Kevin Federline Introduces Daughter Jordan Kay

09/27/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
GSI Media

It’s the look of love!

Former backup dancer and rapper Kevin Federline and girlfriend Victoria Prince are the proud new parents of 6-week-old daughter Jordan Kay, and the happy couple showed off their little one during an evening beach trip recently.

Enjoying some time in Santa Barbara, Calif., the couple cuddled with their baby girl before taking a stroll along the shoreline to watch the sun set.

Federline’s other four children — sons Jayden, 5, and Preston, 6, with ex-wife Britney Spears and son Kaleb, 7, and daughter Kori, 9, with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson — weren’t along for the family fun, though they did take their own trip to the shore shortly before welcoming their new baby sister in August.

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ForeverMoore on

Cute! She’s a big girl! Poor little thing needs some sunglasses though ๐Ÿ˜€ Love all the dark hair!

Monika on

Victoria’s already dropped the baby weight, too bad we can’t say the same for Kevin :0P . Cute baby (love the full head of spiky dark hair) and chubby cheeks.

kelley on

is that the wind or did K Fed grow a tummy too?

Sandy on

I’m not a fan of any of the people involved or has been involved with this guy (nor am I fan of him)
That disclaimer out of the way lol

I think it’s kind of an awkward photo with his hand placement and his body looks funny. Just weird for an obviously posed picture.

However Congrats on the baby and wow she has a lot of hair!!

Mallory on

Oh wow, look at all that hair. She is a beautiful baby, which isn’t surprising because Victoria is gorgeous, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Alexis on

Look at all that hair!

Alyssa on

Wow…Kevin sure has changed over the years.

Y on

He looks like he just had the baby….

Lyssa on

What a sweet baby, with lots of black hair, too cute.

btw i think Kevin’s pregnant…

Kelli on

I’m expecting the following headline on People:
He’s Done It! Super Sperm Federline has Impregnated Himself!

BTW-Jordan’s a doll ๐Ÿ™‚

Lexi on

Gorgeus baby. Kevin looks like he just had a baby not Victoria she looks great though.

Lillian on

How nice of them to call the paps so we can witness this photo-op(cough) intimate family moment.

Mandy on

One thing that we as humans forget is how damaging words can be. I would ask everyone to please think about how words might affect another person. The celebrities themselves do see this site, so it might be damaging for them to come see all the horrible things people write about them. I know first hand how bad words can hurt.

Jillian on

Cute picture and that baby has a ton of hair!

Fyi, instead of assigning names incorrectly to people on this site, you guys should spend more time proof reading your articles ๐Ÿ™‚

Signed, Not Jillian

Grace on

@Mandy: I’m not really interested in whether my words hurt the feelings of a famewhore. And we’re all adults here, we don’t need a lecture from you on how we should act.

Stacey on

Looks like Kevin hasn’t lost all the baby weight yet…his girlfriend looks much better…cute baby though

Lissette on

I am a different Mandy, I would like to clarify that first of all.

I am sorry, but everyone is speaking the truth, Kevin should be focused on getting healthy for his newest child and the other 4 he already has. They all need him for many, many years and he should be putting that ahead of everything else.

He used to be skinny, I remember back with Britney and when he was a dancer….he needs to quit the lifestyle he has now because it is obviously not a healthy one.

The baby is cute, but she is big….I hope she doesn’t take after her father.

Remmy on

Sad to see so much discrimination against a not-so-slim person. In my opinion he’s not even that big. I wonder what you creeps think of really obese people. Hope you’re not raising your kids with your way of thinking.

Erin on

And yet some of you folks would be the same people screaming if anyone called out a woman for being heavy. If you wouldn’t say it to his face, maybe you should consider zipping it.

Beeno on

what is the likelihood that Kevin’s 5th dividend will inspire him to seek gainful employment?

Mandy on

Wow Federline sure got fat and greasy

Keli on

I agree with remmy. No wonder there are so many kids being bullies now a days. Look at how some of you so called parents bully these celebrities. Granted they might not ever see your comments, thats not the point. You say mean harsh things and its ok so your kids will think its ok and its not. Yes we all have opinions and are able to express them but its also in the way you do it. I really cant get over the nit picking and meanness thats done whether its done on a computer or in real life. Its called respect. And I highly doubt that EVERY single one of you people who are bashing him are so slim and perfect yourselves. Its easy to sitbehind a computer and say whatever you want whether Its true or false.

