Niki Taylor’s Blog: Meet My Growing Family!

09/14/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

Please give a warm welcome to our newest celebrity blogger, Niki Taylor!

Since making her debut on the cover of Seventeen at age 14, Taylor has become one of the industry’s most recognized faces, at one point appearing on six covers in the same month.

After a near-fatal car accident in 2001, Taylor underwent 41 surgeries and multiple blood transfusions during her recovery. Earlier this year, she appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, with the American Red Cross as her charity of choice.

Taylor, 36, currently makes her home in Nashville with husband Burney Lamar, daughter Ciel, 2½, and twin sons Jake and Hunter, 16. You can find her on Twitter.

Courtesy Niki Taylor

Hi! I’m Niki Taylor and I have been modeling since I was 14 years old.

As long as I can remember, I wanted a big family. Having been so young when I started modeling, I found that by the age of 18 I was seriously thinking about babies all the time.

Not long after that, I was married and pregnant and as fate would have it, expecting TWINS!!!!

I now know why biblical women were so young when they had kids — one word: ENERGY. And I needed it times two! The one great thing about young pregnancies is that the body comes back A LOT easier — another one of God’s gifts!

Unfortunately, young marriage, babies and work did not equal longevity for my marriage to my sons Jake and Hunter’s father. I then found myself to be a working, single mom for the next 10 years. That story is a whole other blog or book!

Courtesy Niki Taylor

So fast-forward with me to 2006 — I’m at an autograph signing in Nashville, Tenn. As fate smiled on me, I found myself sitting next to Burney Lamar (I sit here teary-eyed as I write this. Such a sap — PREGNANT!), at that time a NASCAR driver.

Visually, he was everything that would attract your eye, but I have to tell you ladies — once he started to speak I was captivated by his heart.

In December of 2006, I married that captivating man in La Jolla, Calif., in front of family and friends. Magical!

Once again, my thoughts as well as his turned towards a big family — and why not? Now I had built-in helpers! At 16, Jake and Hunter are already a strapping 6’3″, so when Ciel Taylor Lamar entered the world on March 4th, 2009, her twin brothers, mom and dad were all awaiting her arrival …

So why write a blog now? Well, I am due with baby number four at the end of November!

One thing you can always count on with this family is adventure: I’ve got a husband who is now piloting for a living, twin teenage boys, a farm full of animals and a toddler with the energy of a super battery.

I’m sure there will be many entertaining stories and pictures to come, so please watch for my blog here at

Courtesy Niki Taylor

— Niki Taylor

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Brooke C. on

I love that second picture! Ciel is the spitting image of her daddy. Both of Niki’s boys are gorgeous.

Lyndsay on

Yeah! I’m excited to read what you have to say.

Jamie on

Always been a fan!! Look forward to reading about your beautiful family.

Katie on

She is so beautiful and down to earth!! I love reading about her and I’m so happy she’s expecting again. She’s been through so much in her life!!! Love you Niki! So excited to read your blog! The boys are handsome and your daughter is beautiful!

alicejane on

I’m so glad Niki Taylor will be doing a blog here! Very excited to see what she has to say, and many congratulations Niki to you and your family on baby #4!

Steph on

I’ve always really liked Niki and her family. I am really looking forward to her blog!

Carrie on

Welcome! I swear she doesn’t age!!! 🙂

Mimi on

lol initially in that first pic, i couldnt tell which 2 were her sons versus her husband. what a youthful looking family!

Michelle on

I have been a fan of Niki’s since I was a little girl reading Seventeen magazine. When her sister passed, I felt so terrible for her. My own sister and I are the same ages as the Taylor sisters (and my sister is also Nikki!) and we are extremely close just as Niki and Kristy were. The thought of losing her is unbearable.

Niki is so beautiful and resilient, and her family is absolutely gorgeous. I wonder if she will have another boy or a girl?? So excited to follow along with her blog. She is the ultimate supermodel!!

Paige on

I love Niki and was a fan of Burney when he raced. Beautiful family.

Can’t wait to read more of her blogs. 🙂

Sus on

how OLD is her hubby? he looks like a teenager!

Stella Bella on

I’m looking forward to reading her blogs. We’ve heard so much about Niki’s sad times and I’m looking forward to celebrating her good ones! 🙂

LuvBigCity on

Awe good for her!!!!! I still think about her sister passing at such a young age….anyone remember their cover together, I do, when I saw that cover as a youngster I wish I had a sister like she did. I have a bro but he is so dang far away : )

rebekah on

i remember all of those magazine covers from my teens! niki looks great now, too!

i always thought her husband looked super young, and it’s because he’s five years younger than her. she’s 36, he’s 31, and the boys are 16.

