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09/19/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy More Business of Being Born

When celebrity mom-of-two Ricki Lake joined forces with filmmaker Abby Epstein for The Business of Being Born documentary in 2008, women were led on a journey directing them to a birthing plan that best suited them and their baby.

Now Lake and Epstein are back with the new, four-part More Business of Being Born series ,that not only continues the individualized birthing quest, but also explores today’s maternity care system, including doulas, birthing centers and the recent spike in cesareans.

Plus, you’ll hear exclusive interviews from star mamas like Gisele Bündchen, Cindy Crawford, Alyson Hannigan, Kellie MartinMelissa Joan Hart, Christy Turlington Burns, Alanis MorissetteKimberly Williams Paisley and Laila Ali as they share their own experiences in delivering their children.

The latest documentary will be available to buy starting Nov. 8, but now through Sept. 28, the second installment — featuring the celebs’ personal stories — is available online for $9.99 at Check out a clip below:

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Kari on

Can’t wait!!! I just watched the first movie this past weekend and now they are coming out with #2!!! I feel so empowered and will be in total control the next time I give birth! Thanks Ricki for showing me ALL my options, Kari

Kat on

As someone that really wanted a vaginal birth, and ended up with an emergency c-section after a long labor, I’m really interested in the VBAC section. I hate how many doctors think c-sections are a breeze and that everyone should want them. I hated not being able to hold my daughter after she was born and issues I still have with my back from straining it during recovery.

Sarah on

Can’t WAIT to watch this! I am six months pregnant with my 2nd baby, after a natural and really wonderful first birth. Am hoping for the same again!

TJ on

Awesome! Love the first one! Can’t wait to see it!

Gingi on

I saw the Business of Being Born while I was pregant for the second time and I was not impressed. . .mainly because I felt they didn’t do a good job of sourcing much of their data. When I watched this clip there seems to be an underlying message that if you don’t choose an intervention-free birth experience (whether that be a homebirth or a birth without pain medication) that you are somehow uninformed about your options or not as empowered as a woman.

Kate on

I agree with Gingi. BOBB fails to acknowledge that maybe a lot of women ARE well informed and still chose a medicated birth or hospital birth. Just because you didn’t give birth at home in a tub, doesn’t mean you aren’t aware of home birthing. I researched it and still chose to deliver in a hospital. Ricki Lake seems like she has something to prove.

Seanaci on

I can’t wait to see the new DVD’s. I watched the first one about 6 months ago. It really opened my eyes as to how the birth of my son COULD have gone had I known what that video showed/taught. IF we were having another child (for many reasons, we have decided to only have our son), I would most def look into my options (home birth, birthing center, doula, et al). I really hope other women, pregnant or not, see these videos and become informed. 🙂

melissa on

it inspired me to have my much wanted home birth! which I just achieved on Sept 1st! wonderful experience!!!

Amanda on

I can see how this clip definitely pushes homebirth but I don’t think the original BOBB does.

I do think a natural hospital birth should have been shown, they are certainly possible. I just had one 3 weeks ago with an awesome nurse-midwife with absolutely no interventions that went very well. I prefer being at the hospital myself, I trust my care providers and knew she’d only suggest intervention if she felt that was what was safest.

I think the fear of intervention is probably the worst reason for homebirth (there are good reasons, that one is not). Educated women do chose pain medication but there are risks to those medications, people do die from epidurals however rare. I guess unless you know someone who has it’s hard to imagine.

I also know people who would have never had a vaginal birth if not for their epidurals, so it goes both ways.

Che on

The original film was complete and total propaganda. It was hypocritical to the point of satire and completely preachy. They make doctors look like monsters, unlicensed midwives look like angles, and they tell you that if you have a C-section you will be physically unable to love your child. From the looks of this clip it will be more of the same, only this time with celebrity moms! Because no one has the moral high-ground cornered like celebrity moms.

Lisa on

I like how this is totally pushing home birth. As a Neonatal Registered Nurse I can’t help but NOT push home birth. I have seen far too many issues arise in which the baby ends up in my unit because adequate care was not taken at home. No women are not sick, but sometimes having a child isn’t as simple as labor, delivery, healthy mom and baby… there are a lot of things that can happen if proper care is not given.

