Mike Myers Welcomes Son Spike

09/29/2011 at 01:30 PM ET
Soul Brother/FilmMagic

Groovy, baby — it’s a boy!

Mike Myers and his wife Kelly Tisdale welcomed their first child — a boy — earlier this month, PEOPLE confirms.

“He is healthy and the parents are ecstatic,” his rep tells PEOPLE of the new addition, whose name is Spike.

The Austin Powers actor, 48, and Tisdale, who tied the knot last fall, confirmed the pregnancy in May.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Nicole on

Spike was my Guinea Pig’s name growing up…

B.J. on

Spike Myers, son of Mike Myers…. oh boy. If he wanted his son named for him, maybe Mike Jr. would have been a little less pet-like (I’m saying this, and am not a fan of juniors at all!)

kendrajoi on

WHY???? No way a precious baby should be saddled with what is essentially a dog’s name.

cris on


pamela a on

thats just sad people calling there kid such a awful name, like really that child has to grow up and be in school with kids, and theres always a class bully or a few, and i bet the kid called “spike” will be made fun of just for his name. Some actors shouldnt be allowed to have kids, specially if they cant choose a normal name for them.

MollyF on

Spike is a cool name. 🙂 Congrats to Mike & Kelly. 🙂

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them.

I hate the name. It will forever me of the vampire on Buffy. (I love Spike – the character – but still!)

JMO on

Nice name for a dog!

Brooklyn on

I love Mike, gotta support a fellow Canadian, but Spike is a horrible name. Just plain horrible.

Pamela on

Little Giants!!!

Krystal on

Spike Myers? Ooook….

beth on

I’m thinking they might be Buffy fans.

twynaja on

yahyah im so happy for you and congralations for yall

Josie on

I was just thinking that they are a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Actually to think about it Pink had Willow, and January Jones had Xander. We just need a Buffy and Cordelia to be complete.

ClaireSamsmom on

Awful name. Just horrible.

B on

The name Spike will always remind of that character from Notting Hill – “the masturbating Welsh man” as Hugh Grant put it. 🙂

me on

LOL . . when I think of Spike I think of the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Anonymous on

Mike and Spike…hahaha

twynaja on

Really happy

Alecia on

Well, when I see the name Spike I think of Spike Lavery, the fictional character (son of Kendall Hart and Ryan Lavery) from the daytime drama All My Children. I ❤ the name.

Lady on

Really?!?!?!!? Ugh. Congrats nonetheless

whatthewhat on

I had a cat named Spike. Spike is a cartoon dog in the Looney Tunes. Oh well, to each his own. I’ve always liked the name Fido. Maybe if I have another boy, that’s what I’ll name him.

Congrats on the new addition, whatever his name is.

Shannon on

When I heard the name, I immediately thought of the dog from Rugrats lol…

Donna on

oh come on!…Spike?….really people, have celebrities got nothing better to do than stick their kids with names that are sure to earn them an a$$ whipping when they start school…Spike is for dogs and dinosaurs not kids…lol…what’s next Snoopy?

Ashley on

Ha ha B—right on!

I can’t believe that: Spike Myers……come on! Very ridiculous

stephanie on

First of all…………ladies and gentleman calm down it there baby and they name him what they want they must like spike lee movies hahahaha

Souxsee on

Forgive me, but I thought of Spike Jones, Spike Lee, and and that this is one of the least offensive celeb names I’ve heard. Congrats to the happy parents.

Mandy on

Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy, but that name just doesn’t fit. Unfortunately this child does not belong to me or anyone else posting and therefore all I will say is: to each their own.

Lauren on

It rhymes… Spike and Mike Myers… but nevertheless congratulations!

bronwyn on

Spike is an old English name. Relax people. If you new your cultural history youd know that. we actually considered it for our son but instead went with an old Irish name instead.

Monika on

sounds like Mike Myers watched All My Children :). That was that name of one of Erica Kane’s (Susan Lucci) grandsons.

lizzy on

maybe they named him michael and just plan on calling him spike.

that would be way better.

Jennifer Moynihan on

I agree it is a highly unusual name; perhaps they chose it to honour Spike Milligan. Mike Myers has paid homage to his British roots in many ways in the past and I suspect that is what is behind the name choice as well.

