Kourtney Kardashian: How I Style My Men

10/01/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

She’s a perfectionista when it comes to her own fashion, but how does style guru Kourtney Kardashian (pictured left with her main guys on Aug. 19 in Santa Barbara, Calif. at sister Kim Kardashian‘s pre-wedding dinner) make the men in her life look good?

Luckily for her, they’re already naturals.

“I love when guys are into fashion, I think it’s fun,” she told PEOPLE recently at the Sony PlayStation Uncharted 3 Mobile Half-Tuck Truck in N.Y.C.

“Scott and I go shopping together all the time and I’m like, what would I do if he hated to shop or didn’t like fashion?”

Though she and longtime boyfriend Scott Disick love to peruse the racks together, her stylish beau seems to have no qualms about picking out his own garb.

“Even if I think I know what he would like, it’s never right,” she said of Disick’s distinct style. “If I say, ‘Oh this is so you,’ he’ll say, ‘No I do not like that.’ So I’m never right when it comes to him.”

Instead, she focuses her passion for fashion on styling 21-month-old son Mason. “I dress [Mason] a little boho-preppy, like little moccasins, little vintage belts, Indian belts — I think it’s all about accessories, even if he has a cute pair of sunglasses or he’s wearing something simple,” she said.

“The other day I put him in a Burberry scarf and it looked so [amazing], he was just wearing black skinny pants and a black T-shirt and black loafers but the scarf just made his outfit.”

Mason and Scott aren’t the only stylish men in the family, though; it sounds like it’s in the Kardashian genes.

My dad was also always into clothes and fashion and had his closet perfectly organized and my brother is the same way,” she said. “So I think it’s just the guys in our family.”

— Kim Peiffer

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Lena on

Style guru? Really?

Micheley on

I know people are going to hate on this post. But I think it is just sweet and cute.

I mean fashion is a major part of her life, so I think it is perfectly wonderfl that she dresses Mason. And although I think he alwasy looks adorbale, I know some people disagree but its her kid and her fashion choices and she is never afraid of taking risks so that is her choice.

This is also a beautiful family photo.

tia on

Is it me or does Kourtney look pregnant in recent pictures?As for her being a style guru,I don’t think so.However I must say Mason is such a handsome little boy.

Romy on

I hate Scott’s style, it is very strange, but that’s good that Kourtney likes it. Sometimes Mason is dressed like his clone. Kourtney does look pregnant here, but it could just be a weird dress. I do understand fashion being a fun part of her life though.

Anonymous on

I’m just having a hard time with the orange pants!

J on

Scott’s dress style seems like a cross between Andy Bernard from The Office and Patrick Bateman from American Psycho..lol!

ForeverMoore on

Just a personal thing but I can’t stand it when guys leave their shirts unbuttoned low…lol…not bashing just my quirk…they kinda look like an odd couple but obviously they make it work and love each other so that is great!

Julia on

Mason is so cute!

JRW on

LOL @J – yes. those orange pants are a real problem.

cris on

Scott always appears to be wearing something out of the Andy Bernard (“The Office”)collection.

Melissa on

ForeverMoore – Me too!! Drives me nuts!!

Sandra on

That kid is ALL Kardashian, he looks nothing like Scott.

Rosy on

J – I have always thought he looked like Christian Bale too! I’m glad someone else sees it.

When Kourtney says she doesn’t know what she’d do if he didn’t like shopping or fashion…I’ll tell you what you’d do Kourts, you’d just accept it and move on, like most women do.

Am I the only one that’s a little creeped out that she seems to pick out most of his clothes? Poor guy hah.

evie-lyn on

Kourtney’s style isnt so bad.. and I like how she dresses Mason most of the time, but seriously Scott has awful style! No one can get away with orange pants – unless you’re a baby!

missy on

Scott is GROSS in any Color. Does this women have No pride at all. He’s a USER & Non-Working LOSER. Kid together or not , dump him!!!! Maybe shes afraid she can’t do any better than him? Shes not that great looking herself. I don’t think any of them are . The younger girls ( Bruce’s daughter’s) are much better looking in the family.

emily on

wow missy, how do you really feel? I’d like to see how good looking YOU are next to a Kardashian

Anyway, Scotts style seems to be a extreme version of “prep”, which I like in a weird way. It’s different, so theres points for that!

Tierney on

Oh! So the baby does not look like scott… so who does he look like? someone else… bring on the bashers… im so ready.

Maria on

Just– so weird!!! Kourtney is the least annoying of all the K’s IMO but that whole thing is so weir-d the angry wierd baby daddy and the cameras everywhere- and the oldest sister- she is gross. Just such a weird thing all of it. At least baby MAson looks happy and well tended, while I think the cameras are bad for him he is obviously adored by his family and feels secure in their love.

