Samantha Harris Not Worried About Designer Duds for Daughters

09/29/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
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As the former co-host of Dancing with the Stars, Samantha Harris has stepped out in her fair share of designer dresses.

But when it comes to her own daughters’ wardrobes — Josselyn Sydney, 4, and Hillary Madison, 8 months — the mom-of-two prefers to keep it all in the family.

“I would say the majority of [Josselyn’s] wardrobe are hand-me-downs. My sister has a daughter who is 15 months older … and a really special thing is that we’re able to share clothes,” Harris, 37, tells BC Magazine‘s anniversary issue.

“Basically they share some of the most adorable outfits that we’ve had, and it’s a nice way to be able to share a special bond across the country that we wouldn’t normally be able to have.”

However, while Harris may stock her little girl’s closet, she’s no longer in charge of choosing her outfit for the day.

“I used to pick them out on a daily basis and then she decided very quickly and early on that she wanted to have a say,” she says.

“So even though I would lay out two options, she would maybe say neither, and then go into her closet.”

As a result, some of Josselyn’s choices have been questionable, but Harris is determined to encourage her daughter’s independence.

“Whether or not they’re as coordinated as I would like them to be, I have sort of taken a breath and allowed myself to let her be creative in her ensemble,” she explains.

“I do try to suggest matching colors, I try to get her to at least associate. She does understand the word ‘matching,’ she understood that probably at 2½.”

Courtesy BC

From her Dancing days to her current role as an Entertainment Tonight correspondent, Harris has slowly introduced Josselyn to the behind-the-scenes aspect of television.

“When I hosted Dancing with the Stars, she was on the set while we were shooting or doing rehearsals, and that’s every little girls’ dream to watch all those costumes and dances,” says Harris.

“She comes to Entertainment Tonight with me, she sits in the voiceover booth with me. She puts the headphones on and does her own voiceovers after I’m done with mine.”

And while the hands-on mom is including her daughter as much as possible, Josselyn’s time spent watching television is very limited.

“To be honest, I feel that practically every movie out there that’s rated G has some very scary parts,” Harris shares.

“Even with Winnie the Pooh — which she saw on the airplane the other day — made her burst into tears because the Heffalump was captured. And I felt terrible because usually we always watch with her, but … I had the baby in my lap, how harmful can Winnie the Pooh be? And there she was, hysterical.”

But, despite her mom’s successful career in the spotlight, Josselyn already has a much different plan for her — and her sister’s! — future.

Says Harris: “Just within the last few months, as she discovers that there are different things that one can do as a grown-up, she has told me that she wanted to be a doctor so she can help people and [told] Hillary to be an artist.”

— Anya Leon

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Sara on

I can relate to the G Rated movie problem – I took my goddaughter to the Princess and the Frog, and she freaked out at the parts with the villains. I didn’t think that it would be that scary for her!

Such a cute article, her girls are so adorable.

Megan on

It’s very sweet that she and her sister can share that…it’s a sweet statement she made about that 🙂 And seriously…could Josselyn and Hillary be anymore gorgeous? It’s almost unreal how beautiful they are–Samantha and her hubby make some lovely children =) Very nice article +)

jamelle on

So glad that she doesnt dress her children like some celebs dress their kids. My goodness what child at the age of five needs to have a dress that costs hundreds of dollars. So out of control.

Kresta on

Many years ago when the movie ‘Gremlins’ first came out, I remember taking my two sons to see it. A lot of parents left the theatre with their children when the movie started to get violent and scary. I have found that even some of the animated children’s movies can be quite upsetting for young children.

dsfg on

Jamelle, they help out the economy when they buy those hundred dollar dresses . . .

Lisa on

My god those children are gorgeous!!

Jen on

It is refreshing to see a person who is financially comfortable recycling clothes. My sisters and I do the same thing. 90% of their clothes at that age do not get worn out, they get outgrown. Nicely done, Ms. Harris!

mary on

When my son was little the Wiggles were everything to him ( and toy story). Right before the scene where Capt. feathersword makes his entrance he would bolt out of the room hide in the hallway listen for the scene to be over than he would go back into the family room and watch/play till the next scene with the Capt. and repeat the leaving all over again. He is now 10 yrs old and he remembers leaving the room when the Capt. would appear but doesn’t remember why he was afraid. It took me a long time to figure out that he was afraid of the capt. I would have the video of The wiggles on when I would make lunch while he was playing with legos or blocks. He was never one to sit and watch TV but listen to it like background music. But this one day he was sick and so I lay down with him on the couch. Right before the capt scenes he would bolt. We only had two videos and that day we watched and re watched the one video. That’s when I noticed the consistence of his leaving. Poor thing!

Milosh on

She is still annoying.

Mel on

She really annoys me and I actually stopped watching Entertainment Tonight when she came on the show, so I’m surprised I agree with her.

My daughter loves the Princess and the Frog, but the voodoo scenes terrify her. We can be diligent about what they watch, but it’s nearly impossible to predict all of their reactions. Those swiffer commercials with the talking dirt jumping onto the broom send her running out of the room..go figure.

Caden Lane on

We were so excited to work with Samantha Harris and her beautiful family again! Both the nursery for Hillary, and Josselyn’s big girl room turned out perfect! We hope to stay long-time friends with such a wonderful, grounded, lovely family!

ClaireSamsmom on

Hand me downs are wonderful. My sister has 2 boys and she gives all of their outgrown clothing to me which goes to my little boy. Sometimes, I pass them on to other families, friends, people at church, etc…too. I also exchange hand me downs with some of the ladies I exercise with.

Kind of neat to read that a celebrity does the same.

Lauren on

those girls are stunning with their dark hair and blue eyes. too cute!!!

Pandabear on

just zipping through to say wow, on the beautiful little girls. Her and her hubby DO make beautiful girls! Jocelyn’s hair looks SO long and thick for a 4 year old! And the baby, my goodness! Her head of dark curls is pretty too.

he most attractive thing though, is clothing swapping. I do that too, as my clothes never really wear down. I will wash them, take some to work (I work at a gym) and put a little sign saying “free”. Then I will see some of my customers around town or working out in my old clothes. It’s a great feeling! Not sure why Samantha annoys people, but I like her alot.

Diana on

Samantha Harris hands down has the most beautiful daughter’s in Hollywood!

The Pipsqueak Boutique on

What an honor to see her beautiful little girls wearing the tutus I made for them on the cover of Baby Couture Magazine! Thank you Samantha & Thank You BC Magazine!