Maria Menounos: I’m Going to Freeze My Eggs

09/22/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Marc Andrew Deley/Getty

Now in her mid-30s, Maria Menounos still isn’t ready to have children. But she’s taking steps to hopefully ensure her fertility in the future — by freezing her eggs!

“I’m 33, and I decided that I know I have a couple of years of work I want to get to, and then do it,” the TV presenter tells Dr. Drew Pinsky in an interview airing Thursday on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers.

“I figured this is kind of an insurance policy.”

Pinsky then invites Menounos’s parents to the stage, and she surprises them with the news.

“I am going to freeze my eggs,” she says.

“I have decided I am going to have kids … but to make it realistic, because I am not going to do it for a few years. We’re going to freeze our eggs so that we have no problems down the line.”

Menounos, who has worked as a correspondent for Today, Access Hollywood, and Extra, has been dating director Keven Undergaro for more than a decade.

— Tim Nudd


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Steph on

I’ve been undergoing fertility treatment in Canada for a few years now, and unless things have changed or are different in the US, I was told that freezing eggs is rarely done…I guess there is much more research and success with freezing embryos and egg freezing is often used for women who’ve suffered from cancer or have to have ovaries removed etc. I’d love to hear if anyone knows any differently.

Steph on

I just re-read her article and since she is in a long term relationship, maybe she means they are going to freeze embryos.?? It may not be my place, but I’d encourage anyone who is in a stable relationship (it’s not an easy decision whether in a relationship or not) to really decided if it’s worth waiting to try for a baby. When you hit menopause and fertility treatment hasn’t worked, is it going to be okay with you that you didn’t start trying earlier because of your career etc? I am not being judgemental…but I have had to IVF to have my children, although I started at 30, and have no regrets. If I had CHOSEN to start trying a lot longer into my relationship and it didn’t work, I’d have been devastated. Fertility treatment is an incredible option, but it doesn’t always work either. Time waits for no one!

ariana on

good for her! if i had the money i’d due the same! this is the future of birth control

confidential on

Another media reminder that women are here to make babies and the window for such is short. I applaud Maria for making a *personal* decision take control of her reproductive future but all these stories do is build anxiety in women whom having had children approaching their mid-30’s. That anxiety can cause women to make hasty decision on who to become parents with and how it will happen.

sae on

i am not sure how i feel about that……i mean she is only 33. unless she’s planning on having children after 40.


PK on

As a single, 32-year-old physician, I applaud her choice! I would do it myself but I actually do not yet make enough money to devote $10K to that!

Sandy on

Um, who needs to announce that they are going to freeze their eggs???

How utterly personal and something that one does not need to share with the world. For one thing, who cares?

Just another Hollywood trend. These women are taking advantage of modern medicine and using it for their convenience.

Once again I don’t feel she needs to share it with the world and announce it to her parents on some tv show.

Alice on

Then she’ll have no energy to keep up with a toddler. I think that’s why pregnancy is intended for the young. Mother nature knows some things. If she doesn’t want babies, she shouldn’t have them and that’s it. Best of luck to her.

Cathryn on

Steph, there is a technique for freezing eggs that is increasingly being used and it is called oocyte vitrification. It has very similar success rates to that of embryo freezing. Best of luck!

Cathryn on

Just wanted to add Steph that I am also in Canada and it is available here.

Anonymous on

Why is thi news?????

M on

I thought that freezing eggs mades them less viable over time? So if she waits too long to use them couldn’t it all be for naught? I’m not saying her idea is bad, just questioning whether this method is as solid/fool-proof as she makes it sound (as though it’s a guarantee).

Katy on

Alice – I had my child at 40 and have plenty of energy to keep up with her and she’s in full-tilt toddler stage. You’re making a gross generalizations based, perhaps, on your life. Every woman is different.

rac76 on

I agree with Alice. Mother Nature knows what she is doing, and it’s been going pretty well for a while. I just don’t get why Menounos wants to wait. What is she waiting for? Seriously, what?! No money on earth can give you what you really need. Yes, it’s important to have money to feed the child and to be prepared for it. Then again, life happens when you are busy making other plans. It’s sad that she needs to wait, but it’s her Hollyweird life.

Denise on

A friend of mine had a baby at 45 – she was running during her pregnancy (marathons) and had an exercise class scheduled for the day she ended up delivering. All this was monitored by her physician, but she is now nearly 50 with plenty of energy.

Keeping up with kids has little to do with age. Maria is 33, and getting closer to what is considered higher risk pregnancy age. Good for her in choosing an option that fits (and being able to afford it).