Sorry for the rant but my 7 year old is going through having bullies at school and when teachers question the bullies they say ” my mommy says I can.” In my eyes its wrong and they really need to do something about it.

smile on

Yes, it might not be Kevin’s first child, Congrats to him and to Victoria for the birth of her “first” child!

lol on

is he pregnant?

emily on

Hey Kelley, that can’t be the wind cause their hair isn’t moving at all. That’s belly.

I just don’t get how he gets his women.

Brooke on

Victoria looks fantastic. Kevin?? Yeah……..

eribri on

I’m not judging his weight because that’s not my business, although I hope he gets in a healthier lifestyle since he has a lot of kids & I’m sure he wants to be there for them. He seems like a great father regardless of what people think of him as a person.

Helen on

K-Fed is expecting triplets this winter.

kendrajoi on

I just think it’s gross how he has two kids who are the same age by two different women. Sean Preston and Kaleb are both 6….

Christi on

I wonder what you discriminating people would do if you bumped into Kevin Federline in the grocery store? Would you tell him he needs to lose weight? That he’s a fame whore? Or maybe you would tell him to quit riding Britney’s coat tails. I seriously doubt anyone would say anything.

Although he is a “celebrity” because of who he married, he is still a person with feelings & while he probably has gotten used to the negativity it still hurts. It goes back to the old saying when you were a child….”if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it”. Now like I say to my children…BEHAVE!

Congrats to Kevin & Victoria on their newest blessing. She has 4 older siblings that are probably spoiling her & adoring her.

Toya L. on

I wish there was a better photo of her but she looks to be a cutie with a head full of hair. I can tell from this post and others in the past posts, the type of kids that were/are raising children like the kid(s) Elisabeth R. talked about in her latest blog post, yet she was criticized (even though she didn’t name names and comments on here are towards a person(s) (in)directly shown in the posts). Oh and there are plenty of innocent celeb kids who are talked about in the guise of “their parent(s) are a celeb so….”. Congrats to them!

Amanda K on

Cute baby and Mom is beautiful as ever. Kevin looks horrible. Bad hair do for him. I also don’t get how you go from having a lean dancer’s body to this? Not healthy or attractive.

Grace on

@Keli: You’re very confused about the definition of the word bully. Insulting someone in the comments section on a blog is not bullying, and to claim that it is bullying is an insult to people who truly are bullied.

@Christi: Your arrogance in believing that you get to dictate to other adults how they get to act is astounding. Get over yourself. And too bad if Kevin doesn’t like what’s being said here. If he’s narcissistic enough to go searching the Internet for articles about himself then he deserves what he gets.

soph on

Save it, Christi. No one here is your child.

martina on

People can say whatever they want – but Kevin obviously has something that is very attractive to women. Victoria is gorgeous, and she seems perfectly fine with Kevin’s look!

Romy on

Kevin probably wants to get paid to lost weight again, like celebrity fit club. maybe he wants to endorse something.

Mandy on

This is why there is so much hate in the world and discrimination. You guys are teaching this to your children. We need to stop the cycle of it. If your children hear you saying this stuff they think it’s OK and get confused when you tell them no. Lead by example and they will follow. Tolerance for everyone being different.

If you wouldn’t want to hear it told to you then don’t say it someone else or about someone else. We need to be nicer to everyone. I’m glad to see I’m not the only ones wishing for a better world. I don’t care whether or not he deserves it.

Mandy on

Does anyone know if there is someone to contact with regards to how my name is posted on here?

Now my home computer is also posting me as ‘Lissette’ and that is NOT me. My name is Mandy and not the rude one posting on this page.

I work at a library though and so its a public ip address.

But there shouldn’t be a reason it is also here at my home.

The baby is really cute. I wonder if she’s going to look more like her mom or her dad. I really hope more like mom for her sake. Haha. And that she’s not chunky. Kevin, why don’t you join a gym or Weight Watchers? You need to get that in check so you don’t have serious health problems in the years to come.

Katie on

She lost all the baby weight and gave it to K Fed! Baby is darling!

Toya L. on

Oh well guess my comment didn’t get posted! = ) congrats to them!

