BumpWatch: Rebecca Gayheart – Belly Laughs

09/21/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
LM/Splash News Online

Eating for two!

An expectant Rebecca Gayheart stops for a snack — and a laugh with a friend — while out and about in Los Angeles on Sept. 14.

Pregnant with her second child with husband Eric Dane, the actress, 40, says she’s “not as neurotic” this time around.

“What’s made it different is that I’m very focused on [daughter] Billie … so I’m not very focused on [the pregnancy],” she explains.

Gayheart is due this winter.

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Maria on

aww, seeing this picture kind of makes me want to be pregnant again! I have a child the same age as Rebecca’s. She looks good!

Darla on

Hopefully this baby won’t be as ugly as Billie.

cheryl on

Darla……Cannot believe you posted that!!!! Now off to see if its true lmao

Romy on

are she and Eric ever pictured together anymore?

Jen on

Darla – I rarely read or respond to comments people make, but your comments remind me how horrible this world can be. Only a person lacking something in their own lives would ever make a comment like that.

Amber on

Darla- I feel so sorry for you. Your life must be terrible for you to post something like that about a child. Even if it WAS true, what do you gain by saying it? Do you feel better about calling her little girl ugly? How would you like it if someone said that about your child?

Like Romy, I wonder why we never see Eric and Rebecca together anymore.


Emma’s Mommy on

She is someone who doesn’t deserve kids… killing that boy because she was talking on her cell and distracted… yah, and let’s see if this baby is less ugly than Billie

meghan on

Romy, Eric has a job. A 16+ hours a day job.

meghan on

There always has to be one sanctimonious bitch in the bunch, right? I guess today was your turn.

Hea on

With that attitude you don’t deserve to have children either.

meghan on

There always has to be one poster acting as god, passing judgement and basically being a self-righteous POS. Guess today was your turn. Good to know.

jessicad on

Accidents happen, and I’m sure people have NEVER once talked on the phone or been distracted for a minute while driving. It must be so nice to be perfect!!!!! and calling an innocent child ugly? Only makes YOU look ugly and shows your insecurities.

Brandi on

Emma’s Mommy…you say you hope the baby isn’t “ugly”. Well I hope your sweet Emma isn’t as ugly on the inside as you are. Some example you must set for that poor child.

Janna on

@Emma’s Mommy

Do you think you just get to spew whatever nonsense you can dream up, and pass it off as fact? You should really read the ENTIRE set of court documents about this case. There was NEVER any proof she was on the phone, just that she passed stopped vehicles and hit a child WHO RAN INTO THE ROAD. There’s plenty of blame to pass around. Let’s start with his parents.

I wonder what else you think she doesn’t deserve because of that accident. Life? A house? Friends?