Mea on

Scott always dresses ridiculously! His style is not attractive AT ALL! Kourtney & Mason dress cute, but really? Come on Kourt, he has no good style hun!

Sarah S. on

Orange pants are fashionable–on what planet?

Lisa on

I have always thought that Scott’s “style” was horrible. I care very little about matching clothes, etc. but even I wouldn’t step out in public with a man dressed like Scott.

K on

I think the comments are just a tad mean. Scott does, in fact, have a job. And he was dressing like that long before Kourtney came into the picture.

Nobody on this earth is perfect. It’s nice to see that they are putting in such an enormous amount of effort to stay together. I really hope that it works out for them.

As for a man with a few buttons undone, I love it as long as he has a body worth looking at. My husband is in fantastic shape and I absolutely love to see some of his chest when we’re out.

Sam on

Actually I think Mason does look like Scott. Look at his ears and his eyes (different color but same size and shape, and that includes the eye brows). Mason’s coloring is Kardashian, and I think that misleads. As for Scott’s pants – they remind me of something David Arquette would wear. I pick out my husband’s clothes too, he hates shopping, but it’s nothing as different as what Scott wears, we’d both die first. lol

Michelle on

missy – I thought that he did work? In the few eps of the New York series I saw, he was going to work.

I think he is an attractive guy who dresses like a European gigalo!!

Susan Albert on

I think Kourt the way Kort dresses Mason is adorable, but I must agree with the comments about Scott’s orange pants. Weird.

TM on

I might be the only one, but I like those orange pants, and I think Scott is very handsome!

Sara on

Another bun in the oven there?!

dsfg on

So do all you guys have washboard stomachs when you aren’t pregnant?

ClaireSamsmom on

Is she talking about putting Mason in a scarf or Scott? If I tied a little scarf around my sons neck and put him in skinny jeans, my husband would not care for that. But, I wouldn’t either. Mason is an adorable little guy, though!

Jillian on

missy, scott actually does work. not sure where you get your information from because it makes no sense.

kourt has said several times recently she is NOT pregnant and not planning on it in the immediate future.

Stephanie on

Apparently, Scott runs a host of vitamin companies. Or he’s a high executive for a group of them. Vague…but it’s definitely different from being a bum and he’s making bank without the Kradashian fame, so there’s something good about him!

Romy on

Kris Jenner did get Scott the job with the vitamin company right?

Lady on

I love the way she dresses & Mason is dressed cute..not how I would dress my son, but cute.

Sue me, I actually like Scott from time to time. It’s nice to see a man dress up every single day, even though sometimes he looks ridiculous…for the most part nice.

Darileio on

Scott’s fashion choices do wonders to enhance his pompous, elitist personality. The smoking jackets, martinis, slicked back hair and disappointed expression are hilarious attempts to make him look like he’s, well. I dunno, trying to be SOMETHING. He looks like an A$$, circa the 1950s.

VioletRose on

I guess this issue is very important to a fashion-obsessed person like Kourtney, so I’m glad Scott is into shopping so she doesn’t have to worry about what in the world she would do if he wasn’t. Mason looks like Kourtney’s brother Rob (and Robert Kardasian, Sr.) so much, it’s amazing…gorgeous little boy. He’s an adorable little guy and already has a kind of “manly” look, even at his age! The style she chooses for him is cute and works well for Mason. Scott Disick tries too hard to be a fashion icon and falls miserably short. But, shopping gives that egomaniacal man something to do besides cheating on Kourtney and I’m sure he stays busy spending Kourtney’s money. So, everyone is happy! YAY!

Down With Reality TV on

So lemme get this straight…

Kourtney dresses Scott like Long Duck Dong from Sixteen Candles?
He dresses like an old 80 ear old man whose sight is failing and he
dresses himself like that before he heads to the Country Club.


And the greasy hair and shoes!

How can she sleep with him?

ClaireSamsmom on

One more thing….let’s face it…after kids, no matter how hard you work out, eat well, etc, etc….your tummy will never be the same as it was before kids. Let’s give Mommy’s a break out there…..I have had two babies and I still have a little tummy. I work out regularly and eat healthily….but, they do a number on you! Kourtney looks awesome…

Becky on

I think she looks great and yes, she is the least annoying of the K sisters..She does look like she has a bit of a belluy, but is that really a big deal?

As for Scott..I don’t care for the orange pants and not sure if it’s just the way they are standing, but his jacekt looks to small..

Mel on

The Kardashians are so overexposed that now seeing pictures of the baby gets on my nerves. This is the first time I’ve read an article about them and I really wish I could get that minute back. I admit she is the least annoying of the three, but ugh..enough!

KB on

Kourtney least annoying? I think she is the MOST annoying – her voice grates on my last nerve! Kim is okay but my favorite is Khloe! Love how she speaks her mind!