Jennifer Garner: ‘It Would Be So Weird to Have a Boy’

09/24/2011 at 05:00 PM ET

Raised with two sisters, Jennifer Garner would love for her daughters to have the same experience.

“Three girls is a great way to grow up,” the pregnant actress, 39, says during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing on Tuesday. “I’m one of three girls and my little sister is awesome, so I just want a Suzanna.”

Even though Garner says “it would be so weird to have a boy,” she also says the experience would be “cool and different.”

But Garner also takes hubby Ben Affleck, 39, into consideration, acknowledging that it would be “fun” for him to have a boy because “he likes baseball and all that stuff.”

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

As for the duo’s daughters — Violet Anne, 5½, and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 2½, “they don’t really care about the gender as long as we name it what they want it to be named.”

And if the girls have it their way, they could end up with a sibling named “Ralphie, Frankie, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, or Rosemarie.”

“Daisy Duck Affleck,” Garner says with a laugh. “I can see us going that way.”

— Dahvi Shira

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Megan on

I love this family. I can totally see Jennifer’s thoughts here…I mean on the one hand she knows all about girls, having two sisters and two daughters…and yet it would be so new and exciting to have a little man in the family. I feel the same with this family…haha as if they were asking my opinion LOL a third girl would be great to finish off the adorable female trifecta and yet a little baby Ben would be absolutely precious too…haha but my favorite part of the interview snippet “Daisy Duck Affleck” need we say anymore? haha I love it!

ClaireSamsmom on

I kind of know how she feels….I had a little sister and loved it…my first baby was a girl and I thought how neat it would be to have a little sister for her! But…..we had a little boy. And now I cannot see our family any other way. He is so much fun…and boys are so different than girls…that it has been really neat experiencing someone different! And recently, my daughter said, “you know, Mommy…when Sam was in your tummy, I was hoping for a little brother.” It made me melt. So….for Jen…three girls would be wonderful…and it would also be fun for Violet and Sera to have a little brothe to dote on, too! Win, win…either way! Can’t wait to find out!

shannon on

Hey, I’m female and I LOVE baseball. Has Ben ever tried taking his girls to a game? Have they shown interest in learning it?

Harley on

Too cute! I guess it would be “weird” in a sense to have a boy if you grew up with all sisters lol. But definitely an adventure for her to have a boy; totally different! Either way, the munchkin will be awesome. This family just seems so laid back that I can’t help but love them. I can’t wait to see what they do wind up with!

klutzy_girl on

I hope they have a boy, but I do think it’s going to be another girl.

Either way, can’t wait to hear the name. And LOL at Violet and Seraphina’s suggestions!

So excited for Jen and Ben!

Nancy on

Good for her that she is open to either. I know this lady who had 2 boys and desparatly wanted a girl. When she found out she was expecting a boy, she was so angry and wouldnt even think of a name for him at first. She now has 5 boys and 0 girls. The middle one has the most emotional problems. I always wonder if the fact that she was so angry and depressed during that pregnancy, someone that rubbed off negatively on the child.

Emily on

Jennifer is gorgeous. I love her and her family. I don’t mind what they have either way.

My mum really wanted 3 girls and ended up having 2 girls and a boy. She wouldn’t have it any other way now after seeing my dad pass down his golf interest to my brother and I personally like having a little brother more than I think I would like I little sister. I love the idea of having 3 girls myself! Either way can’t wait to see what they have!

Donna on

I’ll bet she knows the sex and I’ll bet it’s a girl.

QA on

Love her/them!

Sarah K. on

Cute interview. I remember when Seraphina was born, Jennifer was saying that Violet wanted to name the new baby Sarah while Jen and Ben scoffed at letting her pick the name. And at the end of the day they ended up with Sera. So who knows, maybe they’ll end up with a Daisy after all. 🙂

jessicad on

She is so dang cute! Every clip I see of her on these talk shows she cracks me up, very down to earth. I’m also thinking it’s another girl, either way it will be precious.

Toya L. on

I agree with Donna, I’m going with a girl too. ~ My husband is the head coach of a college sports team and one of our daughters plays golf, football, basketball and baseball with him and watches it with him on tv. The other two girls are as interested in sports as they are watching paint dry and then there’s our little boy, he shows interest in sports but he’s really to young to really play any. I loved having all girls but I do love that we have now added a son to our family. Congratulations to the Afflecks, their baby will be definitely loved.

Maria on

usually if the first 2 are one gender the third one is also- at least from what I have seen

Shannon on


Liz on

I knew she would want a third girl as that’s how she grew up. I think a boy would be adorable but I bet they’ll end up with three girls, her wish.

