Maya Rudolph: Motherhood Gets Easier with Each Child

09/21/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
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Motherhood has never been so easy for Maya Rudolph.

The Up All Night star, who welcomed her third child — son Jack — with director Paul Thomas Anderson in July, admits it was a far cry from the births of daughters Pearl, 5½, and Lucille, 23 months.

“I’m a little bit of a pro. The stuff that I used to fear and used to worry about is so different, like the first time I brought [Pearl] home from the hospital,” the actress, 39, said while promoting her latest series.

“I think I was in the backseat, putting my finger under her nose, making sure she was breathing, [and] asking my husband to drive three miles per hour.”

However, when it came time for the couple to head home from the hospital with their new baby boy, the scene was strikingly different, Rudolph jokes.

“By the third child we didn’t even have a car seat anymore. Then when he got one, we didn’t even install it properly because we were running out of the hospital because we just wanted to get home,” she laughs. “I ended up switching seats with [Paul] and I ended up driving myself home from the hospital.”

After her stressful start to raising a family, Rudolph is now content to sit back and spend time worry-free time with her kids.

“I was grateful to have the experience again because I could actually enjoy it. I was so nervous the first time,” she reveals.

— Anya Leon

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Heather Lynn on

Love Maya Rudolph! She gives such great interviews and I can totally relate.

Sam on

Not using a carseat properly is serious in my opinion. While the chance of a crash happening may be small, I wouldnt risk it. No matter which child it is.

Sandy on

I really hope she’s joking about the car seat issue.

Maggie on

I agree 100% with her. The first baby has you on edge. It’s gets easier and more relaxing with every subsequent child. So much truth in this article!

alicejane on

“However, when it came time for the couple to head home from the hospital with their new baby boy, the scene was strikingly different, Rudolph jokes.”

And then she tells the story. The above sentence leads into her joking (in this case, exaggerating) about the carseat.

I think she’s hilarious! Definitely a great female comedian of the time. Congrats to her and her family on Jack!

Indira on

She probably didn’t realize it wasn’t installed properly until after when she arrived home.

Sarah on

My God, she’s joking, people. It’s her job to make jokes.

daria on

She’s a comedian and was joking. The post even states that she’s joking. Sheesh. Also, she’s hilarious and I love what she (comedically) said.

Crystal on

Geez people she is a comediane!!! She’s clearly joking! Get a life!

erica2 on

Sam & Sandy my God please get a sense of humor I’m sure Maya used a properly installed car seat to take Jack home and would NOT jeopardize his life…it was a joke u have to take everything Maya says with a grain of salt she is a comedian…FYI most hospitals inspect the car seat before you leave

Sam on

Yeah, she laughed. She was still recalling how it happened…

annachestnut on


ClaireSamsmom on

In my case, have two kids has been much harder than having just one. My daughter was a really easy baby….or maybe just because I could focus on her alone, it was easier. Then, when my son came along, he was very colicky, had some belly issues, reflux, first tooth at 3 mo….yeah, you get the picture. It was so hard to juggle the needs of two kids. But, now…at 5 & 2 years of age, it has gotten easier…they are best buddies and love to be with each other…and he outgrew the other issues. So…you never know. I love Maya’s new show…”Up all night”…she is great in it!

klutzy_girl on

Did everyone miss that Maya referred to Paul Thomas Anderson as her husband?

I wonder when they got married, or if it’s more a common law thing.

Julie on

Love, Love, Love her!!! I was looking forward to “Up All Night”, and it’s an ok show, but she makes it so much funnier. Anyway, people, c’mon! Do you think she’d break the law and not have a secured car seat for her baby? Furthermore, if she DID break the law (for this or otherwise) do you think she’d seriously put it out there for all the world to see? Sense. Of. Humor.

sky on

i agree you are inexperienced with the first one, but having more kids is just as challenging and even more difficult. wait until her baby becomes a toddler and she can eat her words!

Cecilia on

@klutzy_girl: I noticed that she referred to Paul Anderson as her “husband”. I didn’t know she was married. That’s wonderful!

MiB on

Actually, I once overheard a friend of my parents express the same sentiment, she said something along the lines of how they lovingly taught the first one to ride his bike, how sweet ist was to see their older one teach their second to bike, but who on earth taught the third one, who suddenly knew how to do it?

mo on

Is child-endangerment really so very funny? Yeah we all have a lot of kids and each one takes less worry to raise… but forgetting the legally-required carseat…? Are you kidding?! Don’t get too relaxed. Mother your kid lady. We don’t care if some people recognize you. You still need to follow the laws for child safety. Jeez!

Sarah K. on

Mo, she wasn’t serious about not properly installing the car seat. She’s a comedian so lighten up!

TJ on

Her “husband”? Just curious, since when?

Dee on

Holy cow people……its a JOKE!!! Lawd!!!