Christina Applegate: I Was ‘Completely Self-Obsessed’ Until Sadie

09/16/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Nikki Nelson/WENN

New mom Christina Applegate has taken a backseat to baby — and she couldn’t be happier.

“We’ve been self-obsessed for a long time. I had my baby at … 39!” the actress tells USA Today. “Thirty-nine years of doing whatever I wanted to do. Getting up when I wanted to get up. Going where I wanted to go. Completely self-involved.”

However, things have undoubtedly changed since Applegate and her fiancé Martyn Lenoble welcomed 7-month-old daughter Sadie Grace.

And while the adjustment has been “easy” for the Up All Night star, she admits she has had to make a few sacrifices along the way for her baby girl’s sake.

“Last night Martyn got to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Troubadour. All our friends were there. Except for me. Just sayin’,” she shares.

“It’s not Sadie’s fault. But someone also had to be there with Sadie. I didn’t get to go.”

The couple spent the first six months sans nanny, only recently hiring help while Applegate is busy filming her new series. As a result, run-ins with the paparazzi have been limited — and the protective mama hopes to keep it that way.

“I have not left the house in six months. This is my coming-out party. My bubble has been real tight and real quiet,” she explains. “If anyone gets too close to my kid with a camera, something violent may happen to them.”

For now the tight-knit trio is enjoying their time together at home and cherishing each moment spent with Sadie.

“Every day at around 5 p.m., after she gets up from her third nap, we go outside by the pool and sit with her,” Applegate reveals. “We blow bubbles. We chill out and look at the trees. That’s the time Martyn and Sadie and I have together. No one’s there. It’s really nice.”

— Anya Leon

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Crystal on

Yep! Sometimes you can’t go out because you have a baby. If she really wanted to go I wonder why she didn’t get a sitter? Obviously, she doesn’t mind missing stuff for the sake of staying home with her daughter. I’m happy that she is enjoying motherhood so much and cherishing these precious moments! 🙂

Nancy on

It won’t be long before you are self involved again Christina.

Tracy on

Nancy do you sit at home and think of ways to be negative? Get a life lady.

RKF on

People who are completely self-involved don’t suddenly become “un” self-involved. It’s who they are, regardless of children coming into the picture. Sorry, but it isn’t a “sacrifice” missing a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. Give me a break.

jessicad on

I completely understand what she’s saying, it’s something I struggled with right after my daughter was born almost 4 years ago. I had a lifetime of really only worrying about myself and doing whatever I wanted, and that suddenly changed the day she was born. Every part of the life you know changes in an instant and you do have to make sacrifices, nothing wrong with admitting it can be hard! It is hard, and I’m glad she said something because sometimes I feel like women are afraid to talk about things like that because they know how judgmental other women can be.

Missing a concert is definitely a sacrifice, especially if you love music as much as I do, and it makes me sad that people would bash on her or try to make that seem ridiculous, it’s not, at all. I think it’s great to get out and have your own life and interests outside of your children, it’s healthy.

Nancy on

Tracy, thats funny!!! HAHA, Talk about a life:)))) I see you constantly posting…….

BTW, getting involved in a brand new show and spending 10-12 hours a day away from your child, is not selfless.

Holiday on

LOL not going to a concert is a huge sacrifice? Get a grip lady!

Holiday on

And what a liar saying you have not gone out in 6 months. I distinctly remember you on the red carpet without your brand new baby girl. I like Christina and all but she has definitely been photographed going out without her daughter.

Maggie on

I have to disagree Holiday. All I can recall since Sadie’s birth was the release of the baby photos, Christina promoting her movie Hall Pass, and most recently promoting Up All Night. I think releasing a photo is pretty smart, and the other things are work commitments. You don’t ever see her, Martyn or Sadie in paparazzi photos. She either stays in the house or they know how to avoid it. So bravo to her.

And I agree with what she’s saying and appreciate the honesty. I had my first child at 37 and it was a HUGE change for me to realize “Oh, I can’t stay hours late at work to finish a project because I have to pick my baby up at daycare” “Oh, I can’t just meet friends for a glass of wine because I desperately need to pump” “Oh, I can’t go to that concert because we can’t afford a sitter, plus my baby will have me up 4 hours after I get home.” When you’re used to having all the focus on your wants and needs for so many years, it is TOUGH to adjust your mindset. And there’s no shame in admitting that.

Holiday on

Maggie all moms go through that no matter what age they have their kids. It is not more of a sacrifice having kids at an old age. In fact in some ways it is less of a sacrifice since you spend your young years doing what you wanted to do. I had my son at 22 and my daughter at 26 and now I am 27 and do not complain about what I had to “give up”. I like to focus on what I gained.

