Kim Kardashian’s Purse Pick Me Up – Mason!

09/13/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Kim Kardashian/Celebuzz

He’s in the bag — Mason Dash Disick, that is.

“Mason was playing by my feet at dinner in Bora Bora and crawled into the back of my [Goyard] bag, so I took him over to show Kourt!” proud auntie Kim Kardashian writes on her Celebuzz blog.

The family was vacationing in French Polynesia for Kris and Bruce Jenner‘s vow renewal in celebration of their 20th anniversary.

Mason, 21 months, is Kourtney Kardashian‘s only child with boyfriend Scott Disick.

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Anonymous on

ummm really? that kid is about to fall out of the bag! yet shes too busy posing for the camera to pay attention. i feel bad for her kids when she does have them!

RKF on

Yeah… that looks safe. I wonder if it occurred to her two brain cells that he could fall out, potentially on his head?

Nella on

While I am not a fan of Kim K. I think Mason is absolutely adorable!I’ve seen a few episodes of Kardashians mainly because of Khloe and Mason, and Mason seems like such a sweet little kid.

Machado on


Romy on

anyone watch them? what a mess. I hope most of it is fake

Happytime on

He is adorable!

Dana on

you guys he’s FINE. he’s not gonna fall out of the bag, I’m pretty sure she’s responsible enough to make sure he’s not gonna fall out. good lord.

Rosie on

Oh please folks, he’s like, a foot from the ground and I’m sure she only picked the bag up for a few seconds at most. And even if he fell on his head, I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first time – have you ever MET a toddler? My kid crawled into a stock pot and the first thing we did was pick it up and take a picture. Lighten up!

kate on

No wonder she wants a baby, cause babies in Hollywood= attention, attention, attention.

Brandi on

Had this been a celeb mom that everyone likes, no one would have questioned this, and likely would have called it adorable. She is holding it with both handles and is likely standing still, hardly dangerous. Watch, in no time this will have pages and pages of comments from people saying “who cares about her, no talent and they wish she would go away”.

Mason is SO HANDSOME!!

Jennifer on

OMG, how cute. Does no one have a sense of humor? I can remember doing the exact same things with neices and nephews before kids…trust me she is not going to let him fall…and BTW that is a Goyard tote that is pretty durable fabric…

nic on

Poor Kim, your a sorry excuse for a aunt! Mason is gonna fall on his head!

Susannah on

He is not smiling. It is possible that he could get hurt. Dumb thing.


Boy are you girls jealous!! If you can’t stand Kim or the Kardashians don’t watch. The kid is a foot from the ground. She’s having fun. Like you never did something like that!

lola on

everything about her and that photo= weird and wrong.

Rach on

Gee I hope those straps don’t tear. She’s a careless idiot. Anything for attention. He’s about 1 foot off the ground, but even if he was 2 inches from the ground, if he fell on his face on that cement he would break his front teeth.

Ann on

He is FAR from falling out. She is just having some fun! You all need to relax and lighten up a bit.

Rach on

Rosie, she didn’t just pick him up for a second to snap a pic, she had to walk over to Kourt to show her and then pose for the pic. Sounds like you were just as irresponsible with your own children. When your kid crawled into the stock pot did you put it on the fire to see how cute he’d smile while he was burning up?

TC on

I don’t see anything wrong with the picture, and I’m sure Mason is just fine.

I wonder how heavy he is though in that bag, he looks like a decent sized kid but in that picture it doesn’t look like she’s straining to carry him in the bag.

Anonymous on

It was simply a cute thing Mason did and she just wanted to capture on camera. Whats so wrong about that? Yall chill.

Rach on

oh well as long as Kimmie is having fun. who care’s if he falls out, it’s not like Kourt can’t have another bastard child. that’s a great pix of her.

Rach on

TC, of course she’s not straining….she’s a mule…they are pack animals.

Maggie on



she’s such a lobotomy patient

tlm on

You people are about the nastiest, rudest most idiotic group I have seen lately. I am NOT a Kim fan … or any of the other Kardashian Klan but for goodness sakes people grow the heck up. That little boy isn’t going to fall out of the bag, hit his head on the floor and sustain severe brain damage. Get a live you idiots. You just need to find something nasty to say about everything … I’m sure. Shame on you all ……………….

