Tori Spelling Celebrates Her Baby Shower!

10/03/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

With her third child on the way this month, Tori Spelling gathers to celebrate her baby shower with celebrity mom pals Denise Richards (plus Eloise Joni, 4 months!), Brooke Burke-Charvet and Lisa Rinna on Sept. 17 in Malibu, Calif.

In lieu of gifts, attendees made donations to Baby2Baby, which supplies clothing and gear to Los Angeles families in need.

Spelling, 38, and husband Dean McDermott‘s delivery surprise is due in the coming weeks, and the actress says she’s “sad” that this may have been her final pregnancy.

Albert Michael/Startraks

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Lisa on

I like this picture a lot. All four ladies look great and baby Eloise is adorable. What a surprise though that Denise is now a mother of 3 girls.

I think Tori looks great in the picture and the backdrop is beautiful. I’m excited to see if Tori has a girl or a boy; that’s the fun of a delivery surprise! I’m going to say girl?!? who knows though.

Dean and Tori have really grown on me and I love seeing the whole family out; Dean, Tori, Jack, Liam, and Stella. I recently read in a magazine (probably people) of 10 things to know about Tori Spelling and one that she listed is that she has a good relationship with her stepson Jack.

Lastly, I believe Tori is going to try to get pregnant very shortly after she has this baby because she mentioned of late that she wants to try for a fourth baby and then this baby and if she has another will be close in age. So I wouldn’t be so quick to call this her last baby.

Romy on

all of the women look good here. it’s funny how they all have so many showers for multiple children though.

Maya on

Lovely ladies! Gorge!

Margaux on

I am not so sure Tori will go for a fourth. Having multiple cesections poses many risks to the mother and child. It’s possible that she could be advised medically to stop at three. Either way, I love this family and wish them all the best!

elizabetholwigphotography on

I thought that baby showers were for the first born child?

Laura on


I used to think baby showers were for just first born babies as well. But then I decided that to me a baby shower is celebrating the fact that a mom is about to have a new baby. It celebrates the mom and the baby. I don’t think only first born babies should get that celebration.

That doesn’t mean I think each subsequent baby shower needs to have tons of gifts, etc. For a second child I would think asking guests to bring their favorite children’s book or even just make a donation to a women’s shelter is good.

Not all people think that though so I think it’s up to each women (and her family/friends) to decide if they want to have a baby shower.

Marky on

I find it very interesting that people seem to LOVE this family, which started with both cheating on their spouses, and Dean even walking out in the middle of an adoption. Why is the response to this family so different from the reaction to the Pitt-Jolies?

I’m not trying to start something, I just don’t see what the reasoning is. Tori is a sweet person in some ways, but she is a “fame-seeker”, and who knows what the deal is with Dean.

They have cute kids with mouths that need control, and yet no one ever seems to say a negative thing about them, despite the start of their relationship, and what happened to their 1st marriages. Guess I just don’t get it.

I do wish them the best with their new baby and hope all goes well with delivery. I’m hoping for a girl; she would certainly start off with a lot of clothes!!

momto3 on

I think at this point people have less negative things to say about them, because how their relationship started off is really a mute point now!!

It’s been YEARS and they are still together, preparing to welcome their 3rd child into the world and they remain as happy today as they were in the beginning!!

I think when they started dating, they were both already unhappy in their marriages, probably prepping to draw up divorce papers during their first meet.

As far as I am concerned noone could move on that quickly with a “New relationship” if they were still in love with their “present” one, You can’t fall out of love like that… there had to have already been some underlying issues in both of their marriages…Or at least I would think?

It’s the same as The Jolie/Pitt/Annistan Love triangle…The 3 of them could care less about what the others are doing, but everyone to this day makes Jolie out to be the homewrecker, when again, I believe its been said that Annistan and Pitt were already rocky before she came into the picture, Angelina just sealed the deal for Brad, He was happy again, Angie made him happy… and now 7 or so years later here they are with 6 kids and still going strong.

People stay too much in the past and need to let it go, I believe these relationships were meant to be.

Shea on

A baby shower doesn’t need to be about gifts…it is to celebrate the arrival of a new life. I attended a shower for a 3rd child that was a tree planting ceremony for the new baby (each child has a tree planted that was planted just before birth to grow with the child)

I have also attended a baby shower for a 4th child that was actually a spa get together for the mom and her friends.

I think it’s awesome to celebrate each birth. Children are the greatest gift and blessing you can ever receive and each should be a celebration.

As for the issue of how Tori/Dean and Angelina/Brad got together….I will just say, you can not break up a happy marriage. If a marriage is happy and fulfilling the spouses would not allow someone to come between them and their mate. If someone cheats and/or moves on then there was something wrong in the marriage to begin with, no matter what the spouse left behind says.

