BumpWatch: Lindsay Price – Cradle of Love

09/23/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Nathanael Jones/ Pacific Coast News

Giggly for gifts!

Mom-to-be Lindsay Price is all smiles as she makes her way through Jayneoni Moore’s Pre-Emmy baby product gifting suite in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Saturday.

The actress, 34, and Top Chef Masters host Curtis Stone, 35, are “over the moon” with the upcoming arrival of their first child.

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Sarah S. on

Love this blouse! I wonder if they make this in non-maternity, hmmmm…

Shawna on

Has she had some plastic surgery on her face? Her skin looks odd and her nose looks too small for her face. She looks much older than 34.

Siera on

@Shawna, it could just be that her face is filling out more because she’s pregnant. It happens to a lot of pregnant women: Mariah Carey, Emily Procter, etc.

Angela on

I’m guessing they’re having a girl. Old wives tale or not, everything filled out on me with my girls (only my belly filled out with my boy).

ForeverMoore on

I guess that old wives tale didn’t work out for me lol…my face filled out when I was pregnant and now that I’m pregnant again – both boys!

Indi on

I could say horrible things about this pregnant women!! She is having a baby with the man of my dreams (curtis stone), But i cant because she looks sooo good!! Being pregnant really suits her. Congratulations to them they will make great parents.

dsfg on

I’m going to ask this again, and I hope my question is published this time . . . aren’t Lindsay’s parents brother and sister? I’ve asked this before and my comment hasn’t been published. Strange, since other people’s comments that are full of name calling and swearing are allowed.

chelsea on

Well, I think she looks beautiful. Some of the comments on here are so RUDE!!

Maggie on

Very pretty top! I used to love her on 90210 back in the day. I always remember her though because her family history is so interesting. Her grandparents adopted a baby girl from Korea who they raised along with their biological son. When the kids got older, they got together and got married, and those are Lindsay’s parents! So crazy. Anyway, love her and Curtis and can’t wait to see what they have. Does anyone know when she’s due? November maybe?

Siera on

@dsfg, Lindsay’s parents were raised as brother and sister. However, they are not biological brother and sister. Her mom is Korean, and her dad is German-Irish, they married when they were old enough.

cat on

She looks really cute and happy here.@shawna, when I saw a few episodes of Lipstick Jungle I thought her face looked rather plastic, and that must have been four or five years ago, and she wasn’t pregnant. Maybe she’s had some plastic surgery done?

Erica on

WTF her parents are brother and sister? Does anyone know how old her father was when they adopted her sister, because if they literally grew up together I consider that just as bad as bio siblings getting together…

sara on

dsfg, do you not know how to use google? The information is out there and takes five seconds to find. Next time look it up yourself if you really want to know.

Amélie on

Am I the only one to think that Lindsay looks a lot like Ellen Pompeo on that picture? Maybe the mouth or the eyes…I don’t know!

dsfg on

I know how to use google but there is a lot of misinformation on the web.

And yes, Siera, I knew they weren’t biological siblings, but to me it is more disturbing when two people raised as siblings have sex/marry than if two people who are blood-related but not raised together hook up. But who knows, maybe her one parent was adopted when she was older?

sara on

dsfg, no one here knows anything more than what’s available already on the internet. Where do you think anyone else here learned the information? It’s not like anyone posting here actually knows her personally.

dsfg on

I get it. It’s only a simple question I asked on here, rather than spending time “researching” on google. It’s not a big deal. I’m not sure why you are having such a problem with it.

sara on

dsfg, I was responding to your whining that you’ve asked the qustion repeatedly but your comments don’t get published. If you wanted to know so badly, I don’t get why wouldn’t just look it up yourself.