J. S. on

He looks absolutely adorable! My kids love doing the same thing.


she was likely dropped on her head a few times as a kid

Cynthia on


WOW… you must be one miserable woman! You poor thing. I really hope some positive things happen in your life so that you can be less bitter hun. Maybe you can even be something called HAPPY… If you don’t know what that is, look it up.


I wouldn’t let her near my child, she’s not bright enough and will likely try to skin him and make a pair of shoes

KAC on

He is fine. The bag is not gonna break. Even if it does, he’s not far from the ground, AND they are on sand. Lighten up people!!!

Julia on

OH NO HE’S GOING TO FALL OUT!! *sarcasm* lol

give me a break people!

Sandra on

If this is considered child endangerment then I guess I should be under the jail by now. I use to hold my baby upside down by one leg when he and I were goofing around.

daisyjohnson1 on

I’m more worried about the bag! The straps could break and he’s got his grimy paws in there…and is he wearing a bib?!?! He could be getting who knows what in her Goyard Tote! Do you have any idea how much those things cost??

Dana on

@Rach-first of all where do you get off juding @Rosie on what she does with her child. what the hell does lighting the stock pot have ANYTHING to do with how cute mason is. it doesnt.stupid comment to make. second of all, she most likely didnt POSE to take a picture, the pap. probably took it while she was walking the 7 steps over to where her sister was. if you cant stand the Kardashians, why’d you even come on the site. don’t ruin it for all the fans with your hate comments.

RKF on

@tlm – So, it’s not nasty or rude to call others “nasty, rude, and idiotic?” Your brilliance is overwhelming me. I’ll happily go get a “live.” Thanks for the recommendation.

Ashley on

He is just not a cute child…I’ve seen SO much cuter

ccs on

What if the handles on the bag broke? That baby would be injured. She’s so busy looking at the camera to even care. Idiot family!

Diane on

It really amazes me how many of you comment how much you don’t like her or her sisters, but yet here you are the first ones to read and comment. I truly believe that the lot of you are jealous, and what a waste of your time that is. Grow Up.

jellybeans on

No more K’s and using kids for pictures!!!!!!! Boycott SEARS!!!!!!

Really? on

Point is, this picture was taken months ago in Bora Bora and the child did not fall out of the bag. Give her so credit. We can all sit here and post comments and call her talentless yet everyone knows her name and reads the articles.

Momma on

Has anyone ever just taken a silly picture, people please take your hate somewhere else!

Rina on

…anything for a good photo…what a moron.

Jen on

Um, he’s not “a foot” from the ground — he’s about three feet from the ground. And if he fell out, he would get hurt. And she didn’t just pick him up for a picture, the story reads that she carried him over to her sister.

And for the person typing in all caps that we are haters and idiots, why don’t you learn, first, not to be a rude hater yourself (which is what you are if you’re calling names on a blog at people you disagree with).

Jesse on

Ashley probably thinks Tori Spelling has cute kids… Because this kid is about as adorable as they come. And he is not going to fall out of there… You people act like he is glass and they are tossing him in an egg toss. I think school must be out because there is no way some of these comments are coming from what is supposed to be adults.

Anonymous on

WHO CARES????????????????

Gigs on

Kardashian’s trip to Bora Bora was actually fun to watch. lol. Seems like the only rotten apple in the family is the brother, Rob I think is his name. Is there any love left/was there ever any between Disick and Kourtney?? Is Disick with her for money/fame?? I don’t dislike Disick actually, but he’s not so good for her I think. I like Kourtney too, but talk about tension. Robert is def a bad influence on the relship between Disick and Kourtney – all the more fun to see Rob put inhis place by Kris (Kim’s guy). You go, Kris! lol

Erin on

I can’t believe I’m going to defend Kim here, but I am. God help me, but I saw the shows where the family is in Bora Bora, and that picture was taken at a dining pavilion. The “floor” is actually sand, people. Even if you didn’t see the episode, I assume you have eyes. That’s sand there, not a concrete floor. I’m also going to assume the same people bitching about Kim don’t like seeing dads toss their kids in the air, or kids playing in dirt, or climbing trees, etc. Kim stood still for a picture with her nephew in an ugly bag. I doubt she went walking around the resort with him in there. Geesh.

carol on

So So sick of this family. Let’s move on with someone or something
that has some interest to it. They have made their money on all of
the foolish people, now they should go away. thank you

Jillian on

Brandi, You hit the nail on the head!! I can think of a few worshiped celebs that if this was them, people would be saying it is the best picture in the world. I am not even a fan of Kims, but there is nothing wrong with this picture.