Stella Bella on

Spike??? Seriously???

jai on

Mike and Spike…wow! If they have another baby are they going to call him Bike, Trike or Pike?

Andy Mulia on

I love his movies and adored him on SNL. I thought he had a boyfriend? Oh well, congrats to both on the sweet little boy!

Nina on

Uh…. Mr. Myers is a comedian. Ya think he could be putting us on by annoncing the name Spike?

ForeverMoore on

Say wha…?

dharmainfrisco on

Let I remind people that Spike isn’t just a dogs name, Spike Jones is a perfectly wonderful name, and Mike has always been the find of guy who’s kinda been orginal. Maybe spike was nickname in the family? Who knows…. but seriously it’s just a name.

Congratulations to Mike And Kelly 🙂

Emily on

He has a wonderful sense of humor and I hope that “Spike” is part of it…

mmmm on

i would never name my child Spike but I think being Mike Myers is his dad ( funny, cool, hip) he will be ok!! congrats to them!!

renee on

that is an awful name, if they have a girl would they have named her Tuffy??? or Ruff, i am sure the little boy is going to hate his name.

Jane on

Spike Lee Meyers

LadyCSKF on

Spike? As in Spike Lee…Spike Jonze? Maybe he wants his son to be a great Director like these two men. Or Spike Jones the musician. Whatever the reason, I’m sure they put a LOT of thought into it before he was ever born. Congrats to the happy parents!!!

heather on

yes bronwyn, because everyone should know the origin of every name EVER in the history of the world. get over yourself.

Shan on

Mike and Spike…..what’s the boy’s middle name…Rover?

Why do these Hollywood celebs think it is cool to burden their offspring with idiotic names they are saddled with for the rest of their lives? What is wrong with the MOTHER???

Apple, Moses, Honor, Truly, Dweezle, Moon Unit, Pilot Inspektor, Fifi Tinkerbelle…I feel sorry for them.

MollyF on

People, who made you the judge? Mike & Kelly didn’t ASK for own opinions on the name. It’s none of our business if we like it or not. So I hope people were nice about it. But as always, people have to be mean because they hide behind their keyboards and think they can say anything they want.

Mira on

Spike Lee Myers! My first thought too!

T on

My lizard’s name is Spike… Poor kid

KC on

While I agree its an awful name..just awful….with a dad named Mike Myers do you think it really matters? LOL I mean the moment anyone makes fun of that kids name, he can sick his bodyguard on em.

j on

My dog’s name and my neighbor’s dog’s name. Does he want his kid to be taken seriously? I thought this might be the nickname. Apparently neither of them picked up a baby name book – maybe they can’t read. Not very mature. Why not just name the kid Shrek or something stupid like that.

Niche on

Congratulations to them!

Why’d I just say aloud “Spike Powers is a weird but cool name… ” Lol, I totally bypassed Myers.

Their kid though… (shrug)

Melissa Kelly on

Omg,Spike??? wow,these people never cease to amaze me with the names that they choose for their kids.Couldnt have just named him…oh,i dont know..Michael.My brothers name is Michael..not a bad name lol.I know its their choice and its their right to name their kids but c’monnnn,you have think about the way kids and people will treat them 😦

hi there on

last name of wife, Tisdale, i thought of ashley tisdale…then I thought is this her sister???? not sure, if she’s really the one but Ashley’s real sister has a daughter. there’s so many people have the same first, middle and last name….I guess….and can be easily mistaken for the other…because her sister’s middle name is kelly.

Tim & Sue on

Poor baby !! WHAT a HORRIBLE name !!!!! WHAT were they thinking ??

Anonymous on

I think Spike is a pretty badass name, I wouldn’t mess with a kid named Spike…

tyler on

wow….she’s attractive.

dawn on

You have to remember this kid is growing up with Apple, Zuma, Harlow etc. Names like Bobby, Cindy and Billy would be weird names in the circle this kid is going to run in.

Ash on

At first, I thought it said Mike Myers is Dead! Oops!

Anonymous on

Maybe it’s short for Spichael Myers

Heather on

I like the name Spike. I have a Great-Uncle with the name. Congrats to the couple.

Betsy on

Spike? Really? These parents should be shot. Poor little guy saddled with a bad name and crazy parents.

