Tori Spelling: I’m ‘Sad’ This Could Be My Last Pregnancy

09/18/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Scott Downie/Celebrity

It’s been a bittersweet ending to her pregnancy for Tori Spelling.

Although the actress is excited to welcome her third child with husband Dean McDermott next month, she is also savoring each second of this pregnancy – as it may be her last.

“I have mixed emotions. Now that it’s so far along, I’m over the hump … I’m excited to be there, to meet the baby, to not feel this way anymore, but I’m also a little sad,” Spelling, 38, tells PEOPLE at the Britax and Buick’s The Red CARpet Safety Event on Sept. 10 in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

“We think we want more kids, but you never know what the possibility of that is … and it’s such an amazing experience that women are so privileged to be able to go through.”

And while the couple have not ultimately decided whether they will expand their family – which already includes Liam Aaron, 4½, and Stella Doreen, 3 – even further, Spelling admits a fourth child isn’t completely out of the question.

“When we found out [we were expecting again], we were like, ‘Wahoo! Maybe we’ll have another one!‘ And then shortly after that I got so sick and I was like, ‘I’m definitely not having another one!'” she laughs.

“Now, here at the end, I’m like, ‘I think I could go for another one!’ We’ll see how the birth goes.”

Having opted for a delivery surprise, Spelling and McDermott have been busy putting together their list of baby name contenders. The result? They’ve agreed on a moniker if baby is a boy, but are stuck still searching for a girl’s name.

“We have a name picked out if it’s a boy,” she reveals, agreeing boys names are easier to decide on than girls. “We’ve been thinking of both names, and the name that we have picked out if it’s a boy is actually a name that we were going to use before we knew what Stella was, and would have used if she had been a boy.”

As for Liam and Stella’s reaction to baby-on-the-way, Spelling is happy that each have taken the news in stride.

“They’re both very aware, so when my breath gets taken away by a contraction, or if I’m like, ‘Oww! The baby’s kicking!’ they’ll be like, ‘Baby, go to sleep. Don’t hurt Mommy!'”

However both kids have made their priorities clear when it comes to their future sibling – and their mama!

“It’s really cute the way they both are, but [Liam’s] definitely more concerned with taking care of me right now and [Stella’s] more long-term. She’s like, ‘I’m going to feed that baby and I’m going to change that baby!'”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Reagan Alexander

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Dora on

It’s so ironic how Tori says, “We’ll see how the birth goes” when it’s just her 3rd scheduled c-section.

rij on

I understand why Tori has said “We’ll see how the birth goes.” I was scheduled to have a routine c-section for my second child and it turned out to be anything but that. As they started my surgery, my blood pressure plummeted and I was unable to breathe which in turn my newborn was barely breathing at birth. This second birth was very much the opposite of my first birth which was textbook.

kelbelle on make c-sections sound like a walk in the park. just because you have a scheduled c-section doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong or have long term effects. some women are told not to have any more kids after having repeat sections also. i think tori’s point is very valid. i’ve had two sections…one emergency, one scheduled…and although the scheduled one was easier they were both hard on the body. i hope everything goes well and if they want another child they are able to…i know how it is to want another and not be able to. i think they are a wonderful family.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Hoping the birth goes well for her. After having both an emergency c-section (son was out in approx 10 mins, ouch afterwards as it was so quick!!), then a natural birth 2nd time around, I much preferred natural birth. So much easier with recovery of course and am very grateful to have been able to experience natural childbirth for my last baby. A c-section is def not the easy option!

tammy on

i’ve had two kids, and i didn’t have to have a c-section either time, and i can’t tell you how thankful i am for that. c-sections are scary, it’s surgery and anything can go wrong, plus healing is much slower. i hope the surgery goes smoothly, and that she has a healthy baby.

dsfg on

“. . . and it’s such an amazing experience that women are so privileged to be able to go through.”