Everyone don’t respond to Ashley. She goes on every post with a child and says they are NOT cute for attention.

Signed, Not Jillian

tori on

She’s standing in the sand, you can’t get hurt falling in the sand anyway so get a life you jealous haters, like really!!!

Francesca on

OMG he’s so cute, Mason! BUT I hope those straps are really strong, he’s an almost 2 year old little boy, so he’s no lightweight! He could really get hurt!

Melanie on

GOOODDDNESSSSS!!! You guys are pathetic! She is doing NO harm to that child! Grow up! Do you guys have a sense of humor…she loves this kid she does not mean any harm! Goodness!

Toya L. on

Mason is too cute.

Gigs on

wtf is my comment!

DC on

I don’t see why people have to be so nasty with the comments. Whether you like the Kardashians or not you shouldn’t take shots at a baby. The comment stating that Mason is not a cute child is really low down.

He is actually extremely cute and adorable!

Heather on

Wow, I didn’t know the Kardashians had sooo many haters! Shes famous for her reasons ppl & Mason looks fine, it’s an adorable picture too! You guys are jealous over thinkers! lmaoo

Kristi on

Wow, “rach”, calling a baby a bastard? sounds like you need anger management. It’s your kids that I feel sorry for…

Reese on

Call CPS, people! This child is clearly in danger.


Kelli on

If you don’t like her or what she does, then don’t read or comment. You say she wants attention, yet here you are commenting on something that irritates you. It boggles my mind when people post hateful comments; are you THAT unhappy with your own life, that you have to put her down for being who she is? Every single person in this world has faults, but to constantly complain instead of wishing someone well, I think you are the one who wants attention.

Carol on

I’m a 62 year old grandmother who doesn’t really know much about the star in the picture. What I do know is that all the posts who are worried about the child hurting himself are a part of the problem with our children today. As a principal and teacher for almost 40 years, I dealt with far too many parents who were overly worried about everything concerning their children. No harm or reprimand or bad grade should come their way. Everything has been made to protect the children to the point where there is little reality left in their young lives. This child is just fine! He won’t be hurt. The bag is plenty strong. The floor is closer than it would be if he were on a chair. I do agree with several posts about the overly hostile responses from some people. It’s just a photo.

Kristi on

If everyone hates Kim so much, then quit reading stories about her. It’s people like you, who can’t wait to “hate” her, that keep her famous. And, “rach”, you need help. Lots of it. Bastard child? Those are some nasty, evil words. Shame on you.

karen on

Mason is Adorable… and yes I must agree now some of these posts are just plain hating on Kim… I am so glad that these sister’s do stick together because otherwise all the hate would destroy Kim… She handles it well though I must admit!!! Good for you KK we know you love your nephew…

Marlie on

LOL. “even if he was 2 inches from the ground, if he fell on his face on that cement he would break his front teeth” That’s not cement y’all, it’s SAND. On the BEACH. (eye roll)

People, seriously. Haters gonna hate. *sigh*

(Get off and go play with your own kids!)

Kate on

My God! Those of you who are so worried he will get hurt are so silly.

He is just fine and she is not going to let him fall you can count on the fact that she loves him and would never let anything happen.

Amy on

relax, please. It is a cute pic of her with her nephew.

Alison on

Jealous anyone???? going once, going twice, sold to the people that keep hatin on this family. At least they have made the money that only you wish you could make in your boring probably depressing little lives. If you don’t like them than just turn the channel, it’s as simple as that. So get over it!!!!!

nena on

ohhhhhhhh and this is news!!!! PEOPLE had to take an old picture and publish it because now that wedding is over and honeymoon they do not have anything else and have millions less that paid for a stupid wedding! ohhhhhh Journalism these days!

J on

I seriously can’t stand the Kardashians, so it pains me to defend them. You crazy helicopter parents need to take a breath and take it easy. Carol is right–the amount of reality children have these days is PATHETIC. I’m not saying strap a pillow around your kids and feed them to the dogs, but children today are the way they are for a reason. They don’t take responsibility and they can barely survive–in school and in life–without running to mommy and daddy because mommy and daddy never let them make their own decisions, their own mistakes, or, god forbid, let them go be kids and have fun. Please, people. That baby is fine. And so will yours if you let them live in this world without your hovering. Trust me, they will be better people because of it.