Ali on

I’m curious as to why she hasn’t announced her upcoming arrival’s gender? She did last time with Ciel. I wonder why we haven’t heard anything. Hmmm! Curious!! 🙂

Maddie on

Welcome to CBB, Niki! We look forward to reading about your lovely family 🙂 Congratulations on your fourth baby!

angelina on

So excited to read your blog, Nikki. How blessed you are!

Pamela on

Such a beautiful family!

Nancy on

Adorable! I love how one of her sons has long hair and the other short hair.

Janie on

Welcome Niki! Am I remembering correctly that because of all her surgeries she needed to have a natural birth with Ciel? I would love to hear more about that (as a mom who birthed naturally three times myself!) and also her preparations/plans for her next birth.

Anonymous on

I was shopping right next to her in the shoe department here in Nashville when she was pregnant with Ceil. (I was pregnant, too) She had not a lick of make up on and was GORGEOUS. One of her sons was there, too, and he was TALL! Such a down-to-earth family.

Elizabeth on

I’m so happy that Nikki is the new celebrity blogger–I’ve been a fan of hers since seeing her as a Cover Girl model when I was in middle school! What a beautiful family, excited to read her blog posts.

Erica on

What a beautiful woman inside and out. Love this story!

gloria on

She is such a gorgeous lady. I love to hear her talk. Her voice is beautiful too. Didn’t she date Keith Urban (Nicole Kidman’s husband)at one time?? I think she broke his heart.

bebi on

@ Mimi, I thought the same thing!!! I was thinking, I thought she only had two sons?!? LOL. Nice looking family though.

Renee on

I couldn’t tell from the first picture which one was her husband. He looks yooooooung!

Kristina on

Can’t wait to hear Niki’s stories! Gorgeous family!

Laura on

What a beautiful family! Niki, I am the same age as you are and grew up admiring you. Such poise and grace! I was always a fan.

Best of luck with your new little one! (I’m sure those sons of yours will be great helpers again!)

Ashleigh on

Mimi — I agree! In that first photo, I was trying to figure out which was the husband and which were the twin sons! 🙂

Kim on

LOVE Niki!!! Grew up admiring her, and so happy to see her with her beautiful family.

Juliet on

Niki – if you are reading this I am happy for you. When I was growing up, I really looked up to you. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness. I am excited that you will be blogging on 🙂

Jennie on

One of my favorite families. They all look like brothers and sisters.

ellen on

Congratulations Niki you’ve always been so beautiful inside and out. I’m glad you’re recovery is going well and I hope your pregnancy is awesome and you have another happy healthy child. Your kids are all as good looking as their parents and I wished I looked so good pregnant! LOL

God bless you and your family. Look forward to updates.

Heidi on

She seems as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Having a toddler daughter, I look forward to her stories regarding Ciel. And Ciel and the new baby are lucky to have big brothers to watch out for them.

It's Insane! on

If she hadn’t said that Burney wasn’t the twins dad, I never would have guessed. Beautiful family!

krissa on

I was hoping she was a CBB blogger when she hinted in twitter!!

Di Leffler on

Such a beautiful family- I look forward to following your blog!

Sheronda on

Beautiful Family but which one is the husband?

viviana on

Back in 1992 when my son was a little boy he had a huge crush on Niki Taylor. When he found out that she was appearing on Jay Leno at 10:30pm he begged me to let him break curfew this one time. I agreed with the understanding that he would not be grouchy when I asked him to get up and get ready for school the next morning. He was so excited to be able to watch the interview and he kept his word by being cheerful the next morning.

I think of that incident and can’t keep from smiling.

Karen P. on

Burney’s bio says he was born in 1980 and Niki is 5 yrs older than him. I agree, he looks like a teenager himself. Best of luck to this family.

Shea on

What a beautiful family!! I really like Niki!

Crawford on

Beautiful children. Boys are gorgeous. Happy for her. 🙂

samantha on

such a big fan of yours! you were one of my favorite models back in the day! i’m due the end of november too, with my second, so i’ll be looking forward to reading your blog!

Someone You Know on

I always liked Niki’s spirit and energy. I also think it’s great that she doesn’t deal with the Hollywood BS and settled down with her gorgeous family.

Many blessings to her and her loved ones.

Susan on

What a cute family! Niki is gorgeous!!

Charlotte on

So excited that you are blogging here! I went to school with Krissy, I remember her vividly.

Nicole on

I have LOVED Niki since she appeared in the 50 Most Beautiful People issue as a teenager. I so admired her and wanted to model too. Her life has had some sad events, but she remains one of the most grounded, admirable and beautiful people to this day. So glad to see her coming back to the spotlight. She certainly shines!

jan on

What a beautiful family and I just love the name Ciel! Nikki Taylor exemplies what a true model should look like — utterly beautiful with an eviable figure, not some anorexic-looking stick.

