Rebecca Bonbon: Cute Clothing & Accessories for Girls

09/22/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy Rebecca Bonbon

Move over Hello Kitty!

There’s a new cutie — Rebecca Bonbon — in town.

Created by the original Hello Kitty designer Yuko Shimizu, she’s an adorable French bulldog who lives in New York City and loves bonbons.

She also has her own fashion collection ($11 to $50), which includes everything from graphic tees and print leggings to messenger bags and jewelry, that is sold exclusively at Kmart.

Our faves include the Layered Vest and Tee ($15), Flap Mini Messenger ($7) and Trimmed Bomber Jacket ($50).

But the best part is iCarly‘s Jennette McCurdy (left) is the face of the brand.

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ClaireSamsmom on

Jeans look a little too tight. The tee is cute, though.

Barbie on

Why is that child wearing so much lipstick at her age?!

Kayla on

What is the age demographic for this line? The girl pictured modeling the clothes is an older teen, for whom the skin-tight jeans, heels, and makeup may be appropriate. The fashions linked to the items, however, seem to target much younger girls.

Ashley on

Jennette McCurdy is 19.

Brandi on

The girl in the picture looks to me like a pre-teen with just entirely too much make up on. The rest of the outfit isn’t so bad in my opinion…skinny jeans and jeggings are supposed to be snug, but the heels and red lipstick are a bit much for the targeted demographic.

Lila on

I agree about the makeup. I don’t even wear that much and I am almost 40!

Lila on

Oh, I didn’t even recognize her they have her so made up!

mrscabrera on

Yea this actress is an adult, she just looks young.

Brandi on

OOPS, I didn’t read all the way to the bottom…her body looks super small, I guess it’s just the angle. I didn’t even recognize her and as the mother of a 10 yr old, I’ve watched every iCarly episode ever. lol. Now I’m confused, why is a 19 yr old the face of a children’s line? (Not complaining, just genuinely wondering).

cn tower on

Exactly Kayla. And wouldn’t they be marketing to parents of babies/toddlers/preschoolers since this IS a celeb baby site?

Robyn on

cn tower, this is a site dedicated to ALL the kids of celebrities, even the ones that are a bit older (say, tweens, teens, etc); NOT just babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

I’m assuming they’re advertising with Jennette McCurdy because she’s huge within school age children (as well as the tweens), and I would assume this is aimed at school age children.

valerie on

Kayla, I agree. Isn’t this the unfortunate trend though from Madison Avenue- marketig more adult style clothing to young children.. yet again we see it. Not sure what the motive is but it is distrubing.

eribri on

Why so much makeup on the girl?! Cute outfit though.

Daniela on

I believe this led to all adolecsentes and she is of legal age so the heels and lips but she is a celebrity among us, we love as teenagers and how to act and sing like everyone I honestly think it is a good that adolescents face to buy that beautiful clothes

Peace on

Jennette is 18-19 ;)shee is so beautiful<3