Project Runway’s Jeffrey Sebelia Debuts La Miniatura Kids Collection

09/21/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy La Miniatura

Project Runway‘s Season 3 winner (and bad boy!) — Jeffrey Sebelia — is back!

But now the designer is dabbling in kids fashions, debuting a hip, edgy boys collection called La Miniatura.

Sebelia, who famously got a neck tattoo during the taping of the show featuring his then infant son’s name, created the line so his kid could “dress with some dignity!”

Well, it looks like he’s accomplished his goal.

A fun mix of British posh and punk, it features artsy graphic tees and sweatshirts, sophisticated trench coats, skinny tartan trousers, rocker-ready velvet suits and slim-cut colored jeans.

We can’t help thinking he must have had Kingston and Zuma Rossdale on the brain when sketching.

There is one child who definitely did inspire Sebelia — his son Harrison, now 6½. In fact, that’s him in the black above. To shop the collection, go to

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kjc on

I love the look! I can also see little Levi wearing these outfits!

ClaireSamsmom on

Maybe for the Hollywood crowd. I would never ever dress my son in this look. A little too “Austin Powers” for my taste. No thanks.

Tieraney on

Sorry, but eww, I would never dress my 5 year old son in this stuff. Tight velvet pants, uh, no thanks.

Lau on

Looks like a great line! Love Jeffrey, he’s a wonderful designer.

Jen K on

He was my least favorite winner, and not a fan of these clothes either.

Mira on

This pic is pretty horrendous. I don’t mind the look in general, but I think it doesn’t work on kids, it’s too grown up.

ForeverMoore on

Too cute!!! Those boys are adorable love those velvet suits and the scruffy boots

Diedre on

Love these clothes!! Its great that designer are beginning to put more effort into dressing little boys just as cute as little girls. I am going directly to the site to shop and place an order.

Diedre on

Love, love , love these clothes! Its so nice that designers are taking the time to design for little boys like the do for little girls. I am saving the Ron Robinson site to my favorites and placing my order for my three year old.

Ashley on

Ugh. So unattractive.

Lorelee on

Agree with the Austin Power reference. Trying to imagine where a boy could really wear this.

Erika on

I agree with Mira. It isn’t so much that I dislike the clothes, I just don’t think they are cute for a child. I don’t really find them inappropriate, I just don’t think they look right. They look like they were meant for adults. Some of the shirts aren’t bad, but they would look better paired with jeans. I’m confused though, I couldn’t seem to find girls clothes on their website?

berkeleymomma on

His collection is absolutely amazing. Jeffrey is a true visionary designer. My son would love these clothes. Bravo Jeffrey!

berkeleymomma on

Also, I forgot to note- I believe that the boy on the right in the picture is Jeffrey’s son. He is very adorable!

Holiday on

I have a 5 year old son and think these outfits would be almost laughable if we went out in public like that.

LC on

To each their own but these outfits are too cute for words…something different for a change.

Angela on

Maybe in Hollywood, Manhattan or Paris (I could see a certain former Real Housewives of New York dressing her sons in these outfits). I have a 2 1/2 year old son and prefer to dress him in polos and khakis/jeans.

Indira on

I’m a little bothered by his “Dress with some dignity” tagline. So, a child that is dressed in children’s clothing not, shrunken down adult clothing is not being dressed with dignity? There’s hardly anything special about this line, anyone can take pieces from the 60’s and shrink them down for little boys. Personally wouldn’t want to dress my son like the heroin addicts in Trainspotting.

eribri on

I’m tired of this tight pants for boys/men. What little boy actually WANTS to wear a suit when they’re not attending an event? I’m sure a lot like his designs but for me, I don’t like when people dress their kids (yes, I know I’m not their parent) in outfits that should be made for adults with this preppy look. Just let them wear jeans & T’s! They still look cute!

Carrie Jo on

I don’t care for the look, on adults or kids. I can’t imagine that most boys would be comfortable in an outfit like that, either.

Dietra on

Ok, I love love love this look…but, after visiting the site, I was highly disappointed with the prices. $50 jeans and $30 shirts??? No sorry, I guess I am back to my regular stores!!! lol

Jamie on

Only if I wanted my son to be the butt of jokes and get picked on, would I put him in these clothes!

Grace2 on

The little boy on the right has got to be his son. He looks just like Jeffery.

This is not my aesthetic at all, but I guess it’s great if it’s your thing.

Jude on

WHUT?! I’m surprised people hate this! I LOVE it!! Different look to what you see all the time! Perfect and cool!

krewcat on

LOL! I dress my son with dignity that does not (nor will it ever) include red velvet suits so tight he wouldnt be able to move!

Pandabear on

I LOVE this look so much! Where I live, in a military- contracting suburb of DC , this look would stand out like a sore thumb. I KNOW that a kid wearing this in my neighborhood would unfortunately be teased. I am sure of it because I grew up here, and dressed new wave-y in the mid /late 80’s and while that WAS the trend across the world I got made fun of for being “too far out there” . In London, CA, or NYC I can see this being more accepted.

Jim on

WOW, JUST WOW!!!!! That’s AWESOME !!! If I were not an adult I would definitely have worn such a chic jacket, trowsers, etc.

Dee on

I love the outfits, they are like a throwback to the good ole days when kids wore trousers and jackets and boots/shoes that actually looked like this……a lil less newer and standing on a corner yelling for people to buy newspapers….LOVE IT!!!

I’m so sick of all the cutsie outfits that girls have, its about time a designer focused on boys wear. I have a son and I cannot stand clothes w/ animals and cartoons on them I want them to look like people….lol

Kate on

Yes, I don’t think for my son it’s an “every day” look but for a wedding it looks fun and better then the normal polo and brown pants. It looks great and I’m going to look into it for a wedding I have coming up this winter!

kateS on

Poor kid..he looks like his old man