Anonymous on

Do you Maria. Best of luck to you.

Pamela on

I’m not sure why she feels the need to announce this or when she plans to have children. She should have them when she feels ready, I agree – however – there’s always a reason to not start a family. You’re never truly ready financially or otherwise. If you are seriously concerned you are losing fertility, you should probably go ahead and get started if you really want children. It’s a wonderful gift being able to get pregnant without medical assistance that many couples don’t have. And here she is throwing it away?

ELO on

Since when is 33 considered ‘mid-thirties’?

KPR on

To each their own … although it does take a lot of the “miracle” our of having a child. Talk about plan plan plan. I hope she isn’t planning on the entire experience of motherhood to be that convenient … or she will be in for a BIG surprise … because once that baby is here … it’s most definitely not about what is most convenient for the mother! Nuff said.

Lisa B on

Maria, who cares and why is this news….

Anne on

I had tried unsuccessfully in my 20’s to get pregnant with five ectopic pregnancies even after reproductive surgeries. IVF was very expensive back then and the success rate slim. Eventually adopted. Years later my husband left and I evetually remarried. As I neared my late 30’s my “always hoping for an accident miracle baby” never happened so I wanted to try IVF as it success rate was much higher and cheaper. After three attempts, one loss pregnancy at five months, I finally had a healthy baby boy. I also was a runner and ran with doctor weekly supervision as I was considered high risk pregnancy. I delivered my son two days after I turned 41. Yes, I am older now but I still run every day and push my son in the baby jogger stroller. I admit I had a little more energy in my younger years but I still have plenty of energy now too. No regrets and love all my children!

ellie on

Didn’t need to know.

anonymous on

I have had a personal experience with IVF and fertility treatments and am in the medical field myself. Frozen egg technology is still in its beginning stages as eggs do not survive as well, cryopreservation of embryos however (fertilized egg and sperm) have good outcomes for future thawing. Nevertheless, agree with various readers that IVF technology is not a guarantee of future LIVE BIRTHS and those who feel that a child is important in their lives should make the decision sooner rather than earlier if possible as age after thirty plays a detrimental role in IVF success.

TJ on

It’s more involved for women in late 30’s or early 40’s to getting pregnant, never mind possibility of early menopause. Higher probability of medical intervention for successful implantation of the embryo. The only guarantee she will have for babies later in life is that she will probably have money for a surrogate to carry it. As it is, over-stimulating with medication to harvest eggs is stressful, uncomfortable, expensive, etc.

I wish her the best but personally in my 20’s it was easy to get pregnant but 30’s was impossible and it was due to husband’s infertility. They might want to freeze his sperm too!

Guest on

I think saying things like “I am going to freeze my eggs. It’s like an insurance policy.” and “I’ve decided I’m going to have kids.” is like counting your chickens before they hatch. NOTHING is promised and no matter how much of an ‘insurance policy’ you think you have by freezing babies (I assume she means embryos since they mentioned her LTR with Keven) it still can’t guarnatee sucess. While this kind of science could be great for women with no other choice (i.e cancer patients)I just have to wonder to myself why a healthy, financially stable woman who expresses a desire to have kids would want to go this route. Even if she waits a few years, she could still have children before hitting the ‘higher risk’ mark. Also, what if she gets pregnant between now and then? what will she do with the embryo’s not used? Throw them away?

To each his own. But I agree, sometimes Mother Nature knows best. Best of luck to her though. At least she realizes now isn’t the time and isn’t bringing a baby into the world before she feels ready. I wonder though if she would feel if a career was worth it in a few years if her plans don’t go as,well, planned.

tonioandshaun on

You can freeze your eggs in the US. My RE began doing it a few years ago. I hope its successfully for her. After delivering my IVF twins a few weeks ago, I know how hard the process can be.

Jen on

I hate when women who already have children assume that everyone else who wants to wait is doing it wrong. Every women is different. When she is ready for children she will have them. Just because you have children later in life does not mean that you won’t have the energy for it. Women are suppose to support eachother.

Anonymous on

I think it is very mornoic to assume that IVF will work for you in the future… There are no guaranties when trying to conceive!

I do understand wanting to capture higher quality eggs while her reserves are still high but seriously this is a moronic option.

I have been going to a fertility clinic for several months and recently underwent surgery to help my chances of becoming pregnant. Its not an easy road to take and choose this just seems absurd to me!

doodlbeug on

Wow…This is really too much information!!! We don’t want to know all that. Why do celebraties think that every piece of their personal life is news worthy. Just a narcistic person who wants to be infront of the camera at any cost. Her parents much be so proud. Gross.

