Emily Deschanel, David Hornsby Welcome Son Henry

09/21/2011 at 11:30 PM ET
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

And baby makes three!

Emily Deschanel and her husband, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s David Hornsby, welcomed their first child, a son named Henry, on Wednesday, Sept. 21, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

The Bones star, 34, and Hornsby were married in 2010. The actress maintained a vegan diet throughout her pregnancy.

The new mom’s costar TJ Thyne took to Twitter to share the happy news. “CONGRATULATIONS EMILY D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he Tweeted Wednesday. “Yay yay yay!!! :o)”

But he’s surely not the only one celebrating Henry’s arrival.

In April, shortly after her sister Emily announced her pregnancy, Zooey Deschanel could hardly contain her excitement, Tweeting: “I am super excited to be an aunt!”

— Rennie Dyball and Liz Raferty with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Jayne on

How lovely! Congratulations Emily and David! Henry Hornsby is such a great sounding name and how can he be anything but a handsome little guy with his parents!

Nancy on

Sooooooo excited! Congrats to Emily and David! I knew they’d come up with a classic name for the baby =)

emily on

congrats emily! Cute name, maybe a little popular but the double H is cool. I am soo excited about this bones baby, like awkwardly so.

Micheley on

I’m so happy for Emily! I love her, and I love the name Henry!

Darla on

Yay for vegan babies!!!!!! 🙂

Sandra on

Oh yeah, congrats to Emily and David on their bundle of joy.
And must say, LOVE the name.

Ann on

CUTE! I think she *just* stopped filming Bones a few days ago. I’d almost convinced myself it was a girl. I love the name, and can’t wait to get a glimpse of the little guy!

Congrats to David and Emily!

Carrie Jo on

Oh congrats to her and her hubby!!!

Calais on

Omg yay. Finally. The announcement I have been waiting for.
I love Emily 🙂
Congrats Emily and David on baby Henry. And to Aunty Zooey. Hope mom and bub are doing well.
Can’t wait to see whether she has a boy or girl on Bones 🙂

Vanessa on

Congratulations to Emily and David on the birth of Henry! I wish you both all the very best.

Jen DC on

Aw, congratulations! Henry Hornsby is like an English schoolboy’s name – love it. I’ve always loved the name “Henry.”

Well, successful vegan pregnancy. I guess we can put the whole “It’s impossible to be vegan and healthy” argument to rest…

klutzy_girl on

Yay, congratulations to her! It was a very long, impatient wait after TJ Tweeted his congratulations! I love the name. Had also convinced myself Emily was having a girl!

Joan on

Congrats to Emily and David on the birth of their son Henry.

Melissa on

Congrats Emily and David! Henry is such a cute name. I can’t wait for Bones to come back on 🙂

Lady on

I absolutely LOVE the name Henry…but Henry Hornsby…lol!

K on

Congratulations! I love the name Henry. I cannot wait to see photos!

bones_addict on

I looove the name!! It’s refreshing when people give their children traditional names. I’m sure he’s addorable. I think she stopped filming Bones right before the Emmy’s because her due date was 2 weeks away. I think the fact that she was sooo big and pregnant will make this season of Bones even better!! More power to her for working right up until she had her little bundle of joy.

Congrats 🙂

fuzibuni on

Congrats! Cute name. Wonder if she was able to have the homebirth she wanted?

And Jen DC… I respectfully disagree with your statement that “I guess we can put the whole “It’s impossible to be vegan and healthy” argument to rest”

A close friend of mine was vegan through her pregnancy and her baby boy was born with a birth defect that is 5 times more common in babies born to vegans. I’m glad Emily’s son didn’t have that problem.

I respect Emily’s right to eat whatever she wants to, however she used the last 9 months to promote vegan pregnancy to the general public knowing full well that there are major health risks to being vegan, especially if you do it long term and don’t have a nutritionist working with you like she did.

kjc on

Congratulations on baby Henry! I love the name, and I love the Double H…. although I’m not so sure about the Double H with the Double Y at the end. It sounds cute, but is a little much for my taste.

Marie on

Congrats to them.

I beg to differ. I have been vegan for about 17 years & lacto-ovo for 10 years prior to that.

Many things that are done blindly or uneducated can be dangerous, but to say such a thing about the vegan diet or “way of life”, I feel is not right. Of course, you have a right to say anything you want.

I also have a young son & followed a vegan diet with my pregnancy.

I would be interested to know what birth defect you are referring to as none of my physicians never mentioned this & I had many of the best.

Robyn on

Yay!!! Congrats!!!

Knowing she’s had the baby is getting me impatient for Bones in November, lol.

KM on


I have the expertise to answer the question. A lack of B-12, common in many vegans who maintain their lifestyle during pregnancy unsupervised by a specialist, leads to neural tube defects in many babies born to vegans. These defects go by more familiar names, including spina bifids and anencephaly. And it isn’t “wong” to say something that has been proven in numerous, numerous studies, including ones conducted at Harvard and Oxford, which I have had to read as a medical student.

You need to learn the difference between an opinion and a fact. A fact has been proven. It’s called science, sweetie. It may not be convenient, but it’s inarguable.

mpinky310 on


Darla on


Don’t call it a fact when it hasn’t been proven. This has been proven in women who were vitamin B-12 deficient. Most vegans are NOT, so how can you make such comments about veganism? I am a vegan and most of my friends and acquaintances are vegan as well. None of us have B-12 deficiencies, and none of our children do either.