Speak for yourself! I certainly did not enjoy my pregnancies and would have done it any other way if I could have! But I certainly feel privileged to be able to be a parent to my two children.

Rebecca on

Actually Dora, it’s her SECOND scheduled c-section. Her first was an emergency c-section when Liam’s heart rate slowed. And as a Mom who had an emergency c-section, it’s no walk in the park! I wish Tori all the best in her upcoming delivery!

Petra on

Speaking as someone who has been blessed to have 2 natural births with not any pain relief at ALL – – – I can say that its not moms like me who deserve recognition for their efforts. Its moms that have endured the risks associated with C sections, and have somehow found a way to care for a brand new baby (and potentially older siblings) while recovering from a major surgery!!!! My hat is off to you moms who have had no choice but to bring your baby into the world that way!! Hopefully things so smoothly for Tori and Dean!

kirsha on

Not here to bash anyone, just stating my point of view. I had to have my son via emergency c-section. I am so glad that I did versus natural. I was up walking around the grocery store 4 days after the surgery. When I came across a lady there, we did the normal chit chat when the subject came up of having a c-section, her reply was “I was not up and around that soon and I had mine natural.” Either way as long as the child is healthy it should not matter if the birth is planned surgically or nature take control and the lady is given the pleasure of going natural.

Caitlin on

@dsfg, who else would she be speaking for?? There’s a reason she’s talking in the first person.

Ali on

I hope she has another girl! I think that would be cute for them to have 2 boys and 2 girls (including Jack, from Dean’s previous marriage). I have a gut feeling she will have a boy though.

Can’t wait to find out!

Laura on

“Just her third scheduled c-section.” Is there a reason you think major surgery is no big deal? Just getting out of bed is painful. Now try to imagine recovering when you can barely walk and are caring for a newborn baby.

Kathryn Baker on

As someone who had a “botched” c- section I get very worked up about this subject matter. I have gone through natural childbirth twice, including delivering my stillborn baby boy. I had no choice other than to get a c-section the last time. That was 3 1/2 years ago and I still have terrible pain. During my surgery my Dr. trapped a nerve and gave me an inguinal hernia. Nice, huh? I wish I could sue. I had to have two surgeries to repair the damage.(I had a bunch of scar tissue removed, as well.) I probably will have to have another one. I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to workout the way I want. I’ve had to give up sit ups, crunches, elliptical, exercise bike, swimming, etc. C-sections are not a walk in the park by any means.

Meghan on

Why does it really matter whether or not this c-section is scheduled? For one, it’s really no one’s business but Tori and Dean’s, and another, her first c-section was an unplanned, emergency one and so maybe c-sections are the safest way to deliver her baby from now on.

Jenny on

I have been fortunate enough to have had four un-induced, full-term, vaginal births….But I have family who have had anything but….One of them had a second C-section, and immediately after, her doctor strongly advised that she have a tubal ligation as the second Cesarean had complications, and to risk another would have been life threatening to both her and a future baby. C-sections are most defintely not routine.

Debbie on

@ Petra your words are kind and so true. I also had 3 great births which 1 included giving birth to my son on my living room floor without any epidural or anything in under 30 mins,, Fluke of nature, 🙂 but to all those moms who on top of giving birth have to heal from surgery also,, It takes alot from a woman’s body, SO hope everything goes well and at the end we all want a healthy mommy and baby!!!!!!

Holiday on

I had a totally natural non induced, no epidural birth with my son. With my daughter I had a life threatening pregnancy complication and an emergency csection a month before I was due. It was hell, I contracted sepsis and was in the ICU for 5 days after my daughter was born. I would never choose to have a c section, only if it were a life or death situation. IF we have another there is no way in hell I would opt for a c section.

