Spotted: Jodie Sweetin’s Happy Handful

09/22/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Pedro Andrade/Pacific Coast News

Say cheese!

Jodie Sweetin gets down with her daughters — Zoie Laurelmae, 3, and Beatrix Carlin, 13 months — for a group shot at the Pre-Emmy Parenting Lounge, held at the Intercontinental Hotel, on Friday in Los Angeles, Calif.

So how does Sweetin, 29, keep her sanity while raising a family? Plenty of caffeine and lots of patience!

“No need to stress out and freak out over little things,” she says of motherhood. “Eh, they spill stuff. They do stuff. Whatever! It’s cool.”

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ELO on

I’m so glad that she is doing well. Her girls are absolutely adorable.

Shawna on

Does she have custody of the oldest one now? I’m pretty sure before her ex had custody of her. I can’t imagine not having custody of my children, that must be terrible. Neither girl looks anything like Jodie, they must look like their fathers.

saydee on

She looks happy & well. Good to see her & her girls!

Y on

I think the little one looks a lot like her..the older one does not resemble her at all….

kendrajoi on

Zoie looks exactly like her dad.

Michaela on

aww they are so cute and I think Zoie looks like her when she was younger back when she was on full house as Stephanie

Michaela on

aww they are so cute and I think Zoie looks like her when she was younger

Shawna on

Holiday on

Cute girls!

Anonymous on

Wow Zoie turned out ugly. I hate seeing little kids overweight. Its so easy to avoid.

A. on

WOW @ Anonymous. Although I do agree I don’t like seeing children overweight. It is a parent’s responsibility to keep their children active and feed them nutritious food. Otherwise you’re asking for health problems (diabetes) or even potential eating disorders to develop.

Sarah K. on

Anonymous, I don’t think Zoie is overweight – look at how thin her legs are. She just has a round face, like her father. Also, calling a little kid ugly? Stay classy…

Amanda on

Zoie is pretty tall for a 3 year old!

MollyFa on

No wonder you’re Anonymous, because you’re too scared to share your real name for making such a stupid remark like that. She’s not overweight and how dare you say she’s ugly.

Anonymous on


-a on

her oldest looks nothing like her but their both beautiful

Ashley on

Aww pretty girls!

Janna on

Neither of those girls are overweight. How ridiculous.

carrington on

How hateful does one have to be to so freely call a child ugly?

Pandabear on

she doesn’t look overweight to me, just tall and round faced. So know we’re making fun of toddlers and calling them “ugly.”? No wonder there’s so much bullying in school with adults like this. Nice. Very very classy, Anonymous.

Sloanesmomma on

they are both soo cute

torgster on

Why is she still considered a celebrity? Has she done anyyhing entertainment related in the last ten years?

Tami on

I still see a little bit of Jodie in Zoie’s looks. Her face is a tiny bit rounder than her mom’s was, but her little eyes and mouth are similar. Can’t anyone else imagine Jodie making a face like that in the first season of Full House, or is it just me?

And baby Beatrix looks a lot like Jodie… did anyone else see this adorable pic she posted on Twitter?

pamela a on

very pretty both kids are, the youngest is just like her mom, the oldest must look like the dad. shes not over weight either, shes small except her face is round, i bet as she gets older, her face will slim out. ppl are so rude

Mermaid on

Zoie is ugly. Have you seen her father? He’s nothing in the looks department.

Ashley on

They don’t really look like Jodie that much. They do look happy though 🙂

Krissy on

How unhappy you must be with your life to call a child ugly or anything derogatory. You are no different than a child bully.

amy y on

Wow anon. Like all that attention?

meme on

That kid is not fat!! She reminds me of the little girl that played in the movie, curly Sue.

Sara on

I agree that the little one looks like Jodie.

s on

her oldest looks chubby but what an amazing family

Kris on

I’m happy Jodie seems to have found her happy.

But good God, People editors. I think it’s time for you to do away with the comments section of the Moms & Babies blog. Or at least make a half hearted effort to moderate them.

I’m all for free speech, but there are limits as to what you should be able to write, especially under the guise of anonymity. Calling a child ugly? Where do you get off????? I dare you to walk up to a stranger and say that about their child. That mother/father would lay you flat, and you would deserve it.

andi on

I cannot believe people come here just to comment about someone’s child being “ugly”. I wonder how many strangers see your child every day and think the same thing about your kid. Talking negatively about a child’s looks is so mean. Wow.

Janna on

@Kris… You’re not “all for free speech” if you think there are “limits as to what you should be able to write”.

soph on

Oh, get over it. People are going to type what they want. Learn to deal.

Jen on

What are you ladies talking about “under the guise of anonymity” and typing her “real name.” What difference would it make if she included her real name? Would you hunt her down? Lol! Besides, how do you know my “real name” is “Jen.” Get a grip ladies!

dani on

I think she looks a lot like her mother, but with a fuller face. I’m stunned people can’t see the resemblance.

MissMel on

I was surprised to see people saying that Zoie looks nothing like Jodie because the first thing I thought when I saw this picture is that she looks so much like her mom during her “Full House” days.

JLL on

I thought Jodie was darling on full house. I wish her and her family all the best.

jenny on

Sorry, but I dont see any resemblance of Jodie in the oldest. I’ve seen every episode of full house from start to finish, and she doesnt look anything like her:) The youngest def. resembles her, and maybe she will grow the long banana curly hair!

Lucy on

I guess it’s ok she seems to be getting her act together but 2 is enough…I hope she doesn’t have anymore.