Korrie on

Good god you people are catty… and kind of pathetic to be honest. Go look in the mirror and judge. You don’t even know these people. I’m done reading this crap. Just done.

Lady on

LOL, some of you people sound seriously jealous.

She’s having fun with her nephew, who cares, he’s not going to fall out. She’s seems like a good aunt & responsible enough person.

And actualy @nena this isn’t an OLD picture, she just posted it TODAY on her blog & obviously since Mason is so fricken adorable, thought that they would share….lighten up lady!

anna on

They will seek attention every possible way. Why is everything this no talent, trash, scum of a family always in the news.

k on

i agree anna! so over this karTRASHian family! next

Sarah K. on

Clearly Mason did not fall since this picture was already taken. He was not about to fall out since he’s a two year-old and the bag goes up to his shoulders, so most of him was in the bag. Also, they’re in the sand, so if he had fallen he wouldn’t have been hurt.

Seriously, people – let your kids live a little! Most kids have broken something or at least scraped a knee and have lived to tell about it. But, just to be safe why don’t we bubble wrap all of our kids?

Cali Mom on

Wow, such haters. Who cares if the show is all fluff? If you don’t like them, don’t watch. Heck, why even read an article about them, let alone post a comment? I don’t watch the show all of the time but I do sometimes…guilty pleasure I guess.

As for Mason, I think he’s adorable and if my nephew crawled into my bag like that, I would have picked him up in it too.

Chill peeps…the world is too crazy and stressful as it is. Lighten up and have some fun.

Jennifer on

Oh please. I can’t stand any of the Kardashians but you people are being just as much drama queens as the Kardashians by saying that he is going to fall out of the bag. He was being silly…and it’s a cute picture. If it was a star that everyone liked…an example is sandra bullock and her baby…then everyone would be saying “adorable” and “that’s so funny and silly” and giving examples of silly places their kid crawled. Ridiculous!!!

Gigi on

Are you people serious?? The kid is FINE. Geez the most human Kim has looked in ages, having fun with her nephew and you nuts are ready to call child services! I guess you “perfect” parents don’t have any kids who have ever fallen from any height right? Get a life!

sheena on

what about when you all raise your kids above your head or lay on your back and raise the baby in the air with your legs…this could be labeled as dangerous, but in the end, you and your child is having fun. Leave Kim alone and let her have a good time with her nephew without being criticized…ridiculous commenters.

alicejane on

Wow! Some (actually a lot) of the comments on this post are just crazy! I would laugh, but then I wonder if the people calling her negligent are projecting the same attitudes onto their own kids, and then it just gets depressing. Carol and J have it right – it’s okay to have fun with your kids, back off a little and let them fall down now and again and make their own decisions. I can’t believe this picture is even evoking these kinds of responses – Kim’s having fun with her nephew! One day he’s going to have pictures like this and he’ll be glad that his aunt loved him and had that much fun with him. I come from a huge extended family and of my 12 aunts and uncles, I never had moments like this with them, so I’ve made it a point to be involved with my own nieces and nephews. That’s what I thought of when I saw this picture, not that Kim is going to let Mason fall 2 feet into the sand and ruin his life forever.

CR on

I don’t care for the Kardashians at all, but really friends? This isn’t going to kill the kid. He’s fine. For one thing, I’m sure that’s a quality bag, and the handles can withstand holding a toddler for a few seconds. And another, he’s not very far off the ground. This is actually a cute moment.

JMO on

I’m not a Kardashian fan either but Mason is cute and the pic is adorable. He looks fine. I think seeing daddy’s toss their babies high in the air and letting go is more dangerous then Mason sitting 1 foot from the ground in an oversized handbag!! Get a life people!

jab on

You people are rediculous! Mason is just fine. He isn’t going to fall out. Have ANY OF YOU EVER dealt with a child before? They are accident prone and adventurous, so even if he does he’ll heal 🙂 Get a life, rather than hound celeb moms!

