Family Photo: The Alba-Warren’s Breakfast Club

09/27/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Splash News Online

Little lady in leather!

Fashionista Honor Warren falls in line behind her parents — actress Jessica Alba and Cash Warren — as the trio head to Nate ‘n Al‘s for breakfast in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Saturday.

The 3-year-old has been spending lots of solo time with Alba, 30, and Warren since welcoming her new baby sister Haven Garner on August 13.

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Hea on

Do they ever take the baby out? Who is she with?

biddie on

Jessica seems like such a mean, strict mom

ann on

WOW…imagine having all that free time away from your baby? When mine was a newborn…I didn’t leave her side! I don’t think celebs realize how good they actually have it. Does Jessica realize that mothers of newborns hardly leave the house?

Shawna on

Wow, when I had babies they went everywhere with me. What kind of family goes out for breakfast and leaves one of their children at home? Must be nice to a star so you can pick and choose when you actually want to be a parent.

Delilah on

Hey! It’s Bubbles!! I have the cat for my son..he loves loves loves him (only we dont call him bubbles)

Joyful on

Lovely photo catching their family outing! Please folks enjoy the moment captured and stop suggesting such negative possibilities! They are doing what is best for them not you!

Megan on

She has already said her mom helps out, and I’m sure they have a babysitter anyway. They haven’t released photos yet, of course they would leave Haven at home otherwise it would be a paparazzi frenzy. It’s also very important to spend time alone with your other child/ren because they often act out when a new baby arrives and most of your time and energy is for the infant. As moms I would assume all of you would know that already?

I think it’s great that they are making sure Honor is getting the time with both of them that she is used to. Plus it’s nice to get out of the house! Seems like people always have something to complain about here, it gets really old.

Marilyn on

Maybe she’s got some deal with a magazine so they don’t want the baby’s picture taken by paparazzi.

Jillian on

Biddie, what makes you think so?

Hea, not sure if it’s true but I read the Grandma has been staying with them and helping out.

I think it’s great to spend time with one child. The percentage we see them without the baby is small if you think about it. I am expecting again and I plan on spending as much as I can with my daughter. I also understand why they would want to protect the privacy of their newborn from the paps.

sara on

Hea, why would they take the baby to a restaurant? She can’t eat the food. The only thing she’d be able to do there is annoy the other patrons. Is there something wrong with doing things with just their other child? Older children often feel neglected and abandoned when a new baby is born. I think it’s great that they do things with her alone. It’ll mean she won’t resent her sister as she gets older.

Obviously they have someone to take care of her while they’re out, whether it’s a nanny or a relative. What do you think happens – do you think they leave her home alone?

And biddie (perfect name, by the way), what evidence do you have of that?

V on

Oh yeah, so mean and strict?!?! Seriously. We get a mere glimpse into these people’s lives — in words and pictures. There’s no telling.

And, if I was hounded by the paps, I’d wait as long as possible before taking my new baby out and about.

Love the adoring look that Honor’s giving her mama.

Kristin on

I absolutely love the way Honor is looking at her mom. Such a cute photo.

Reese on

There have been about a handful of photographs of Jessica out with Honor since Haven was born. That in no way means she’s abandoning her youngest like so many of you think.

When I had my second child, I did the same thing and I’m not a celebrity. It was nice to get out of the house for an hour or two and, more importantly, it gave me one on one time with my older son.

But of course, the logical explanation is that Jessica’s a dictator in that household and hates her baby.

Cassie on

Wow. Why does everyone have to be so catty and mean? All assumptions based on photos nonetheless. Get a grip, honestly. Such anger and hatred over people you don’t even know personally.

Great picture though. Awesome to see that they devote solo time with Honor – I’m sure the transition has been tough enough being the sole child for a while.

ForeverMoore on

Maybe Honor is having a hard time adjusting to the new baby…that’s a definite possibility and not at all uncommon…her parents could be just making sure she gets a lot of solo time to help her adjust. On another note, I’d love to see a photo of Haven!

Ashley on

Honor actually is kind of cute here 🙂

Hea on

@- sara – It’s just that I’ve seen them out a lot since the baby was born but she’s never been with them. I just hope she’s not ill or something.

Lissette on

They seem to be spending a lot of time away from the new baby. Or else…… maybe they are not being photographed EVERY SINGLE MOMENT and for the very few pictures they post here they are back at home.

People need to lighten up.

J on

So based on photos alone Jessica is a mean strict mom and they have pretty much abandoned their other child. People are ridiculous with all the assumptions made from photos alone.

Day on

See I find it crazy that people have this assumption about her parenting because she doesn’t want a whole bunch of random men taking pictures of newborn child. But if she did have Haven out all the time you all would say that she’s exploiting her like everyone says about the other celebs that take their newborns out. So really it’s a lose-lose situation.

Julie on

In an awful lot of the recent pictures, Jessica is carrying either a lunch box or a book bag… so the paps are catching Honor being picked up/dropped off at school or activities. That’s not very exciting though, so we need to create some mystery about “where is the baby?!?!?”

AmandaC on

I can’t wait to see a picture of Haven, I bet she’s beautiful. I too adore the way Honor is looking at her mom!

K on

I wonder if they are simply trying to protect the newborn. Photographers can be vicious. If I remember correctly, Pink and her husband Carey actually released photos of their daughter to try and prevent so much attention from paparazzi. I think it’s great that Jessica is spending some alone time with Honor.

cn tower on

Marilyn, I think you are right. OK magazine’s next cover features Jessica and both children.

Mimz on

Cash is holding Bubbles the cat

Jordan on

I’m starting to think she didn’t actually have another baby!

Dee on

Why would you not take the baby to breakfast? Not being snarky it just does seem rather odd.

KLS on

@sara, your comments clearly show that you are such a miserable and bitter woman. Step away from the computer and try to find yourself some love and happiness which you are obviously lacking. I truly feel sad for you that you have to sit and pounce on other posters to feel better about yourself. You’re nothing more than a pathetic bully.

JRW on

What REESE said…

Court on

Seriously. Yes they are out a lot without Haven. BUT everyone needs to remember there’s more than one day in a week. They may have special time that they leave Haven at home to make sure Honor gets mommy and daddy time (:

Mermaid on

What’s Cash wearing on his back? It looks like a baby, but it’s a stuffed doll? Cash should be wearing Haven on his back.

sara on

Oh KLS, honey, you are adorable.

Hea on

@ Cassie – If you call this thread of comments catty and mean and that we who write here are angry and hateful… You obviously need to use a dictionary. Or get yourself a reality check. This is a thread with a few questions as to why they leave their brand new baby with someone else. It could be for many reasons and all I wondered, for example, was if perhaps the baby is sick. Other than that, I have seen no worse.

I come from a “culture” or rather society where it’s not common to leave your newborn with a sitter or whatever. Nannies are hardly existant and parents get a year of paid leave from work or whatever to care for their baby. After that, most people put their kids in pre-school. To me, this is new and a bit odd and I am NOT being mean asking.

Hea on

@ Mermaid – I think what you see is a person walking behind Cash?

Sarah K. on

Hea, Jessica mentioned that her parents and her in-laws are staying with them so the baby is probably with family.

Besides, most of the pictures we’ve seen are of Jessica taking Honor to school or to the doctor, etc. The pictures we see cover mere minutes (even seconds) every few days. That obviously leaves a lot of time where Jessica could be with the baby.

ChloeRAWR! on

Not to be a negative bitch or anything.

But is it just me or have they been going out a LOT with no baby?

I can understand not wanting to show her baby off and such, just seems a little strange to me is all.

I’m sure she’s a good mum though.