Victoria Beckham and Alicia Silverstone Stylishly Step Out After Baby

09/15/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Jonathan Leibson/WireImage; James Devaney/FilmMagic

Alicia Silverstone is the latest new mom to stylishly make a post-baby debut on the red carpet.

The actress, who welcomed son Bear Blu on May 5, attended the Tommy Hilfiger and InStyle TIFF Party in Toronto, Canada on Tuesday in a metallic woven dress by Proenza Schouler.

Silverstone is currently filming Gods Behaving Badly in N.Y.C., so we bet we’ll see more of the glowing mom in the upcoming months.

On Sept. 11, Victoria Beckham also made a fashionable post-pregnancy appearance in a pink and black shift from her newly launched label, Victoria by Victoria Beckham, which she debuted at New York Fashion Week.

The designer took time out to take daughter Harper Seven on her first designer shopping trip.

“We went into Prada yesterday and she loved it. It was if she was saying, ‘Mummy I’m home!’,” Beckham told the Daily Mail.

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Melissa on

I’m sorry but i find both of those dresses ugly

Amit on

I hope Victoria will focus on teaching her daughter that values and principles are more important than shopping and labels.

pammy on

Umm… I am sorry, both of their dresses are hideous. Just ugly… not them, the dresses.

Sarah K. on

I like Victoria’s dress, but not Alicia’s.

Amit, the Beckham boys are reportedly very well-behaved, sweet and down-to-earth kids. There is no reason to think they wouldn’t raise their daughter the same way.

Y on

Yes, I am just sure that is what your newborn baby was thinking when you went into Prada Victoria…oh brother…

kjc on

I like Victoria’s dress a lot. I think Alicia’s dress is pretty, but doesn’t flatter her figure very well. The comment about baby Harper in the Prada store was cute, I highly doubt Victoria actually thinks baby feels that way.

Joyful on

Victoria knows how to enjoy life….and every photo of her kids, they seem to be well behaved! Victoria and David have made sure that their children know that it is important to give back to the world you live in. They have shared their wealth and used their celebrity status to help worthwhile causes! As a performer you work and stress as all of us do, she gets to spend her money doing whatever she chooses as all people who work do! Stop hating haters! It takes guts to want to sing or dance or act, design, and be in the public and maybe good and maynot be good! It takes courage and guts!

RealityCheck on

The Beckham woman is vile, she’s away from her children more then she’s even with them. I don’t care how many pap pics. are out there of her playing good mommy to those kids, it’s all an illusion, if she really wanted to be with her kids, she out of anyone given her resources could be- she chooses not to- that choice speaks volumes. Working mother, my a**… Now she has her new accessory to drag all over the world with her, she never did that with the others… Vile woman.

Vanessa on

get over yourselves ladies! If I had money like the Beckham’s do, believe me my children would feel right at home in a Prada store too! lol But yes the dresses are ugly!

Sarah K. on

“The Beckham woman is vile, she’s away from her children more then she’s even with them.”

How exactly would you know that? Unless you’ve been stalking her, you have no idea how much time she spends with her kids.

gimma a break on

“vile” Wow! Really? What has this woman done to you? Some people are to involved in celebrity lives.

Niche on

I think Alicia’s dress is pretty, in a different way. Sorta almost cocktail like. I like it a lot.
Victoria’s on the other hand looks like a night gown.

Sarah S. on

VB’s shoes really remind me of the film The Bride of Frankenstein! I really like her dress, though.

Laura on

I quite like both dresses!
I think we all know that babies aren’t used just as accessories – they’re hard work! I take my hat off to anyone who can juggle 4 children – granted VB has a lot of money and probably a lot of help. I certainly wouldn’t call her vile – I usually reserve a term like that for people who neglect, hurt or abuse children. That’s just my opinion of course.

Amanda K on

VB’s dress reminds me of eighties workout gear.

KRS on

Don’t care much for VB’s dress but holy hell – I’d never guess she’s a 37 year old with 4 children! Alicia looks great too, I’ve always thought she was adorable. These are some extremely blessed women!

Marky on

I’m so shocked that anyone would be calling VB vile and claiming she spends no time with her children or cares about them. It is very obvious she spends time with her children, as well as her husband, and that her children are appropriately behaved and dressed for whatever occasion is taking place. She isn’t failing to take care of her responsibilities, and she is taking good care of her children. Where did that diatribe come from? Forget your meds? I can’t imagine why else you would even begin to talk the way you did about VB otherwise.

cara on

Agree, both dresses are pretty dreadful !

Victoria is certainly getting mileage out of the baby attached to the shoulder in every pap photograph.

In one of the Daily Mail photos, the nanny is walking behind carrying VB’s bag and the baby’s dummy. (nanny is on the other end of the looks spectrum to Rebecca Loos too !) as they enter Prada shop.

Totally agree with whoever said it is all a bit of an illusion for her, she does have a nanny, doesn’t need to bring the baby with her to every photo opportunity and expose her to all that frenzy, but knows photos of the baby will get her even more publicity.

She is as fake as she looks !

Hea on

@ RealityCheck – I guess that’s why she makes them breakfast every morning and help them with their school work? From what I’ve been able to tell through interviews, paparazzi and private pictures and film – she’s a soccer mom fashionista with a lot on her plate.

Amerie on

Victoria Beckham needs a cheesburger..she has the knees of an 11 year old girl…smh

Gaby on

Completely agree with amerie! Wow talk about chicken legs…both dresses are hideous but victoria’s is worst she need to cover those fragile legs, they look like they are going to break!

Jessica_H on

I like both dresses and I love VB!! She seems like a great mom so why the hate? Jealous bc you weren’t back into a size zero after your kids were born? Leave her alone and let her live her life her way. Baby Harper is adorable and I’m happy to see pics of her that weren’t sold to a mag for millions.

cc on

Both dresses are UGLY they look like something from a $10.oo store.