Faith on

Thepoor kid
Child Abuse being crammed in that bag

Jurnee on

The whole K clan are very low-class. They way they speak to one another on the show is horrible. They have NO talent, and I’m always at a loss on how they’ve become celebrities. Kim is very pretty IMO but that’s seriously all she has. They have gobs of money and don’t do anything humanitarian. Totally obnoxious and self-absorbed family. As for the poor child, please don’t call him names. t’s not his fault he was born into this family. He’s innocent, and hopefully will do okay growing up in this crazy family.

Sarah on

It looks like sand not cement. Relax oh judgemental ones. Babies bump their heads about 75,000 times a day all on their own & survive. Seems like this baby is surrounded by a family that adores him, if only all babies were so lucky. Could you people be any more dramatic?

Stacey on

Haha cute! Come on people lighten up!

eribri on

Yeah, it’s cute but if you ever have to “carry” in the first place, it’s too far & you shouldn’t. She should have called her sister over. It’s not exactly the safest, most secure thing to do.

AmandaK on

I’m so sick of hearing about this tramp. I wish she would just go away and concentrate on her “marriage”. Attention seeker with a big ass and annoying voice.

MM on

Guess what nothing happened to Mason. He is fine. So unless he was harmed then you should’nt open your mouth. She would never harm her nephew. Your sick to assume she would. Why do you all hate on Kim so much??? jelous much? If you dont like her then dont comment on her pictures keep it moving haters!!!!!!!

kelley on

I do this to my son all the time yes we r not in the eye of the camera but its no different he is not crying or reaching out of the bag. His mom was only a few steps away relax ppl take a chill pill.

Nella on

Like I said in my previous post, I personally am not a fan of Kim, but some of the people on this website take it too far. People need to lighten up, first of all they are standing on Sand, which isn’t going to harm anyone, plus I am sure this bag wouldn’t break that easily just by putting a toddler in there for couple of min. I don’t think Kim had any bad intentions by putting the child in a bag, and people need to stop making a big deal out of everything.

MommytoanE on

Wow. This isn’t something I would ever consider doing with my child, but to each their own I guess. I can say, I wouldn’t ever put pictures like this out on the web….too many people could view this as child abuse, or neglect. Theres a lot of touchiness on that subject these days.

Bree on

I’m not a Kardashian fan but I think this is a CUTE pic!!

Indira on

The pic is super cute, not a Kim fan but, come on!

Suzy on

The bag is the least of that poor child’s worries. Lord help him, growing up in that family. Kourtney probably already waxes his eyebrows.

Kate on

First dogs, now babies?

sick of haters on

all of you haters need to give it a rest. who give a s.hit if you don’t think its safe or if you wouldn’t do it with your own retarded offspring. she’s beautiful, rich and leads a lifestyle that most of us will never get to live. all of the headlines mention her name, so restrain yourselves from clicking on them and move on with your sad little lives. oh and the sex tape, if it was on purpose, pure genious. at least it made her famous, i don’t know that you haters could say the same. statistically speaking you should all be overweight and manless and no one wants to see that.

elizabeth on


Math Teacher on

jen, you obviously failed Math. If Mason is three feet off the ground, then that would make Kim about seven feet tall. Have another look.

Kitty on

Why can’t people express their own opinions without being attacked and called names? This is not how our world works. Everybody is an individual and should be entitled to their own opinions. The nasty comments we can do without, but please let people have their say even if you don’t agree with it. This world would have less hate in it if we did that.

With all that said…Mason is adorable.

Maddie on

Wow, some of these comments are sickening to read. Even if you aren’t a fan of these girls, that’s just nasty. You do realise that as Kourtney wrote a blog for CBB she probably reads these posts? How do you think that makes her feel when you talk about her son and sister like that?

Really people, I doubt Mason is in any danger… and anyway, how much can you tell from a photo?! You have no knowledge of what happened prior or while this photo was being taken…way to be judgmental.

That being said, Mason is a cute little boy. He is obviously very much loved by the whole Kardashian clan

Suzanne on

Ag come on people ! None of you probably have kids ! This is funny for most people. I think the Kardshians are all great ! And i think Kim will make a great mom !!!!

JKN on

I love reading comments whenever something about KK has been posted. This beacuse that is when you get to see all the people with “envy written all over them.

People, she is only human like the rest of us and chose to live a different life. She was lucky to be born into a wealthy family so stop all the hating and just live ur life. Try to achieve ur biggest goals and maybe, one day, you will turn out as succesful as she is.

