Family Photo: The Connelly-Bettanys Step Out with Agnes

09/12/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Meet Agnes Lark!

Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany‘s newest addition peeks out of her sling while strolling to school with big brothers Stellan, 8, and Kai, 14, on Thursday in New York City.

Agnes, now 3 months old, arrived May 31 in a home waterbirth.

Connelly and Bettany, both 40, wed in Scotland in 2003.

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Ellie on

Oh, sweet baby! I love the one of her peeking out of the sling.

kendrajoi on

That baby is way too cute for a name like Agnes. What were they thinking????

mindy on

love the Storch but she could have it higher and tighter, cute family!

Rebecca on

I actually love the name Agnes — it’s a huge GP of mine. 🙂

I think little Agnes Lark is adorable! She has such an amazing alert and sweet disposition even though she’s so young!

cn tower on

It seems to be a lot easier for celebs to go undercover and avoid the paps in NYC (vs. Hollywood) – Natalie Portman disappeared for months too. Good for them!

soph on

kendrajoi, do you realize that babies grow up?

kendrajoi on

Yep, NO ONE deserves to be saddled with a name like that, no matter what age.

Mariposa on

Oh my godness, the picture of her peaking out from the sling is sooo cute. I love babies 🙂

rachel on

Agnes isn’t the latest name ever, but it beats most celebs choices these days… Plus you could call her Aggie which is cute.

This baby is adorable! And its awesome she had a home waterbirth!

Paula on

Kendrajoi, all I can say is “Amen” What an old ladies name to give such an adorable baby.

Mira on

I like Agnes a lot. Sounds classy and has a nice nickname. Way better than all the ridiculous trendy names. And she is adorable indeed! What a lovely family.

Ali on

OMG I can’t believe how big Kai has gotten! Agnes is a cutie! I am so happy for them! 🙂

amw on

what a supportive, great-looking family. did any of you think that maybe they call her aggie, or, perhaps lark? maybe they wanted to offer her a conventional first name and a beautiful, whimsical middle name. chill out about name choice. its not your kid!

Holiday on

Cute baby! Love the sling, I am a big fan of baby wearing and still wear my 16 month old in the Ergo. Not liking the name Anges but her middle name is Lark and I do think that is pretty.

Jennifer on

Like they could’ve named her Jazzmyn or Cayleigh or Jaydyn or something equally as awesome.

Beautiful, timeless name for a beautiful baby.

kim on

Wow, the baby is so cute! I love this family so much.

Kresta on

So many pretty girls’ names out there and they chose Agnes.

Jen DC on

I like Agnes! You never know – maybe it has a special meaning for them. And paired with “Lark,” I just think it’s adorable. And she’s so big and bald, poor baby! She’s likely to be tall, like her brothers – man only 14 and 8?!? Handsome kids, sweet family walk.

ann on

Did anyone ever think maybe she was named after a family member? I think its cute….Aggie:)

Lyl on

Agnes is a beautiful name! 🙂 I love it and she looks like Paul 🙂

Kat on

beautiful family, adorable baby, and I love the name… I’m sure they’ll call her “Aggy/Aggie” for a nickname… and it’s a lovely traditional name that I’m sure is also a family name for at least one of them.

JustMe on

LOL @ Jennifer! Totally agree with you

Love the name Agnes

CCT0303 on

I would name my daughter Agnes before I name her Kendrajoi (horrible name), any day!!

Letsy on

Adorable baby with an adorable name. She looks just like daddy!

Stacey on

Aside from Agnes being adorable, I just can’t get over how big Kai is. He is 14 years old and pushing 6 foot tall. Paul is 6 ft 3 and he looks not too far off from that!

Athena on

I love her name, it’s precious. She looks like an adorable little Agnes.
They look like a great family, it’s nice to see.

Amanda on

I recognize that sling! is where it sewn into that ring sling!!

JL on

Awful name I have to say – even “Aggie” has a hard edge to it;hopefully she has a pretty second name…