Anonymous on

bahahaha!! Spike!!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Another wacky celeb baby name, poor kid – but they must like it so who cares what someone on the other side of the world thinks!! Congrats to them on a healthy baby boy.

He must be excited to finally become a dad before the big 50. Being nosey, but was curious – does anyone know if his ex wife didn’t want/couldn’t have kids?

Dee on

Spike? That’s a dog’s name! Wow, these “stars” should be arrested for child abuse with some of these weird names! Poor kid

Jill Conner on

Spike is the ugliest kid name I ever heard in my life. It reminds me of a dog, or a 13 year old, school drop out, street gang member and that’s just his nickname. I can’t imagine a baby being called “Spike.” Or, even dumber – a doctor or lawyer named Spike. Mike Myers turned out to be an idiot. I haven’t liked him since his left his lovely wife for a blond, half his age.

Hope on

Seriously people.. Every couple gets to choose their own name for their children.. If you don’t like it don’t comment.. You are all so rude.. Congrats to Mike and Kelly!

Terri on

Woof, woof!

Terri on

C’mere, Spike! Here boy! (whistle)

Shayla on

Perhaps Mike Myers & his wife are fans of HAPPY DAYS or Fonzie’s nephew Spike. [Spike Lee’s given name is Sheldon Jackson Lee. I guess he used Spike as a nickname. Who wants to answer to Sheldon?]

jenna on

whoa, heather, calm down. she had something valid to add to the conversation. why don’t YOU get over YOURSELF? jeeze, take some midol and calm down.

Tee on

Geez get off their backs people. Ever heard of Spike Lee, Spike Jonez, and there’s some famous chef named Spike from Top Chef. They could have made it cooler to spell it spyke (smile). Congrats.

tlm on

While it is their right to name that poor baby anything they want to ……. come on ….. Spike??? That comes under the heading of child abuse!!!! Guess when you get to be a star your brain no longer functions in the rehlm of reality …. or they are just plain idiotic.

Billie Watkins Jr. on

I hope the best for Mike, Kelly, and their new son. I’ve been wondering if and when Mike will put out some new comedy. He is missed.

Billie Watkins Jr.

Hen on

Spike and Mike Myers. Come on, he’s a comedian! I’m sure it’s a joke and he just doesn’t want people to know the real name.

susan on

Could of picked a better name… { AUSTIN] but congratulations and God bless…

bex on

Yep, look it up people its an old and legitimate name.. And since when are names “reserved” for dogs. http://www.bowwow.com.au/doggynames/top20/dog_male.html

That is the top 20 dogs names, Spike isn’t on it and most of them are “people” names.

I know a lovely toddler named Spike, his brother is Ziggy and it suits him perfectly!

mazie beth on

Spike Jonze, yes. Spike Myers, well…um, not so much. but congrats all the same to the new parents.

VioletRose on

Please, Mike, let this be a joke on us and part of your sense of humor…please.

Romy on

do you think he’s joking? how did he convince his wife to go with Spike for a sweet newborn? sure if you’re a comedian it works, but for so many other things Spike Myers looks odd on a resume

journeyrox on

48 is very old for a 1st time dad. Good luck to that kid!

Person on

Wanna bet this was Mike punking the press? Betcha…

Cindy on

IT is adorable and by the time he grows up, kids like Apple and other’s will have paved the way. It won’t be like that, calm down people LOL..

eribri on

Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer was the first thing I thought of.

Anyway, Congratulations on the new arrival!

TV on

Come on people! Has nobody ever heard of the famous directors Spike Lee or Spike Jonze? Just because you hear the name commonly for a dog or cat doesn’t mean squat. You should really read up on your English history before opening your mouth unless you like to appear uncultured.

Also, your opinion on a child’s name really does not matter because it isn’t your child and has no affect whatsoever on your life. Just get over whatever hangups you may have about the name Spike and just congratulate the new parents.

Kelly on

Just the latest edition to the epidemic of celebs embarrassing the h*ll out of their children by giving them stupid names.

KRS on

As off-the-wall as the name Spike is, I gotta say I prefer it over some made-up or crazily misspelled name. At least it’s a real name/word. While it will always be a conversation piece for the guy, at least there will be no doubt as to what he’s saying or how to spell it. Congrats to the family!!