Envy is only part of human nature and we all have our moments. It’s just sad that most pple here choose to take it out on KK.

Melissa on

I am by no means a Kim fan, although I do watch the show for the rest of the family and for you guys to attack her for playing around with her nephew, wonder what you would do to me. I’ve done the same thing with my nephew and nieces before when they’d crawl into a bag like that at home or they’d ask me to spin them silly. She’s playing around with the kid and I doubt she’s THAT dumb to possibly let him fall and hurt himself. All I can say is wow.

Anonymous on

everyone shut up!!!!

Onyeka on

People need to stop hating on the kardashians!! And for the upteenth time its sand they standing in not concrete. Y’all need to get lives!!

Brooke on

I am pretty sure the kids on Toddlers and Tiaras are in more danger then this little boy. You don’t have to like her but really, the kid is in danger in her bag? Get over yourself and get over your jealousy.

Melissa on

Like my mother says…If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say NOTHING at all..for all u ladies talking trash about her. Why waste your precious time on somebody that in your opinion is no good!! Get a LIFE!!

shad on

ok i like the kardashians but this is silly get that baby out of that bag his head is too big for that bag kim…geez louise

Anonymous on

Safety first! Of course!

JackieM on

I think that the photo is absolutely adorable and I’m sure Kim is a responsible auntie.

Robin on

I bet buying all that window cleaner for those glass houses keeps most of you in debt. As for @Rach, wow you must own 2 glass houses with all those stones you are throwing. Who cares if she has talent. This is just a pic not a audition. She loves her newphew and he was doing something silly so she wanted to share. I know I have taken pics like this one and I am sure if you stop judging you might realize you do too. Lets take it for what it was… A photo of her and her nephew.

why? on

It looks safe enough I guess, but why would you carry a giant purse that was empty enough for a person to crawl in it?

TWW on

C’mon people, really?? I am not a fan of Kim K but even I have to say there”s nothing wrong with this. People are standing in the background and its not like she walked twenty blocks to show her sister. Honestly have any of you looked in your relatives photo albums from when you were kids?

Anonymous on

OMG! people.. really?????? I am a MOM to 7 children and he is FINE… GHEEZ… this is the most ludicrious conversation ever…. NONE of us know what kind of parent she is…Mason seems to be a happy and thoughtful child… there are a bunch of judgemental people out there….. hate to see what ppl thought of U if U were being filmed all the time… bet it wouldnt always look good …..just saying

TWW on

C’mon people, really??

Jenn on

I think it’s a cute picture. The baby is clearly not in any danger and looks adorable.

Hea on

@ Carol – I completely agree with you!

Say what you want about the Kardashians but they all seem to absolutely worship the ground little Mason walks on. To see children who are loved make me happy.

Trisha on

OK and what is Kort going to say when the freaking straps on the bag break? Is it going to be cute then?

LL on

I find the ‘Kim Haters’ amusing. I’m betting a lot of them are either heavy and/or unattractive. Kim would NEVER allow Mason to fall! She loves him, and it’s clear if you watch the show. The only Kardashians that are irritating are Kris and Khloe. Kris is just too busy being a ‘friend’ to her kids rather than parenting, and she’s kinda crazy. Khloe has the most disgusting mouth, her constant foul and degrading language! Bruce’s manhood was taken away from him a long time ago by Kris…it’s a shame cause he seems like a nice guy. As far as Kim, she’s beautiful, talented, classy and kind. I’m so happy for her and Kris H.!

dholmas on

All of the comments here saying she is going to hurt Mason are ridiculous. I must be a horrible abusive Aunt for all of the fun my nieces and nephews have had with me. They are all grown, getting married and having children of their own. None of them are brain damaged, missing limbs or mentally unstable. I think the picture of Mason is adorable and Kim was having fun with him and putting him NO danger. As some have said are we supposed to “bubble-wrap” children?

ELO on

I wish this family would just go away. Hopefully people will get bored with them and they will just fade from the public eye like Paris Hilton did a few years back.

@LL- Not to be immodest but I am neither heavy or unattractive. I am just sick of people like her and her family getting all this publicity and attention for doing absolutely nothing. They may be perfectly nice people but I am tired of seeing them on every magazine cover in the grocery store, on every website, in every newspaper, etc. Let me see or read about someone who has done something worthy of the frontpage news!