Lady on

I really hope this baby shower was just her getting together with her closest friends…no gifts, I mean this IS her third child. But anywho…Tori looks pretty here.

Rachel on

I think Tori is pretty anyway, but it must be said that pregnancy really suits her. She is beautiful when she’s pregnant. She looks so much healthier!

J on

Oh here we go with the “you should only gift a mother if it’s her first babyshower” nonsense. I highly doubt YOU would turn down a gift if it was a babyshower for your own third child Lady. But anywho… Tori does look pretty here.

Megan on

Great photo! Love everyone’s outfits and especially Brooke’s natural look. Can’t wait to find out if Tori is carrying a boy or a girl.

I don’t understand the issue with having more than one baby shower. Every child should be celebrated, and if you’re not hoarding gifts, who cares?

Maybe it’s just because others aren’t blessed with my two wonderful sister-in-laws, but I have three kids, each three years apart, and they have thrown me one each time I was pregnant. Because we all live within an hour of each other, we recycle clothes and gear amongst each other, so instead they’ve thrown me diaper parties and I cannot tell you have much money it’s saved my husband and I and how much we appreciate it.

But mostly it’s an excuse to hang out with my best friend from high school, my group from college, my old work friends and people you don’t get to see more than a few times a year. I cannot tell you how much it means to me that my SILs care enough to plan and gather this group together to celebrate my pregnancies and the new babies. I can only hope that the readers here also have close relationships with their friends and family and see it that way as well…

alicejane on

She looks really pretty here; all the women do. Now that would be a baby shower to be invited to!!

Regarding the cheating on your spouse…. the double standards run rampant when it comes to celebrities, in my opinion. Anytime there’s an article about LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian (mostly on the People homepage, I don’t think they’re really featured here), the comments are absolutely scathing, especially if the posts have to do with Eddie’s kids.

I wish people would just accept that they don’t know the whole story or the people involved, and not rush to judgements about them.

jenni on

no offense but Tori looks like she’s gonna throw up LOL

ang on

yeah she cheated. it was dumb. build a bridge and get over was 6 years ago. we can like her,even if she made a mistake. i was a fan when i was 9 and am still a fan 21 years later.there are worse ppl in the guessing another girl she looks great,they all do =D

Melissa on

What this article doesn’t bother to mention is that Tori asked everyone to donate gifts to charity, sorry i can’t remember which one. So the people complaining about her having another shower, its more like a party she is not getting gifts and if she was who cares? people like to celebrate babies!

Bancie1031 on

Marky – I love Tori and Dean plus Brad and Angie …. I think it was their decision to get together and both have beautiful families now …. sometimes marriages don’t work out and it’s not for us “fans” to tell them how to live their lives … we might not agree with the choices they make but ultimately it is their choice to make regardless of how anyone feels about it …..

With that said

Great picture. I can not wait to see if Tori is having a boy or a little girl and what name her and Dean choose for this little one 🙂 Liam and Stella are beautiful so either way I’m sure this is going to be another pretty baby …..

Pregnancy really suits Tori, I personally think she looks better with a little bit of weight on her …..

Tina on

I think the difference between the Jolie-pitts and the Medermonts is Tori has admitted that what she did was wrong. I have seen interviews where she talks about it and says plainly it was wrong and should have been handled better and she would expect her children to know and do better.

Angelina has never once admitted what happened there was wrong or could have been handled better and that I think that is the difference. Taking ownership and responsibility of misdeeds goes a long way to swaying public opinion.

Cynsation on

I am happy for Tori and her family. I am also happy that she and her mother have reconciled. We have become such a judgemental society. Celebrity stories are shared with us through the media and we take it and blast them for every little thing. What if your private failures were all over the internet and magazines and everybody thought you were a terrible person, bad mother, homewrecker?? Why not just read the story and think of something positive to say or say nothing at all.

As for the number of babyshowers a person have is a personal decision. The children could be years apart or from a new marriage/relationship so it’s all about the celebration of a new life and gifts can be optional if it’s not the first born.

We need to realize that we are all human and none of us are perfect! Don’t be so quick to judge and slow to forgive and move beyond the past. Remember you will be judged one day and held accountable for how you judged someone else. I’m glad I’m a happy person.

momto3 on

Perhaps Angelina never did anything wrong???? Hense the reason she hasn’t admitted to any wrong doing?? She and Brad have claimed to this day that nothing went on between them til AFTER Brad and Jen were separated? Perhaps there is truth to that?!! The public believes what they read and the tabloids blow every story up to be far more then what it is, because the juicier the story, the more magazines purchased, the more money made!! Its all about the money!!!