Kayla on

Wow, I wonder how her parents felt about receiving such personal news on tv. Why? It seems really odd.

dmarie on

She’s being ill-advised or perhaps she simply made an off-the-cuff remark and hasn’t really looked into it. IVF is not an easy process and she obviously doesn’t have any experience with infertility. No one experienced in this area would choose to go that route.

CK on

We have to remember that every woman conceives differently whether they are in their 20s, 30s, 40s. Nothing is written in stone. I am 36, single, and never had a child. Does that make me inadequate or less of a woman? NO! I am waiting for the right man to become my husband first and if children are in the cards – great! In the meantime people, don’t look at me like I’m a freak just because I have no kids.

Gia on

People who put themselves let alone their career before a family don’t deserve to have children in my opinion. One word – SELFISH!!!She is perfectly capable of having children now and wants to freeze her eggs so she can work more? She sounds completely dumb and I’m embarrassed for her.

k on

I agree with you, Jen. We are supposed to support each other. It seems to me that we are missing large parts of the conversation in this text version. Also, Maria does not state that she is certain that IVF will work for her. She is simply acknowledging that while she wants kids, she is not ready right now. I think it’s more ideal for women to wait until their ready, then to have children because they feel like the clock is ticking. Many women – including most of my friends – can’t understand why I don’t have baby fever. Simply put, I can’t understand why they do. All women are different. Good luck to Maria. At least she can keep up a long-term relationship. That’s more than we can say for nearly the rest of Hollywood.

boston on

Jumping the gun a little, don’t you think? Most of my friends started their families in their mid-thirties with no problems. Another just got a “surprise” on her 45th birthday…

Jill on

Yes, freezing on unfertilized eggs are becoming increasingly more common. But the reality is by freezing your eggs even for a day you age them 5 years. So what started as once healthy 33 year old eggs, will end up being a 37 year old eggs. Which is why most doctors say if you are planning on trying in the next coule of years to save your money for then. Far greater success in freezing fertilized eggs but you need to be 110% sure of your current partner for that or use donor sperm.

I do think it’s great that women in their early 30’s are exploring their fertility options, instead of waiting like some of us did for our late 30’s or early 40’s. Checking your fertility levels should be routine in your annual check up starting at 30 years old.

Allison on

If you are 33, its time to have the baby. Something so wrong about using frozen eggs just because you want to wait until you have done more in your career. I have a hard time understanding that.

To each their own, I guess!

Kris on

I certainly would have loved to become a mother at 33 had my finances permitted me to- I think Maria needs to give this more thought and she needs to talk to women who have done egg freezing and undergone IVF-this is a gamble and does not always work. Eggs may not survive the thaw. Egg freezing is still in the experimental stages and really is not recommended. I am undergoing some fertility treatment now and have learned alot this past year. If you can afford to have kids on your own, do it, do not wait and continue to put yout career first. I wish I would have attempted motherhood a few years ago but my finances and a health issue got in the way. Maria has what alot of us don’t have-money and she really should not postpone motherhood based on her personal needs. IVF and egg freezing does not always work and it is an emotional roller coater undergoing treatment. Maria needs to re-think this one.

Kris on

And I need to add, embryo freezing is more effective than egg freezing. If Maria has a partner now and still not ready for children, they should freeze embryos. But I dont understand why if you are in a healthy relationship why she can’t become a mother now- doesn’t make sense to me. Women should not gamble with time and fertility.

jenni on

Sure must be nice to have the financial means to have that option. My clock’s run out and I would have loved to have been able to buy myself more time to try to fulfull my dream of having a baby.

bailey on

Yes you can freezes eggs with no proglems. I went to ccrm in Denver the past couple of years. I am from Canada. Check ccrms website for more details.

bailey on

Yes you can freeze your eggs. I have been to ccrm in Denver. There is alot of info in their website about freezing and I know they do it.

Canada may not allow it I am not sure but I left my clinic in Canada to go to Denver as they are far superior in the fertility world.

brianna on

i think shes being responsible!!

Dee on

Right, because god forbid she should get her priorites straight. She is not ‘infertile’ and has no justification for messing with nature.

Sophia on

I agree with all of the posters who cautioned that IVF is not a guarantee. Freezing your eggs (or even embryos) can therefore give you a false sense of security that you will be able to have a biological child later in life. IVF can also really take a toll on your body and should not be taken lightly.