Mallory on

I’m the youngest of 3 girls, so I’m kind of really hoping she has another girl. Either way, this baby is going to be ridiculously adorable! I mean, just look at Violet and Seraphina. 🙂

Mina on

Ha, Ben might be in for some dissapointment if they get that boy. I have 1 child and my hubby told me while I was pregnant that he wanted it to be a boy because he is into sports (hockey, football, baseball, basketball). Well we had a boy, and he not only has no interest in sports, he HATES sports. He is 9. He loves guns, military stuff, swords, video games…all that stuff. Now my hubby goes to hockey games, football games, and baseball games alone when he has a 9 year old son sitting at home. Cant force a kid to like something.

Ali on

She is soooooooooooo cute! I honestly hope she has another girl for some reason! Of course, the main thing to hope for is a healthy, happy baby! 🙂

My kids are all really different from one another. My husband wanted a boy with each of my pregnancies but we had three healthy baby girls. I think he was pleasantly surprised when our oldest daughter became so attached to him with her love for sports! She is such a tomboy and could care less about pink and girly things. My middle child is all about Disney Princesses and looking “fancy” (that’s what she calls it!) and my youngest is content to just go with the flow. I had my tubes tied after our third & my husband was totally on board with it despite our never having a son. We feel complete as a family just the way we are. Love having three little girls! 🙂

P on

Agree with Donna, I bet she knows that is another girl 🙂

Yasminda on

What would be really weird is having an alien baby not so much a baby son. LOL!!! I understand what she means. I have a girl and 3 back to back boys. It sure changes the sibling dynamic.In my experience both genders are awesome for different reasons. Regardless of the gender I am sure that child will very welcomed by his/her sisters. Best of luck to their family.

KTP on

I love this family too. I hope it’s not their last child and they get 3 girls AND a boy! That’s how I grew up 🙂

sara on

Maria, ever heard the expression “data is not the plural of anecdote”? The probability of having either gender is always 50/50. The gender of previous children is irrelevant.

Silly Silly on

I know Jennifer is wanting a girl only because that is what she is used to. She is the kind of mother that if she gets either one she will be happy. I think she would be so very happy with a boy. Chrildren are just amazing.

Nancy on

Mina–that is SO true!! I also think that you can’t make siblings get along or be close. I often hear that people want more than 1 child because they want the oldest child to have someone to be close to and grow up with and to be friends with throughout life. That doesn’t always happen!! My sibling and I “get along” and we are in our 40s. We have never been close. I wish we were but we have such totally different personalities that at best, we can tolerate.

biddie on

She knows it’s a girl

Amanda on

When I was younger I always said I wanted all girls, I grew up in a family of girls (though I did have a pesky older brother who irritated me until well into my 20s LOL ) and was a girly girl. I did have 2 girls first…and then I had a baby boy, and now I have 2 baby boys and boy I am so glad. Girls are great, but boys are too. My baby boys are so wonderful and yes they like trucks and dirt and all things boy but I love it. It is definitely cool and weird, weird to be around since I wasn’t used to it but weird in a good way 😉

And like Mina said, you never know. I always pictured having my little girls in tutus and dance class and my oldest isn’t interested in any of that at all. She likes swimming and hunting and sports. Luckily my second daughter does love dance and all things girly. Seeing your kids grow into themselves is pretty great

Julianna Rosas Lago on

How can you guys say it’s a girl? Has she slipped like she had when she was pregnant with Violet?

I love this family, Ben and Jen seem one of the most laid-back celebrity couples there is. And they make such cute babies too! Violet and Sera are so adorable and happy! Boy, girl, no matter what they have now, I’m sure it’s going to be a beautiful child.

Erika on

3 girls has always been my dream family! It just seems like so much fun to have a houseful of girls. I hope it is a third girl, mostly because their daughters are adorable and I love their names. And Ben can still play and watch baseball and stuff with his girls- I was the girliest little girl but I always loved watching baseball.

ForeverMoore on

I know the chances of having each gender are supposedly 50/50 but it definitely didn’t work out in husband’s family! He is one of 5 boys and between his uncles and cousins, there are over 15 boys and only 3 girls…we have one son and another on the way! So even though it should be an even split, there seems to be something going on there! LOL

When our second son gets here in Dec., there will only be 18 months difference between our two boys and we are SO excited to have them close in age…I think siblings of all the same gender are lots of fun but a mix is fun too! Being a parent is the ultimate adventure!

AllisonJ on

I think it would be fun for them to have a boy. Maybe their son could marry one of Matt Damon’s girls. How cute would that be!