I don’t believe that any of these people did anything wrong, so they grew feelings for a married person, they are only human… and had that married person been happy, those feelings would have never been reciprocated!!!

ClaireSamsmom on

Great picture of all the ladies…and Tori looks really good! I think I posted this before, but with my 2nd baby, my friends (just a few close ones and family) threw me a “sprinkle” instead of a shower. It was very casual, a little light lunch and dessert and a few gifts. It was perfect. I already had alot things left over from my first pregnancy…so, I didn’t really need a huge thing. I really love the whole “sprinkle” thing.

Jillian on

Alicejane, I also wonder why Eddie and Leann get so much heat but not this couple? The doubl standards are crazy here. I guess ppl ignore things and just worry about who they like. For me, if someone I am a huge fan of admitted to having an affair……I would view them the same as someone I don’t like who had an affair. Many ppl can do that though.

Alyssa on

A shower for a 3rd pregnancy? Tacky and gift grabby.

tlc on

Great photo of some beautiful ladies…

Aren’t ALL celebrities “fame-seekers”? If not, they wouldn’t be in the public eye in the first place. I think most people in life would like a little bit of “fame” in their chosen careers anyway. Tori has never struck me as any more “fame-seeking” than ANY other celebrity. She lives her life, she’s written 3 successful books and has a beautiful family.

As for she and Dean. It was well known in Canada that Dean and MJ were totally on the rocks for months before Tori. Tori has owned up to her and Dean’s mistake. She admitted she and Dean screwed up. I’m sure their ex’s have moved on and so should the public.

I agree with whomever said that you cannot split a happy marriage. Tori was miserable with her first husband and she had already left him emotionally when she met Dean – she wrote about it in her book.

As far as the Jolie-Pitt’s apples and oranges. Similar outcome yes, same circumstances…not really. And nobody but the parties involved will even know the real truth. Let it go. It’s been years and years…hell, are you going to roast these people forever?

Em on

Whats wrong with her having another baby shower? She didn’t receive gifts, the guests made donations to a good cause. People need to just leave her alone, and her family for that matter. Get over it. She’s happy, and everyone deserves to be happy!

Jillian on

TLC, “let it go” that’s the exact point. People think it should be dropped for this family, but not Leanne and Dean or another cheating whil married couple? Makes no sense to me.

I don’t think people haven’t “moved on.” it’s just that they still don’t like them anymore. Nothing wrong with that!

emily on

Alyssa- Read the article before making ignorant comments.

“In lieu of gifts, attendees made donations to Baby2Baby, which supplies clothing and gear to Los Angeles families in need.”

Reese on

The double standard is always apparent on a website like this. People pick and choose who they apply their morals and standards to even if one couple or person did the same, exact thing as another couple or person.

Also, I find it funny that the general consensus is that if you are in an unhappy marriage, it gives you a free pass to cheat. Everyone absolutely deserves to be happy in life, Tori and Dean included, but get a separation or divorce first especially when children are involved.

jenny on

Melissa- The article says she didnt receive gift, but donations to a charity for women in need, so I dont know what everyones griping about! If she wantz to celebrate a 3rd baby with her friends and family well shes entitled to do so!

Sela on

Tori looks beautiful!! I Hope she has a girl 😉

Allie on

Clearly some people did not read the article! It clearly states she asked everyone to donate to a charity called Baby2Baby.

As far as it being her 3rd baby shower, I see nothing wrong with it. Every baby should be celebrated, what makes the first child’s life more special than say the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th?

I had two showers and my husband’s company even threw him a shower for both of our pregnancies. I think we were fortunate to have people in our lives that wanted to help us celebrate, both times.

Toya L. on

I agree with you Reese, If you’re that unhappy then take your unhappy a$$ to the courthouse and file for a divorce. @tlc- Brad and Jen were said to have been on the rocks too. Apples and oranges hunh? Other then the fact that Angelina and Brad “say” they didn’t get together until after he seperated from Jen, how are they any different than Tori and Dean? Didn’t Leanne own up to her mistake too? @momto3 – seemingly from actions and his alleged words to his wife, the only papers creepy eyed Dean were prepping to file for at the time he met Tori was ones for an adoption. – Imo everyone that cheats aren’t unhappy, some are just plain greedy whores, have low self esteem and need an ego boost and/or just broken. Good luck to them and I agree we all make mistakes, I hope nobody bring mine up years later!

Melissa on

Jenny – It did not say that when i posted that, they updated it later in the day. I did in fact read the article twice to make sure before i posted 🙂

Silly Silly on

I am thinking it is going to be a boy.

Lisa on

Wow, I didn’t even know Tori was pregnant again. The women look amazing!