Melanie Brown Introduces Daughter Madison

09/20/2011 at 10:15 AM ET
Courtesy Hello!

Meet Madison Belafonte!

Proud parents Melanie Brown and Stephen Belafonte cuddle their “gorgeous … and chilled” 2½-week-old daughter close while posing on the cover of Hello! magazine’s latest issue.

Following Madison’s Sept. 1 delivery, the former Spice Girl — also mom to daughters Phoenix, 12, and Angel, 4 — admits the third time was certainly a charm due mainly in part to her strong support system.

“Ideally you want to have your loving partner who you’ve created this baby with by your side throughout everything and, in Angel and Phoenix’s cases, that wasn’t the set up,” Brown, 36, shares.

“I had a rocky marriage with Phoenix’s dad. The relationship with Angel’s dad Eddie [Murphy] was over halfway through the pregnancy.”

However the tides certainly changed for Brown when she tied the knot with Belafonte in 2007.

“This time I’ve done it with my partner — someone to come to every prenatal appointment with me, to get excited by every scan — and it feels like I’ve finally done it right,” she says.

As a result, the X-Factor: Australia judge found herself laughing throughout her 15-hour labor.

“When I was moaning to Stephen about my trapped nerve I was thinking, ‘I’ve never had anyone to complain to about these kinds of things,'” she recalls. “Phoenix had one leg and Stephen the other … they were winding each other up. I was cracking up so much I didn’t need to push.”

— Anya Leon

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chelsea on

she didn’t waste anytime making money off her baby.

cara on

Wow they didn’t wait long to make a few dollars from their newborn !

Lovely baby though.

Heather Lynn on

Totally wasn’t expecting the name Madison, but she is absolutely precious! Great family photo.

Mel on

Cara – “Wow they didn’t wait long to make a few dollars from their newborn”

? What’s the difference between her and any other celeb that releases pics to a magazine?

Jenna on

RE:cara you didnt wait long to come and see the new baby either..

gosh, why throw a dig at them when ur sitting in front of a screen staring at the baby. hypocrite.

Now, on to the real reason i came here. Lovely baby, lovely family and im glad Mel finally has had the pregnancy experience all pregnant women should.

Sarah S. on

Madison is a pretty baby–congrats on girl #3!!

Monika on

They release them so they are not chased by the bottom feeder paparazzi trying to get the first baby pic…

Leslie on

Love the name Madison — Congrats to the lovely family!

Meghan on

congrats! what a beautiful baby 🙂 i understand what she says about feeling like she had “finally done it right” and i think her honesty and candor is refreshing. i love the name madison!

kj on

I don’t think anyone is gonna be chasing mel b

Sarah on

Good on them!


Lovely family!! Congrats, Mel!

mmmm on

they have a healthy baby girl and are happy- all that matters.

maybe they are proud parents and want to show her off. i might if i were them. congrats!!!

carolyn on

I dont think its about rushing to make money off the baby, but more so controlling getting the first pic out. They would be hounded by pazz for that picture. This way it was on their time. And in her country she is a big deal.

CMZ on

Wonder how her two other children would feel about her saying “it feels like I’ve finally done it right,” OUCH!

f on

She is gorgeous. Congrats to Melanie and Stephen.

Always best when parents put out their own pictures instead of the sleazy paparazzi stealing pics.

Misty on

I know this article is centered around Melanie Brown but don’t exclude the fact that she is also stepmom to Stephen Belafonte’s daughter from a previous relationship.

patty collums on

beautiful couple, and beautiful baby. i like the name madison. sucha lovely name. will thay call her matty?.

Soco on

Angel, Phoenix…..Madison? Kind of boring but she’s healthy and that is what matters

Rinaade on

She not saying that her two older children are not loved or is not as important to her, because things did not work out with their father. She simply saying that this time around, she has her partner to help raise her kids with and support her.

Mom Of Twins on

I read that she let her daughter Phoenix name the baby.

Sarah on

Congratulations to Melanie and Stephen! Madison is a gorgeous baby girl. 🙂

Traci on

I really wish people wouldn’t make snide remarks about celebrities. They’re human too.

I’m happy for Melanie and her husband. Madison (love that name) is absolutely gorgeous.

Congratulations to the Belefonté family.

Tee on

Is it me or does she not even look like herself? I wouldn’t recognize her if it was just a pic of her. Maybe it’s the hair color (or wig). Congrats on the new baby!

Jfjake on

Another wannabe star selling out their children for another 15 minutes.

Karen on

I love the name madison. So that was a good choice 🙂 She has a beautiful family.

mg on

wow…3 kids, 3 dads. Nice.

Phoenix on

Cara, what is the difference between them showing the baby in this mag, and people e-mailing pics of their baby? Ok so they made money?! I wish all parents did, pay for diapers LOL

Cherise on

I also read that she let Phoenix name the baby, which is very sweet. Cute name, too! Beautiful baby and it’s good to hear she is happy.