JMO on

Journeyrox – it’s not so bad. A friend of my aunt and uncles is about to be a dad at 50 of twins in about a month (very in shape doesn’t look it at allthough)!!!

oh and my neigbhor had an iguana named spike. Just remembered that lol.

Chrissy on

It’s not the worst name out there, especially from celebs. I’m surprised at how many people on here actually sound mad at their choice. It’s not like they just named your kid. It’s Mike Myers…. Is it really that shocking?

Leslee on

~bronwyn Please try to get a grip on yourself while you are chastising the rest of us uninformed people that have failed to memorize every old name known to all cultures.

By your logic, an old English name of Studs would be great, too. “Hey, Stud boy, how you doin’?” Let’s call a child Garfield and have everyone try not to conjure up a contentious lazy cat with a taste for lasagna.

Spike isn’t a deal breaker, I think Studs might rack up some substantial therapy bills.

robinepowell on

Well I send my congrats to a fellow Canuck, Spike, really? Sorry but that’s stupid name for a kid. It’s either a nickname or a name suited for a dog. 😉

soph on

“48 is very old for a 1st time dad. Good luck to that kid!”


Anonymous on

they’re either Buff fans or All My Children fans… well congrats to them either way…

hs on

I love how people complain about unique names. While I would never choose the name Spike for my child, it’s much better than Earl, Penelope, Lola… Sure, Michael, Emily, James, Elizabeth are beautiful names, but everyone has them! Some people would rather think outside the box and not give there kid the same name to share with two other children in their class. How many people have an aunt/sister named Carol, Susan, Jessica, or Jennifer? Oh and lets not forget all of the Uncle John’s out there.

juppa on

I really hope they only tell the press that they named the child Spike, and in private they call him William, or Johnny, or Brian (he’s Canadian after all, eh)

LOL on

Why didn’t he just name him Shrek?!?!?

Boo-Boo on

Why are unintelligent people who only THINK they are funny, allowed to breed?

MollyF on

All I can say is a lot of you guys here (not all) are bullies. You’re mean spirited and hateful. That’s all I have to say.

Ratty on

Um, hello. The kid’s not going to get bullied in the playground. He’ll be going to school with other celebrity kids with equally unusual names. If they’d called him John, then I’d be worried.

cara on

Spike Milligan was a very famous British/Irish comedian, maybe he called the baby after him !

melinda on

what the hell, he’s not a dog, it seems like people knowadays, especially celebrities are naming their kids after dogs, what the hell, maybe i should name my child milo or spot, but i think milo’s taken.

MollyF on

cara, I think that might be it. I think Mike was a fan of The Goon Show, which Spike Milligan was a member of (along with Peter Sellers). I know Mike loves a lot of British humor. That would be a good name to honor one of the best (and underrated IMHO) British comedic actors.

T on

Seriously ?

SPIKE ? What a dumb name !

Was he watching a “BUFFY” marathon non-stop and thought it would be a good name for his kid ? YEESH !

Michael Jr., Sean or Peter would have been a good name..not something one would put for a dog or a evil vampire.

What IS going on in those celebs heads ??!!! Sticking their kids with stupid names that the kid(s) will have to live with for the rest of their lives….like Apple, Pilot Inspektor, Moon Unit…

Well, at least it’s not Shrek.

kgirl42 on

Wouldn’t be surprised if Spike is just the kid’s nickname, if not a total joke on the media. I would have assumed he’d name his son Eric to honor his father…

Sarah S. on

@kgirl42…I was thinking the exact same thing!!

Mia on

The name is growing on me-I actually kind of like it + think Spike Myers sounds like a strong name–Congrats!

TGirl on

Love the name…In fact that is my 6 year olds name…

Gal Capone on

Spichael Meyers…..Bwahahahaha. That was funny.

Anonymous on

I like it.

Ali on

Spike might be a dogs name but, at least he didn’t name him Adam Sandlers ol dogs name which was Meatball..

Anonymous on

A friend of mine had hamsters named Spike and Mike.

Cat on

Guess what people….their baby…their choice! Is it really that much of a travesty for some??? Give me a break! There are more important things in this country to deal with other than what name they chose for their baby….Really?…

Heather on

That’s my dog’s name! I love my dog, so I have good connotations with it.

joseph salemi on

i really like mike and i personally think that spike is a great name.please be my friend mike:3