Baby No. 2 On the Way for Ne-Yo

09/19/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Gregory Pace/BEImages

Another baby on the way for Ne-Yo — he and Monyetta Shaw are expecting their second child together this fall.

“[Fatherhood] has been a ride, but I’m loving every minute of it,” says the singer-songwriter, 31, who’s already dad to daughter Madilyn Grace, 10 months.

In his hit song “Miss Independent,” Ne-Yo makes it clear that a woman must be able to stand on her own, so it only makes sense that his little girl would be her own person.

“[Maddie]’s been trying to walk since she was two months old,” he tells PEOPLE at his annual Compound Foundation benefit, held Wednesday in Denise Rich’s Manhattan home.

“She’ll grab your hands and pull herself up and do a little wobble dance. She likes scooting along the wall. She moves really fast.”

Independence doesn’t come without a cost, however.

“She definitely knows her worth — which is a beautiful thing. That’s something I’ve tried to instill in her from day one: understand that you are a Godsend,” explains Ne-Yo. “You’re an absolute angel and people are supposed to treat you that way. She’s extremely diva even at 10 months.”

What are Maddie’s diva traits? “She’s a growler right now,” he says. “She’ll only let you hold her a certain way.”

And although she loves his music, the R&B crooner admits he takes a back seat when it comes to Disney’s main man.

“Daddy loses out to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loves the ‘Hot Dog!’ song [by They Might Be Giants]. She knows two words: ‘Dada’ and ‘hot dog.’”

— Carlos Greer

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kjc on

Wow, they move fast! Their first baby is only 10 months, and the second is due this fall?!? Like, in the next couple of months!? Did I read that right? Well, congrats! Sounds like he is a great dad, and shows his daughter a lot of love!

Brittney on

Aww that’s awesome. Who cares how close they are in age? As long as they have GOOD, STABLE parents that love them unconditionally and raise them right! I have a daughter who is 11 months so I can definitely relate to the whole preparation for walking & talking thing! That’s so funny that she likes to say hot dog! haha my baby likes to say “Geez” lol Congrats to the two, and good for Ne-yo for being a good daddy and being there to support the mother of his children♥

Anonymous on

wonderful life

Ruby on

When their first child was born, they announced they were not together and made it sound like they never were…they are just friends who randomly have children together?

rdavis on

Nice of you people to congratulate someone who keeps popping out babies out of wedlock. Pathetic.

Splum on

Another kid with the woman he publicly said wasn’t his girlfriend??? Nice. What is this woman thinking? He must be paying her big bucks.

klutzy_girl on

They just announced they were engaged too, so you people can stop the judging.

Congratulations to them!

Krystal on

@Ruby I was wondering the same thing. In an interview he was pretty adamant that although he was greatful for their daughter, he was no way in a relationship with her. He actually sounded kind of rude. But oh well…

SE on

It’s not in this article, but his rep also confirmed that they are engaged as well

Lissette on

Why is this being glorified? They have a 10 month old and she probably got knocked up right after the baby was a few months old. That’s horrible. They are not stable parents regardless of the fact they are now ‘engaged’.

How about you learn to wrap it up, or take the pill and be responsible for the one child on this Earth you do have.

Stupid rappers popping out way too many kids then they can handle and acting like its ok because they have enough money.

I’m sorry, its ridiculous.

Jillian on

Klutzy girl, engaged or not…..I don’t care! Based on his comments around the first pregnancy I understand the negativity stated here.

CeeCee on

@Lissette- Neyo isn’t a rapper, he is a R&B singer..and why are you so negative..I don’t think Neyo nor his fiance’ has asked you for a dime to help take care of their kids..please stop being so negative-it isn’t attractive..sidenote: you can say the same about every celebrity that has had a kid out of wedlock, close in age, etc..geez its not that serious..

Mira on

Sounds like his goal is to raise a spoiled, entitled brat. He’s proud that she’s a diva already at 10 months? Wonderful parenting skills. Oh my…


I must be a hell of a whore because I have two kids out of wedlock and going on my third. (They have the same father). I don’t understand why people are so judgemental when it comes to that. Any who , Ne-yo is a famous R&B singer . So he has to basically lie about his life. Record companies love to sell hot, sexy, and single Stars. Not married down men. Its true . I used to work for one. Not the best career choice but hey the money was great.

jenn on

WOW…the ignorance stated in some of these comments astounds me…like its ur place to judge them…if ur without fault/sin cast a stone…but we all know…THAT U AREN’T ….keep ur negative, hate filled slander in ur own tiny, miserable mind…CONGRATS NEYO and MONYETTA…im sure the 2nd will be jjust as much of a blessing as the first…

msfaye2u on

okay lets see here: anjelina jolie, kimberly stewart, natalie portman, kate hudson, january jones, let’s not start listing the women who only got married because they were knocked up. white people need to stop holding themselves to a higher moral standard when the evidence is so clearly there to see they don’t have any.