Mandy on

Keli on

I’m sorry but if kids or even adults ask a male child when his due date is or implies hes pregnant because hes a bit heavier is a form of verbal bullying to me. what makes it so different because hes a grown man. It has no age limits.

My brother went though kinda the same thing growing up and he wasnt fat just was going through growth spurts. He would get a little chunky for a few months and then shoot up like half a foot and look normal. He actually had a janator at school rub his belly and say ohh I feel him kicking. A few kids saw it happen and instead of feeling bad or anything they just joined in so for a few months he had his peers make comments on his weight and seeing how it affected him was so sad. He didn t deserve that. He was eight.

So maybe I am wrong and just bitter because this kinda stuff hits close to my heart but I feel its wrong to make those kind of comments. Im sorry but it sucks

gimma a break on

-Y “He looks like he just had the babyโ€ฆ.”

HAHAHA, good one. He needs to tie his tubes.

Kait on

K Fed looks like he will be the first man to have a baby.

traci on

How does he get the ladies he gets??? The fact that he hooked 3 pretty good looking ladies with his apparent attitude and laziness about life astounds me.

Beautiful baby:) He does seem to create beautiful kiddies:)

dsfg on

“And weโ€™re all adults here, we donโ€™t need a lecture from you on how we should act.”

Actually, Grace, many of the comments on here sound like they came from children.

Marky on

Some of you posters are so incredibly rude, and then you actually defend your right to be so? Are you nuts? There are children killing themselves because of the same sort of bullying, and it is anything but clever. Wow, you must have been raised by wolves to be so hateful; and that’s on the baby site! It’s worse on the other sites. Sad, sad, sad….

Congratulations to the couple–beautiful baby and nice name! I guess those of you claiming KF is riding on Britney’s coattails forgot Keven stepped up and did a great job (and still does) raising their boys, when Britney was, and has been, dealing with mental illness. Hmmmm….

Vanessa on

5 kids under 8 with three different women. Boy love comes and goes fast.

Ellen Smith on

Well, we know she won’t be saying “see you when you get home from work, dear!”

Jules on

when is this man going to quit reproducing?

Tams on

I usually don’t comment on these things but wow, some of you people are so rude. I’m not a fan of K-Fed but who are you to comment on such personal matters as weight and the number of children he has. I think as long as all parties involved are happy…let it be. Besides, no one is perfect….

Janna on

@traci “How does he get the ladies he gets??? The fact that he hooked 3 pretty good looking ladies…….”

So you wouldn’t be surprised if the women he hooked up with were UGLY? I guess ugly women would be lucky to get him, but good looking ladies are too good for him?

Shallow much?

Alex on

Grace, you need to wake up to yourself. The post is about this couple and their newborn baby. Not an avenue for you to mock them. Supposedly you are drop dead gorgeous. Yes Kevin’s put on weight, so what? It’s really none of your business.

mrscabrera on

I don’t care about his weight, I care about the fact he has no job and he just made a 5th kid. If he were in the real world doing this, no one would care to say how cute his kid was, they would be angry this woman and the other women have to support their own kids solely because he’s a deadbeat.

Helen on

He must be a star in the sack.

s on

kevin is really fat but his little girl sure is beautiful

Terri on

That baby has a ton of hair, wow! Such dark, thick hair.

alicejane on

Thank you Marky!! It’s sad that people think just because they are adults, or because the subjects are celebrities, they have the right to say hateful things about them. How can anyone expect their child to treat people with respect when they don’t show any themselves? It baffles me.

My sister (who I love, but needs to grow up) recently told me over the phone that she doesn’t like a friend of mine because she is “funny-looking.” She said this while my 3 year old nephew was in the room, and he is a sponge for the things we say around him right now. I couldn’t believe she would say that to me to begin with, much less when her kid was around.

Anyway, congratulations to Kevin, Victoria, and the whole family on baby Jordan! What a head of hair, wow!!

annie on

the dude has five different kids from three different women. I’m sure going on here and seeing a bunch of strangers call him fat isn’t going to hurt his feelings, pretty sure he’s probably heard it all by now LOL.

Dee on

Kevin hasn’t lost his “sympathy weight”…so what?

Get a grip people…..and lets save the nasty remarks for another time and place.

