Donald Trump, Jr. Welcomes Son Tristan Milos

10/03/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Sara Jaye Weiss/Startraks

The latest addition to the Trump family has arrived!

Donald Trump, Jr. and wife Vanessa welcomed son Tristan Milos at 2:59 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 2, the proud dad announced via Twitter.

Weighing in at 8 lbs., 4 oz, Tristan joins siblings Donnie John III, 2½, and Kai Madison, 4.

“Mom and baby doing great!” Trump, Jr., 33, writes. “He can’t wait [to] meet his big brother & sister.”

Grandpa Donald Trump tells PEOPLE, “I am delighted that Don and Vanessa have a beautiful new member of their growing family.”

The couple announced the pregnancy in March, and were out and about in recent weeks, even sharing a smooch at the Trump Foundation Golf Invitational.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Charlotte Triggs

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Kitty on

Tristan Trump? Yikes.

Congrats to them though!

pammy on

Another baby boy born! Love the name Tristan… but it’s a tongue twister with the last name of Trump.

Congratulations to them for the birth of another beautiful baby!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Tristan is one of my favorite baby names.

Alexandra on

Woah, my son’s name is Tristan. He’s 8 weeks old. But I have to agree, Tristan doesn’t go too well with Trump. I’m a bit saddened tho that my son shares his name with the grandson of one of my least favorite people in the world ( I bloody HATE Donald Trump ). Not the little one’s fault though 😉 So congrats. Hope the boy doesn’t take after his grandfather…yikes!

Katie on

How nice! Congratulations to them. Wonder if they’ll have a 4th baby?

Karen on

I certainly don’t have a negative opinion about any of their children’s names, but I don’t think I have ever heard of three more differently-styled names for siblings. One is not very common, one is traditional and one is trendy. Just an observation!

ruanne on

Donnie John the third? Yuck. These people need to be exterminated, the planet is crowded enough with capitalists. Vasectomy!

Jennifer on

Tristan? Sadly, it’s another namby-pamby, milque-toasty, pink-blooded, momma’s boy sounding boys’ name — much like Logan, Cody, Aiden/Braden/Jaden/Kaden/Hayden and all of those horrible lame boys’ names. Whatever happened to STRONG masculine names?!

librababe on

I really like their kids’ names.

Amy on

There is nothing mamby-pamby (not “namby”) about Tristan. Love it – it’s a very strong name. Congratulations to the happy parents

Ali on

Congrats! Tristan the Trust Fund Baby.. lord knows we need more of those. lol..

Hope he takes after the ol’ comb over, grand pops. 😉

Ali on

Tristan Trust Fund baby has nice rhyme to it.

Brooklyn on

Tristan has the same birthday as me! Fun. Anywho, congrats to the whole Trump family. Personally, I’m not a fan of the name Tristan though.

Olivia on

Jennifer, I take it you don’t know the origin of the name Tristan. I guess it could be “namby-pamby” to fall in love and die in battle, but I usually think of knights as being pretty tough.

From the Old French Tristran, which is from the Gaelic Drystan, a name derived from drest (tumult, riot). The name was borne in medieval legend by a knight who was sent to Israel by King Mark of Cornwall to bring Isolde back to be the king’s bride. On the return trip, Tristan and Isolde accidentally drank a love potion intended for the king and fell in love. Tristan left to fight for King Howel of Brittany and, seriously wounded in battle, sent for Isolde. She arrived too late and died from grief next to Tristan’s deathbed. The tale was the subject of many popular tragedies during the Middle Ages.

Julie on

Thank you Olivia! My son is named Tristan and I have received many compliments on his name – in addition to the knight, people always tell me they have loved it ever since seeing Legends of the Fall (Brad Pitt’s name being Tristan in the movie) We just liked the name a lot.

Alivia on

Not to fond of the name but if they like it that’s all that matters. A lot of baby boys have been born in the past month!

Sarah K. on

I like the Tristan! It’s classic without being common

Tia on

I actually LOVE the name Tristan. Reminds me of Legends Of The Fall! So sad!! Such a romantic name. I do agree that it sounds odd when said with the last name. Tristan Trump sounds off. But, congrats to the family!

PS..I also agree with the above poster about disliking the Donnie John the third name. So weird to me that people still do this. It always comes off as sexist and old fashioned to me.