Adrene on

I think this is the first time where I didn’t see one negative comment about a story. Congratulations Niki!!

Lisa on

Such an inspirational woman! I have loved her since I was a kid when she did modeling for magazines! Good luck to her! 🙂

Tammy on

I have always loved Niki Taylor and remember that terrible car accident well. So glad she recovered and went on to live a happy, healthy life. What a beautiful family!

tg on

I always thought Nikki should have been as big as Cindy Crawford and the other supermodels of the 90s. She’s not only beautiful, but seems like a genuinely kind person too. I’ll be glad to see her blogging here.

Anonymous on

Beautiful Lady … so classy! Excited to follow her blog her on People … congrats on baby #4!

Angela on

I had a chance meeting with Niki this past January in the bathroom at the Nashville airport! As I was changing the diaper of my second twin girl, I noticed a woman staring at us in the mirror with a smile. To my surprise, I looked up and realized who she was.

We had a nice chat and she no doubt was thinking of her own twins as she saw me multi-tasking with mine! While only a five minute encouter, I greatly enjoyed our conversation and quickly forgot I was chatting with a beautiful super model and admired this other mom of twins + toddler! She is the real deal, a genuine person who just happens to be famous!

Sending you many well wishes for a safe and painless delivery my friend! Nice to see you as a blogger!

Kristy on

You truly have a beautiful family. I wish you the best of luck with baby #4. Can’t wait to read more.

Lexi on

How nice to read! I’ve been a fan of hers since seeing her on seventeen when I was a teenager. She’s had a lot in life to deal with, and to see her so positive and full of love is really uplifting.

angie on

Having worked in NASCAR & meeting Burney a long time ago, I can attest to his awesome personality. I am so happy you guys found each other! Good luck with this pregnancy!

Donna on

Wow! What a gorgeous family, so nice to read about that, thanks for sharing!

Maygin on

I have loved her since I was a teenager reading 17 magazine. In fact I still have some magazines from when she was on the cover. My favorite one was always the one with her and her sister on the cover (rest her soul). I look forward to reading her blogs.

Heidi on

welcome Nikki. I remember praying for you after your accident and was so glad you made it through so you could be there for the boys you loved so much.

A question, how do you pronounce Ciel? Is it Shayle? I always wondered that!

I look forward to reading your blogs 🙂

Amy on

Such a gorgeous family and they seem so down to earth.

Terre on

I love that every single comment in this thread was POSITIVE. So many comment threads are full of mean spirited, jealous remarks.What a classy group of commentators!!:) Oh– and yes, Niki is VERY lovely, as is her family!

Amanda on

@Terre – my thoughts exactly!! So great to read all NICE comments when people are usually so nasty. Niki’s twins just get more and more handsome as they get older! I was always fan of her’s and Krissy’s. Glad Niki is finally so happy with all of the pain that she has endured in her life.

marlee on

I bet Ciel is spoiled rotten by those two big brothers! Can’t wait to see if they have a new brother or sister arriving. Beautiful family.

JMO on

Her hubby could pass for one of her kids. What a gorgeous family.

Adelyn on

Her husband looks like one of her sons – I thought they were triplets for a second.

Di on

Good for you Nikki. You look very happy.

Susan on

LOVE her! And I’m so glad she’s found happiness after all the hell she’s been though – losing her sister, her divorce, her accident…she’s an amazingly strong lady I seriously doubt I would have come through all that with my head on straight like she has. She’s beautiful inside and out.

Anonymous on

WOW her hubby looked young enough to be her son! I do like her though. I am wondering how you pronounce Ciel. Is it CEE-ELLE? I like it if so.

me on

She looks better than she ever has- it’s nice to see a cool, healthy celebrity family 🙂

Ann on

Love everything about her! Can’t wait to read her blog!

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

I love Niki Taylor. She is beautiful – inside and out! Congrats on baby #4!!!

Amanda K on

Her strength and courage are as admirable as her beauty. I wish her and her family the best. She has overcome a lot of tragedy and has done so with grace and dignity. She is definitely someone to look up to in my book.

Names4Real on

Ciel’s name is pronounced See-elle. It’s french for sky.

Kim on

Funny how her twins resemble her husband so much, since they aren’t related. That is one beautiful family!

Ellen on

Yay Niki! I am so glad to see you’ll be doing a blog here at so all of your fans can have fun keeping up with your busy life and expanding family. You and I are the same age and I so remember your Seventeen magazine covers and being insanely jealous of how beautiful you were 🙂 Glad to see you are doing well and, as you can see by all the nice comments here, your fans love you very much!