Valerie Ralph on

Msfayezu, don’t you think you’re being just as judgmental by making a blanket assumption about white people? Just playing devil’s advocate here.

Adrienne on

My youngest two are only 13 months apart, and are very close! Right now mine are 3, 4, and 5 (6 in mid-October), and I have a fourth due in about a month! Kids are great! Congrats to Ne-Yo

Sandra on

Ne-Yo and his girl need to stop playing house and make it official. Put a ring on her finger or use birth control.

Hea on

@ msfaye2u – White people, black people, married, not married… Why do people even care about stuff like that?

Burke on

He is so gross. Multiply like bunnies and he’ll be with somebody next week. Covering up the gay rumors are we? Just asking!

t.o. on

what is it any of your business whether or not they are together? he’s supporting all the women in his life and he may say they’re not together to keep nosy people out of his business. get a life.

Anonymous on

So many stupid people in this thread. I suggest you get off the internet before your stupidity rubs off on other people.

Trina on

What they decide for their family does NOT concern us at all. Their way of raising a family is not for all of us, so if you disagree, then that’s your deal, NOT THEIRS. And BTW, Ne-YO is not a rapper. Get your facts straight.

Felicia on

What does being married have to do with being good parents? I have been with my partner for 13 yrs and we have 3 children, who are all smart, well behaved and well rounded. The fact that we aren’t married hasn’t had a effect on any of that. Some people don’t need a piece of paper to prove they love each other and want to spend their lives together. And who is to say when they should have a 2nd child, they have the money to take care of these children. They aren’t some low income family asking for government $ to help raise them. You all need to get a grip and stop being so judgemental.

Dee on

Some of you people really are PATHETIC!!!! Seriously??? Popping out babies like bunnies….uhm Kevin Federline just had a baby with woman number 3 or 4 and he has a bag load of kids.

This man has ONE child with ONE woman and another on the way with the SAME woman and look at all the negativity. It really is disgusting!!!

The man is gushing aout fatherhood and the fact that he knows so much about his child testifies to the fact that he is a good father or at least he pays attention to the lil things.

Who cares if they are married….I was just on this site when January Jones gave birth and everyone was rushing to congratulate her. She is a single mother….Kimberly Stewart just gave birth to Benicio Del Toro’s child and that appeared to have been like a 4 min relationship if that!!!!

No offense but WTH???? What gives….I have a child out of wedlock so I guess I must be going to freakin hell in a basket too….

History has produced a dime a dozen of celebrities with kids out of wedlock but the way some of you are picking on Ne-Yo has me believing that you all must be JEALOUS!!!!!

Lady on

While I dont like this woman who is a $$ & fame chaser…congrats to them & Maddie on their new little one. Hopefully she doesn’t have her fathers head….sorry, had to say it.

Sarah K. on

OUCH, no one called Monyetta or Ne-Yo a whore so stop projecting. If you’re going to get offended by anonymous comments on a blog, at least be offended by what people actually said.

msfaye2u, please go back and read some of the comments on Kimberly Stewart’s pregnancy/birth announcements or early posts on Angelina. Plenty of people judge them for having kids out of wedlock. Also, why are you assuming that the posters who commented on this post are white? This wasn’t a race issue until you made it one.

Given what Ne-Yo said less than a year ago, it’s obvious why people are confused by this relationship. He was very adamant that he was not romantically involved with her, but now they’re engaged and having another baby. He did a complete 180, so naturally people are going to wonder.

He is the one who made public statements about his personal life. If he didn’t want people to judge and comment, he shouldn’t have said what he did last year. If you continue to speak publicly, you have to expect that people will respond in ways you don’t like.

Mel on

When did this turn into a full pledge gossip site?

Thought I was reading Perez Hilton for a second.

Congrats to them.

Rae on

Well, I guess he isn’t gay after all.

Peytons Mom on

“Nice of you people to congratulate someone who keeps popping out babies out of wedlock. Pathetic.
– rdavis on September 19th, 2011”

Did I just read that right??? It’s 2011 rdavis. We as individual’s do not need to be married to have children so it’s my opinion that you are PATHETIC.

Julianna Rosas Lago on

I love Ne-Yo and his music. In my opinion he’s one of the greatest male R&B singers there is. As for his comments regarding his relationship with the mother of his child, maybe they decided to give it a try after the birth of baby Maddie? Congratulations on the newest addition – I’m sure it’s a blessing!

Liz Malone on

These ppl can screw who ever they want.There business is what it is.Yes its public becuz he’s a star big deal.Neyo please have a hundred kids as long as you are paying for them.There’s a problem when the welfare system pays with my taxes.

Amanda K on

A baby is a gift from God. I wish them the best. It’s a shame some people feel the need to hate on a blessing.

Angela on

You are who you are, period. Stop having babies in an attempt to shut down the gay rumors. P-Diddy needs to learn this lesson as well.

Kina on

People can be so negative and hateful. Regardless of the circumstance, a baby will be born and that alone is a blessing. Ne-Yo hasn’t asked any of you to financially support his kids, so I don’t think we have the right to be so opinionated. If he wants kids, and someone is willing to give them to him (rumor mill aside), then more power to them.