Baby Boy #11 in a row for CBB!! Who is going to be the celeb to break the boy streak???

stephanie on

Aww, love the name Tristan as it is my son’s name (he is 12) but Tristan Trump…. it is a bit of a tongue twister especially when you get the people that pronounce it like “christian”…. wish them well though!! Congrats!!

Pandabear on

FYI Jennifer-

The name Tristan dates back to the time of the Round Table. Do you think a knight is “namby pamby momma’s boy”?

I think it is hard to say the first and last name, very tongue twistery.

It also sounds like could be a rap duo- Tryst-n-Trump.

Cinder Lou on

Gee, Jennifer, what’s your point?

Kayla on

Well don’t you sound like the kind of wonderful, kind, peace-loving person that the world needs more of? You want to exterminate people? If you are the opposite of a capitalist, I’ll take the capitalist every time.

Tara on

My daughter’s name is Tristan – I personally like it better as a girls name than I do a boys. And Tristan Trump is definitely a tongue twister.

Erin on

Is grandpa SURE his new grandson was born in the US? Get on it, Donald.

K on

Jennifer, the name Tristan is listed as meaning ‘tumult’ and ‘sorrowful’ as well as ‘bold’, which is probably why Jim Harrison chose it for his character when he wrote Legends of the Fall. In case you’ve never read the book, or seen the movie, he is in fact a very ‘manly’ character.

And honestly, you need to get a grip. Is Jennifer really the most awesome name ever?

Susannah on

Tristan is a nice name. A girls name that is so over used and plain jane name is Jennifer. How boring! Don’t we all know one or two or more of them? Blah!

Luz on

Thank you K!! I love the name Tristan too! I almost named my baby that, but she ended up being a girl! It is a very strong, masculine name; actually it’s my husband’s great grandfather’s name…

sherquetta on

congrulations to them

jones on

I like the name Tristan quite a bit. His wife looks like a mash up of Marcia Brady and his sister Ivanka in that picture!

neža on

I especially love the middle name, I wonder if it is also pronounced the Slavic way…

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Not a fan but think it’s slightly better than ‘Donald’! (poor older brother). A real mouthful combined with his surname, as others have mentioned. I actually ike their daughter’s name the most, but that’s just my opinion. Congrats to his parents and big sister and brother!

carrie on

Tia~ I think Tori Spelling will break the celebrity baby boy streak FOR SURE!

Maggie on

Great name! I LOVE Tristan. I really like Donald and Vanessa too, they seem like a cool, down-to-earth couple when God knows they could be anything but.

Can’t believe how many boys there are lately either! I am pretty sure Johnny Knoxville said the baby his wife is due with this month is a girl, so streak will definitely be broken by then. 😉

Tia on

Carrie, I was just thinking that! I can’t see her with two girls though! But, maybe she will! That would be awesome! 🙂

Also, I have known 3 FEMALE Tristan’s in the last 10 years! Not ONE male one. Which is hilarious because I have always known it as a male name. It’s a beautiful name regardless. I love it.

Caroline on

I hope the boy looks like his mother, because his father has a face for radio if there ever was one.

monica on

Wow can you get more boring than the name Jennifer. I hate to see what plain boring names you pick for your children.

rachel on

Congrats to Donald Jr, and Vanessa..

❤ the name..

shazam on

I couldn’t agree more with Jennifer….Michael, John, Matthew, Thomas….now those are boys names…!!!

Sarah K. on

Shazam, not every boy can be named Michael, John, Matthew, and Thomas. I like those names, but they’re so overused. How many Michaels and Johns do you know?

As others have pointed out, Tristan is very much a masculine boys name. And, he also won’t have 10 other Tristans in his class.

kimmie on

@Katie, they already announced this morning she’s pregnant with her fourth, since you wondered.

kimmie on

@ Alexandra, for someone who bloody hates someone else, you sure were quick to read a post about his new grandson.

Lady on

Not a fan of Tristan at all….congrats to them!!

Gloria on

Congratulations to Don & Vanessa. My grandson was born Oct. 2, 2010 his name
is Ethan.

Gloria on

Congratulations to Don & Venessa. I love the name Tristan, he is adorable!

San FernandoRose on

Not a fan of “the donald” Tristen could get mixed up sounding like Truston trimp…too much of a tongue twister…but I guess its better then the name of montague. Good wishes good health to all.

Jill Conner on

Soap Opera name, but lucky kid to be born into all that Trump money. Congrats Donald, Jr. and Vanessa. Hope your family is blessed with good health and happiness.