We went through IVF due to my husband’s infertility, and it was a VERY difficult process. The numerous shots throughout the days/weeks, early morning appointments for bloodwork and ultrasounds were tough, but I suffered from severe hyperstimulation from the infertility drugs and became deathly ill. I was in the worst pain imaginable for days on end, and ultimately was not able to go through with the embryo transfer for fear that a further rise in my hormone levels would cause my body to shut down.

The good news is that we eventually transferred two of the embryos and now have a healthy child. But it was definitely after many months of pain and suffering and fear – something a woman may wish to think about before deciding to freeze eggs for future use.

Jumbybird on

Who the hell is this woman?

SherriP on

For the lady that suggested that you start checking your fertility at 30, I believe it should be a lot younger than that. I found out about my problems at 18- which is probably early for some people, but I just knew my body wasn’t working right, so I got it checked. If I had waited till I was 30 it would have been way to late for me.

I did have my eggs frozen at 20. I was’t getting married too soon- it took me another 4 yrs, and my fsh was way high, I’m lucky I have 2 sons and haven’t had to try using my frozen eggs yet.

If she knew there was a problem with her then good for trying to do something, but she’d really be better off just having the kid if she wants them. If she doesn’t really want them, she needs to shut up

Marlene on

Saying that by her eggs she will have no problems down the line is very misleading. The success rates of previously frozen eggs is quite low. Freezing high quality EMBRYOS, however, is a much more viable option for a successful pregnancy.

Cocopuffs on

In life there are NO GUARANTEES. If this is what she wants, well more power to her. But take note not everyone has the same luck with this kind of new age thing. Just watch the heart break of the Rancics in their quest to get pregnant. Look how some of her fellow celebrity women have kids and are working. Having kids shouldn’t stop a woman like her from working. Her long term partner is going to surprise her one day with the news that he got some other woman pregnant. She’d better rethink.

Cocopuffs on

In life there are NO GUARANTEES. She’d better rethink her position or her long term partner is gonna surprise her one day with the news that he got some other woman pregnant.

Kim on

No offense, but is this something the general public really needs (or wants) to know?

shidley on

I’m going to have my head frozen. That way, after I’ve departed earth, I can revisit my face and see how things are going.

Wredna on

She just need to dump the guy she is with and just find the one that she would want to have kids with. If you are 33 and you spent last ten with the guy and you are still not ready for kids that this relationship is probably not the one.

Mimi on

I wonder if she’ll put her fast track career on the back burner and put as much energy into raising her future children as she did in freezing her eggs. Somehow I highly doubt it…so sick of these phony celebrities.

Mimi on

Why don’t these celebrities stop being so self absorbed and adopt if they want kids so badly. There are so many needy children in this world who need a loving home.

camim on

so sad. work has to come before children??? come on. she’s had plenty of work years. I think her body is trying to tell her something!

Jamie on

Her comment “We’re going to freeze our eggs so that we have no problems down the line” is very misleading. Who’s to say she won’t have problems? She could have multiple health issues interfere with her ability to conceive not to mention her eggs may not be of high quality.

Helen on

Jenni, I’m almost at that point myself. There is always adoption, so your dreams of motherhood do not have to end 🙂

Alicea on

Much like Sophia, I suffered from extreme hyperstimulation after an egg retreival that put me in the hospital knocking on death’s door. We had no option but IVF for our miracle child, but if a woman isn’t infertile, and she wants to wait for a bit before becoming pregnant…then stimulation through drugs is a big “chance” she should really consider fully before doing. The drugs needed to stimulate can cause a host of issues that Maria doesn’t need to experience if she is just wanting to wait a few years. Freezing eggs is no guarantee of a pregnancy later on down the line though. Just hope she’s thought out every option firts.

Kerry on

Alice and others….
I had two children in my twenties (20&22) and I just had a baby at 38 and I still have plenty of energy. I feel like I am a better mother this time around as I am very patient and I know how quickly it goes by so I take everything in. There is no perfect time to have children and nearing 40 I just might have one more. It is a decision to be made individually, I don’t know why some feel the need to judge.

Flipper on

ha good luck with this one, the majority of eggs frozen dont even make it and are not viable by the time you are ready to stop being a celebrity and start a family, really you would be more vested into starting a family now while your young and healthy with fresh eggs , plus IVF is very unpredictable , this is definitely someone who has no clue about infertility either, just because you HAVE eggs doesnt even mean their good ones period!