K&L'smommy on

@ Dora….. I’m currently pregnant with my 3rd, which will also be my 3rd scheduled c-section. Speaking from experience, no the surgery is not always that bad or that painful, however, I have always said the same this as Tori….. I hope to have 4 children, however, it always depends on the delivery. If my doctor tells me no more after this one, then I will follow her advice since I don’t think it’s fair to my children to put my life at risk to give them an additional sibling. Each time you have a c-section it increases the risk that you’ll be unable to have any future children.

I’m fortunate in that I have healed very very well from my first two, but if the doc opens me up this time and tells me she advises against any future pregnancies, I will be done. No questions asked, even though I’ll be sad to not end up with the 4 children I hope to have. I’ll take 3 healthy babies and my own life and health in tact, thank you very much.

G on

I don’t wish surgery on anyone, but the flip side is that natural births can and do go wrong too. my labor was for over 3 days. the five minute-apart contractions were 47 hrs, 45 min. it was misery in the worst way, and I tried to be strong and be what everyone wanted me to be. I ended up in shock, tore apart like hamburger (had to have surgery to repair that a couple of years later), and had an allergic reaction to latex exam gloves. I was in the hospital for 7 days, and though it’s been over 25 years.

I remember every little miserable detail. I should have had a c-section. my doctor is a natural birth advocate, and not only did he force me to go through this, he sewed me up alot tighter to make me ‘a virgin again’. unreal. I applaud Tori for having such a sunny outlook on the whole pregnancy/childbirth experience – kids are something unique and amazing and at times trying and exhausting, but totally worth it. my son is a wonderful person, and I don’t regret any of what I had to go through for him.

Banana on

I just don’t understand why people would ever opt for an elective c-section. A woman’s body is naturally designed to give birth vaginally. It would have to be a life or death situation for me or my child before I would choose a c-section. It’s totally different to have no choice, but to actually choose a c-section as your choice of delivery is really not smart. Why would you purposely subject yourself to major surgery? Any who, I have a MS in child development so this subject matter is of close interest. Whatever the case, I hope everything works out for those who do choose this method of delivery.

anon1 on

don’t many doctors advise those who have had c-sections in the past to not give birth naturally? But her first C-section was emergency so maybe the second one and this one were because her doctor advised to schedule the c-section.

C on

I have not had any children- but would like to……..I think. God bless all of you for whatever you might have went through to give birth……..I must say however, everything I read here is making me consider having my tubes tied as soon as I finish typing- even if I have to do it myself 🙂 Kudos to all the brave mommas out there!

ClaireSamsmom on

Tori looks fabulous here…I can’t wait to find out ‘who’ she is having. I know what she means about feeling a little sad about being finished with having kids…. We opted to have 2 babies…and we are done but every now and then I get that little tug at my heart….I think it is more about the fact that mine are growing up and the baby days are over, vs. really wanting more. It all goes by so fast! Anyway….excited for Tori and Deans newest addition!

EA on

Jeez, here goes the comments about c-section vs natural! Can’t we all just acknowledge that BOTH are difficult and each have a recovery period?!? I think any woman that endures childbirth, whether c-section or natural, should be given credit. I’ve never had a c-section, but expect that they are painful and difficult to recover from. I have had 3 natural births that were also painful with long labor. I think Tori was simply talking about the normal anxiety a woman feels when she has already gone through at least one l&d or c-section and knows what to expect. I like this family and wish Tori a quick recovery!

Cindy on

I had one emergency and one scheduled c-section. The first went off without a hitch. The second one…my scheduled c-section…my epidural bottomed out my blood pressure and then it only took from my legs down. So anything can happen with a c-section delivery as well. Good Luck Tori on baby #3. Hope all goes well for you.

Margaux on

C-section is major surgery. After multiple surgeries, a uterus could grow thick scar tissue, and such, causing massive bleeding at delivery. It’s a scary thing, Dora. Life threatening, at times, to say the VERY least.

AshleyFauset on

I get that feeling, after my pregancy they found a aggresive form of cervical cancer that required an immediate hysterectomy. I cherish every second with my little baby boy now but still feel very sad at times because I’ll never be pregnant or have another newborn baby again and that baby stage is sooo wonderful!

