Spotted: Pink and Willow’s Sweet Smooch

09/29/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Santiago Baez/Ramey

What a kiss-up!

New mom Pink has been spending quality time with her 3-month-old daughter Willow Sage all over Los Angeles – from the beach to Nobu – and now the mother-daughter duo have taken to the streets of Manhattan.

The two shared an affectionate afternoon in the Big Apple on Wednesday, hanging out and sharing playful kisses while the pop star’s husband, Carey Hart, got his hair cut.

Later, the three were spotted walking together and pushing their daughter in a stroller.

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Santiago Baez/Ramey

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ClaireSamsmom on


Jordan on

cutest baby! 😀

Jax on

Oh em gee…their baby is so stinking precious! 🙂

Rachel on

OMG, cuteness galore!!!! That baby is very, very cute. Look at the bum!!! Hehehe

stephanie on

Pink seem like she enjoy being mommy

Mandy on

She just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

Sarah K. on


nadya on

OMG!!! She’s so freaking cute.

Jen on

I love that she is wearing shoes…I hate it when babies are barefoot. It isn’t warm in NY.

ForeverMoore on

She is a doll!!

smile on

oh my word…what an angel!

Nella on

Awww Willow is such a cutie! Pink seems like she is enjoying motherhood.

RachelfromBoston on

aw, what a pretty baby! ❤

Pink looks like she's in heaven 🙂

Pam on

I honestly don’t know what’s cuter: Pink’s baby, Pink’s love for her baby or those shoes that baby is wearing.

kate on

Baby looks like pink

Katie on

That looks like a cloth diaper butt! She is adorable!!

Carli on

So cute! I love her little outfit!!

Leah on

Does she look like her dad, or am I just imagining?

Susanna on

Oh wow! What a beautiful and chunky little sweetheart! I think she looks like Pink with those big eyes! She sure seems like she loves motherhood and it sure looks good on her. Enjoy her now because time sure flies and she will be a teenager before you know it.

lISA on

I love Pink and Willow is just adorable. They look so happy no “hollywood” wannabe they are just themselves. Love it.

Karen on

Gorgeous, gorgeous!! I love how baby isn’t wearing any girlie colors! So cute!!

Shir on

I LOVE baby diaper butts!!!!

Harley on

OMG, I want to squish her cuteness! She’s adorable! I swear, Pink and Carey just come across as fully embracing and enjoying and wearing parenthood. I love it – it’s beautiful.

eribri on

She looks like Corey!

Amit on

Have been a fan of Pink for years, and am just touched to see her soft side with her baby. Adorable!

Melanie on

@Katie, I was wondering about the cloth diaper too. I clothed and it sort of looks like a cloth bum…lol

JMO on

aww she’s so cute!!!

mila on

looks like a cloth diapered bum! Excellent!

Erika on

She is adorable! I love seeing pictures of this family!

Now I am asking this question seriously, because I am not a mother yet. But how can you tell the difference between a cloth diaper and a disposable diaper when the baby has clothes on? All of the families I have babysat for have used disposables and they looked similar to me, but then again I’m not around babies all the time so I wouldn’t know. I am environmentally conscious and I think cloth diapers are great and will consider them when I have kids, so I have nothing against either option, just wondering how you can tell.

Rosy on

What a beautiful girl, Pink looks so enamored and I don’t blame her. I think Willow looks like her mama.

Erika – cloth bums are quite a bit bulkier than disposable butts usually. I definitely thought it looked like a cloth butt too.

reader on


Cloth diapers are much more bulky than disposable diapers, so babies that wear them tend to have tushies that look bigger and rounder than other babies, especially when they are wearing tights or other snug fitting clothes.

That said, I kind of thought it looked like a cloth diaper bum as well, but it could just be the way the baby was standing at that particular moment too.

jessicad on

Erika, cloth diapers usually look huge and bulky through clothes compared to disposables:)

I agree with everyone, Pink has really taken to motherhood and Willow is absolutely adorable, so sweet!

MiB on

Erika, cloth diapers are usually bulkier than disposables.

Love how Willow smiles when she gets a kiss from mommy!

meme on

Erika– cloth diapers are a lot thicker than disposables. My son is on the smaller side, but wears larger clothing than an average baby his age, just to fit over the cloth diaper.

I can’t be sure if willow is in a cloth diaper, but she does appesr to have a lot of “booty” goin’ on! Lol

Erika on

thanks to all those who explained how cloth diapers look different! It does look a little thicker, so maybe it is cloth! Hopefully it is, I am always a fan of celebrities who are environmentally conscious!

Bree on

Such awesome pictures!! Makes me even more anxious for my princess to be born (2 more months!!!!!!!!!!!)

Pink is absolutely glowing, she looks amazing 🙂 And Willow is so freaking adorable!!

Shelly on

Uh people, in the first pic you can clearly see a disposable diaper sticking out of Willow’s pants. You environmentalists are so stupid!

kimmie on

Pink is dressed like someone who just returned from a shift in a crop field in Ukraine

nettrice on

Hey kimmie and Shelly: Get a life!

reader on

nettrice…don’t bother with Shelly and kimmie…let their ignorance speak for itself.

Crystal on

She is ADORABLE and looks just like daddy! Pink looks VERY HAPPY being a mom. Super cute!! ♥

Carrie Jo on

Willow is so cute!! And Pink looks great!