Hoopla on

@Che – Well, as long as the midwives are acute I don’t see anything wrong. 😛 Sorry, I love puns, not trying to make fun of you personally or degrade your opinion, just thought the typo was amusing.

Jen on

Other way around here. My friends got sent home from hospitals saying they weren’t ready yet, so 1 friend had her daughter in the shower, unprepared, another in her garage delivered by her husband and another in the hospital parking lot.

Jessie on

Well Lisa, that’s why homebirths should be attended by certified midwives and are only for low risk women. You need to keep in mind that working in a hospital, you see the worst of the worst. I am sure you see far more babies who were born in the hospital and have problems than those born out of it with problems, but no one is going to say “stop having hospital births.”

Alyssa on

TBoBB is extremely biased. I turned it off half way through, not all hospitals are evil institutions. I gave birth in a hospital and had a wonderful experience.

Alyssa on

Celebrity mothers sure seem to be the experts on everything…lol.

Jessie on

I think there needs to be a happy medium and if you WANT a hospital birth or interventions TBoBB is probably not for you. However, some people do not want that and want to be more informed about their options especially out of hospital, and it is great for that. Sadly, there IS a lot more education, support, and options out there for people who chose hospital births with epidurals than those who don’t.

Amelia on

Being a Mother/Baby RN myself at a large hospital, I chose to go with a CNM & attempt delivering my child at a birthing center, a 4 minute drive to the nearest hospital (not the hospital where I am employed) via ambulance, in case of an emergency. As a seasoned RN I have seen many situations were more medical intervention should have been used in a more timely manner & some situations where if given more time a vaginal delivery could have been the outcome.

I was very aware of the many different complications that can arise during l&d, that’s why I chose not to have a home birth, where the local hospital does not have ob & the other hospitals close to home are not that safe. And I am very glad, because I was able to deliver my large 10+ lb daughter ONLY with the assistance from the other midwives that were running the office that morning. As I pushed for over 3 hours, I knew that interventions may be necessary- I told the CNMs to straight cath me, give me an episiotomy if necessary. I had the nurses curse delivery, hemorrhaged, blah…blah…blah…… But we both survived- that’s what’s important.

I always tell my mom patients at the hospital- esp those who are hysterical due to having a c-section rather than the all natural midwive delivery they wanted that there is no wrong way- vaginal or c-section: Both mom & baby are healthy!. That’s what the goal is, for both mom & baby to be healthy! The majority of my hospital coworkers have all delivered at my hospital, entrusting their care to the medical providers, whether vaginally or via cesarean. I have even known a few to go the CNM route.

Every women needs to educate herself & decide what is best for her. There is NO one way to deliver- every woman, every pregnancy, every baby is different. There is NO right/wrong way! Women (even young girls, yes- even the 13,14,15 year old mammas) need to Educate themselves.

Jenny on

When discussing birth, someone will always get upset.

#1 – Lisa, DUH…usually the homebirths that come into the hospital are having trouble…that is WHY they are there! A good midwife knows when to go in.

#2 – the reason why some women feel like us natural birthers are putting them down is b/c we know that most women who choose to have medical births (not all, certainly) are still misinformed by their care providers and are given the wrong statistics and only given “choices” which benefit the hospital as a business. Many times at the births that I’ve been too, the mother is given one or two choices….when they leave the room, we discuss the other options that are also available. But the hospital staff/docs don’t even bring them up as options!!!!

In the end, its not that we look down upon WHERE or HOW they gave birth, but we feel sad that many of these women were just simply misinformed and not given the whole gamut of choices in their care.

Denise on

Question: Did Cara Muhlhahn, the mid-wife from the first Business of Being Born, settle her lawsuit for the death of a newborn? According to the parents, Muhlhahn, refused to transfer care of the mother to the hospital after she had been in labor for 3 days. Muhlhahn kept telling the parents that everything was fine and the baby was okay. The baby was not okay. According to the parents, she wa”grossly negligent”.

I wonder if that birth story made into the new “movies”?