Jacey on

We’re going to freeze our eggs so that we have no problems down the line.” — This is one of the most misguided, uninformed comments I’ve heard in a while. Things can happen in pregnancy that you never imagine which have nothing to do with the quality of your eggs. Infections, preeclampsia, placenta previa or abruption, etc. Maria should realize that by freezing her eggs, she hasn’t bought an insurance policy for a problem free pregnancy.

Marie on

I wanted to freeze my eggs years ago & my OB/Gyn did not sound too fond of it. I wish I would have done it even though I know it is risky. I have a beautiful son now thru fertility assistance.

For Alice-I am a new Mother in my 40’s & keep up after my son better than some 20 year olds.

It depends on the individuals. Check out child abuse statistics. It usually is not parents in their later years that are abusing their kids. They are usually more financially stable & sure they wanted them.

Shayla on

Re: Who is she?

Maria Menounos is an entertainment reporter [ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, EXTRA,TODAY Show] of Greek heritage. She also stars in Pantene shampoo commercials.

val on

Too much information. Also, don’t depend on science….its pretty good, but it’s not perfect. No guarantees in life. Plan all you want.

Sandra on

If mother nature knows best then…
-people with cancer should not get chemo
-pregnant women who need shots due to PH factor shot not get the shot and have their baby die
– Anyone with a chronic illness should not take medications or treatments designed to treat the illness.
-insulin dependent diabetics should not take their injections….and so on

Infertility is a medical diagnosis. Not everyone who is infertile has waited until their late 30’s to try for pregnancy. Although modern technology makes it possible for anyone with money to take advantage of fertility intervention most people who really need it will tell you they wish they didn’t. An infertile couple should not have to accept that his/her/thier medical condition is “God’s plan” or “Mother nature knowing what she is talking about”. People going through infertility have just as much right to take advantage of medical interventions as do anyone else with medical condition.

Nikki on

I guess it just seems strange to me that she’s been “dating” the same guy for over a decade but they’re still not ready to have kids. What are they waiting for? Just curious. At least they’re not rushing into it.

Anonymous on

“We’re going to freeze our eggs so that we have no problems down the line.”

Just because you freeze your eggs, that doesn’t mean you will be without problems down the road. Freezing your eggs does not ensure instant fertility success and a pregnancy. Maria Menounos should be careful to publicize such a false viewpoint.

Kris on

Nikki- I agree.. if you’ve been in a relationship for ten years and you are still not ready to have kids, there is something wrong. My sister got married shortly after dating her husband since she wanted children, and she was pregnant within a year-she knew he was the one and both were stable and she doesn’t regret rushing one bit. She has two kids and though there are some marital issues, she has her children first and figured, everything else can wait. I dont get why maria is continuing to postpone motherhood-if she’s not ready now, she will never be.

Lisa on

I think it is good that she is being open and honest about this and maybe providing information to other women who have not heard of or considered this expensive option. It also though could provide false hope for those who use this as an option for putting off motherhood. Freezing your eggs does not guarantee children in the future. Even thawed embryos are no guarantee for a family. I hope it all works out for her and when she is ready, she doesnt need this “insurance Policy”..if this is not the case, I sure hope she is prepared for the fact that the thawing, the fertilization, the implantation and/or pregnancy may not even work.

Faith on

wonder is anugston froze hers……

Etsy on

When you are old and retired, I wonder if Maria, or others who put of having children because of furthering an already existing career, will think it’s worth it? Having undergone a lot of IVF to have my family, I can personally say that the children were worth any career setback.
I understand if you are waiting for the right partner or a partner, or you have no financial stability, but in reality, the time is never right for infertility/menopause etc. I wish her luck.

summer on

All of you judgemental people who “don’t care” about what a celebrity does with her eggs are on the WRONG site! I just love how the World Wide Web has made everyone so brave and rude so they can just say any mean thing they want because they don’t have to take any responsibility for what they say. Maria Menounos, I am proud of you for taking control of your life, your body, and your reproductive rights! And kudos for you for having a plan, doing it your way, and doing it responsibly! If I could afford to freeze my eggs and have another child when I was ready, I would. I can’t afford it though; that’s why I seek the light-heated escapism of…. Just sayin’!

Anonymous on

Since when is 33 considered mid thirties?? I had my baby when I was 33 and will probably be 35 or 36 when we have our 2nd (god willing). I have to admit it is a little scary being in a higher risk category. Thankfully, I have a very healthy little girl. Good luck to them.