Bree on

Beautiful picture!!

I am expecting a baby girl in November and I know that I can’t wait to show her off and I am sure that is the case here, what is wrong with that??

Madison is not a name we ever considered just because both Madison and Maddy go horribly with our last name but it is a name I really like and goes really well with Belafonte.

Congrats to the whole family on a beautiful healthy little girl 🙂

Brooklyn on

Madison is very cute! And I think her oldest sister chose the name (at least that what I was led to believe on Melanie’s Twitter), good job, Phoenix! Nice name.

KC on

“Angel, Phoenix…..Madison? Kind of boring but she’s healthy and that is what matters”

Wow, some people are never happy. People make fun of celebrities that name their kids off the wall names and then when someone like Mel B names her daughters something semi-normal or ordinary they get criticized for that, too! I, for one, am glad that Mel B gave her daughters names that are normal and they aren’t named after a fruit, a street, a city, a soda, or something equally ridiculous. N

Tee on

What a beautiful baby! I love the name they have chosen for their new daughter!

What’s with all the rude comments, ya’ll? I don’t read all these nasty comments on other mothers that release an early picture. Why Mel?

Sarah K. on

Cara, what is the difference between them showing the baby in this mag, and people e-mailing pics of their baby? Ok so they made money?!

Pheonix, you just answered your own question. Most people don’t make money off baby pictures. I like what the Beckhams did by tweeting personal pictures they took themselves. They controlled how it was done and didn’t make a profit off of it. I like Mel B and all. but let’s not pretend like she doesn’t seek publicity. It’s a reality of her job and this magazine is just one more way to do it.

criticaleye on

#1: If some celeb picks a common name, that’s boring…we will ask her to pick a silly, ridiculous name for the next time, so you have something to tear apart. 😛

#2: making money-she’s not the first one. Thinking of Brangelina, they gave the 5 million bucks for charities. Do you know what she’s using this money for? I think some mommas are jelaous because facebook doesn’t pay for your their babies photos. 😛

Jeanine on

It has nothing to do with making money off the baby, a lot of celebrities do this to keep the paparazzi from making money off their children so they publish the first photos. Beautiful little girl and I am glad Mel is happy.

This is why I love dogs ... on

Who cares if she sold pictures of her new baby to the press? Are you going to tell me that if someone would buy your baby’s photos you would turn down the money? Give me a break, you certainly would have.

And besides how do you know she was paid? Just making a mean spirited guess or someone from People magazine called you to let you know?

Every new parent I’ve ever known wanted to show off their new baby to anyone who would listen – and more power to them!

Anonymous on

She’s not wanting to make money off her, she has fans, and she knows they want to see her. Shes a celebrity, theres no hiding it.

Tina on

I’m happy for Melanie, having a healthy baby. And I’m happy for her having the family unit she obviously desires. Three beautiful children and a husband. Congrats, Mel!

Calais on

What a sweet little family.

Congrats to Mel, Stephen, Phoenix, Angel and Giselle.

I wonder if she brought the baby with her to Australia straight away for filming of X Factor Australia??

Can’t wait to see pictures of her and her sisters.

Wow 4 girls between them. Thats going to be a handful 🙂 lol.
Very cute

Anon on

This is why I love dogs … my husband is well-known in our country, and when our son was born we were offered money by magazines for the baby pix (I’m talking thousands, not millions, though!). We turned it down. His privacy wasn’t for sale. So not everyone is going to sell their baby pix at the slightest whiff of cash. Just saying.

I think the difference is, my husband is well-known because he’s good at a job he does in the public eye, as opposed to some celebs whose jobs seem to be selling themselves. They make their money from appearances and endorsements based on some notoriety gained from sex tapes or reality shows, so they make their living from trying to sell any aspect of their lives that they can – rather than say sportspeople, actors, singers, writers, comedians whose fame is based on actual work and talent.

soph on

Boring, overused name.

Amy on

Beautiful baby girl. They look so happy.

bevvie on

The family looks happy. Congrats to them! (And their baby, their pictures, their name for the baby. No one else’s business when you think about it!)

Brianne on

Congratulations Mel, Stephen, Phoenix and Angel! Madison is just PRECIOUS! I wish you all the happiness in the world!!!

Autumn on

LOL! Glad everything worked out for Melanie and Stephen and their baby with the birth, etc. and funny and cool that her oldst daughter Phoenix helped with the birth and naming the baby. Interesting too that Phoenix named the baby, although perhaps that is why Madison has a slightly more ‘traditional’/popular/less unusual name (for babies born in the 2000s) than Phoenix herself or her sister Angel. lol.

Debbe on

I love hearing this great news and can relate to what Melanie is saying about having someone there. I had only one and he left also in my pregnancy so I just did what I thought was best and never tried to get it right like her, I kinda wish I had not given up because here she did it right and has a complete family union now. I am still single mom and my son is almost 18 now.