Adorable baby….I wish I could have bounced back like that after I gave birth ๐Ÿ™‚

kat on

someone needs to give that man a vasectomy.

maryse on

Should’nt we all be used to it by now,we are living in a very backwords society where people are judged by their weight,how much money you have,how big your house,your car is.Something happened to our society somewhere along the way,we are a mean,uncaring and very uncivilized.Our children have no manners,we are raising little basdards who have no scrupples,who dont know what love is.And I guess alot of us think its all good??

Jen on

Kevin needs to get a job and support this family that he’s creating. If he wasn’t a celebrity he wouldn’t have a choice but to pay child support and get a job unless he went on welfare. These women need to wake up and see what a deadbeat he is. I’m not being mean just realistic. What kind of man doesn’t financially takes care of his kids, he lets the women in his life take care of him and the kids. Discusting!

Stephanie on

I too am not a fan of “K-Fed”. He has climbed the fame ladder. I hope he sincerely loves and cares for all of his children. He seems a bit reckless. His baby and significant other are pretty and cute. I just hope they don’t get left in the dust for his next fame venture. Perhaps he has finally grown up.

Mel on

@ Jen

How do you know he doesn’t support his family? If the roles were reversed and Kevin was rich he would have paid Britney, that just how it works. As for being a deadbeat, both Britney and Shar have said he’s a great father. Just because we don’t see pictures of him with the kids all the time doesn’t mean he’s not with them.

Autumn on

beautiful baby and for the love of whoever…MEAT on a person is not a bad thing

annon2 on

seriously…no one should be judged on the way they look!! yes he may not have made some of the best choices, but really ?

i agree with the comments about there being so much bullying around these days. look at the way you people are talking about someone you dont even know…and expect your kids to grow up to respect, if that?! BS !!!!!

let them be happy, let them be…

adorable baby girl and precious name!

Jenn on

WHEN IS KEVIN DUE? He looks like he’s about to pop any day now.

Ms. Button on

Wow. We so love to bicker about what’s appropriate and whether or not we are ruining our children based on how we feel about various celebrities. I may just be speaking for myself, but I think it’s perfectly fine to have snarky thoughts about celebrities while teaching your kids the value of respect and diversity.

Yeah, K-Fed has pudged out, that’s apparent, and yeah, he has hella kids. If my sister wanted to date him, I would probably warn her that he’s been around the block a few times. He’s still cute and likely as useful as he’s ever been, but why would someone think that I’d share my thoughts on pudgy former back-up dancers with my 3 y/o?

I don’t read celebrity magazines b/c I hero-worship the rich and famous. Sometimes I really like the person on the cover (say… Johnny Depp) and sometimes I just want to see what the latest hot mess is up to because I’m bored. Some of us are saving up our snark all week just so we can look at a celeb site and wonder how many Real Housewives of WhereEver it takes to change a lightbulb. And if they even know what a lightbulb is, anyway.

We’re a snarky species, and I think I do a great job of being loving, open-minded and teaching my children acceptance and tolerance of others, so what if I want to pass quiet judgment on manufactured people I will never meet?

jess on

Ahh Lovely,
Another child for Britney Spears to support and provide for.

Can anyone tell me how any of this is fair?

Noura on

All the celebrity are having a boy this year!!!

marie on

ew kevin looks a mess.

Niki on

Give this man a condom!!!!!!

Silly Silly on

Okay, I am not a hater or anything, but seriously – he has FIVE children now. I guess he must have something super special about him that attracts good looking women to want to have more babies with him. He can’t get a job because he has to visit all his children!

bronxbootylicious on

how da hell does he take care of all these kids???? Britney’s money. Still a dead beat dad!!

janet on

how proud they must be…poor britney,another mouth too feed,get a job k fed!!!

JessA on

The baby is a doll, but I find the picture to look “staged.” Kevin looks like he doesn’t know what to do with his arms ?? Not to mention he looks horrible, over weight and not put together.

Kacie on

WTF. Kevin needs to go to rehab for food addiction.

Rhi on

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana

I don’t care what he looks like but it just seems like this poor girl is another single mother in the making. He’s only 33 and he has 5 children across 3 different women and none are even over 10 yet. How long will it be before K-fed leaves her for some young, [momentarily] childless girl?

People can say “Oh he’s a great Dad” but I feel like if he was great he’d either take it upon himself to get a vasectomy or go abstinent for a few years so he doesn’t end up needing to co-ordinate a football team worth of mothers just to have a sibling get-together.

I love my sibling but I still wouldn’t want my Dad to be out there having babies with a new woman every year or two.

Lucy on

when is kevin due?

Kim on

Wow Christi! Since when did my Mother give you the right to tell me to behave? Oh wait, that’s right, she didn’t. I have to say I agree with a lot of people here in saying that Kevin does look a bit like he may have just had the baby himself. Now in saying that, I am a big woman myself, but, I also have a lot of respect for myself and the way I carry myself. It’s just my opinion. I’m not saying it to be a “bully” or anything like that.

Congratulations to the couple. She is a beautiful baby!

andi on

im not really sure why everyone is always so quick to pick on kevin. dumba$$ britney needs to be thankful that he is such a good dad while she was having her psycho phase. does anyone stop to think that maybe the reason that he and britney split was because she has issues?? britney’s parents have a great relatonship with him, too. they know he is a good father, and probably also realize that he had little to do with the failed marriage. he is a loving father to his kids and that is what matters the most. he was definately the most stable thing in his kids lives while britney was out showing her crotch around town. i applaud kevin for being a loving, hands-on dad.

Jade on

You would think at some point Kevin Federline would quit having children he cannot support. His only source of income, which he clearly is EATING, is from Britney Spears. And what do women see in him? He’s trailer trash; hmmm on second thought maybe he’s a carpet muncher.

riccilo on

He’ll be the next fat “star” to attempt weight loss on DWTS.

Renee on

I loved K-fed in the Nationwide commercials! It is common knowledge that he has struggled with his weight and depression for years, even being on a celeb weight loss show. The new baby is beautiful. I am sure people will be asking Miss Spears how she likes financially supporting another child…


can someone get this man a vasectomy, good lord use some common sense for once, wait he doesn’t have that ability I don’t think.

Debb on

ok, when a lilltle comes into this world we all welcome them with open arms, she is a beautifull lil princess. Now question of the day; does KF take care of his other children? with each female that has been in his life each one of them have children by him, to me it seems as if he’s happy with both the mother and the children at the time but then it all fizzles out and he moves on. @Renee I fill you, I think if he gets a job the weight wouldnt be a problem. @Beeno, if KP hasnt gotten a j.o.b yet I dont see him getting one not when he has someone else paying the bills

Cuddy on

U know, I’m surprised how some people try to defend K-Fat and his body trouble! Someone said he raised his boys when Britney had mental problems. Yeah, right! And after that both boys were heard saying sh!t anf f**k in public. Now, you were saying about him being a good daddy? I’m outraged actually how he behaved with Brit when she was pregnant or shortly before and after their wedding, so stop sayin he was soo good and so loving. He was the reason w Brit lost her grip. Instead of supporting her after giving birth to Sean Preston he kept parting with whores spending h e r money! She truly loved him and he disgraced her feelings! No wonder she kinda went insane for a bit. Who wouldn’t? He’s an ordinary womanizer-baby maker who lives on money that Britney pays him. He has 5 kids and good luck for this poor baby-girl whose father is irresponsible and unemployed and who doesn’t even try to find a job and become better!
I hope, i really do, that this gorgeous little princess will be happy and that Victoria will take really good care of her! She’s so beautiful! And, Victoria, I hope you’ll leave this man as soon as you can. He’s noooo good either for you or for your adorable baby!

amanda on

The more kids he has… the more money he gets from these dumb girls.

Marie on

Looks like the child support Britney pays is going to Kevin’s stomach.

Dee on

It’s amazing how people will use a keyboard and computer screen to voice their innermost feelings but if made to face the people they are belittling, putting down and slamming, would they be so quick to do so? It appalls me that people can be so judgmental and worse they think they are the ‘authorities’ on every person and subject that exists. Putting down others won’t serve any purpose other than to show how ignorant we are.

Shannon on

Precious baby girl. Look at all that hair. Victoria is/was an athlete so I’m not surprised she snapped right back into shape.

Lill on

who exactly cares about kevin federlines baby??? who is kevin federline except brit’s ex husband and why in gods name do you consider him famous???