Lucy on

Some of you are being so judgmental and ignorant that it’s disturbing.

mother of 2 on

How vain the world has become…babies are a gift from God not a product. Freezing your eggs should never be an option. What happened to letting things happen as they may instead of having full control over everything. Babies should be welcomed anytime not just when it’s convient for your career. Sad world we live in.

ecl on

I presume that all of you have husbands who stay at home with the kids…oh wait, they don’t? Wow, you sure have selfish partners that put their career before time with their children. Get a grip people! What do you care what she does with her body and when? And it’s a short little interview, probably some silly little thing to promote the science. I’m sure she knows that other things could go wrong with her pregnancy. People like to willfully misunderstand others so they can get on their high horses.

MRJ on

I think she should do whatever she wants, it just seems like a really odd thing to announce to the public let alone calling her parents to the stage to make the announcement.

jess on

I agree with Alice – pregnancy should be done younger. My parents had me in their early twenties, and they had lots of energy to keep up. Not only that, but every single kid in my grade was incredibly jealous of the fact that my parents are young. What parents don’t know is that kids tend to be embarrassed at the age of their own parents…

Plus if you need to have IVF to get pregnant due to delaying children, nature is telling you something. We should stop thinking we know more than nature.

Sarah on

Maybe she said it just to get attention, I only know her from Et in the 90s her saying this sparked an interesting discussion.

Kelly on

How is this an entertainment story? Isn’t it her own private business? I realize she made it otherwise, but what a dumb thing to seek attention over.

Meela on

Forget her eggs she needs a major attitude adjustment, she is a MAJOR SNOB!!! She hosted a dog event in a local dog park in the Boston area and her “people” would not “allow” anyone to get close to her. Isn’t she like on the D list with Kathy Griffin. People were yelling her name and she just ignored them. She stayed in corner and kept getting her makeup touched up but did not “mingle” with the crowd. Once she did her mc role she took off in her black limo!!!


Sarah on

Really? Maria, why would you let this ‘private’ life of your life out to the world? Your child or children you conceive with your frozen eggs will find this story in twenty or so years, and then you will look like a jackass.

Also, fertility is not something to take lightly. It becomes harder to conceive, the older you get. You are 33, and the chance of conceiving with your frozen eggs gets lower, as you get older. I would suggest stop displaying your personal information in articles and focus on your career. Nobody needs to know you are freezing your eggs, but yourself and your partner.

Anonymous on

Do you think it’s right to create a baby and then freeze it and make it wait for its life to begin or to just be destroyed?

Amber on

Thank you Sandra, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Clearly, these women who said that you should let nature take it’s coarse has never experienced infertility. I started fertility treatments when I was 26, and nearly 6 years later am still doing them. I don’t believe I will stop until I have a child of my own.

Those who say “just adopt” don’t understand that adoption (domestic or international) can cost upwards of 30k and is out of reach for a lot of people. Not everyone wants to adopt, although I think adoption is wonderful, it’s not as easy as people think and some couples want biological children. I think your ignorance is disgusting!

sandy on

Sad to think someone would put Hollywood first instead of family. Imagine the wonderful lessons being passed because she wants to wait. Now is the perfect time to start a family. Make sure to get married first and make sure he is the right one. I wish her the best. Nothing compares to having a wonderful relationship and starting a family. That is true happiness.

Anonymous on

I’m Single & In My Late 30’s, I Don’t Have 10K, So I’ll Have To Adopt A Child/Children, My Reproductive Came Into This World/Damaged, Was Born W/ Phys. Challenges, Sadly, I Cannot Ever Get Pregnant 😦 !!

Libby on

Women DON’T want to hear this, but as you age and, yes, 33 is aging in FERTILITY TERMS you are not as likely to get pregnant. It is a simple fact. I have been through it all–IVF several times, etc. I am thankful to live in an age to do it, but I will say it was not optimal, it is VERY expensive, tough on a relationship and an emotional roller coaster. Women need to listen to their physicians when they say the clock is ticking, because it is.

Libby on

Women DON’T want to hear this, but as you age and, yes, 33 is aging in FERTILITY TERMS you are not as likely to get pregnant. It is a simple fact. I have been through it all–IVF several times, etc. I am thankful to live in an age to do it, but I will say it was not optimal. It is VERY expensive, tough on a relationship and an emotional roller coaster. Women need to listen to their physicians when they say the clock is ticking, because it is.

mrw on


rachel on

Hate to tell you maria but people are more interested in you when you are pregnant. Who are you anyways?? Slow news day??

Anonymous on

I am so happy that she is getting Egg Freezing out there!!! I am glad that she is freezing her eggs vs embryos. If she is not with the right guy now, at least when that happens she will be able to have biological children with the man she chooses. It is an incredible option, that is successfully working in many women. I work at an Infertility Center and we freeze A LOT of eggs. They are having terrific success rates with thawing/insemination and then implantation.