Siera on

@Holiday, And your point is…? Last time I checked there was no rule written in stone that new moms can’t go out without their children. It’s really past time for you and others to stop beating that dead horse.

RKF on

@Maggie. Please. Please. Get a freaking life. The way you discuss celebrities is beyond terrifying.

Maggie on

So sharing what I’ve read on this site and my own personal experience as a mom means I need to get a life? Please. That’s rich coming from someone else who also comments on this site constantly.

Jillian on

Maggie, the point is, she said she didn’t leave in 6 months……and she did. It’s just not true. Its no big deal for moms to be out without their kids. I did/do it, just lik tons of others, but it irks me when ppl say they don’t, when they do.

Rfk and Holiday, I agree with you on the comment about the concert being a sacrifice.

lizzie on

Im happy to see her happy!!!! congrats on your little one

Holiday on

Jillian I feel the same way. If you want to go out without your kid its not a big deal, but dont like and say you never ever go out. Just be honest!

MiB on

I don’t really follow Christina Applegate, but can’t it be that the only time she has been out without her baby has been to work related functions? Because even though they might be fun, she is also most likely under some sort of contractual obligation to do so, and I wouldn’t count that as going out and having fun.

Sara on

Wow. Did anyone ever think that she “hasn’t left the house in 6 months” is probably a figure of speech/hyperbole/whatever?

Holiday, Jillian and RFK, relax. She’s saying that becoming a mother is more difficult than she thought. I’m not a mother, so I can only say I’m sure it is, and at any age.

Really, could we just support each other for once and not feel compelled to get all snippy? It’s a conversation about a TOPIC – celebrity or not, I’m sure most of you moms would agree with her sentiment if you took a deep breath and climbed down from your self righteous high horses for a minute!

So discouraging to read threads like this.

tigerlily on

I agree with Sara. I think when Christina is saying, “I haven’t left the house in six months” it was really just a figure of speech in her saying —-> I’m just really getting back out, back to a rhythm, back to some of her normal, after being cooped up for a few months.

I am 27 and have a 3-1/2 month old, and while I don’t necessarily look at missing events as sacrifices, I can understand the point she was intending to make.

You simply don’t get to partake in all the luxuries you enjoyed previous to having a child. No nights out with friends on a Friday night, no picking up and going as you please. And that’s okay with me, as personally I relish is that precious time I get with my baby, and it appears she does too.
Of course I left my house every now and again after I had my baby. But it wasn’t until I finally returned to work and started rebuilding a daily routine that I too felt like I was getting back out.

I think her statement is being taken a little too literally maybe?

jenn on

who really cares?

Javo on

Thank you Tigerlily and Sara for your sanity.

Becky on

Looks like sara and tigerlily pretty much said it all..As javo said, thanks for your sanity..

NeeNee on

It’s just sad that the claws have to come out with women on something like this, Christina made her point. She is a new mom and she is doing exactly what she is required to do for her baby’s sake. I am a 52 year old grandmother that has raised three kids, got rid of two loser husbands and now raising two of my four grandchildren. Oh and survived breast cancer and I do what I have to do for these kids, there are no rewards, no excuses, I just get it done and the kids are healthy, safe and happy. For any woman to jump all over the least little statement she makes and attack her like they are going to gain anything from it is disgusting. At the end of the day we are mothers with a goal and as long as we get it done, we have done good! Now go kiss your own mothers if they still exist cause they also did a good job and deserve to be respected.

joan on

all of you need to get a life….. Christina A. does NOT care what any of you have to say. Seriously.

Amy on

Snipe snipe snipe. Do any of you really read what you post after you post it? So petty.

Jillian on

I see the page monitors have arrived to tell people how to behave and how to speak and have and opinion. Really……. When one become a celebrity and gives interviews, they, um, know people will read them. And they know not everyone will agree. Celebrities don’t care, so why do you! Why do you feel the need to tell ppl to get a life, get off your high horse, etc. Personal attacks are actually worse than any comments on here.

Good for her! on

I’ve always liked her, and I’m glad she is enjoying her little girl so much. Every mother makes a sacrifice when having a baby, that’s why it’s such a huge deal, because our lives are turned upside down. In a good way of course! Missing a concert? Not such a big deal. I know she exaggerated the not going out in 6 months part, she wasn’t holed up in her house. I do really admire that they didn’t get any outside child care til recently, when they could have from the start.