Spotted: Victoria Beckham’s Sleepy Shopper – Harper

09/21/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Philip Vaughan/Ace Pictures

Fashion week is tiring!

Harper Seven Beckham wraps up a shopping trip with a yawn as Victoria Beckham checks out the latest offerings at Marc Jacobs on Thursday in New York City.

The 10-week-old accompanied her Spice Girl-turned-designer mum, 37, to the East Coast for her Spring 2012 runway show — which earned raves.

Beckham and husband David Beckham are also parents to sons sonsΒ Brooklyn Joseph, 12,Β Romeo James, 9, andΒ Cruz David, 6Β½.

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Modern Seoul on

Harper looks really cute. πŸ™‚

Ashley on

Wow, Victoria is actually—-kind of—-SMILING. Amazing.

S.H on

These pictures are absolutely gorgeoud! The baby is absolutely adorable! Congrats to them!

Erika on

Oh my God, the first picture is just too precious! Harper is such an adorable baby!

Lady on

What a sweet little angel, gosh she’s cute! She really does look a lot like Cruz.

K on

What a sweetheart. Love the top photo! Too cute.

martina on

The baby is beautiful. But I don’t understand why Victoria needs to be carrying such a young baby around while shopping. Put her in a stroller – don’t expose her to camera flashes. I know my four months old hates them. Why force such a tiny infant into the spotlight?? She’ll have plenty of time for that.

Hea on

Martina – Maybe Harper wants to be carried a lot. Perhaps she hates the stroller.

Lis on

Gosh…this is just such a reminder of how FAST babies grow 😦 I feel like she was born last week…but she already looks like she is getting so big!!

J on

Oh good Lord Martina…LOL!

Anonymous on

If I had a baby that beautiful I’d never put her down πŸ™‚ She’s gorgeous!

me on

Flash bulbs, strangers around… maybe baby likes being snuggled safe in mama’s arms?

Brooke C. on

She is so so precious…She is the type of baby you just want to squeeze constantly. I don’t think Victoria is ever going to let her go….I think she is completely besotted.

Christi on

Harper’s a beauty! Hold em’ while you can because the time comes too quickly when they don’t want to be held.

Janie on

She looks so much like Cruz! Adorable πŸ™‚ And I love that Victoria carries her around–babies should be held as much as possible.

MamaGarcia on

She is such a beautiful baby and reminds me of my now 7 month old daughter. I know that Lilly (my daughter), hated her stroller until she was about 5 months old. She loved to snuggle in my arms, especially if there were people/strangers around.

Noelle on

Did it ever occur to those that question her carrying her baby that a) the baby does have a stroller and she happened to pick her up and of course, that’s when the papparazzi are going to go crazy b) she wants to hold her baby (I’m sorry but when did it become a crime for a mom to hold her newborn baby??) and c) WHO CARES ANYWAY???????

Maria on

A sling would be ideal for Victoria, she just looks so sort of awkward holding her, considering she is her fourth child you would expect her to look more comfortable iykwim. I guess a sling would ruin the look of VB’s “designs” though πŸ™‚

Brooklyn on

I can’t get over how ridiculously cute she is! Adorable.

Dazzle on

OMG! So cute.She looks like cruz πŸ™‚

Krissy on

A gorgeous picture of two beautiful people and the insecure women still need to show their claws. Grow up. Victoria and baby look happy and healthy. Hold her whole you can, plenty of time to stroller her around when she gets older. My gosh ladies, get a life some of you

Krissy on

Maria, I bet Victoria has nothing to say about you and your life…….Maybe you should follow her lead and keep your hate to yourself!!!!

tate on

I think its great that she is carrying Harper around. I have always felt it was silly to add so many extra items the baby is what 15lbs add a baby bag, the car seat and the stroller seems to be a lot for such a tiny person. Just the baby and a baby bag makes a lot of sense to me…

kjc on

I love baby yawns! Cute! My almost 5 month old can only take his stroller for so long, then he needs to get out, stretch, and take a look around. Nothing wrong with that!

Anonymous on

Beautiful baby!! All the best to them! And, (to YOU, Martina…) as someone who is going with her husband to see a fertility specialist today, I can only pray that oneday I have a beautiful baby of my own to hold instead of putting him or her in a stroller.

Congrats, Beckhams!

Brandi on

The very people complaining about her being held (or how she is holding her, REALLY?!?) would be the first to complain if the pictures were of Victoria at fashion week without the baby. We would see the “She needs to stay home with her child” comments. My point, every website has the “comment complainers” who complain for the sake of complaining. I didn’t realize how negative some people can be until reading comments on various celebrity news sites. I am so thankful I am not that bitter.

