Family Photo: The Ripa-Consuelos – Group Shot

09/17/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

Say cheese!

It’s a family day out in New York City for Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos and their three children — Michael Joseph, 14, Lola Grace, 10, and Joaquin Antonio, 8½.

“I always tell my kids — you don’t have to be the best at sports, the smartest, the best at math, but you do have to have the best manners,” the Live! host, 40, explains.

“I don’t tolerate piggish behavior in kids, and mine have learned the hard way.”

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KPR on

Yes! THANK YOU KELLY! Why oh why do parents allow their children to run around and insult and impact others with their awful behavior? I’ll bet Kelly’s kids are very well-liked and adjusted …. exactly the way they are supposed to be. Kudos to Kelly for realizing that parenting isn’t always about the “easy way out” and the “well I love my child” syndrome. She is doing them a favor by teaching them the world is a bigger place than just them. 🙂

Allegra on

I am completely with Kelly in regards to this. I refuse to let my children be brats.

Brooklyn on

Love Kelly and Mark & their kids. They seem like a really normal family. I hope whoever they choose as Kelly’s new co-host will go over well, because I love watching her every morning!

FAB on

Great Words Kelly!!! and Great Looking family!

kimmie on

is kelly leaving her show?

flmomof3 on

no, Kelly isn’t leaving – Regis is.

alicejane on

A couple years ago I was walking down the sidewalk when a kid who was probably 8 or so was walking towards me, playing with a dart gun. He kept it pointed at me while I walked past and after I’d passed him he turned around to keep it pointed at me, and his parents, who were chatting with someone a few feet away, were watching and smiling like it was the most darling behavior they’d ever seen. I bit my tongue, but in hindsight, I wish I’d said something to them. So THANK YOU, Kelly and Mark, for recognizing that kids need to have some manners too. They seem like such a normal, down-to-earth family.

Holiday on

She seems like a great mom.

Cali on

I think she and Mark seem like such great parents! Does anybody else think she looks like she has a baby bump in this photo?

Julie on

Cali – I thought the same thing!

Jennifer on

Is her oldest son alright?

mary on

We were at Disney land in epcot at one of their nicer restaurants I had to nurse and change my newborn so I went into the bathroom as I was sitting in the stall feeding and changing 2 women came in along with a very unhappy little child. I won’t say what was being sad or by whom but when I got out to clean up Kelly, her sister and little boy were standing there. She apologized to me for her Childs unruly behavior in the restaurant and bathroom. I assured her that this maybe the happiest place on earth but somehow can create the worst in our children. She was crying and I felt so horrible. I told her I have four kids and my husband had left dinner with one of ours in a meltdown neither of us had ever witnessed last night. We laughed and did small chat then we all walked out together (we were also seated next to their table) all the women left with the kids and all the men stayed and finished their drinks. Mind you in the little boys defense it was really late! I think all of us can relate to a child not being happy one time or another.

I agree with her on behavior. My kids know ‘the look’ and if it continues I have no qualms about picking up and leaving. My rules also apply to outside of the home. So if you are out with your friends those rules apply there as well! Boys are to open the doors for others (yes even strangers) and give up their seats to someone else.

ari on

@Cali ~~ I was thinking the same thing about the baby bump. Time will tell…

JMO on

It’s true I cannot believe how disrespecful children are these days. I see kids haul off and hit their parents or yell at them and the parents sit there and do nothing. So many kids destroy properties, steal, bully and it’s as if nobody seems to care! That’s one thing my parents made sure to instill in my brother and me is manners and being respectful to others. She used to say she was never embarrassed to take us out in public or to peoples houses because we we’re always well behaved. There were no threats or bribes. We just knew how to act! Now a days kids have to be rewarded just to be on their best behavior. It’s quite ridculous.

Anyways …..Kelly and Mark seem like great old school parents (who are their kids parents not friends). A very good looking familiy!!

dsfg on

Cali, she probably just doesn’t have a washboard stomach! Do you???

tlc on

Wow..Michael looks just like Mark, Joaquin looks just like Kelly and Lola is a mix of both….gorgeous family!

I also agree that kids aren’t taught manners these days and that parents indulge their children no matter what. My kids are taught please and thank you from the day they talk and I’ve been complimented many times by strangers and friends alike about how lovely it is to see kids with good manners. I have to say that most kids in my son’s class are rude and entitled little brats who never utter a please or thank you. It disgusts me that parents think it’s okay…

Stephanie on

I admire some of Kelly’s parenting approaches. She is also adamant about limiting TV time with her kids.

@dsfg: I was thinking the same as Cali because Kelly Ripa DOES have a washboard stomach. Have you ever seen her on Shape and in bathing suits…she is beyond toned! We don’t have to have washboard stomachs to make an observation. Relax. It might just be the way she is standing but it caught my attention since I’ve seen pictures where her stomach does not look like that. She looks great regardless.

Carli on

Great looking family!!! I thought baby bump too…people always talk about and notice how thin she always is.

Sarah M. on

100% agree! When speaking to children, I say please, thank you and excuse me. I expect the same in return. If you treat them with respect, that’s what they’ll immulate. If there’s back-talk or disrespect, there are consequences. When with children in public, they hear in the car on the way there what is acceptable behavior and know that if they cross that line, we leave! It rarely takes more than once. It probably seems strange, but I go out of my way to compliment kids who are behaving well in stores and restaurants, telling them and their parents (where the kid/s can hear) how great they are acting and overly praise the kids. That way, they realize how good it feels when they do something well and are more likely to try to do the same thing again.

Sorry for the length, it’s just that I see so many disrespectful kids that it is awful!

Awesome job, Kelly and Mark! You’re teaching your kids well. 🙂

NickyAngel on

It’s amazing how much the boys look like mark…beautiful family 🙂

Jude on

Don’t really know these guys, but THAT is one beautiful family!!

sara on

Many of the people who comment on this site (not yet on this post, but obviously on many others) could use some of Kelly’s lessons on manners.