Having said that, I think she is having another girl.

Catca on

Shannon and Erika,

I don’t think Jen’s comment was a knock against girls in the sense that they can’t go to baseball games with Ben (or enjoy going to baseball games with their dad). She was talking about Ben having a guy in the house that he could bond with in a different way then he bonds with his girls. Baseball is just an example of an activity they could do together to facilitate the bonding.

Their daughters are absolutely adorable but I’d love to see them with a little boy. He’d be one handsome lil dude, and a lucky one too surrounded by all those girls (when you count Matt Damon’s 4 beautiful daughters as well)

Lauren on

teen years must be fun fun fun with 3 girls. yikes.

Tia on

I am pretty sure they know what they are having. They knew with the previous pregnancies and she let it slip both times. I think her comments here are hinting that she already knows she is having a girl but that a boy would be nice to have as well (potentially in the future?). I do think she knows though and I am guessing she is implying it is another girl from this interview.

sara on

Forevermore, yes, the probability still worked that way in your family. The fact that it’s not 50/50 in practice is just a matter of having a small sample size. Try flipping a coin. If you flip it 10 times, it’s not always going to be exactly 50/50 heads/tails. Once it might be 5/5, another time it might be 6/4, yet another time it might be 7/3. And once in a great while, it will be 10-0. But if you flip it enough times (perhaps 100, maybe 1000), it will get closer and closer to exactly 50/50. That is just the way probability works, and it is the same when it comes to the boy-girl ratio in a family. No matter how many boys or girls there are previously, the probability for each successive child is still independently 50/50.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Lauren, I agree..can’t imagine 3 teen daughters – hormones, moods, boys, etc, scary thought!!, but obviously haven’t experienced the scenario myself.

I’ve found my son more cruisey, much as I love both. In my case it’s possibly their personalities!! She can be stubborn & strong-willed girl as opposed to easygoing, more co-operative, sensitive big brother (who was easier to be honest at same age his little sis is now, 3 1/2, too, less dramatic – think that’s a girl thing though, boys go with flow more?!). I would’ve been happy with another son but that’s only because I was used to a boy and enjoyed it; what I was familiar with, as with Jen with her sisters growing up and now her girls, only natural. Now I wouldn’t change it for the world, even if she has her ‘Little Madam’ moments! She has her positive traits too of course, as with anyone, just as son has his moments.

Think the bonus is seeing the diff in gender, & being able to relate to friends with two of same gender, having experienced both. Sam is protective of little sis – personally wanted a big brother and now Freya has that. They get on well, she loves pink, but also will play with his Beyblades, trains and cars, bit of a tomboy with that in the house and two male cousins nearby…Best of both worlds IMO. On a superficial level, I have to concede that it’s way more fun shopping for a girl, but little boys are great fun.

I personally would like to see Jen and Ben with a little boy!

Most people I know, both friends and relatives, have two of same gender, not opposite sex; we’re in the minority. Anyone know if it’s statistically more common to have two or three of same genders?

ForeverMoore on

Haha @sara, ummm thanks for the math lesson…I do know the odds and how it works out, I was just being tongue in cheek about it!

VioletRose on

She totally knows it’s another girl.

Allison on

As a mother of two girls and a boy in between (before I had another boy earlier this year), I hope Jen gets her third girl.

My son who is such a stereotypical boy was tortured by his very girly sisters. The funny thing is that I’ve always been a tomboy and my husband is into lots of man things (probably where our son gets it from, but our daughters love dress up and their play make up. He would BEG us for a brother, so when we finally had a fourth (hoping for a healthy baby as we had lost one in between) he was pretty disappointed to discover that his brother will have to grow for a while until he can play cars and legos with him like he wanted.

dsfg on

Lauren, way to promote a stereotype!

Terri on

I’m the second of three girls and I would love to have three daughters., but mostly I just hope to have healthy babies.

Sarah S. on

My father is the only boy with 3 older sisters. My husband has 5 older sisters. My point is: you get what you get and as long as the baby is healthy that’s all that really matters. I’m sure Jen will get used to having a boy in no time (if that’s what she’s having).

J.J. on

I can see where she is coming from according to her experiences, but hey a baby boy can’t be a bad thing even if she never had one right? Lol, 3 girls is awesome to have, but 2 girls and a boy is just as exciting. I’m actually hoping they have a little boy because personally I’d love them to parent a son and see them get that new experience in having a baby boy :). But if it’s another girl it will be just as awesome. Plus in the past Ben had claimed that he had wanted at least one son and funny to hear that Jen is hoping for another girl, let’s see who gets their wish.