Loyolil on

While I am also only an aunt and not a mother, I would have liked to see her at least put one hand at the bottom of the bag to make sure he was supported a little more. Anything could happen and safety first always with children. I don’t think she intended to put him in danger at all, just trying to have a little fun with her nephew. On anotoher note, Mason is such a cutie!!

Skye on

Dear lord, if she farts do we get to hear about that too??? Must be a slow news day.

Pam on

What a cute picture. How crazy of people to think that she would hurt that precious little boy. Why are people so jealous of Kim Kardashian? She is beautiful and I think she’s a pretty smart woman.

terri on

Can’t stand this family any longer. And when I go to the E! Channel, it’s nothing but Kardashian’s. One of their many useless shows about them. May be if E! when back to it’s regular programming pre-reality television, there would be something worth watching.

tzpc3y on

WOW must be some miserable life for all of you haters how do you live with so much hate? I think that Kim loves Mason so much that she would never put him in any danger not even for attention. If she is so dumb and has no real talent then whatever she is doing is working because she is raking it in $$$$. I love their show they are so real it is crazy how their problems are so near to reality as possible all they go through can’t be made up. Maybe you should go back to your basketball wives, Jersey Shore, Mafia shows now those are real right (LOL)? This family is awsome. Just saying…

Anonymous on

dear God people if you realise she also bracing with one leg on holding on th both handle of her bag. HATER GET A LIFE

Heather on

I can say that reading these posts make me sad. We wonder why America is filled with hatred today…we are Americans and have freedom to do what we want and when we want…for those that do not like the Kardashians then quit reading and posting about them..this picture is cute and I agree with many of the posts stating “lighten up”…the pictures shows an aunt and child having fun~

soya on

wow didn’t know that there are so many haters. they are not drug dealers. they all work and having fun. get a life people and stop hating. you all probably look like hot mess.

soya on

how sad that there are so many people with hatred in there hearts. lazy ass americans haters. get a life

jenny on

This is Great!!! Reading this post just seriousley made me choke laughing out loud! Best entertainment around by far! Funniest part is I still dont think people get that they are not on concrete, but soft soft sand!!!

soya on

the more people hate on them the more they all laughing all the way to the bank. I bet you all are broke thats why you are hating lol

T on

Really People?

I can’t beleive you are getting upset over someone you don’t know doing something palyful with her nephew. I not a huge fan but you guy are so judgemental. Calling Mason a bastard is just wrong. He’s an innocent little boy. You guys are talking like she is deliberately hurting him. He just crawled into her bag. Big Deal!!! And for a bunch of people who don’t like them, dont like she show and think Kim is talentless you sure know alot about her and her family.
Jealous much???

Morgan on

That’s pathetic.

Leslie on

does anyone see the SAND they are all standing on, not cement? Geez, chill out haters!

Hea on

There’s more hate on this board than there is when someone has committed murder.

Terri on

Too cute, I’m glad that the handles didn’t break!

Smiley on

Mason is the only cool one in the family.

missE on

Give me a break you idiots. The kid is fine. Boy, you can really tell which of you are parents and which of you aren’t.

Gaby on

are you kidding me??? 138 comments???

missE on

JEN where did you learn math? If he’s THREE feet from the ground, Kim must be 9 feet tall. Talk about a moron.

Elle on

I love Mason, and this pic made me smile–such a lucky kid!

Mara on

Omg, the baby is fine. Relax people, Kim was just having fun and the baby was probably having fun also. Rach you’re an ass for saying something like that to Rosie about putting her baby in a crock pot and watching him burn. Wtf is your deal? Only a sociopath would make a comment like that.

loren on

@ Gaby are you kidding me??? 138 comments???

make that 143!! agree with your sentiment SMH

soph on

144. There, would anyone care to chime in? Wait, let me do it for you: “hater” and “get a life.” Please, people, broaden your vocabularies.

Elisa on

If he’d fell it would has pictures of it. Or you guys think the paparazzi would miss it? lol. They are cute. They’re just having fun!

Jee, your kids must live in a bubble.

Nyc on

Well, Hollywood has put everything else into bags. Why not babies now, right? Works for cats, dogs, small pigs and every other living creature overpaid ‘celebrities’ get.