Spotted: Paula Patton and Julian – The Look of Love!

09/23/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Out for a city stroll, Paula Patton only has eyes for her main man — son Julian Fuego, 17 months — while cruising the streets in New York’s East Village on Saturday.

The actress, 35, is still looking forward to the day she sees more of herself in her blond little boy.

“Every day I threaten to put baby oil on him and send him out in the sun,” Patton recently joked of her first child with husband Robin Thicke.

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Lady on

Awwww, he’s too cute. He looks like Paula with Robins coloring…adorable!

Lisa on

He is so cute! I thought at first he was a girl with those long eyelashes.

allison on

He’s a cutie. I saw a picture of Julian with his paternal grandmother and he is her twin.
Let’s see how many people miss that Paula’s joking about her son’s complexion.

Janie on

Yes, I get that she’s joking but this is the second comment (that I’ve read on this site) she’s made about her son not looking anything like her and usually there is some truth behind jokes.

Obviously, it bothers her that he looks nothing like her. I do hope she stops making these jokes and never mentions it to her son because when he’s older he will get the subtle message that his mom wishes he looked different.

On a different note, I heard Robin’s ‘Lost without you’ this morning in the car…love that song!

Beeno on

If you look closely you’d see that precious Julian looks much more facially like his mother. Other than his very fair skin, like his father, he is all Paula. …….to me anyway. Robin doesn’t have blonde hair. And don’t forget that paula is bi-racial. So that makes Julian quadroon. Sorry if the Q word is offensive. I have 3 myself, and they all vary in coloring, hair texture, facial features, etc.

Kat on

Good lord Janie, settle down. It will not scar a child to hear his mother wished he looked more like her, and I’m sure she can point out all the features he did get from her.

My mother wishes one of her children had gotten her blue eyes, it never made me feel she was unhappy with my looks. She got her wish with my daughter, who doesn’t have either of her parents’ coloring!

Angela on

I guess no one’s allowed to have a sense of humor these days. Why must it bother her that he looks nothing like her? She said in the interview on Chelsea Lately that people think he’s adopted because he’s blond with blue eyes and she’s not. The comments she gets from other people likely bother her more than her son’s complexion.

dee on

Please Janie, I most certainly doubt Paula Patton cares what you have to say about what she thinks. She’s the mom, she can feel how she wants.

On another note, their baby is adorable. Hope they have more.

sloopyjac on

my daughter, like paula patton, is what we like to refer to as racially challenged in our family (black/white/indian)- her husband is white (irish german) and i am “scandahoovian”. anyway, both her children are blonde with blue eyes – her son even has straight hair – she used to joke when he was a baby, “well we know who the daddy is, still trying to figure out who the mommy is”.

i think that people need to stop and realize that with all the mixtures out there it is just as easy to get a blondie as it is to get a a tanned child with dark curly hair.

what i think is super cool is the attitude that both paula and my daughter have – they love their children regardless of how they look – and being of mixed heritage have had to develop a sense of humor themselves…most awesome!!!

Sarah K. on

Janie, the first comment was probably the one she made on Chelsea Lately. Not only was she joking but Chelsea made the first move by noticing how different their complexions were. Paula was merely responding in a joking manner.

She probably gets a lot of comments and looks and this is her way of dealing with it. She obviously adores Julian and you can tell that by the way she’s looking at him. It clearly doesn’t bother her too much that he’s blonde.

CCT0303 on

Janie please HUSH. What did your parents say or do to you that scarred and affected you even as an adult?!? Geez stop taking people’s comment so seriously, especially about their own kids!!

On another note, mother and son are a beautiful pair, I would love to see her w/ a little girl:)

LisaS on

Aww, he looks like one of those little cherubs that seem so popular in paintings and statues from/based on the Victorian period. I can just picture him with a set of wings on his back! 🙂

Melissa on

Julian is too cute! Janie, I believe both comments are from the same interview on Chelsea Lately. I am not sure what is the political correct term (mixed or quadroon) to refer to Julian’s race but he is cute.

Becky on

Robin had blonde hair as kid.

Helen on

He is a gorgeous little boy!

Jeanne on

My mom is a little sad that neither my brother nor I nor any of her grandchildren got her red curly hair…doesn’t mean she loves any of us any less or is disappointed.

jesort415 on

This very thing happened to me. I am medium complexed, dark hair and eye Latina married to a fair skinned blue eyed German. Oue first is dark hair/dark eyes and my color. Our daughter who was born looking just like her big brother is now fair skinned, blonde with blue eyes.

The looks I get are funny. Not funny..we live in a ritzy area and when alone with my baby girl I am asked if I am the nanny.

ourdalyplate on

I agree with Janie, actually. My husband is also biracial and all 3 of our sons are varying shades, but he takes a lot of pride in passing on his genes. I’m sure there’s an element of truth to her statements.

Indira on

Gabrielle Reese is half-trinidadian, her daughters are both bleach blonde. It happens, it’s annoying when people act shocked. It’s not a rare occurrence at all.

sara on

“I do hope she stops making these jokes”

She did this ONCE. The comments are from ONE interview she did, on Chelsea Lately. This blog keeps repeating them every time there’s a new post about her. It doesn’t mean she’s said it repeatedly as you seem to think.

Good lord. Lighten up and learn to have a sense of humor.

Jane on

Quadroon is about right and some people might not get it. I am Haitian French colonies over the world call someone 1/4 black that. We also prefer to call mixed race people metis.

jesort415 saying your latina does not say what race you are. I know you said you are dark complexion but are you a black latina like myself a white and black mixed, native inca or mixed white and native mixed latina? Latina means so many things of race mixing.

Shannon on

He looks just like Paula!

sidjaz on

There’s no such thing as half Trinidadian, Trinidad is an island where people of many different nationality, ethnicity and race live. There is , black, indian, white, spanish etc living there.

Gabrielle Reese is a whit women who’s nationality is half Trinidadian, thus her children are white. Another example would be Giselle Bunchen who is a white Brazilian woman.

hmmm on

@SIDJAZ, Actually Gabrielle Reece would be considered half black. Her father is Afro-Trinidadian. Because both of her parents are not from Trinidad that makes her half Trinidadian. She is not a white woman. Her children are of white complexion because her husband is white and due to how the genes have mixed.

It’s no different then seeing how actress Victoria Rowell’s daughter looks. Genes are a funny and mysteries thing.