Spotted: Pete Wentz and Bronx Park It

09/26/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

A day of play!

With 2½-year-old son Bronx Mowgli on his hip and a bag of toys in his hand, Pete Wentz was ready to hit the park in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday.

Also along for the fun? Wentz’s new girlfriend, model Meagan Camper.

“It’s really new and they are taking it slow because there is a little boy at stake,” a source tells PEOPLE of their budding relationship.

“He didn’t want to introduce Bronx to her if he didn’t think she was a good girl.”

Mom Ashlee Simpson is on vacation in Mexico, after attending the Emmys with boyfriend Vincent Piazza.

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smiley on

Bronx always has the biggest smile on his face when is he with his daddy!!

Sara on

Goodness look at those curls! What a cute kid 🙂

Hea on

“a good girl”? What is she? Five?

RKF on

@Hea – I would assume he only means he wants to make sure she is a good individual before introducing her to his son. Kind of hard to misconstrue what he was saying…

Hea on

Well it wasn’t Pete who said it.

asslee on

Well, at least Pete is looking after Bronx, while Ashlee is off on vacation with her “boyfriend”. No one seemed to be alarmed when there were pic’s of Ashlee and her boyfriend with Bronx at least a month ago…

ecl on

I assume that Hea understood the sentiment of what was said, but found the phrasing to be offensive. Because it is.

emily on

I’m confused…how on earth is saying
“good girl” offensive? Is it because people feel bored unless offended by something nowadays?

It’s a term of endearment, to refer to a woman as a girl. I’ve heard women say “boy” in reference to men as well. Life’s not that serious.

Anon on

Yeah, no one would mind if anyone said ‘ … unless he was a good guy.’ Same diff

Jennifer on

I honestly think that Pete has his son’s best interest at heart more than Ashlee does. Megan is Pete’s first girlfriend since his divorce, and Ashlee has had at least 4 or 5 boyfriends. Which probably means to me that Pete pays more attention to his son. While Ashlee is out screwing almost every guy she sees, and is not paying any attention to her son…AT ALL!!!

I think that Pete should get full custody of his son so Ashlee can continue to go though men like water. I don’t think that Ashlee is a good role model for her son, and it would seem to me by her actions the she didn’t want her son in the first place.

Hea on

@ ecl – Exactly, thank you! I think the term “good girl” and “good boy” is reserved for dogs as it sounds undermining in my ears. The whole “good girl” mentality is obnoxious and creates gender stereotypes that society needs to work with and move on from. Especially when you’re talking about adult people.

Gossip on

@Jennifer and anyone else who gets it confused that dating more than one
person means you are intimate with each! You are so limited and too bad you do not get invited out often by different men who may be interested in getting to spend time with you! You are a waiting on the one, most of us are not. We go when the invitation interest us and to check out the possibility! You are the loser not Ashlee! And you are just speaking about something you do not know for sure!

mimi on

@Jennifer, EXACTLY!!!!

She’s always been a partier and a bad drunk (youtube Ashlee Simpson and fast food restaurant) and we see BX with his daddy more than his mommy. She tried to get sole custody of him while making Pete pay child support when she should really get off her ass and work! How is she even affording this vacation anyway, she hasn’t worked in years. I guess it pays to have a sister with a company worth a billion dollars huh?????

I dont like Pete as a musician (Believers never Die), but he has definately stepped up his behaivor in regards to being a dad. His son always looks so happy to be with him and he’s a little cutie pie isn’t he.

Sarah K. on

Um what? How would you know Ashlee is a bad mother? That’s a completely baseless and it’s a ridiculous thing to say. The reality is that you have no clue how much time Bronx spends with either parent. You don’t know what Ashlee does on her dates and you don’t know if Bronx spends time with her dates. You look a few paparazzi shots and think you know these people enough to suggest that Ashlee doesn’t even want her son? Wow.

mimi on

I never said she was a bad mother, just that we see Pete with the baby more than her. And paparazzi spend all day following these people around for a living, and when you see a different photo of a person everyday, you kind of get the hint. At the end of it all, I’m just happy to see Pete with his kid being so happy because it wasn’t that long ago, he was an emotional wreck. And this isn’t my opinion, its stated fact by him.

Don’t be sanctimonious because we have opinions on what we see when we come to this site. How many Pete and Bronx photo’s do you see as opposed to Ashlee and Bronx?????

Sarah K. on

My comment was directed towards both you and Jennifer so it was combined. So, you didn’t say the exact words “bad mother.” But, you agreed with Jennifer’s sentiments (who said Ashlee never even wanted Bronx) and you added that Ashlee has “always been a partier and a bad drunk” and that Pete spends more time with Bronx. Once again, you know this how?

You’re allowed to have opinions based on photos, but if you post your opinions I’m allowed to respond. When you make blanket statements about someone’s parenting based on pictures that are posted every couple of weeks, it is clearly baseless. We do not see pictures of Bronx everyday – it is different a weekly thing. And, here are some pictures from this site of Ashlee and Bronx for your viewing pleasure.

mimi on

It wasn’t a blanket statement and its more than just my opinion. As much as I hate to admit it, I kind of regret posting anything because every once in a while, you run across a crazy person that takes things too far and too close to the heart.

Did you really scour the internet to find photo’s that I’ve already seen, dont prove your point or change my mind? Do you have to keep commenting to try to prove me wrong instead of letting me have my opinion? And on top of that, you decide to be creepy by posting pictures from 3 to 6 months ago? Since you seem to love wasting my time and yours, find recent photos from this month and from August.

Take this “internet fight” to a whole new level and have them both tailed to prove your point! Or just get over yourself because you didn’t prove anything to me other than you have too much time on your hands 😉 Good Day!

Sarah K. on

I actually couldn’t care less about Ashlee (was never a fan), but I do think it is odd to have an opinion about someone’s parenting because you don’t see enough paparazzi pictures of them. In fact, I find it odd that an opinion like that would even cross someone’s mind when they see a paparazzi shot.

Most of the pictures are on this site and are all linked together. But, thanks for calling me crazy and creepy – that was very mature and not at all “internet fighting.” You’ve actually posted and responded just as much as I have and been far more nasty/personal, so why don’t we just end this civilly and agree to disagree. Have a nice day!

mimi on

You too dear 😉