Glenn Howerton Welcomes Son Miles Robert

09/16/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Chelsea Lauren/Wireimage

Glenn Howerton‘s world just got a little bit sunnier.

The Always Sunny in Philadelphia star and his wife Jill Latiano welcomed son Miles Robert on Monday, Sept. 12, the actor revealed during a Wednesday appearance on Conan.

Thrilled with the arrival of his baby boy, Howerton, 35, admits the couple were left playing the name game at the last minute.

“My wife and I thought it would be a good idea to wait to see the baby first before we actually decided what his name would be … get a sense of the guy,” he shares.

“Then we saw him and he looked like a tiny little baby alien grandpa creature and I was like, ‘I’m not getting any information from this — at all.'”

Howerton — who wed Latiano in 2009 — announced the pregnancy in July.

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— Anya Leon

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Shelley on

“tiny little baby alien grandpa creature” and “I’m not getting any information from this–at all!” too funny!

mimi on

Oh, my god, Love Love Love Glenn and the Sunny crew. So happy for the new DB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ForeverMoore on

Cute name! A friend of mine just had a baby boy last week and his name is Miles too.

Haha, I can totally understand the dilemma of the name…to me, it’s hard to know when you first meet the baby if the name “fits” them. When my son was born, my hubby and I only agreed on one name that we both loved – Nolan Asher – and that was always his name, even in the womb we called him Nolan and when he was born, he totally looked like a Nolan to us.

Whatever way you choose to name your baby, the name will fit him/her in the long run.

miche on

“Then we saw him and he looked like a tiny little baby alien grandpa creature and I was like, ‘I’m not getting any information from this — at all.’”

This is awesome. I don’t understand people who have to see a baby to name them because neither of our kids look anything like what they did after their first day or even first week. Babies change so much. And now they totally “look” like the names we picked out before they were born.

Noneya on

CONGRATS!! I totally understand the waiting thing! My daughter was Jessica until she was actually born – and looked NOTHING like what my then-husband and I thought a Jessica should look like! So – she’s been Sarah for the last 25 (26 on the 19th) years and it suits her quite well! on

The Always Sunny crew is too funny, love them all! Wish them the best and so excited for this new season!

Steph on

I wonder if its harder to name a baby once you see it? I am pregnant with my 3rd and completely stumped for names. I know I need to have a name before, otherwise I might second guess myself for days and weeks! Miles is a great name!

flip on


stef on

Love him, love ‘Sunny’ and a HUGE congrats to the new parents! A new Dumpster Baby!!!!

Harley on

LOL, that’s hilarious! Everyone is different when it comes to choosing names, and that’s perfectly alright. It’s a matter of what works for you.

I’m the godmother to 3 kids in one family and each of them has had a different naming experience lol. One was “DEFINITELY” a particular name until he was born and then it just didn’t work and she pulled a name out of nowhere. Her second son, picked the name 4 months into her pregnancy and stuck with it. Third one, she decided it when she went into labor with the exception of the middle name which they decided on about an hour before she was born.

So, again, everyone and every kid is different. Just go with what makes you comfortable.

Angela on

My son was Benjamin James during the entire pregnancy. I had him, looked at him, and he’s been Aaron Michael for almost 18 years.

He told me the other day he’s changing his name to Benjamin James when he’s 18. LoL.

Sasha on

Ha! Funny story Angela!

K on

Angela – that cracked me up! Thanks for sharing!

Chloe on

What a great name!! Congrats to the family!

ASA on

There’s something in the water on the Sunny set for sure! They’re all having babies. I love them all, they all seem so real and funny. Congrats to Glenn and his wife and love the name. on

You son has a fantastic sense of humor! Love it…one of the most important attributes a parent can raise their child with; comes in very handy throughout life! :+)

brutony on

Wow, shes friggin SMOKIN! I should be a dork actor on a lousy sh^tcom that no one sees-than I can get a hottie, too!

Michelle on

A lousy [sitcom] that no one sees? Hmmmm, okay, considering it’s been nominated for many awards and has almost 3 million “fans” on Facebook. Riiight. Good luck on getting your hottie.