Sarah Michelle Gellar on Charlotte’s Disappearing Diaper Act

09/14/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Diaper duty just took on a whole new meaning for Sarah Michelle Gellar.

While husband Freddie Prinze, Jr. may once have declared himself the diaper changing champion of the couple’s daughter Charlotte Grace, 2 next week, the actress admits there is now much more to the task.

“She has some issues with poop. She likes to take her diaper off any way she can at night,” the Ringer star, 34, shares during a Monday night appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. “If she poops in her diaper, she doesn’t want it on anymore.”

And while Gellar has “tried everything” from duct tape to doubling up to ensure Charlie’s diapers stay on at night, the first-time mom admits nothing has worked.

“I come in the other morning and she’s like, ‘Mama, mama, poop, poop, poop in the bed.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I can see it,'” she says.

“And she looks at me really seriously and she goes [sniffs poop], ‘I think it’s hummus.’ I literally said to her, ‘I’m sorry, what did you say?’ Hummus? Who does that? My child.”

— Anya Leon

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Kirstie on

Turn the nappy/diaper around and put the tabs at the back. My son was doing the same thing and that worked. Although he threw a tantrum because he couldn’t get the nappy off

jes on

I’ve been there and tied everything. What worked for me was to use zip up footie jammies. Cut the feet off and then put it on backwards. They can not get to the zipper to pull it down there for the diaper stays on. It worked great for my kids.

meghan on

well – my kids have potty-trained before two – so that would be my tip. but other than that – we use cloth diapers, and the snaps are really great for keeping the diaper on.

Cooper on

That girl is the spitting image of her dad!

Bella Mama on

Put a onesieon but backwards.

Sarah K. on

Lol at the hummus 🙂

Maybe Charlotte’s ready to be potty-trained? She’s almost 2 anyways, so they might as well.

paula on

maybe this cutie’s doing it cause it’s time to move on from the diapers…

KC on

Sounds to me like she’s ready to be potty trained! That’s usually the first sign.

The hummus thing cracked me up!! 😀 LOL

AVM on

Just going to echo what others have said – that’s a sign she’s ready to use a toilet!

Lisa on

Jes – that’s exactly what my sister did for her son when he started taking his diaper off. She was able to find some footless pajamas, though. Just put them on backwards and they can’t reach the zipper. Taking the diaper off might be an indication to start potty training for Charlotte, but with my nephew, it was just something fun to do. He did it even when the diaper was dry and he didn’t have to go.

Bancie1031 on

The onesie on backwards doesn’t work …. they can still reach the diaper through the legs of the onesie …. you can try the onesie on backwards with duct tape on the tabs … this might help … the sleeper with the foots cut out turned backwards is also a very good idea ….

Charlotte is the spitting image of FREDDIE! She is so cute …. I’ve always loved SMG …. we see her so rarely on here 🙂

Julie on

We also had a night-time nudist, but we live in Minnesota and it can get cold at night. Our saving grace were Little Keeper Sleepers. Unlike regular footie pajamas — the neck isn’t stretchy so the child can’t wiggle out of the “neckhole” and they have back zipper and snap closure that a child can’t unzip.

Olivia on

I had a daughter like that. We had to duct tape her diaper, put her in a onesie, put her jammies on backwards, AND pin the zipper so she couldn’t get it down.

She got good at removing the pin and getting the jammies off, but by the time she got down to her diaper I usually knew she was up by that point.

I feel her pain. Been there, done that.

sherri on

Darling tote that SMG is carrying. Anyone know where to get that adorable thing?

sonia on


sonia on