KS on

This is just too much information…Couldn’t get past the headline!

beckymack on

33 is not your “mid-30’s!” She can do what she wants with her eggs, though, it’s her body.

Marion Welch on

At New England Fertility in Stamford, Connecticut, we have had great success in using frozen eggs for creating embryos. With the new method of vitrification, the success rates for pregnancies from frozen eggs has improved dramatically. Freezing egg is a viable solution for many women who want to preserve their fertility.

Jen on

Personal information that is obviously shared for publicity

Jen on

Personal information that is obviously shared for publicity reasons

Patti on

People should be more supportive! There are many reasons why people do not always have children in their 20’s…age, time, money, no husband/partner, maturity, career…but, it is every womans own decision, so who are we to judge her? I was married and divorced in my 20’s and did not marry again until 10 years later and before we got married we started trying for a child, I was 34. For the next four years we tried everything and ended up having to do several diffeent fertility treatments and IVF twice to get our beautiful daughter exactly one week before I turned 39. I think that her decision to TRY and preserve her eggs for the future is a wise, well thought out desicion. I am sure she knows there is no guarantee with IVF and different reproductive technologies but at least she is trying to be proactive and knows what she wants. Had I known my fertility would be in question maybe I would have done the same thing. I would go through everything again just to get my daughter and anyone who has been through infertility treatments and had a baby as a result I am sure would agree!!!
And to the person who said that having babies later in life was wrong or bad because you cant keep up with the child, they are just ignorant to the facts. More and more women are having babies later in life and WE do just fine keeping up. I am 39 with a 5 month old and am so happy I had her when I did and not in my 20’s!!! I think mothers of any age can take care of their children especially if it is what we have wanted our entire life is to be a MOTHER!!!!!

emom on

I applaud RESPONSIBLE parenting decisions. I had my son at 38 and have a LOT of energy for him at 46. Just because people think I am over-the-hiill makes me no less an energetic and patient parent than the 17 and 18 year old HS students wishing to be “young moms”. Maria is waiting until parenting is right for her (i.e. she makes sure who she is with is the right father). Good for you, Maria!

emom on

Thank you Patti! You said what I was thinking! Glad you (and I) have a chance to be a MOM!!!

Shannon on

I don’t know what her motives were for revealing this news in the manner that she did. However, the fact that it brings increased awareness to assisted reproductive treatments can only be viewed as a good thing.

I’m 41 years old and currently pregnant with twins via IVF and egg donor. I had secondary fertility issues and spent a few years in denial followed by months of research in to adoption and surrogacy and ultimately learned about egg and embryo adoption.

I wish that I knew more about fertility treatment in my twenties. I wouldn’t have waited so long to see a specialist. I attached a negative stigma to seeing a specialist. I thought that doing so would only make me feel more stressed an make it more difficult to conceive. Now I view it as the smartest decision that any woman over 27 can make.

At a minimum, run some diagnostics and make sure your nutrition and hormone levels are adequate. Seeing a FACOG will give you the best chances of having a supported pregnancy.

dede on

I think IVF should only be used for women who can’t concieve naturally, for someone to do it because they are not ready and want to wait is stupid in my opinion. her career is her priority and i dont see her having kids at all, selfishness.

Charity on

I’m 34 and wish I could afford to freeze my eggs. I want children but have not found the right guy yet. I realize I could go it alone but I don’t feel like that is the right choice for me. And I do hope to adopt someday but would like to have a biological child (and go through pregnancy) someday.

I’d gladly put my career on the back burner for a husband & family.

Tiff on

I think this is great, I am sick of these celebrities telling the world they got pregnant in there 40’s through naturally… I was diagnosed with pre mature ovarian failure in my early 30’s. Now I have to come up with $45,000 for an egg donor to get pregnant.

If woman would be more honest about there bodies, there would be a lot more support for woman out there instead of all this misinformation.

Marcy on

I’m glad I had all of my children before 30. I have 4.The first was born on my 19th birthday and the last was born when I was 28. I just can’t imagine having kids up into my 30’s and 40’s.

I have a cousin who only had one child because she waited until she was 28 to have him and she says 30 is too old to have kids. That’s why she will only have one! Right now at age 31, I can already tell I have less energy and spunk than I did in my 20’s. But, I guess having kids at an older age works better for some women. More power to her, it’s just not for me!