Holiday on

She has a gorgeous family and such a young looking husband!

mln on

she was always my favorite super model. lovely to see her again

Shelley on

Beautiful family.

torgster on

tg sadly I think the terrible car accident and years it took to recover kind of put the kibosh on her career. Otherwise I’m sure she would have stayed on top as she was so popular. But she seems very happy and content with how life turned out. Nice lady.

Indi on

I cant tell which one is the Dad in these photos, they all look so young for their age!!

Cassie on

I couldn’t tell which one was the husband for a second! I had to really look at both pictures.

Sandra on

At first I could’t tell which one was her husband. After looking at the second picture its a little more obvious! Her twins are gorgeous!! Best wishes to Niki and her family.

Sue on

Awesome! what a beautiful family and congrats on the new addition coming soon! This is such a wonderful story and so happy that you have all this after all you’ve been thru. can’t believe the boys are so grown already – haven’t seen a picture in a long time.

Shelby on

I used to have magazine pictures of you and your sister up on my wall. I cried with you when your sister past away. I am so happy to see that you are happy!

Julie on

Niki I truly think your an inspiration. Your so strong and your such a classy lady. I am a fan from the 90’s.

Deb on

Congratulations on baby #4…you have a beautiful family.

BTW- I love your pics in the new Lia Sophia catalog….

missy :) on

I cannot agree with you ladies more about your positive posts on this beautiful woman. I, too, am sooo excited that Nikki is the newest member of the CBBs!! As with everyone else (haha), I am such a huge fan of Nikki’s. She’s not just amazingly gorgeous, but her approach to family and work is a breath of fresh air!!

Also, thanks so much, ladies, for the stories you shared on your personal encounters with Nikki! So fun to hear and so great that she’s as sweet and genuine in person as she appears in photos and on tv!!

Looking forward to your blogs Nikki! Congrats on your impending arrival – boy or girl?????

Mary on

Niki- I’ve grown up with you and you are great. PLEASE do NOT get any more tattoos though. Your arms are covered in them and they are all over your beautiful body! STOP! They look cool in your early 20s, but they’ll look idiotic and wrinkled up in your 50s and really bad in your 70s and 80s. Who wants a grandma or a great-grandma covered in sagging tats? Burney’s tats are even worse all over his chest! You are both beautiful and the tats look super, super bad.

Joy Marie on

Her husband looks to be the same age as her sons!

The twins look 100% like Niki.

To Mary on

WTH are you talking about?! Tattoos?

look on

her sister’s death was so sad. Kept thinking, if only she had her inhaler. she was so young. niki’s resolve is inspirational and her family, beautiful.

Dawn on

I still have a copy of her first Seventeen cover magazine-isn’t that crazy what we save?! I think she’s an incredibly inspiring woman, as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. I love that she found love again and is blessed with a growing family!

Jessica on

Wow! I cannot believe how big her boys are! Always being a fan, I remember when they were born. Beautiful family!

JT on

Have always been a big fan. She started modelling about the same time as Cindy Crawford and I always though Niki was prettier. She has endured a lot in her young life. Her younger sister’s death, divorce and that terrible car wreck. She is still so beautiful with such a sweet heart. I have heard that She accepted Christ shortly after her car wreck. I look forward to meeting her in heaven.

thetruth on

LOVE HER! so sweet and geniune 🙂 stunning family too

Cam on

Gorgeous family!! Wishing you all the best!

Peteypie on

Like peter griffin on family guy says, “oh my god! Who cares?”

Yes, please continue to overpopulate the Earth niki, et. Al.

Peteypie on

Car crashes, rehab, marriages after 3 dates, more children than necessary, dumped by keith urban for nicole kidman, remind me why are we worshipping her again?

Kendie on

@peteypie…Have you survived the death of your sister, a divorce and a horiffic car crash that almost killed you?

There is no need for your negativity. Her children and her family obviously make her happy and she seems to be a genuine and nice person who has made the best of the cards life dealt her,so THAT IS WHY WE ARE “WORSHIPPING” her.

Mary on

Gloria: Keith Urban and Niki dated for several years and that is why she moved from Florida to Nashville. Keith Urban supposedly immediately dumped Niki though when he met Nicole Kidman at a “Good Day L.A.” event for Australians. Niki and Burney are a cute couple, but they are both covered in ugly tats all over.

Purelica on

What timeless beauty! Gorgeous family.

Helen on

I love Niki! She is so real. I look forward to reading her blog.

criss on

Nice looking family, the kids are cute just like any other kids in the world today.

Yvette W on

Wow – what a beautiful family.