So Cute! Missoni for Target Kids Collection

09/13/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Courtesy Target

If you’re anything like us, you were up bright and early to shop Missoni‘s newly launched Target collection today.

And, rightly so: Everything is amazing, especially the mini fashions for tween and baby girls.

From multi-colored striped cardigans and zig zag ballet flats to quilted mixed print infant throws and knit leggings, each covetable piece is perfect for your budding fashionista’s closet.

Standout styles include the matching pastel Sweater Vest ($20) and Sweater Skirt ($25), left.

Before everything sells out, go to to see the rest of the collection — if you haven’t already!

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amandamay on

the clothes are cute (not really my cup of tea) but i went to target this morning (not for missoni, just regular target stuff) and witnessed some of the most disgusting behavior by adult women that i have ever seen. clawing, elbowing, shoving, hoarding – and with kids in tow!! and of course it sold out in less than 10 minutes. here’s what i don’t understand, target – you KNEW people want this missoni stuff. you KNEW it would sell out (and apparently it crashed the whole target website this morning)… so why don’t you make MORE?? making a small amount seems to me that you’re trying to make it exclusive when the whole POINT of making an average-person-accessible clothing line from a famous designer is to make it AVAILABLE to the masses. the whole thing left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

edelo on

This is one of the ugliest collections for women / kids I have ever seen! I cannot believe the fuss that is going on over this!

Kate on

The store I went to wasn’t bad at all but I’ve read some reports of people making threats, fights, stealing out of others carts (a few reported death threats). I just wanted 2 things (ended up with 3) but I can’t imagine getting a full cart of it-it’d be a bit of an overkill. Most people are just being selfish and buying to sell on ebay…a bag that I bought has bids on it for 3 times the price I paid for it (too bad I love it and wouldn’t put it on there). Also, the price of the stuff (I know it’s Missoni) wasn’t made very well at all-even compared to the Circo Brand. The shoes look like they’ll fall apart in a week, same with some of the sweaters….in the end I guess it’s good for the economy though?!

drea on

I went into a Target this afternoon for non-Missoni items and when I happen to walk by them noticed a good amount on the racks, I even saw a mom put some stuff back. I picked a cute tunic hoodie that my daughter is going to wear for holiday pictures. $40 seemed a little high though for something still made in China and sold in Target.

Maryanne on

It was untouched at my store. I looked at it, it was well made but not my style. The skirts are cute, not sure I would put all that together on my 9 year old daughter.

gigimama on

I went to Target this morning. Full racks of the stuff in women’s, girls, baby/toddler departments.

I looked at the clothes. The knit is very thin and not suitable for fall/winter, unless you live in a sunny climate. The zigzag stuff is pretty ugly in person, but the leggings are cute as well as the socks and other accessories.

I think it’s over-hyped and not worth the money. The quality doesn’t match the price. You are paying for the name only. You can go to Hanna Andersson and get superior quality for the same price if you want sweater dresses in bright, interesting prints.

Anonymous on

I went to my target and the shelves were EMPTY. There was a Duvet cover left in the home section, and a few plates. Other than that, gone. I saw more than one woman with an entire cart full. Personally, I don’t get it. I think it looks ugly and dated, but to each their own.

Joanne on

What really is so wrong about this is that people are selling these items on eBay for more than they cost to purchase at Target. This whole launch was poorly executed and, if I were Missoni, would be very upset with Target.

tinabobeena on

Saw the collection at my Target store – mostly untouched. Some cute items, but looks like it’s from the 1970’s…and I hated all the clothes I was forced to wear by my parents back then! The one cute girls sweater I saw was over-priced, and had a hole in it (an unintentional hole, to be sure) which made me walk right away from it all. If this is supposed to be high-end, quality clothing, why are items being damaged already on the sales floor? I’d rather outfit my daughter in quality items for a lower price from other collections at Target.

Kat on

I find most of the patterns ‘meh’, so I’m not going to be rushing to buy it. ‘Exclusive’ in kids clothes just makes me shop elsewhere, I’m busy enough enjoying my kids to bother.

Angela on

I don’t get the fuss over this poorly manufactured line of clothes with a brand name sewn/glued to it. It looks like a hot mess to me, ugly zig zags and stripes? Looks like the colors got together and threw up all over the clothes to me.

My kids and I prefer a simple look, solid color polos and jeans. Perfect for a kid to be a kid in, boy or girl.

Alyssa on

Someone please clue me into the popularity of these clothes? I was just on the Target website and honestly none of it was cute.

Alyssa on

Missoni selling out to Target really cheapens the brand….and not in a good way.

Stella Bella on

These clothes are just plain ugly. I don’t get the fuss.

eribri on

I’m not really digging these styles. They don’t really look like they mesh either together.

Ash on

These are some of the UGLIEST clothes I have ever seen, I don’t care who makes them or how trendy they might be I wouldn’t purchase them if they washed, dryed, folded and put themselves away… What is wrong with people who the hell would fight over ANY of this collection, YUCK.

mommymay on

Amen to that ASH!!! 🙂

First time Mom on

There is plenty of kid stuff left at my store.
Even for a designer line $40 is alot for a poncho that your kid will outgrow in a season and probably dirty too

Jordan on

Haven’t been to Target this week so I may have to make the trip today just to see what it looks like.

The clothes are hideous. The 70’s style should remain dead.

brannon on

I’m with Alyssa. Not wearing any of my Missoni now. So disappointed.

ClaireSamsmom on

What is the big deal with this collection? I don’t think it is cute at all. I would rather go to Gymboree or Janie and Jack and buy kids clothing…that is actually cute-looking. And that is just ridiculous that people would claw and act so childish over buying it. Good grief. And if I was Target, I would rather buy Circo brand than this stuff. I do not care for it.

ClaireSamsmom on

Anyone ever check out Matilda Jane clothing for little girls? I love it…it is so much fun..and cute and the items mix and match too. Way cuter than this stuff.

Nibor Siwel on

I hope the Marauding People Product Pirates that raided the Target stores while knocking over legitimate family consumers, have to eat their confiscated loot ! I challenge everyone “DO NOT buy the Missoni products” on the auction sites they have flooded. Target needs to do a Missoni Round II so these Marauding People Product Pirates get stuck with the loot of great Target products they hoarded. Be sure that these M.P.P.P.’s probably don’t have the fashion sense to understand Missoni is not a reincarnation of the beloved Charlie Brown by Schultz . . . Ugh! : ( ><