Tad on

It’s a rude wake up call to learn from the medical experts how much egg quality diminishes after age 35. If MM doesn’t think she’s ready to be a parent now then she would not be a good one. The kid would be raised by a nanny as MM continues to pursue her career. MM is absolutely doing the right thing – maybe she shouldn’t have announced it to her parents on TV though!

Just a girl on


I froze my eggs about 4 years ago and yes, it is far more common to freeze embryos than eggs. This is due to the resulting low viability of an egg that has been frozen and thawed. The human oocyte (egg) is the largest single cell in the human body and is made up primarily of water. When you freeze water, it expands and ends up damaging cellular walls. Think of what happens when you freeze vegetables. When you thaw them out, they are mushy.

I myself froze eggs vs embryos because of a lack of a partner in my life. Not only am I not entirely sure I want kids, I didn’t want to deal with the dilemna of what to do with a frozen embryo if I decided against having kids. At the time, I was at an age where my eggs would not have been ‘young enough’ to result in embryos that were desirable for anyone else to want.

Technology has evolved slightly since I froze my eggs but not enough that you would be guaranteed to have eggs that would be viable after the being thawed.

mia on

It’s really up to God to decide when, and if you will have children. If she wasn’t joking with her comments, I hope she realizes how foolish they sound.

Best of luck to women who have children naturally and on Gods time.

joenamherst on

Why is this news? She’s a nobody that the Today Show tried to shove down our throats because she’s a Mexican. We didn’t buy it! I would guess thats the same reason that you have this article posted.

Lauren on

I think that she is unrealistic. If she realy wanted to have children, she would let nature take it’s course. “She has some things to do.” how sad! What a waste of money!

Anonymous on

Good idea. I assume she is also going to buy an artificial womb so she can grow the embryo in her living room so she can feel involved without having to damage her career’s body.

Wow on

@Joenamherst… She’s actually Greek. So… awkward discriminatory comment…

mama bear on

Why on earth is this news? Who cares!

Anna on

Top celebrities protect their privacy. Minor celebs like Maria offer info on their eggs. How pathetic.

jane on

Its selfish. Get over yourselves will you. You’ve been in a relationship for a deacde and no offense sweetie your career isn’t that great to start off with.

jane on

And wow what a moron just watched GMA and she said she always thought she was going to have babies at 40 and it wouldn’t be a problem. WOW all beauty no brains apparenty

Kaylen Silverberg, MD on

A lot has changed from what you have apparently been told. Many of the leading fertility centers in the US are now very successfully freezing and thawing eggs for patients undergoing treatment for cancer as well as many other serious medical conditions. These same centers are also offering egg freezing to women who wish to freeze their eggs electively for fertility preservation.

Many fertility centers offer freezing options but only the top clinics in the US can also show live births from these preserved eggs. If you are considering egg freezing it is important that you consider working with a fertility center that has proven technology and documented successful live births from their fertility preservation program.

WGirlE on

This is totally infuriating!! I never get on these blogs, but picked up my computer as soon as I saw this on the news (tuned on in the background while I grade papers). It costs around $10,000 to have your eggs frozen! And this is NOT covered by health insurance.

I can’t believe these “celebrities” (I have no idea who this woman is) can act as though they are moral arbiters, sharing the good news that there are “options” out there for women who wait. How dare they?! Do they actually think that the average woman in this country can just shell out thousands of dollars to do this? And these are NEWS people? Are they that stupid, or just that irresponsible?

She didn’t put another option out there or relieve any woman’s concerns. It just makes it that much more depressing to to the MAJORITY of women who can’t afford this. How totally insensitive.

Mia on

I think it’s good to not rush + wait to have kids until you’re ready–but I do think it’s strange….her + her boyfriend have been together for over 10 years–they’re not married…and no kids yet?…..If it’s right…go for it-don’t stall.

Ciera on

I also wonder what she is waiting for? Does she think that she can’t work once she has children? I just don’t see the point of waiting years when she is already 33, has been with her boyfriend for 10 years, and her reason is that she wants to work a few more years? To each his own, but I think it’s a little silly to put something as wonderful as starting a family off so you can work. Especially when she is already more than wealthy.

Anonymous on

“Why is this news?” — I’m thrilled this is news. As a 33 year old who had to try for 3 years to conceive her first child I always love to hear the true stories of how eggs don’t last for ever and your fertility is not guaranteed.

For every story of a 40+ celebrity having a baby (usually surrogate or donor eggs or at the least many expensive and painful treatments) it’s also good to see the other side.

Yes, you might be the person who can easily pop out a kid at 44. But the odds are better that it will be a long hard road. Better to be safe than sorry.