Also, how dare you criticize people for having children out of wedlock? Let’s take a peek into your glass house, since you’d like to throw stones @Sandra @Lisette and anyone else who has a problem with this. Marriage is a CHOICE. Wanting to have kids (another CHOICE) does not mean that you have to get hitched. There is NO mandate for that, and there never will be. Marriage isn’t for everyone. Stop trying to make the rest of us just as miserable as all you married folk.

Kathy on

Ne-Yo you are telling your daughter how much she is worth! I guess you do not think her mother is worth much since you will not marry her and just keep having children. Explain that to your daughter when she is a teenager!!! Now what is that worth?

Kaylie on

It’s not the 19th century kids with unmarried parents aren’t considered bastards anymore. I hope you realize that everytime you call the parents pathetic are insulting that poor little girl. Besides Ne-Yo and his fiancee were together when they got pregnant with Maddie (obviously) and they broke up before her birth, no big deal it happens all the time! And they got back together.

Just because these people let you into their lives it doesn’t give you the right to be awful to them. If this person was telling you this to your face, would you say these awful things? Of course not! So quick being cowards!

Kina on

Too bad his baby momma doesn’t know her worth. I really think she is a paid surrogate. Everyone is always calling him Gay. Maybe he is pulling a Ricky Martin.

Anonymous on

He revealed last night at the ASCAP Awards that they are having a boy.

linda washington on

congrat, on the new baby on the way to Ne-yo and his family.

Lauren on

It’s interesting to read how people will criticize parents who have out of wedlock children, yet there is a failure to acknowledge that marriage doesn’t create good parents. There are many married parents who fight, abuse each other, cheat, and neglect their children. While this may not be all parents, it is definitely within the realm of “married” individuals. People shouldn’t stereotype- all families are different, married and unmarried alike.

Nella on

Congrats to Ne-Yo and Monyetta on their soon to arrive baby boy. To all of you people out there who say having a baby out of wedlock or having kids close in age should just get off their high horse and go jump in a lake. My oldest son was only 3mths old when I fell pregnant with my second son (yes, it was to the same man), my second son was 2yrs and 3 days old when I gave birth to my third son. I can tell it was the best thing I ever did. (my third son was with another partner) My 3 beautiful sons get along so beautifully that they dont fight at all and each time they get separated for some reason (ie if one is sick and the other 2 are at school or if either of them gets treated to an outing with one of my family member)and as soon as they see each other they hug each other so tightly that I get scared that they will squeeze the air out of their lungs. AND YES!!!! THESE 3 BOYS WERE BORN OUT OF WEDLOCK. WHO CARES IF THEY ARE BORN IN A MARRIAGE OR OUT OF ONE. A PIECE OF PAPER DOESNT PROVE THAT THE PARENTS LOVE THEM OR LOOKS AFTER THEM ANY LESSER. MY OLDEST 2 SONS’S DAD CHEATED ON ME WHEN OUR OLDEST WAS 9MTHS OLD AND I WAS 6MTHS PREGNANT WITH OUR SECOND CHILD, I THREW HIS ARSE OUT THAT NIGHT I FOUND OUT HE WAS CHEATING ON ME WHILST I WAS IN HOSPITAL IN FALSE LABOUR. I SAVED MY SELF ALOT OF MONEY IN DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS.


seriously people

any baby is a blessing…just wish them well and keep it moving..They announced they are engaged…..stop hating

Lotus on

Well…..Neyo may not be perfect but he’s at least filled the boredom in some of your lives, based on some of these comments.

Someone You Know on

Um…really…someone’s publicist is working overtime to keep things in the closet.

Like QL, ME, JF, JT, MM, JJ, DH and a ton of others, these people have handlers/mouthpieces around to make sure their true lifestyle is kept away from the (sometimes) naive public eye.

I’m sure the kids are his, but the relationship ain’t.

marcia on

i may be wrong, but i seem to remember that ne-yo had a son who is
probably about 10-12 years old by now. i think i read that somewhere
and i don’t think he was married to the mother of that child also.
as long as he is willingly supporting these women and children, i think
it is his own business, but i know everyone freaks about him not being
married. it would be worse if he didn’t support any of them and dumped
them on the women he was involved with. glad to see him taking
responsibility for his actions. he is a great singer/dancer and that
is what they SHOULD be writing about, not his personal life.

MrUniteUs on

Congrats to Mom and Dad.

May their family enjoy a home full of love and great music, for many years to come.

Natasha on

I have a smart 10 year old daughter and her father and I are not together nor married to each other. I really don’t believe in marriage, especially in this day and age, but I do want more kids in the future. As long as her father and I are there for her to teach her not to judge people, unlike the bible thumpers on here telling others how to live their lives and make sure she keep getting straight As in her 5th grade class, then I don’t see the problem about having kids without a piece a paper called a marriage certificate.