JMO on

I have a friend who wanted four kids. Her first son was breech and would not move so she had to have a c-section. Her doctor doesn’t recommend v-backs so baby #2 was scheduled for c-section. After her doctor said she had a lot of previous scarring and now with baby 2 it only got worse. He did not say she couldn’t have a 3rd but he did say if she does he would highly recommend it be her last! So c-sections are a major issue for many!

I also have a cousin that was so scared to have a vaginal birth that she begged her doctor for a c-section. Dr. was refusing saying there is no point if it’s not necessary. Well she put up such a fight the dr finally caved in. However we believe the dr got the last laugh bc my cousin had a lower left side tattoo on her abdomen pretty much could avoid it being cut in that area with a c-section. Nope dr. went far enough over enough and cut right through the rose and split it in two LOL.

In the end I think all that matters is mom and baby are healthy!

I also think it’s a boy!!

Bridget on

Regardless if the c-section is scheduled, it can always take a different turn. With my second, I had a c-section scheduled(since my son was breech), and sure enough, the night before my water broke and it ended up turning into an emergency c-section.

I do have to say though(and this is just my opinion), the c-section was easier to heal from compared to my natural with my first son. Not sure why(and I am very thankful), but I healed really fast and was out of the hospital quicker then the natural.

Best of luck to her and her growing family. And as long as both mom and baby are healthy, it really doesn’t matter how the baby comes into the world!

anonn on

I can see her wanting another baby, but three c-sections is enough….I mean that’s a big surgery and alot of risks to have more than three. Plus- she’s well into her 30s, greater risk as well being high in age.

Sophia on

C-sections are anything but ‘routine’….I have luckily delivered 2 beautiful children via c-section because of their extreme size, but I had a very dear friend who passed away from complications after her c-section. She died never having held her daughter outside of the OR. Her ‘routine’ c-section changed lived forever….

Candy on

This is the first picture I have seen of Tori where she looks really good. She is usually so heavily made up, and it just doesn’t photograph well for her. Maybe orange is her color?

Karen on

I think she looks ADORABLE. I love the dress, and her hair and makeup.

Reesca on

Kirsha, not sure why some lady told you she couldn’t walk around for over 4 days after a vaginal birth. She must have torn really bad. I had a vaginal delivery with my daughter and was up and walking around after she was born, and I tore and had stitches. When my daughter was only 36 hours old, we were at home and took her for a nice walk through the neighborhood. Vaginal deliveries are usually MUCH easier than C-sections.

dsfg on

Wow, Caitlin, I didn’t mean to irritate you! My comment was made only in fun . . . lighten up!

dsfg on

Reesca, just because you were up walking around right after your vaginal delivery doesn’t mean everyone is. I have no reason to doubt Kirsha’s post. Everyone heals differently. I have known many people who took awhile to heal from a vaginal delivery. There are many factors to consider, including age of mother, size of baby, etc.

Ms. Button on

Getting a baby out of any hole in your body, whether the one you were born with or one made by a scalpel is uncomfortable to say the least.

I was back on my feet soon after my high-drama emergency cesarean birth, but I have friends who took weeks to heal. Likewise, I’ve had friends deliver babies vaginally in their living rooms with zero complications and others who wound up with 4th degree tears (all the way through the anal sphincter muscles) that took much longer to heal than my cesarean.

Each baby is a freaking miracle and each mama is a national hero for enduring whatever she has to go through to bring her baby safely into the world. I get so annoyed when we have to go to blows over which way is the better way when ultimately we all have the same goal in mind- healthy baby, healthy mama, safe birth.

anonymous on

I know of a woman who died of bleeding complications following a natural birth and also of 2 others who passed away from HELLP syndrome and stroke. All never knowing their children(and leaving older children motherless)! To give birth either way is a blessing! You all sound so uneducated and ridiculous to me! Be grateful for each day you have with your children, some women don’t get that!