JungleCat on

Congratulations to the family!

Corinne on

The name Tristan means someone that never smiles…so it is not a nice name!!! Plus the S in the middle is a forunner of accidents or even death taking in the account the other S in Milos…death at a young age! Thank you parents for the stupid name!The romans used to say that nomen es omen. The name you have tells about your fate…

Mira on

Corinne, come again? Do you seriously believe that your name can kill you? I do agree with you that naming your child sad and tumultuous isn’t optimal.

And Tristan Trump is a silly tongue twister. But let the capitalist offspring suffer haha.

nay_nay on

Wow Corinne…was that really necessary?!

Tristan is an adorable name and I hope he has a long, happy and healthy life.

Kait on

Kimmie – How the heck did they annouce that she’s pregnant with thier fourth, the day after she gave birth to thier third? I know it’s possible, but really? Did you even read Katie’s question?

Jillian on

Kimmie, no they didn’t and no they are not. Care to explain how that would b possible?

Lena on

Congratulations to them!

And I don’t know why so many people on here are vehemently against capitalism. Do you even know what the term means? It’s an economy that allows for private ownership of business and property, rather than having everything government owned.

While you may be angry that Trump has made a fortune, you should at least be happy that you live in a country that allows you to start your own business or own your own house if you so chose. Trump is the extreme example of a capitalist society… a society that also makes it possible for people like you and me to make a living the way we see fit.

Amanda on

Really, Kait and Jillian? She was obviously kidding, poking innocent fun at someone who wondered if they would have a fourth child. I really think that it’s a shame that the sense of humor that you used to be able to find in the rest of the world has all but vanished on this website. *sigh*

I really don’t understand why people get all out of sorts over what complete strangers name their children. Did any of you care what anybody thought of your name choices, even family members? What about strangers? I really doubt it. Yes, yes, I get that we’re all entitled to our own opinion, etc., but I just don’t understand the passion of some people…like on the Mike Myers post. I guess a simple congratulatory statement went out the window.

That being said, congratulations to the Trump family on the birth of their new son. (See how easy that was?)

Alexandra on

Corinne…it’s not a French name (French ‘triste’ – sad ), but derived from the Celtic Drystan, which means ‘the noisy one’ or ‘riot’. So, don’t talk about something you clearly don’t have a clue about *rolls eyes*. Some people really should check before they type.

Kimmie: Yeah, I read about it because my son’s name is Tristan, too. Btw, I have no opinion about Junior Trump, I dislike the old one, he embodies everything I hate about capitalism 😉

kimmie on

Obviously that was a sarcastic response to someone who wondered about their 4th child on the very next day of birth of their 3rd

Becky on

Not a big fan of the name, but if they like it….I also am not a fan of naming any boy JR, II or whatever..Give the poor child his own name..Just my opinion..

ruby on

Tristan is a GREAT name – I have a Tristan – but it doesn’t really go with the name Trump. Ah well. Could be worse (like Kai Trump :S)

Hope mom and baby are healthy.

ruby on

Tristan means “bold” — not “sad” so read a book before you go posting stupid stuff 🙂

PDAlexander on

My youngest son’s name is Tristan. His middle initial is J. So he
prefers to go by T.J. But he gets many comments on people liking the
name Tristan. I named him that because I think it is a strong boy’s name. He is sixteen now and I told him when he becomes a Dad, many years from
now he can call a daughter, Trista after him or Tristan if he has a son.

Mia on

I will always think of Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall as Tristian Ludlow 😉 He was born to play that role….

jennrae on

He looks embalmed. Is that makeup?

georgiaonmymind on

Where the heck do y’all get off on telling others what they can or can not name “THEIR” children? It is not your choice not your child. Sheesh get a grip!

Suzanne on

The thing with trendy names, they too loose their trendiness. My 11 year old in his homeroom of 25 kids has 2 Taylor’s, 2 Bailey’s, 2 Mikayla’s, 2 Logan’s and funny thing is, he’s the only Luke in the entire 6th grade, go figure.

So, just from reading some of these posts, you can tell that Tristan is becoming a popular name. In 10 years it will be as common as John, Michael, Matthew.



Maggie on

I love the name Tristan. Congrats to the family!

Michelle on

Suzanne, you don’t use an apostrophe for plurals. Generally, apostrophes are to show possession or replace a letter… Taylor’s truck… c’mon…

Hanka on

Congratulations them! Tristan Miloš is beautiful combination!

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