Its funny how omnivores always make claims about the vegan diet, yet they do not know any vegans themselves, or have never met anyone with such disorder or ailment they described. Yet when you actually talk to REAL vegans, and immerse yourself in their community, you’ll meet only healthy individuals. I’ve honestly never met a sick vegan child, and I personally know and have met hundreds of them over the years. Where are all these Vitamin B-12 deficient pregnant vegans and children you speak of?!!

I believe in Science, but not when the intention of the study is biased, and when the study was too small to draw any conclusions.

Don’t call people “sweetie”, it makes you sound like a condescending bitch and it doesn’t help your argument at all.

Reese on

KM, no need to cop an attitude. Nothing Marie said required you to get defensive or break out the holier than thou vibe you are attempting.

You, yourself, mentioned the lack of the vitamin is “common in many vegans who maintain their lifestyle during pregnancy unsupervised by a specialist”. Do you know for a fact that Emily or Marie didn’t consult with their physicians regarding their diet during pregnancy? My physician and multiple sources I consulted throughout my pregnancy clearly stated that the regular use of vitamin B12 supplements or fortified foods is recommended for all pregnant vegans. Together with my physician, I was able to remain vegan but retain the nutrients my child needed to properly develop. Any mother, whether she’s vegan, vegetarian, or not, should know to consult with her doctor, midwife, etc. to maintain a well-balanced diet.

Please don’t assume that just because someone chooses to continue a vegan lifestyle while pregnant, she is throwing all caution to the wind and not doing research or discussing concerns with her doctor. It just makes you look foolish.

Duckie on

It is absolutely possible to be vegan and have a healthy pregnancy/lifestyle. It is also absolutely possible to be vegan and have an unhealthy lifestyle/pregnancy. Being vegan is no different than any other dietary choice in that respect. Omnivores, pescetarians, vegetarians, and vegans can and do have complications related to improper nutrition.

However, it is wrong to assume someone will have an unhealthy pregnancy when you don’t know what decisions they make on a day-to-day basis. She’s vegan, yes, but how do you know that she doesn’t take B-12 supplements? That’s like hearing someone say they are an omnivore and automatically assuming that she doesn’t take enough folic acid. It is not scientific or factual to make those conclusions based on little to no information about how she manages her day-to-day needs. To assume that she got lucky is wrong.

Harley on

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!!! I’ve been waiting for this day since they announced she was pregnant! I’m so very excited for the family and the extended families. A child is such a blessing to welcome into the family. I love the name – so proper but so cute at the same time.

As for this whole vegan BS on here – really? Can’t we all just be happy that she and her husband welcomed a healthy baby? Diets are diets and consulting your physician regardless is your responsibility as a parent.

Staci on

Congrats to them both!! So happy. I can’t wait for Bones to come back on.

Kaye on

So happy for her and her husband. Many congratulations. I can’t wait for the ‘bones baby’ either.

This vegan debate happening every time just keeps reminding me of that scene in Notting Hill, “so these carrots have been murdered, yes”. Hehe

Everybody lighten up. Just as with anything else, her body, her choice. She had a nutritionist with her throughout her pregnancy who planned all of her meals and supplements. So I am sure she was as healthy as she could possibly be throughout her pregnancy and she seemed to take it very seriously. Any one else who decides to be vegan should and do put the same amount of research into making sure that in pregnancy they will get sufficient nutrients. The end.

Ali on

I love the old style name “Henry Hornsby”, it fits perfectly in a novel by Charles Dickens or the like.

Aly on

I just can’t believe KM said that science is “inarguable.” Really KM, really? What kind of medical student thinks that SCIENCE is inarguable?

Jen DC on

Fuzibuni: You are confused. There is a difference between CANNOT (impossibility) and DID NOT (possibility undermined by imperfect execution).

Pandabear on

Congratulations! I am so happy for them. Anyone else notice there must have been something in the water on the Set of “It’s Always Sunny…” cause that’s 3 pregnancies from several of the shows’s characters born within a 6 month time span?!

Woo hoo~ Love that they wrote this into Bones and I CANNOT wait to see how the plot unfolds this season.

Kristen on

Four years ago the same day, I gave birth to my second child and first son who we were considering naming Henry (but he looked like a Joseph, so Joseph he is) and we have an “h” last name…Congrats to Emily, David and Henry.

The Author on

Excellent choice of name! (My son’s middle name is Henry, so I’m not biased or anything :D)

Congratulations to Emily, David and the extended family. Lovely news.

First time Mom on

I can’t wait to see how this plays out on Bones!!!

soph on

“Don’t call people “sweetie”, it makes you sound like a condescending bitch and it doesn’t help your argument at all.”

But it’s better to call someone a bitch, Darla…right, sweetie?

#1Bones Fan on


Jess on

would everyone stop with the vegan stuff? just say congratulations and stop fighting over it. Kate wasn’t trying to be holier than thou so why doesn’t everyone take a step back and calm down. this article is about emily having her son. Not about her being a vegan…..God people take themselves too seriously.

J on

Reese, try watching your own attitude.

Laura on

I love that a lot of you turned this post, which should be joyful and happy, into one where we’re throwing insults around and acting like children simply because we don’t agree with that someone else is saying.

It’s her body, her life and her child. She can do what she wants with these things and we have no right to judge.

Way to be adults, ladies.

Congratulations to the happy couple! Henry is going to be absolutely adorable, I’m sure. 🙂

drm on

Rickety Cricket and Bones raising a child?

im not sure im OK with this..

Chantel on

I love Emily Deschanel. Congrats to them both.

Lisa on

So happy for them – love both shows!

as for the vegan debate, everyone is entitled to eat whatever they do ot do not want to eat…. but I love the omnivore comment – gave me a good laugh!