Kendra Wilkinson: I’m Not Ready for Another Baby

09/23/2011 at 07:00 AM ET
Denis Castro/Beverly News

A year ago, Kendra Wilkinson said she and hubby Hank Baskett were “definitely” planning to get pregnant again within the next 12 months.

Now the Kendra star, 26, is rethinking things a bit, telling PEOPLE instead that she’s decided to “hold off for a little bit longer.”

But even though Wilkinson isn’t in baby-making mode now, Baskett, 29, is ready for the happily married couple’s son, Hank IV, who turns 2 in December, to have a little playmate.

“Hank actually talks about having another baby a lot more than I even think about having another baby,” the former Girls Next Door star tells PEOPLE.

“I don’t know when that’s coming. Whenever I feel it’s time, then it’s time.”

Still, that “time” doesn’t sound like tomorrow.

“I think we’ll hold off for a bit,” Wilkinson, whose reality show begins its fourth season Sunday on E! (11 p.m. ET), says. “We’re very happy, and when the second baby comes, we’ll be more planned.”

When that time does come, Wilkinson isn’t going to let the hardships she overcame after her first pregnancy – postpartum depression and poor body image – affect her outlook.

“I will take what happened and learn from it,” she says about those obstacles, which she details in her new book, Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails, and Getting My Sexy Back. “The difference will be that we have a home now. Before, we were bouncing around the United States, so it was really difficult to feel at home and to feel rested and everything. I think the second time around will be much better.”

“I got through the hard times, and Hank and I have really grown from this,” she says. “Baby Hank has very happy parents right now because we have great balance in our lives. We love family. Our number one priority is family.”

Continues Wilkinson: “If everything fails and we have our family, then we have our family.”

— Dahvi Shira

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andi on

I wish her the best. It sounds like she has been through alot the past couple years. Her baby isn’t even 2 yet. There should be no rush for another baby. Hank jr. is a cutie pie though!

kim on

Its funny how most of hollywood have no clue how to prevent a pregnancy till AFTER their 1st one is delivered… they all claim they were preventing before the 1st one came and that it was a such a surprise.. but then when talks of #2 come around–“oh, were waiting” or what ever other crap they want to feed us–funny how the birth control now works at keeping #2 or more in a planned state…

Sarah S. on

I thought the same when my first baby was born. Everybody kept asking me, “when is baby #2 coming?” I didn’t know. Just like Kendra says, “whenever I feel it’s time, then it’s time”. She is still young so she has many years to decide if there will be a baby #2. For me, I decided the time was right for baby #2 when I was 35…2 years and 10 months after baby #1 was born.

LB on

The baby is Hank Baskett IV not Jr.!!!

Kelley on

Kendra you need to disappear for awhile. Peope have become sick of you and you are not relevant (were you ever, really?)No one cares Kendra. Your news is soooo stupid and ridiculous, “I had sex in the DWTS trailor” comeon….you’re not on the show anymore and that is a trashy way to try to garner attention….You’re trying too hard and becoming quite the joke. Retire go away, do something relevant, then re enter the world you are so desperate to hang on to….. Your son will thank you someday. Just saying.

Mary on

Hmm…Kelley can you say hater? If she’s so irrelevant why did you bother reading the article. Take your negativity somewhere else.

thornton on

KENDRA I think u r a role model to girls and women out there who have been thru such shit……And to u HATERS dont read it if u think it is bored stupid or whatever else……BABY HAnk is the cutest kid out there right now ………

PDog on

No kidding, she is not ready for baby number 2. I have never seen someone whine so much about post-partum changes to ones body as openly to as many people as Kendra has. Boo hoo, you have a baby then your body changes. Simple to just not have a baby then if you care so much about how you look.

Liz on

She’s been going on about her kid since it was born and she’s been a broken record about a 2nd kid forever! F off ho Kendra!

Katie on

Baby Hank is so adorable!!! He might be the cutest baby in Hollywood right now. I like Kendra and I think she is a sweetheart so leave her alone. Everyone has the right to experience life very differently so to complain about how she experienced her life is ridiculous. If you do not like her then do not read the story. Otherwise you go girl, get down with your bad self and I hope you pop out another adorable baby whenever you are ready for it!

natasha churchill on

Kendra, you need to bathe more. Your hair is always greasy and your teeth are always yellow. When they showed your bedroom on t.v., I almost threw up! Believe it or not, I actually like you.

Dana Linsey on

I think Kendra did her thing when she was at the Playboy house.. I think it was awesome when you had your little boy, but I watch your show sometimes and over time you have became fake to me. Okay like when you kept wanted to show your binki cut but you were joking okay its a lot of women have them get over it your body does change. You worked out the little fat you did gain which wasn’t much. I think you are trying way to hard, its like you say one thing and then do another.

sandra on

kelley,get a life and quit worrying bout kendras!!! kendra u go girl!!!!! luv ur show and u,hank n baby hank!! best wishes an lots of love to ya!!