On to the picture, the baby is beautiful and I LOVE the way she is always holding her so close to her. There is no doubt that is one loved little girl. She, and mom, are GORGEOUS.

cara on

She is so cute. She really does look like Cruz, seems she inherited her Mom’s nose too.

Tee on

Oh my word, that first picture is adorable! It’s so nice to see Victoria looking so happy!

Martina, I’m exactly the opposite! I truly hate strollers for several reasons. The main reason is because I believe that babies (and children) need to be held. Harper is just a few weeks old. I don’t understand why someone would strap their child in a stroller and push them around rather than just holding them tightly the way nature intended. I’m not picking a fight with you because I respect that everyone has the right to handle their children as they see fit. I’m just pointing out that some people don’t think strollers are very natural. Maybe Victoria feels that way.

Maria on

Krissy, I’m not a celeb so she doesnt know me to comment on, come on get with it!

kimmie on

Its outrageous she carries her child! Why is she not walking ! She’s already two months old. How come noone mentioned that before?

martina on

Anonymous… good luck with your appointment. But please, get a grip. There are PLENTY of opportunities for mothers of young children to hold them. Holding the newborn while SHOPPING / posing for the paps / wearing 4 inch heels would not be my first choice. A baby is not a fashion accessory. But to each their own.

anya on

Now we can’t even hold newborns without being told it’s terrible?! LMAO. Darn. I never used strollers or baby seats for my 2 yr old. Imagine that. I held him close everywhere we went – still do and still will until the day he decides he would rather walk or I can’t do it anymore!

Holiday on

I never used strollers with my kids. My son was in my arms most of the time and my daughter was and still is in a moby and ergo.

Daniela on

Soooo adorable!!! Love the scrunched up face! And like seeing Victoria with a smile on her face, she never seems to smile much. πŸ™‚

Daniela on

LOL@ Kimmie! I was wondering the same thing! πŸ˜‰

ecl on

The real problem is the sheer quantity of time that celebs spend shopping. She seems superficial and materialistic.

soph on

Oh Krissy, please tell me how saying “get a life” is not showing YOUR claws. How about growing up yourself, dear.

kimmie on

Hey dont jump on Martina… she’s just pointing out that mothers should leave the babies in strollers, car seats, with nannies, bottles, dirty diapers, etc… and not touch them at all. Whats wrong with that !

Gaby on

poor baby

Maria on

I love that she is holding her baby in the pictures- every time I see her and her children I have to say it again- such a beautiful family all around!!! πŸ™‚

Krissy on

Maria, my point exactly, you don’t know her either.

Holiday on

Gaby why is Harper a “Poor baby”?

Silly Silly on

For those of you that have had three boys and you FINALLY get the baby GIRL of your dreams UNDERSTAND why V.B. holds her daughter so much. My mother said family would always say “you should put the baby down” and my mom would always say “What for?” Meaning, she loved me and I inturn have done the same exact thing with my three. I say skip the stroller and hold on tight! They are only so small for such a short period of time. Enjoy!!

jessicad on

If she had her in a stroller people would complain she doesn’t love her or hold her enough, it’s always something!

I think it’s precious how she always holds her close!

molly on

Silly Silly,
Quick question, so if the fourth baby was a boy, it’s not the baby of a mother’s dreams, and therefore should not be held all the time? But, I guess your screen name says it all.

Flowergirl on

Well if you have followed Victoria Beckham over the years with her children you would know she has always carried all of her children more than putting them in strollers. She likes to carry around her kids while she can. What’s wrong with that?

B.J. on


Silly Silly on

Molly…all I’m saying is people want what they do not have, and when they get it it’s truly appreciate. My parents had four daughters in a three bedroom home. My dad would have been happy to have had one boy in there, but felt blessed nontheless. As far as the personal attack with my screen name…I think it is fun. One day you might understand what V.B. has gone through. 12 years of taking care of your boys and your man is a long time. She is allowed to enjoy her bundle of pink. Let her hold her all day, everyday.

Jessicad and Flowergirl…thanks for having my back!!

molly on

Silly Silly,
I have no problem whatsoever with Victoria carrying her child, in fact I’m happy to see it. I was questioning your (in my opinion silly) comment insinuating that she’s carrying the baby around only because her daughter is her “baby girl of her dreams.” Also, you have no idea whether I “understand what VB has gone through.” As a mother, each of my children are the baby of my dreams, regardless of their sex.

Brooke on

She is just soooo beautiful!!

Lene on

Harper is such a cutie pie! She’s way cuter than a lot of celebrity baby girls. I bet she’d be quite the fashionista too.