Holiday on

I had HELLP and had an emergency c section. I have never heard of anyone I know or anyone evening knowing what it is because it is very rare.

Aimee on

Actually Dora the risks of a c-section increase with every one you have. Some doctors recommend that you have no more than 3 and 4 is definately risky. You are putting scars on your uterus which can burst in future pregnancies and/or labor. Tori’s dr will probably know when he opens her up whether or not her uterus can handle another pregnancy.

kimmie on

Anon that sounds like doctors mistake because anyone who has HELLP is adviced to quickly deliver via c-section.

Also, @JMO, people who are that scared of vaginal birth dont need a c-section but a counselling (not my words) but LOL For the doctor’s last laugh, that’s hillarious. What does your cousin think about that, is she mad or does she laugh too

L&DRN Jess on

As a registered nurse with a specialty in labor and delivery, I find it really appalling that anyone would give fault to those who choose to have a repeat c-section. Just like those who have a vaginal delivery the first time, and who choose to have another vaginal delivery, that is what you know! You cannot fault someone who chooses the same delivery and recovery method a second time-having a baby is scary, plain and simple! “Banana”, some of these women who choose to have a primary elective c-section have legitimate reason, like bladder reconstruction, issues with kidney, bladder, etc… Legitimate reasons because a “natural” birth could do them more harm over the long term. As a nurse I celebrate ANY birth that has a happy outcome-a healthy mommy and a healthy baby! Further more, let’s face it, if the baby isn’t coming out of your nose, armpit, or foot, it’s probably “Natural”.

NeeNee on

As I see it, this is a waste to argue over which way to have a baby is right. Cause when we’re in the middle of giving birth, it’s really out of our control. we are at the mercy of whomever is doing the dirty work at the other end of the table. all we can do is lay there and hope that everything goes properly and we get a healthy baby in the end. So at the end of the day we all have a uterus and we all hope that it does it’s natural function that it was intended for, and if it needs a lil help, that is nothing to be ashamed of.

Susan Lewis on

I think Tori is showing common sense. If this is her third C, she can indeed be told no more. Also, at her age, the odds of autism, etc skyrocket. Stop now, be happy, and healthy.

heather on

C-sections, vaginal births
breastfeeding, formula feeding
circumcisions, intact
public school, homeschool
blah, blah, blah
Its like as soon as one mom makes known her and her family’s choices, someone else ALWAYS feels the need to say their way is better. Its SO ANNOYING

Tieraney on

Who cares whether the baby came out of the door or through the window? A healthy baby should be all that matters, who cares how!!

Shannon on

Has Tori said anythiing publicly about having a 3rd c-section? I must have missed something somewhere. Aside from that, if she’s had two previous c-sections, she may have been advised by her Dr to have a third because a natural birth just may not be possible due to scar tissue or previous incisions and whatnot. I find it interesting that some women read these articles and decide to bash other women for their choice of childbirth or childrearing without knowing anything about these peoples personal lives. Shame on us. We can only do the best we can for our own families, and really thats all that matters anyway 🙂

ecl on

It’s so weird to me that so many women come on here to say that it’s all good whatever way you give birth when the empirical evidence ( you know, that tricky thing called data) shows otherwise. C-sections result in a higher chance of complications and poor outcomes for mother and child. End of story. No one is denying that there are instances when you need to have a c-section and that they save lives. They are saying that they are overused for reasons for convenience and to avoid lawsuits. Overused. That’s it. All of you say that healthy baby, healthy mom is all that matters. Well, if increased c-sections lead to less of that outcomes, don’t you think that’s a problem?

Jaclyn on

I applaud anyone who has given birth to a baby regardless of natural birth or c-section. In my opinion just because you’ve had a natural birth vs a c-section doesn’t make you more hardcore… neither are walks in the park. I say yay for Mamas, regardless of which birth route was taken.