! so western!!! and Cash was because he was a huge Johnny Cash fan, so cool.

Congrats to him and his wife. Love that a 41 year old woman is having children!

pammy on

ALice – you are one strange chick..

Angel on

Be whatever Alice may be, nutso… but oddly enough it does make some kinda sense. Maybe if she gets her meds straight. But sounds like she’s saying there was a POSSIBLITY that JR thought it wasn’t his kid. And fine so what I’m a dude and yes I’ve been around so I would ask some chick for a test and well these days why not? More power to him, he’s gone half well more than half the time so why the fuck not.

DJE on

I loved him on Celebrity Apprentice, he was nice, but knew he wanted to win for kids with serious illnesses. My sons name is Colten Daniel, love the name!!!

Jude on

Love the names Cashand Colt! The next child should be called Cape, Code, Coach, Cent, Craft, Creek, Chief, Cord, Coal, Cray, Cloud, Clyde, Clint, Cute, Crate, Cure, Cost, Cycle.

Yes, Cent or Cost Rich!

Donna on

Hey Alice and Angel,

ok you need to check a few facts before starting baseless innunedos. It’s obviuos you two are not John Rich fans.
1. Celebrity Apprentice was filmed Oct. and Nov. of 2010 as revelaed in interviews with John, Marly and the rest of the cast.
2. John’s wife and son Cash were with him in NYC for most of the taping of Celebrity Apprentice as revealed by Marley during an interview.
3. Counting back 40 weeks puts the timing about a week before Christmas. John usually spends this time at home with his family. again something he has revealed during interviews. Not to mention his wife’s bithday in Dec. 26!
4. John did mention in an interview May 2011 (Better TV) that he was planning on adding some more country singers to the family and Kenny also mentioned over the summer that John was not done building his family.
5.Joan’s pregancy with Cash was discovered by someone and released to the press forcing John & Joan to publically confirm the pregancy.
6. John waited three days to make the announcement so he could get Joan and Colt home safe and sound before the media blitz. John also had Cash to take care of, something he did not have to do when Cash was born. The Dad has much more to do when the 2nd child is born cause he has to look after the 1st child.

Why would you even post such horrible innundeos about anyone announcing their child ws just born? It’s people like the two of you who cause celebrities to hide their personal lives. SHAME ON YOU! Just be happy for John and Joan and wish them well.

Angel on

wow, dude you know waaaay too much about this guy. seriously, and I though alice had issues just for making assumptions. but all the crap youre throwing out. I think you might need a boyfriend or a hobby cuz that is way too much shit you know on a guy you probably don’t even REALLY know just what you see and hear and read. Get a life seetheart…soon before you go bananas