Ali Landry Shares Her Baby Must-Haves

09/29/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Spantman Photography

Ali Landry may not be ready for labor, but she has been spending a lot of time thinking about what she wants for the new baby.

So much so that the expectant actress has created, a product review site where real moms can share their thoughts on baby and child products.

“[After seeing] all of the fabulous things out there that are going to make my life as a mom easier, I’ve already put together my wish list of products that I want for my little one on the way and for Estela,” Landry shared.

One of the mom-to-be’s top picks is the So-Ro Cradle (left), an award-winning wooden cradle that is designed to gently rock your baby back and forth.

“The So-Ro cradle is so beautiful,” she said. “And if it can help to soothe my newborn, then it’s a winner.”

Some of Landry’s other mommy must-haves include the Honey Dumplings padded buckwheat baby mat and Simple Wishes hands-free pumping bra.

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hollguest on

Ali seems very sweet and her daughter is adorable! But she also seems kind of stepford wife-ish, always looks so perfect and put together.

Me on

Ali’s little girl is beautiful! 🙂

I think the So Ro Cradle looks like a project not quite complete.

amw on

who cares about this Doritos commercial girl? it seems like shes keeping herself a “celeb” by being a mom.

Sarah S. on

I love that cradle–wish I had one for my 2 children when they were babies. Old-fashioned idea, but in a new design.

annachestnut on

not a real zebra skin is it?

MumWhoReads on

The website is incomplete and a mess. There is no way to actually rate or endorse any products looks like a big ad to me. Getting to the page with the products is tricky and there are only 10 listed and nothing that I would be interested in.

Take it from a mom who does extensive research on she buys, this website is of very little to no use.

meg on

An $800 cradle that will be used for less than 6 months. Yes, very practicable.

amie on

That So-Ro cradle is $800! It’s a winner for a baby with a silver spoon in its mouth.

sara on

Ali Landry Shares Her List of Baby Products She is Being Paid to Endorse.

Y on

That cradle is ugly IMO…but it looks like it would be pretty easy to make with a couple pieces of plywood..would probably cost $15 to make it

La La Outlandish on

What an unsafe design. Baby’s need airflow around them to reduce the risk of SIDS/cot death. Someone should tell this woman she’s irresponsible for promoting this product. THUMBS DOWN!

guest on

Ali always helps people and shares what she has learned-she seems down to earth and Ive heard her openly talk about all the same stuff every day women worry about

tlc on

I’d like to know what qualifies Ali as an expert in baby products anyway? She’s a commercial actress/model with no background or schooling for anything child related. She’s a all of us moms. Not a professional.

I agree, she is paid to endorse these products and I also find her to be very “stepford” like. Is Estela ever allowed to play? Every single photo you see is of her dressed to the nines with bows in her hair and a fancy dress/shoes. I would bet my farm that Estela has never played in the sand or gotten her hands on a mudpie. First the nursery that looked like a satin factory exploded combined with a sterile hospital room and now she’s endorsing products!!!

Why we hold these celebs in so high regard is beyond me!

NYC_Nona on

That cradle is very unattractive looking to say the least…the tacky ’70s fake wood look turns me off about it…def. not worth $800 IMO…

Estela is beautiful though! Best wishes for a healthy arrival for the new little one…

Tracey on

Ali Landry was not paid to endorse Honeydumplings Buckwheat Baby Mat! We are thrilled that she was kind enough to include our product in our must have list. Honeydumplings is a Canadian company that does not have a budget for celebrity endoresments. We appreciate that Ms. Landry simply thought to endorse us!…Thank you Ali!

elisabeth on

That cradle has to be the ugliest tackiest thing I’ve ever seen. Not only that but there’s no air flow on the sides yeah it looks safe to me. It looks like the tables and desks they have in schools.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see that eyesore to be pulled off the market.

Lisa on

Not liking the cradle either, but it would make a pretty good toy box in the closet.

Rhi on

So that’s what happened to that desk I had in the 90s…