I am just so happy for Melanie, her bravery and ability to keep trying is why she has happiness today.

Lis on

Would have been nice if Madisons sisters were in this picture as well. Family picture

Angel on

Beautiful baby! Love the name, too! So happy for Melanie and her family.

Arewa on

@ Tee: It’s not a wig (not sure why you threw that in there) but I agree, she doesn’t look the way we are used to seeing her…the blonde seems to be washing her out a bit.

ANYWAY, congrats on the new, beautiful lil’ baby. 4 girls, hopefully Belafonte’s got a strong stomach for all the fun to come 🙂

Mrs. Davis on

Lovely couple. Beautiful baby. Congrats!

soph on

Haha, how did I miss this…

“I, for one, am glad that Mel B gave her daughters names that are normal and they aren’t named after a fruit, a street, a city, a soda, or something equally ridiculous.”

Please get a map, KC, and look up Phoenix, Arizona, and Madison, Wisconsin.

Kira on

Ok, so first off..congrats to them on a healthy daughter. I guess I’m in shock that she chose a normal, overly popular, and boring name for her third kid. I was expecting another one referring to winged flyers.

Jillian on

Soph, I was just going to comment on that as well! Not to mention that Madison is also a street, which KC seems to not know……. Anyway…

Marky on

Why, oh why, are so many of you complaining about what this happy couple named their baby? What difference does it make to you? When you named your child(ren), did you feel that knot in your stomach when you announced the name of your precious new baby, but others looked at you and said, “boring name!”, “that sounds like a city!”, “what a stupid name!” ? I can’t understand why you feel it’s okay to insult people you don’t even know, and then claim it’s “freedom of speech”, or “I have a right to say what I please!”. It blows my mind how hateful so many of you can be, but what I would like to know is why?

Cyril on

Congrats mel.madison is a beautiful girl with ma beautiful are looking good as always..i am happy for you and stephen..=)

Cyril on

congrats mel..madison is a beautiful girl with a beautiful are looking good as always..I am happy for you and stephen =)

Cécile on

“I don’t think anyone is gonna be chasing mel b” kj

Well, if her value on the market is so low, Hello hasn’t probably spent much cash (if any) to purchase the photo. So those who accuse her of making money off the baby are wrong.

“Would have been nice if Madisons sisters were in this picture as well. Family picture”

– Lis on September 20th, 2011
What do we read on the HELLO page?
“Completing the family is seven-year-old Giselle, Stephen’s daughter from a former relationship, who is a regular visitor to the couple’s Los Angeles mansion and joins the exclusive HELLO! photoshoot.”

Just because the sisters are not on the covers, it doesn’t mean they’re not in the inside pages!

Ali on

I love how she’s so honest about her situation and her past. She’s admitting she’s human, that is something not every celebrity can admit to.

Ethan's Mom on

When I had my son I couldnt WAIT to show everyone I met pictures of him!!! Why should she be any different???

rafiki on

Everyone’s missing the weirdest part. She let Phoenix hold one leg during the delivery? Hello! Pheonix is 12. Why would she let a 12 year-old see her vagina expand to the size of a melon as a baby’s head comes out of it?? People are sharing WAAY to much with their children these days! God. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned but that is no scene for a child below the age of 16. Bet you it’ll all be documented in her reality show too!

Carla on

“I, for one, am glad that Mel B gave her daughters names that are normal and they aren’t named after a fruit, a street, a city, a soda, or something equally ridiculous. ”

I hate to break it to you but the names Phoneix and Madison are names of city’s, lol. I am not knocking the names I am just saying. I love the name Madison, that is the name of my daughter.

pumpkin on

Beautiful name for a beautiful baby! Congrats to Mel B and her hubby.

Nhzinga on

Congrats to Mel B and the family! Madison is beautiful. I wish them all the best.

LisaS on

Wow, Baby Madison is gorgeous! I was never a fan of any of the Spice Girls growing up so I was surprised by how much I liked Mel B the season she was on DWTS and it’s good to see her looking and sounding so happy. I hope everything continues to work out for her and her family.

Maddie on

@Rafiki: I watched my sister being born – I was 8. Different families have different views on the subject. My mom knew that it was her last baby, and so wanted to share the moment with us (we could choose whether to opt in or out). I think it’s really special that she asked Phoenix to be one of her birth supports.

Madison looks like a cutie. And to those who are saying ”3 kids to 3 different men” – it’s not like she planned to do it that way. Mel was in relationships with these men, and they didn’t work out. It happens. Congratulations to the family.

lola on

MG- i love your comment….3 kids, 3 dads…it’s crazy out there. and how awkward for those girls growing up. how will she explain that?

Sacha on

I have watched their reality show and they seem to have great chemistry. I am glad she found a nice guy after the way Eddie Murphy treated her. The baby is gorgeous and I hope they stay together. STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE.